Bush Administration Seeks Sole Control Over NATO War in Afghanistan

The war has long been under NATO oversight, and is one of the largest operations ever attempted by the alliance. But as the war drags on, some US commanders have complained that the international coordination of the operation has made fighting a large scale nearly decade-long war against insurgents in mountainous terrain quite inconvenient. The Bush Administration’s answer to this is to attempt to seize control over the entire operation and placing the commander in Afghanistan General David McKiernan directly under the control of CENTCOM, now run by General Petraeus, effectively cutting NATO out of the command structure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NATO should be grateful, and bow out entirely, militarily.

This has never been a winnable war from the beginning, and the absolute pittance of troops here, compared with the 400,000 troops the US military's own protocol indicates is necessary to actually accomplish this occupation successfully, has guaranteed that this war cannot be won.