Touching the Third Rail: The Victim Game - Israel's War with Itself

Editorial Note: If you have a knee jerk reaction to the word "jew," replace it with a word such as "catholic" or "morman" and see if it is easier to read this article or any other regarding war or state crimes, mossad lobbyists [aipac] or apartheid states, then ask why you have been programmed to be an intellectual apartheidist, separating one class of people from another with different sets of laws for different people within the same area of existence.

Excellent long documentary at article's end

Imagine, if during the cold war, untold dozens of communist party lobbyists had unfettered access to all levels of US politicians, writing them checks, having them proclaim undying loyalties to the USSR during press conferences in their capitol hill offices with both the US flag and the Soviet flag behind them, going on paid junkets to Russia and in turn funneling billions to prop up their economy while Americans were losing jobs, their homes, bailing out banks and US industries at the same time cutting social programs because the government is short of cash, except for war...