As Taliban Influence Grows, ‘Shadow Government’ Seems an Increasingly Viable Option to Afghans

While coalition forces continue to kill militants in the provinces south of Kabul, the resilient Taliban forces continue to expand their influence in the area. Their presence is so overwhelming in some areas that they’re set up their own ’shadow government’ with its own court system. In the areas they control most completely, these government systems are considerably more powerful than their coalition-supported counterparts, and according to some reports, better accepted.

Christian Science Monitor reports that in provinces like Logar and Ghazni, locals are eschewing the wildly corrupt Afghan government in favor of the more credible Taliban alternative. Rather than dealing with a government court system rife with bribery, many are choosing to take their disputes to the sharia-based Taliban courts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow, terrific!

The US has installed a puppet government in Kabul considered so collectively crooked by the Afghanis that they are reputed to have to screw their socks on in the morning.

And what has our invasion and occupation of Afghanistan accomplished 7 years on, complete with aerial bombings which have killed hundreds of non-combatants?

Making the Taliban look like the "good guys" to ordinary Afghanis: that's precisely what we have accomplished.