An Open Letter to the President and the American People about the War in Afghanistan

Recently the ongoing war in Afghanistan has fallen into the spotlight as the most hotly debated and important part of our nation?s foreign policy, and rightly so. As he took of?ce, President Obama called it “the good war” and has indicated he would do whatever is necessary to succeed there, but exactly what that means has recently become the topic of quite a good deal of debate and discussion between the White House?s national security team and the Pentagon. Many conservative news outlets have begun
dragging up every patriotic and sentimental reason why the President should immediately redouble his efforts in the region.

Many of those patriotic and sentimental reasons, however, are based on myths about the situation in Afghanistan and we rightly respect that the President is taking his time in making a decision on how to proceed and wish to present him a debunking of those myths in hopes that he will come to the right decision.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't hold your breath.