Solomon's real mine? 3,000 years on, archaeologists uncover fabled site in desert

In a discovery straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, archaeologists believe they have uncovered one of the lost mines of King Solomon.

The vast copper mine lies in an arid valley in modern-day Jordan and was created in the 10th century BC - around the time Solomon is believed to have ruled over the ancient Hebrews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a bit of a leap here! What they have is a mine. The existence of the mine does not prove anything at all about Solomon, or ancient Judea. Even this article admits that the archaeologists "believe" this is one of Solomon's mines.

Pointedly, most scientists date the site to long after the time of Solomon. From Dr. Levy's comments, it is obvious that he has an agenda to use the site to prove the Old Testament narrative, rather than to simply understand the site itself.