People Question Whether Coast Really Is Clear – Project Gulf Impact Forum

Six months after the BP oil disaster, some question whether the coast is really clear…..

The non-profit group, Project Gulf Impact, put on a Fishermen’s Forum Sunday at Loyola University where people heard first-hand accounts of how the oil spill has impacted fishing communities and still is today. Arnesen spoke about all the people she knows who almost immediately faced foreclosures. She said, “that was months ago. Now here we are knocking on the six month anniversary and this is still happening. I don’t understand this.”

On top of the economic impacts, coastal residents fear that the health effects are uncertain. “On June 16th I walked out of my front door and hit the ground. The smell was so strong I could not breathe. It literally took my breathe away. I didn’t think I would ever smell anything like that ever.. and we smell it every now and again,” said Perrin. It’s because of those strong odors that Perrin said she began testing rainwater.