Oct 23 10:32

Watch: Hillary Gets Hit With Sickening Fact And TOTALLY Misses The Point…

Suggesting Stevens was referring to “fire sale” purchases from other governments, Clinton acknowledged that he was interested in adding additional barricades and other defensive tools to the U.S. consulate. “Because we weren’t providing them enough physical security,” Brooks added, “isn’t that right? So they’re picking up a fire sale because other consulates are pulling out, other countries are pulling out?” With a smile, Clinton chalked up the apparently desperate effort to defend against an attack to the “entrepreneurial spirit” of those working at the embassy. Her reaction was far too flippant for many social media critics:

Oct 22 19:32

Check What Hillary Did RIGHT AFTER The Benghazi Hearing Was OVER – DISTURBING

4 people died in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton is “celebrating” at the end of the hearing.

After 3 hours of questioning, that how she feels…CRAZY!

Oct 22 19:18

Netanyahu absolved Hitler of the final solution by placing the blame for the Holocaust on the Palestinians

Why is Netanyahu consistently attempting to displace blame for the Jewish genocide in Europe from the Germans onto the Palestinians? Of course, Netanyahu throughout his career has been determined to shatter the Palestinian national struggle. To discredit it, and to justify his campaign, his violent campaign against it. But with what’s happening in Jerusalem Netanyahu’s fanaticism has risen to the surface.

Oct 22 16:32

WTF? MTV Wishes Violent Car Accidents on Parents Who Dress Their Kids in “Offensive” Halloween Costumes

An MTV News video wishes violent car accidents on parents who dress their kids up in “offensive” Halloween costumes, another insight into how the cult of political correctness is increasingly driven by radical ideology.

Oct 22 15:39

Feds Disappear Native American That Cops Tried To Assassinate

In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Nevada to interview the Lantry family that have gone through the greatest injustice a family could ever go through from the U.S Federal hey Government. When you watch this video you will understand how this is the most shocking and startling case of abuse of power.

Oct 22 12:49

What This Creepy Rest Area and Voting for President in America Have in Common

We stopped in the middle of the night in nowhere New Mexico on a road trip a few weeks ago and found this bizarre, creepy rest stop to be a lot like voting for president in America every four years.

The facilities were filthy. The windows had wire grids on them, like the kind you’d expect to find in a mental facility where they are worried people might try to escape. Everything smelled. The toilet seats were missing. Scary people were hanging out in the shadows. It’s the kind of place your mom warned you as a kid never to go to, especially after dark.

Under the glaring orange lights and amid numerous signs informing us we were under constant video surveillance, a large sign read, “WE APPROVE OF THIS REST AREA” — not really a question — next to two buttons — one for “yes” and one for “no”.

Oct 22 12:17

flashback: Putin visits Bush 02 Jul 07

Oct 22 11:55

Hillary Versus Herself on Benghazi

At the new Benghazi hearing today, Hillary is saying she took responsibility... A bit of a rewriting of history, no?

Then again, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Oct 21 18:50

President al-Assad and President Putin meet in Moscow

President al-Assad: “Syrian people have been confronting terrorists ‘practically single-handedly’ for years… involvement of the Russian Air Force in the operations against terrorism in Syria has helped in halting the spread of the terrorist organizations”

Oct 21 14:36

War on Language Insanity : University Says Using the Term “Politically Correct” is a Politically Incorrect “Microaggression”

If you thought that the war on language being waged by some American colleges was out of control, you ain’t seen nothing yet. -- According to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, using the term “politically correct” as a pejorative is a politically incorrect “microaggression”.

Oct 21 14:31

Ron Paul: Gun Control Means Disarming the Feds

Dr. Ron Paul said he’s for gun control, if gun control means disarming the out-of-control federal government.

Oct 21 09:43

Keiser Report: Those Confused Investors!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss confused investors.

Oct 21 09:30

“Little Guantanamos” in the United States

Investigative journalist Will Porter discusses the secret prisons that the ACLU says are violating inmates’ rights.

Oct 21 09:22

Joe Biden for President? Media Buzz Ignores How Veep Worsened Student Debt on Big Banks’ Behalf

Washington is abuzz with rumors Vice President Joe Biden will soon enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Oct 20 19:25

Third Intifada Or Zionist Jihad: Israel Escalates Tensions With Execution Style Force

It almost breaks my heart to say that the only development that can get the world to an act is organized mass murder like Srebrenica or Rwanda. But do we really have to wait for an act of mass killing so severe that the world can no longer avert its gaze?

Oct 20 15:26

There’s A New Edward Snowden Whistleblower

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest news of a new Edward Snowden coming out and releasing hidden government documents.

Oct 20 09:02

Trump: Bush Knew In Advance 9/11 Was Coming

Doubling down on his comments regarding George W. Bush and 9/11, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has declared that the then president knew that the attacks were coming.

Oct 20 08:47

Police: Man who knocked out woman in Facebook video charged in New Jersey

Authorities said Monday they've arrested a man captured on video knocking out a woman with a punch to the face, then saying, "This is what happens when you say I ain't gonna smack you.

Oct 20 07:19

Video: Cops pepper spray crowd of school kids protesting a cop caught on film body slamming child

At Toleman High School on Wednesday, a brief video sparked outrage showing a police officer violently arresting a 14 -year-old boy.

Oct 19 18:39

Pumpkin Carving with a Henry Rifle

Published on Oct 16, 2015

Bud’s Gun Shop:
Again, it's my feeble attempt to educate the masses about how to properly and safely carve a pumpkin. Word has it that people are still using dangerous, sharp knives to do this. As I always have to point out for some folks, this is not a marksmanship exhibition; it's just the proper way to carve a pumpkin.

Oct 19 15:18

Idiot from Salon: People Who Want Guns Should Be Shot First

“Gun praisers are just like the people who were in favor of slavery back in the day,” he says, “the elite, lazy and ignorant who weren’t being beaten, raped or in the field doing the work, so they were perfectly okay with involuntary servitude, which is a problem and why I think gun owners need to feel more––they need a taste of the other side.”

Oct 19 15:02

Police attempt to whitewash viral brutality video

In the recording, uploaded to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, a police officer can be seen on top of a young African-American, punching him in the face and then using what appears to be a stun gun. The struggle is caught on camera by a passing motorist, who uploaded the clip and brought it to the attention of two prominent Black Lives Matter activists, DeRay McKesson and Shaun King. Thousands of people retweeted the clip, often using the hashtag #JusticeforVonte.

Oct 19 14:41

Ron Paul on Assassinations: Is This ‘American Exceptionalism’?

A new US government whistleblower has come forward to share highly disturbing information about the US worldwide assassination program, deceptively called “targeted killing.” Most of those killed with bombs fired from drones were not the intended targets, we learn, but they were classified as “enemies killed in action” anyway. Today’s Liberty Report takes a look at this major new exposé of the US assassination policy – is America losing its moral compass?

Oct 19 10:50

Mosaic of Facts: Intricacies of Information War

Can you tell truth from lies in mass media? RTD’s Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war.

Oct 19 10:24

Lack of Water, Unsanitary Conditions Prompt Seniors to Protest at City Housing Project

Residents of Lakeview Towers tell TRNN’s Eddie Conway the city has been negligent in maintaining aging complex.

Oct 19 09:21

Romney predicts ‘Trump won’t be next GOP nominee’

Former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s recent remarks aired by CNN Sunday stand out to me as a major red flag. In fact what Romney said is down right disturbing and begs the following question

Oct 18 23:18

Video: Obama Told You They Were Training ISIL Forces

It's like our Nobel Peace Prize winning president once said: "We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace."

More proof we're living in an Orwell novel.

Oct 18 22:28

Dead Islamic Extremists Lined Up in the Street

Check the comments.Syrian Army units with the assistance of Lebanese volunteers have recaptured Mazraat Al-Rahil, a strategic village in the Hama Governorate, killing 45 Islamic extremists.

Oct 18 22:22

Syrian Army Escorts Column of Captured Terrorists

A column of captured ISIS/ALQAEDA/ALNUSRA POW's.

Oct 18 16:09

Film: EXPULSION - Syrian Christians under attack from ISIS/FSA and NATO

A documentary short film on Syrian Christians
by Anastasia Popova
Anastasia Popova’s brief documentary film Expulsion (Izgnanie), made for the Russian television channel Rossiia, focuses on the plight of Christians in war-torn Syria. This subject is worthy of greater attention than it has received in the mainstream Western media, hence our effort to subtitle her project.
After all, Christians are one the most persecuted groups in the world. Their depopulation is a general trend in the entire Middle East and North African region (MENA), not just in Syria. This documentary states that, for instance, half of Palestine’s population was once Christian, but now only 5% remain.

Oct 18 06:37

"A Very Heavy Agenda" - New documentary released about the neocons and how they run foreign policy for Dems & Repubs

They work both sides of the Democrat Republican fence (not that it is much of a fence anyway) and are now up to their eyeballs in reviving the cold war.

About the video:

Post-9/11, the War on Terror had outlived its usefulness.

The minds behind the think tanks that drive America’s interventionist foreign policy decided that the U.S. needed a new enemy, so they chose an old one -- Russia.

Part 1: A Catalyzing Event 1hr 25mins

Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld were ubiquitous in the news media as they took every available opportunity to market to America an aggressive preemptive war policy. But from where did their ideas originate? The answer is a tightly knit and eminently well placed group of neoconservative thought leaders, chief among them Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. Part 1 begins in the panicked weeks after 9/11, as Kagan et al. seized upon the hysteria surrounding the anthrax letter attacks to further shape America’s perception of reality, planting the seeds for endless future military engagements. George W. Bush may have been understandably perceived as an idiot, but watching these wonks and academics drive the ideological engine for his administration belies a much more sophisticated strategy at play.

Part 2: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The New Neocons 1hr 35mins

After the Cold War, the US-NATO reach expanded significantly to take in most of the old Soviet Union clients in the Warsaw pact. Neoconservative darling Robert Kagan and his diplomat wife Victoria Nuland played key roles inside and out of various administrations and think tanks as they greased the skids for a US-sponsored coup in Ukraine. Part 2 shows the resurrection of old cold warriors from beltway depths to deliver blatant propaganda with techniques reminiscent of a red scare era that had only just faded from memory. US-funded outfits like Radio Free Liberty are pitted against Russia’s RT as each nation accuses the other of waging an ever more desperate and transparent "Information War".

Part 3: Maintaining the World Order 1hr 30mins

"When the Berlin wall fell, our work wasn't finished". -- Victoria Nuland, November 2013

“Fuck the EU” -- Victoria Nuland, February 2014

While stage managing the American empire has undoubtedly proved to be a more difficult task now than in the bipolar world of the cold war era, it is not for lack of greed or hubris that the Kagans and others continue to sell their vision. Did they create these ideas because they truly believe in America's right to be the dominant force in the world? Or, do these ideas help sell weapons and control resources like oil and rare minerals? Part 3 shows interview footage of an obscure PNAC member (Thomas Donnelly) taking credit for the ominous “New Pearl Harbor” phrasing in the notorious 'Rebuilding America’s Defenses' document. But the evidence shows the genesis of the concept to be patriarch Don Kagan, in conjunction with his son Fred, in prior op-eds that call for ‘a catalyzing event’. Other newly sourced footage shows the pair advocating for a US military ground invasion of Palestine on September 12th, 2001 and displaying an unnerving prescience about the 9/11 attacks themselves.

Watch a trailer of the video here (warning: one episode of loud swearing):
Go here to download or order on DVD:

Oct 17 17:28

‘Britain to blame for Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ – George Galloway

Pro-Palestinian activists held banners and denounced Israeli aggression, following violent clashes and attacks by Israel Defense Forces on Palestinian civilians.

Oct 17 17:17

A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1 : A Catalyzing Event [Trailer] (Neocons exposed)

Post-9/11, the War on Terror had outlived its usefulness.
The minds behind the think tanks that drive America’s interventionist foreign policy decided that the U.S. needed a new enemy, so they chose an old one -- Russia.

Part 1: A Catalyzing Event 1hr 25mins

Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld were ubiquitous in the news media as they took every available opportunity to market to America an aggressive preemptive war policy. But from where did their ideas originate? The answer is a tightly knit and eminently well placed group of neoconservative thought leaders, chief among them Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. Part 1 begins in the panicked weeks after 9/11, as Kagan et al. seized upon the hysteria surrounding the anthrax letter attacks to further shape America’s perception of reality, planting the seeds for endless future military engagements. George W. Bush may have been understandably perceived as an idiot, but watching these wonks and academics drive the ideological engine for his administration belies a much more sophisticated strategy at play.

(Embedded trailer for Part1 at link.)

Oct 17 16:00

Kosovo MPs tear-gassed in Parliament, second time a week

Kosovo’s parliament again plunged into chaos on Thursday when opposition MPs set off tear gas in the chamber.

Oct 17 13:02

Taliban one step closer to joining ISIS amid US troops staying longer

President Obama will keep 5500 US troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017, a significant change to a previous withdrawal plan.

Oct 17 08:35

'They don't care who gets killed': Ex-drone pilot turned whistleblower to RT

What masquerades as our government here in America is really a criminal gang run by Psychopaths!

Guilt-ridden American drone pilots continue to quit in unprecedented numbers. One former secret mission operator, Brandon Bryant, who’s received a whistleblower award, spoke to RT of the horrors of indiscriminate killing from a safe distance.

“The people that are giving the order to kill – they don’t care who gets killed as long as their target gets attacked… they’ll take out however many people they can in order to get their results,” Bryant says.

Oct 16 19:17

Kids Throw Grenades In Marijuana Field

My kind of separatists!

Published on Sep 12, 2015

Russian separatist trains children on proper grenade throwing techniques while standing in a pot field in Ukraine.

Oct 16 17:07

Israel calls up reservists amid daily clashes in W Bank

Violence has been breaking almost daily since last week, especially in Jerusalem. The Israeli army deployed hundreds of troops in cities to assist police.

Oct 16 14:12

Breaking Silence, Wife of Jailed CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Seeks Presidential Pardon

In an unprecedented news conference today, the spouse of a jailed CIA whistleblower is speaking out. Holly Sterling, the wife of imprisoned former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, will appear at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to appeal for a presidential pardon.

Oct 16 13:35

Shutdown: Baltimore Youth Take Over City Hall

The Real News spent Wednesday night in its entirety with young black activists who occupied City Hall in protest of Kevin Davis' bid to become the new police commissioner in Baltimore.

Oct 16 13:26

What are EU hiding over TTIP negotiations? Sinn Fein MEP Matt Carthy tries to find out.

Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy gets access to the secret reading room in Brussels to try and find out what the EU is hiding from its citizens in relation to the negotiations around the Trans-atlantic Trade, Investment, Partnership (TTIP) agreement with the US. He gets access but is denied the right to share information with EU citizens!

Oct 16 12:22

Israel, the Media and the Anatomy of a Sick Society

This fundamental fact is only very rarely discussed, but it lies at the heart of the Palestine conflict. By seeing Arabs as subhuman, many Israelis are able to justify, often on an unconscious level, all forms of brutality, violence, and oppression.

Oct 16 11:17

Police Tactics of Mass Arrests, Violence and Overcharging Protesters First Developed in 2000

Kris Hermes tells Paul Jay that police suppression of protests at the Republican National Convention set the pattern for breaking up legal protests across North America.

Oct 16 11:12

Norman Solomon: Clinton’s Debate Comments on Snowden “Give Hypocrisy a Bad Name”

At Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, candidates offered differing views on what should happen to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for exposing illegal mass surveillance.

Oct 16 10:59

Is This the Third Intifada? Violent Unrest Grows as Palestinians Seek End to Military Occupation

The Israeli government has deployed thousands of soldiers and border police and has erected checkpoints to seal off Palestinian neighborhoods amid escalating violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Oct 16 10:39

How modern life destroys survival instinct

Our world today would seem magical to our ancestors. Our needs are met almost immediately, we have clean water at the turn of a knob, heat at the push of a button, and light with the flip of a switch. Food is purchased in a box, ready to heat, and a person can prepare a meal in under 6 minutes using the microwave oven that’s a fixture in most modern kitchens.

Oct 16 06:27

Fox News guest terrorism analyst is arrested on fraud charges after falsely claiming to have been a CIA agent for nearly three decades

Wayne Simmons, 62, was indicted by grand jury on charges of major fraud against the US, wire fraud and making false statements to the government
Simmons accused of pretending to be 'Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer' for the CIA from 1973 to 2000
Simmons allegedly tried to use bogus his CIA credentials to get government security clearances and work as a defense contractor
Simmons has appeared on Fox News as a pundit discussing terrorism since 2002
A network spokesperson insisted Simmons was never more than a guest and was never a paid commentator

Oct 15 21:19

Migrants bump into polar bear after sneaking onto lorry to get to UK

You know about those refugees from the Middle East over running Europe right.
These guys tried to sneak into Britain in the back of a truck occupied by a Polar Bear.

Published on Oct 15, 2015

In a bid to catch a ride, several asylum seekers tried to sneak into a UK-bound truck in a camp in Calais under the cover of night. They were so desperate that even a polar bear being transported in the back of the vehicle did not prevent their entry.

Oct 15 19:14

Breaking News - Peshmerga hitting ISIS on major Offensive in Syria

Don't bring a Toyota pickup or a Humvee to a Tank battle would seem to be the story here as the Kurds kick some ISIS butt!

Oct 15 17:53

Did Hillary secretly feast her eyes on unreleased TPP deal before public?

A new controversy surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton surfaced at a Texas rally Thursday morning after Clinton once again opened her mouth a bit too far, making a rather bizarre statement leading some to believe Clinton may possibly have an insider line on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Oct 15 17:34

Salma gets shelled in any way possible

All kinds of ordinance going off!

RuAF uses jets and helicopters; SAA howitzers, tanks, AA and mortars.
They really cater for all tastes.

Oct 15 17:15

VIDEO: Cop Spits in Innocent Handcuffed Man’s Face Then Arrests Him for the Assault

A police sergeant was suspended Tuesday after cellphone videos captured him spitting in the face of a handcuffed man. Although the man was restrained on the ground and not fighting back, police charged him with assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Oct 15 12:27

Video: Epic time lapse footage of Earth from the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) released stunning time-lapse footage of Earth captioning the images with the epic title ‘Planets Rising’.

Oct 15 10:52

What US strike numbers look like when they really want to destroy

When it comes to a commitment to destroy the enemy, the numbers speak for themselves. Here's a comparison of the U.S. bombings against Islamic State with previous American campaigns in the region.

Oct 15 10:51

‘This was going to explode’: Spate of violence intensifies with near-daily stabbings in Israel

The only solution for the problem is eliminating the occupation altogether.

Oct 15 09:55

Company Releases Video Of First Ever Drone Neutralizer Gun

A U.S. non-profit company has just released an impressive video of a drone neutralizing gun that successfully forces an airborne drone to land almost immediately. The futuristic-looking gun can down a drone at 400 meters using radio signals. The company's name sounds like a cross between "battle" and the toy company Mattel -…

Oct 15 09:15

Video: Massive floating city in the sky over China! Illusion? Project Blue Beam?

The Internet is abuzz with talk of newly released videos that show a massive “Floating City” in the skies above the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China.

Webmaster addition: It is a mirage and has been seen many times before.

Oct 14 17:11

Rise of the Nanobots - The World of Molecular Machines

By Nicholas West

One of the more controversial concepts in the area of nanotech is what has come to be known as The Singularity. Essentially, it is the mission to transcend biology. There are many ways The Singularity could ultimately come about, but one of them is molecular control via nanobots.

The latest video from the American Chemical Society and the University of Nebraska lays out just how pervasive this technology is set to become...

Oct 14 13:46

NATO wars distract national attention away from VIPaedophile child sexual abuse

How the Establishment hid the monster in their midst: As MPs demand an inquiry into the covering-up of a VIP child abuse ring, chilling proof of how this depraved diplomat was protected by the good and the great.

Oct 14 13:11

Jewish “settlers” hurling insults: "Die you son of a whore" at 13 year old child , as he bleeds to death

This incredibly shocking and painful-to-watch video in the Jewish colony of Pisgat Ze’ev in annexed and occupied East #?Jerusalem is being shared on Israeli social media sites. The #?Palestinian teenager (Ahmad Manasra, 13) is surrounded by Israeli police and Jewish “settlers” hurling insults at him, as he bleeds to death.

Oct 14 11:01

Sanders shills out, says Hillary’s emails aren’t “real issues”

“I think that the Madam Secretary is right,” Sanders told the audience during Tuesday night’s debate, jumping in to save Hillary from nearly drowning.

Webmaster addition: if Sanders is trying to end the server issue, a scandal which could make him the Democratic nominee, it supports the theory that behind the server itself lurks a scandal so hige it could bring down the entire government, like the US giving weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda, or Hillary selling secrets.

Oct 14 10:30

ISIS jihadists love driving Toyotas, US wonders why

The US Treasury is now pressing Toyota about why so many of its vehicles are being driven around by the terrorist group, as evidenced in their propaganda videos.

Oct 14 10:02

Keiser Report: Avatars Will Replace Humans

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask whether we can trust the algo and bot owners to share some of the wealth after they’ve looted every last penny from all the pension funds and savings accounts on Earth.

Oct 14 09:52

Rattling the Bars, Ep. 1: ‘The Real Cost of Calls’

What’s the real human toll that the inmate calling industry is taking on prisoners and their loved ones?

Oct 13 22:06

Armed Robbery Suspects vs. Texan With a Concealed Handgun — Guess How That Turned Out

A Texan killed one suspected robber and injured another after Houston police say they attempted to rob him as he walked down the street late at night, KTRK-TV reported.

Oct 13 21:28

Connecting the Dots in the Mysterious Deaths of 11 Holistic Doctors

Waking Times

Investigating the deaths of at least 11 holistic doctors in North America who’ve died under mysterious conditions in the last 90 days, Luke Rudkoski of We Are Change speaks with Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News. She originally broke this story and has been the lead researcher involved in connecting the dots in these cases.

Oct 13 21:25

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati

This is a powerful 40 minute presentation of a former Israeli soldier who was raised in a hard-core Zionist family, as he describes it, and whose grandmother was a Auschwitz 'holocaust survivor.' A series of events led him to see the world in a whole new way- and he found himself protesting with Palestinians being tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets by his own fellow Israeli soldiers. He explains how the Israeli military are training American police and how even if people don't care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict now, these very police will oppress us next, as they are taught to view the people as the enemy. A powerful, well done, and impressive presentation well worth watching.

Oct 13 19:34

“We are the masters” says Israeli mayor as 3 more Palestinians are killed

Warning: This video is extremely graphic and disturbing.

Settler chants die! as Palestinian boy bleeds (English\Spanish)

The mayor of the northern Israeli city Kiryat Bialik Eli Dukorsky wrote in a directive to city officials. “We are the masters of this land” ,,

Oct 13 16:19

Small business owners pessimistic, feel country on wrong track

As the presidential debate season intensifies, small-business owners are pessimistic about the business climate and feel America is on the wrong track, according to a new survey.

Oct 13 14:42

BAGGAGE : Paper publishes full-page map of Clinton scandals

21 most consequential Clinton scandals, ranked from most important.

Oct 13 12:19

Dutch Safety Board simulates MH17 being hit by BUK missile

The Dutch Safety Board publishes MH17 final report after fifteen months of investigation at Gilze-Rijen air force base in the Netherlands.

Oct 13 12:11

Jeb supporters will be dumbfounded he awarded Hillary with “Liberty Medal” in 2013

Can you imagine–Hillary Clinton, you know–the one that used her private email server to conduct secure government business, was the recipient of the National Constitution Center’s (NCC) “Liberty Medal” in 2013.

Oct 13 12:08

Spiral of violence: Palestinians and Israeli forces clash as unrest engulfs West Bank

Clashes continue to occur between the IDF and Palestinian youths on Tuesday in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Oct 13 10:26

Meet police officer Kathryn Blumhagen: Crazed cop misreads license plate, shoots at unarmed teenagers

Video: Crazed cop misreads license plate, fires on car full of teenagers.

Oct 12 19:54


The spirit was freedom and justice
And it's keepers seem friendly and kind
It's leaders were supposed to serve the country
But now they won't pay it no mind

'Cause the people got fat and grew lazy
Now their vote is like a meaningless joke
You know they talk about law, about order
But it's all just an echo of what they've been told

'Cause there's a monster on the loose
It's got our heads into a noose
And it just sits there watchin'

America where are you now?

Oct 12 15:56

Real Hero MMA Fighter Brings Fresh Water & Freedom To African Slaves

In the age of self-promotion and hype-over-substance, it’s refreshing when someone with authenticity comes along and does something that sets an entirely new example for the rest of the herd. Justin Wren is a 28 year-old mixed martial arts fighter who took five plus years from cage fighting to do something extraordinary, and became…

Oct 12 15:10

From Million Man March to Columbus Day: Challenging White Supremacy & “Doctrine of Discovery”

Tens of thousands from across the country gathered on the National Mall in Washington Saturday for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Oct 12 14:46

MTV: Saying “No Can Do” or “Long Time No See” is Racist

... no can do! LONG TIME NO SEE READERS OF PATRIOT RISING! For all those in the peanut gallery, this is yet another ploy by MTV (who's ratings are tanking by the way) to take -- excuse me -- GYP you out of the your first amendment right. If this offended you, I could care less... I don't want my rights "sold down the river."

Oct 12 13:51

Video shows police officers “protecting & serving” a computer science student — to death

Savannah-Chatham County, GA — During the trial of two former deputies and a contract healthcare worker charged with killing a computer science student in police custody, jurors recently reviewed the surveillance video showing the cops beating the student to death.