Obama: Iran Is on Notice, Won’t Rule Out Military Action

Citing Iran’s revelation earlier this week that it is constructing a second, smaller uranium enrichment facility, President Barack Obama demanded that the Iranian government “come clean” about his long-standing accusations of a nuclear weapons program, and said he would not rule out attacking the nation if they refused.

Despite these claims, it isn’t apparent that Iran broke any rules with the facility. The IAEA only requires that it be informed six months before the facility is operational, which Iran apparently did on Monday. The IAEA has said the information it has been given suggests the facility, like Iran’s current one, is only designed to enrich uranium to 5%, useful only for civilian purpose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No matter if Iran is following the IAEA rules to the letter, this second enrichment facility is going to be waived in the faces of American citizens as the excuse to go to war.