CIA Operatives: Terror Attacks Imminent in the USA Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah ...

I wanted to get this out there; as I don't trust the people behind the US Government. Things are not headed in the direction they'd like, and there are many tell tale signs out on the Internet. The signs on the Internet in my opinion, comprise a few different aspects; they are intended to condition and desensitize us for what is about to happen to us. Others are designed to propagandize different groups of people. The people behind the government, and their policy makers need to regain control.The article where the CIA operatives claim an attack is imminent can be seen here: ... 4887.shtml The reason they say it's imminent is due to the Taliban being disillusioned due to loosing so badly in Afghanistan. That's simply not true. We can see from this article here: , that the Taliban aren't even in Pakistan anymore as a refuge, but control over %80 of Afghanistan! Adding to all of this, are text messages being spread throughout Pakistan; which speak of "special Christmas gifts". These are being interpreted as an attack promise, as seen here: ... akistanis/, it' important for people to take this very seriously, and prepare.