Where Angels Fear to Tread - Salem-News.com Team Report

Salem-News.com Team Report

KGB operatives? Israeli Drug Dealers? Moonies? Who are these guys at Salem-News.com, and who gets paid to write this stuff?
Tim King, Alan Sabrosky, Jeff Gates, Gordon Duff and Chuck Palazzo of Salem-News.com
Tim King, Alan Sabrosky, Jeff Gates, Gordon Duff and Chuck Palazzo of Salem-News.com

(SALEM, Ore.) - Those of us who are in the business of taking a public stand against Zionist "high crimes and misdemeanors" are used to being assailed by the AIPAC/ADL/Hasbara crew and their puppets. It comes with the turf.

For example, we've occasionally seen comments posted to the effect that Alan Sabrosky is a deep-cover former KGB officer trying to ingratiate himself with some cash-heavy Arabs; that Jeff Gates, an esteemed lawyer was smeared; that Gordon Duff is a pen name for a convicted Israeli drug trafficker trying to get back at the people who caught him; and that Tim King is a renegade deep-cover Moonie smoking his way to oblivion in Salem.

Most of these attacks are sufficiently heavy-handed and bizarre to be readily dismissed out of hand by almost anyone who reads or hears them, and even quicker to be discredited by others on whatever forum they appear -- Israeli apologists excepted, of course.

Some are both enticing and funny. One trying to show that Sabrosky could never have served in Vietnam had him being 13 in 1975 and graduating from the Army War College 11 years later at 24, which would have made him 20 years younger (he was then actually 44) without a face-lift and be a rising Alexander the Great at one and the same time! Almost a pity that wasn't true, he opined....

But there has been a flurry of recent attacks that are more serious, because the way in which they are presented could deceive people by assuming a wholly inappropriate aura of authenticity.

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