Apr 21 22:01

In the War Zone of Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine has imposed an economic blockade on Donetsk and Lugansk, including cessation of payment of old age pensions and other social benefits since last June. One piece of good news while we were in Donetsk is that the new government is in a position to assume payment of old age pensions as of April 1. We talked to elderly people lined up at the branches of the new banking system to receive their pensions. They were happy to be receiving payment, finally, but none too happy with the war that finds them in such a lineup.

Apr 21 21:58

Eurasian emporium or nuclear war?

Move over, Cold War 2.0. The real story, now and for the foreseeable future, in its myriad declinations, and of course, ruling out too many bumps in the road, is a new, integrated Eurasia forging ahead.

Apr 21 21:55

Truth Is Washington’s Enemy

Washington’s problem is that whereas Washington controls the print and TV media in the US and its vassal states in Europe, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Japan, Washington does not control Internet sites, such as this one, or media, such as RT, of non-vassal states. Consequently, Washington’s lies are subject to challenge, and as people lose confidence in Western print and TV media because of the propaganda content, Washington’s agendas, which depend on lies, are experiencing rougher sledding.

Apr 21 15:14

Russia Buys 30 Tonnes Of Gold In March

I don’t know what event will trigger a failure in the west’s gold capping abilities, but I have a feeling that it will be an event that will make life very uncomfortable for everyone…

Apr 21 11:55

Tainted Russian wheat resurfaces in Egypt

The tainted wheat — which contains toxic and cancerous elements and dead insects and cannot be consumed — was among the most dangerous issues that raised the ire of the Egyptian street under the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. Its wide distribution to mills and bakeries was discovered in 2009.

Egypt is one of the largest wheat importers in the world, taking in between 7.3 and 8.2 million tons annually from Russia, the United States, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Cairo is currently facing a crisis threatening to increase its wheat bill in the wake of restrictions imposed in February by Russia, the fourth largest wheat exporter in the world, on its wheat exports in accordance with rising domestic prices.

Apr 21 11:45

Moscow expects EU’s assessment following Polish lawmaker’s remarks on Maidan snipers

Russia expects "the international constructive pressure" with regard to Kiev to hold a genuine investigation of the events on Maidan, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov told the Life News TV channel on Tuesday.
According to Polish lawmaker in the European Parliament Janusz Korwin-Mikke, the snipers who fired in Kiev during the tragic events on Maidan last February had been trained in Poland, local media report.
"Maidan was our job. I sat in the European Parliament next to Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. He acknowledged in a conversation with the then EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton that our people were firing on Maidan rather than the people of Russian President Vladimir Putin or former Ukrainian leader [Viktor] Yanukovich," the Polish politician said. He added that the terrorists shot dead 40 protesters and 20 police officers on Maidan to provoke unrest.

Apr 21 11:38

Argentina's president arrives in Moscow

Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on Tuesday arrived in Moscow on an official visit that will last till April 23.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with Kirchner on April 23. The two leaders will discuss the implementation of agreements reached during Putin’s visit to Argentina in July 2014. They will also exchange views on development of bilateral trade and economic ties and investment cooperation.
A spokesman for the Argentinian embassy in Moscow told TASS during Kirchner’s stay in Moscow it was planned to organize a meeting between two countries’ businessmen who would look at prospects of expanding trade-and-economic cooperation. Argentina would be represented by about 50 businessmen.

Apr 21 11:30

Militia leader: deployment of peacekeepers in Donbas will ruin Kiev’s plans for IMF loans

The Ukrainian authorities’ calls to deploy peacekeepers in the troubled Donbas are a mere political speculation since a peacekeeping operation would ruin its plans for IMF loans so badly needed by the Ukrainian economy, Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said on Tuesday.
"It is not in Kiev’s interests to admit the existence of conditions for the deployment of peacekeepers: the International Monetary Fund will extend no loans if Kiev imposes martial law," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying.

Apr 21 11:21

Militia claim spotting up to 70 mercenaries of US military company Academi in east Ukraine

iev has moved to the area of the village of Volnovakha 70 mercenaries of the private US military company Academi, the spokesman for the Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, told a news briefing on Tuesday.
"According to the available information, in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces, namely, in Volnovakha, the presence of 70 representatives of the private military company Academi has been revealed. Earlier, that company was known under the name of Blackwater," the Donetsk news agency quotes Basurin as saying.
German media reported last May that data about 400 fighters from Blackwater, supporting Kiev forces in the east of Ukraine came from US intelligence agency.

Apr 21 10:54

Hungary, Greece, Cyprus to Restart Food Trade With Russia Ignoring US-EU Sanctions

Hungary, Greece and Cyprus may soon be allowed to export fruit and vegetables to the Russian market, according to a report in the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You can't DO that! I decide who you do and do not do business with! I decide what currency you will use! I do! Me! ME, DAMMIT!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 21 10:05

UK gives Russian billionaire deadline to sell North Sea gas assets

The UK is forcing Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman, owner of the $10 billion L1 energy fund, to sell dozens of newly-acquired North Sea oil and gas assets in the next 3-6 months on fears more Russia sanctions could shut down the gas fields.

Apr 21 07:32

US preparing for ground offensive in Ukraine: ex-Kremlin advisor

Nekrassov: Well first of all I think we should remember that NATO and the US have been helping the Ukrainian army all along and that they have been training not only the National Guard as you mentioned in your introduction, but they are also helping those cutthroat nationalists and neo-Nazis that are also going to be trained by these American advisers. So we have been seeing it for a while.

Now the whole point of the American involvement in Ukraine, which started with the funding of the coup last year, which overthrew the legitimate government, was to create tension in Ukraine for a long time.

Apr 21 06:59

Top Italian Daily Breaks Western Media Silence on Political Murders in Kiev

In an unusually frank assessment by mainstream Western media of Kiev’s post-Maidan regime, the Italian daily La Repubblica has denounced “a ruthless sweeping away of every form of political opposition taking place in Kiev”. The paper was reacting to yet another assassination in Ukraine — this time of a popular journalist Oles Buzina on April 16.

Not shy of calling a spade a spade, the article leaves no doubts as to what is happening in Ukraine, right from the headline: “Pro-Russian journalist murdered in Kiev. The third political homicide in 24 hours.”

Apr 21 06:36

150 Tons of US "Diplomatic Mail" Stirs Kyrgyzstan

The putsch in Kiev has reminded governments in the Caucasus and Central Asia that they could fall victim to similar events at any time. This applies especially to countries in Russia's sphere of influence, such as Kyrgyzstan. The specter of a Kyrgyz Maidan has haunted Bishkek since last year, when the suspicious activities of the U.S. State Department's TechCamp project and the subsequent visit of George Soros raised a few eyebrows. Lately, Kyrgyz and Russian media went into a frenzy over the delivery of 150 tons of "diplomatic mail" to the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek:

Apr 20 22:44

Fourth and Fifth Generation Warfare Arrives on European and Middle Eastern Battlefields

The U.S., British, Canadian and other Western military training of Ukrainian forces that include neo-Nazi gangsters from Ukraine and other parts of Europe and the NATO/CIA training support in Turkey and Jordan being provided to Islamist jihadis tied to the Islamic State, Al Nusra Front, and Al Qaeda represents the application of 4th generation warfare (4GW) and 5th generation warfare (5GW) tactics from the Pentagon’s and Central Intelligence Agency’s think tanks to the battlefield.

Apr 20 22:37

America's Start is Setting - Another Idiotic Plan to Hurt Russia

Washington needs to rethink its approach. Stop the meddling and antagonism, rebuild relations through trade and mutual trust, and accept the inevitability of imperial decline.

Apr 20 20:55

Cuban Leader Raul Castro Arrives In Moscow For Victory Day Parade

The leader of the state Council of Cuba Raul Castro will be in the capital of Russia in the occasions out of appreciation for the 70th commemoration of the Victory, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

Apr 20 14:31

US preparing for ground offensive in Ukraine: ex-Kremlin advisor

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alexander Nekrassov, a former Kremlin adviser in London, about US paratroopers training Ukraine government forces to battle pro-Russia forces in the east.

Apr 20 13:05

Doku Umarov’s successor killed in anti-terrorist operation in Russia's Dagestan

The leader of the terrorist organization Caucasus Emirate, Aliaskhab Kebekov, who is Doku Umarov’s "successor," has been eliminated in a special operation near Buinaksk, Dagestan, the Information Centre of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC) told TASS on Monday.

The special operation was conducted on the outskirts of Buinaksk, in Gerei-Avlak village.

Apr 20 12:57

S-400 missile defense strength doubled in Russia's far east

Another top notch S-400 missile defense system has been deployed to Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. The new generation weapons with a range of up to 400 kilometers can bring down small planes and nuclear charged ballistic missiles.

Apr 20 12:56

US troops in Ukraine ‘clear escalation’ of crisis: Activist

The training of Ukrainian government forces by US paratroopers is a “clear escalation” of the crisis in the region, an American activist says.

“Sending in these troops is a clear escalation of US intervention in Ukraine,” said Joe Iosbaker, a leader of the United National Antiwar Coalition.

About 300 US troops arrived in Yavoriv, western Ukraine, last week to train the Ukrainian National Guard to fight pro-Russian forces, the US Army said in a statement on Thursday.

Apr 20 11:54

US 'Trainers' Arrive in Ukraine for Operation Fearless Guardian

Nearly 300 U.S. soldiers have arrivedin Ukraine to act as 'trainers' for the county's newly-formed National Guard as part of what is being called Operation Fearless Guardian.

Apr 20 11:37

As Gazprom CEO Arrives In Athens, EU (Coincidentally) Files Anti-Trust Charges Against Russian Giant

As the head of Russian gas giant Gazprom, Alexei Miller, arrives in Athens tomorrow (for talks with Greek PM Tsipras about "current energy issues of interest," which we suspect will include finalizing the "Turkish Stream" pipeline heralded by many as Greece's potential get-out-of-Troika-jail-card), he will face an increasingly anxious European Union. Fresh from its suit against Google, the WSJ reports, the EU's competition regulator plans to file formal antitrust charges against Russia’s state-owned gas company OAO Gazprom on Wednesday. This re-opens a suit from 2012 saying that it suspected the company of abusing its dominant position in those countries’ natural-gas supply. It appears Europe is getting nervous...

Having realized that a potential Greco-Russian pipeline deal could, according to one senior official "turn the tide"for the debt-stricken country, it appears the imminent arrival of Gazprom's CEO (as Reuters reports):

Apr 20 11:13

On Maidan Polish snipers were shooting, it was a provocation on orders from Washington

The presidential candidate of Poland, MEP Janusz Korwin-Micke in an interview with the Polish edition of "Wiadomosci" said that snipers who shot during the events on Maidan in February 2014, were trained in Poland. It is reported UAinside.
"The Maidan is also our job. Snipers were trained in Poland. The terrorists shot at Maidan 40 demonstrators and 20 police, just to provoke unrest".
Answering specifying question of the journalist, what is the interest in Poland, Janusz Korvin-Mikk said, "We do this, to get the favor of Washington."
Previously Janusz Korvin-Mikk said that he would like to see Ukraine remain independent, but as weak as possible. He also called the current events in Ukraine the U.S. aggression against Russia.

Apr 20 11:08

Ukrainian "Grad" brought up to the border with Russia and is ready to provocations

Residents of Kharkiv region living close to the border with the Russian Federation, said that the Ukrainian troops near the border set missile systems of volley fire "Grad/Hail". But trunks are turned towards the territory of Ukraine.
Local residents have suggested a provocation of the shooting. Ukrainian "Grad" will fire on its own territory, and then Ukraine accuse Russia of armed provocation.
The war correspondent of the "Russkaya vesna/Russian spring" Samur

Apr 20 10:40

Did NBC Cover Up Role of U.S.-Backed Free Syrian Army in 2012 Kidnapping of Richard Engel?

American MSM Faking Stories Again?

In an article published on Wednesday, Engel said the kidnappers had “put on an elaborate ruse to convince us they were Shiite shabiha militiamen.” According to the Times investigation, NBC knew more than it let on about the kidnappers.

Apr 20 10:40

JCCC: 410 mines launched from Ukrainian positions explode in Shirokino over 24 hours

"Today we went to Shirokino jointly with representatives of the OSCE and the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic," Col. Gen. Lentsov said.
"We registered that 410 mines that came from Ukrainian positions exploded in Shirokino over 24 hours. Yesterday, since the departure of the OSCE, massive machinegun and then mortar fire attacks started, ending with artillery. The key reason is great tensions between the sides," he said.
According to Lentsov, units of Ukrainian volunteer battalion Azov remain in the vicinity of Shirokino, and they destabilize the situation.

Apr 20 10:39

Cuban Leader Raul Castro Arrives In Moscow For Victory Day Parade

The leader of the state Council of Cuba Raul Castro will be in the capital of Russia in the occasions out of appreciation for the 70th commemoration of the Victory, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

Apr 20 10:29

Putin to visit Armenia on April 24 to participate in genocide commemorative events

"As part of the visit, the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Armenia will be held that will discuss the issues of bilateral agenda, cooperation in integration associations and also topical regional and international issues," the statement says.
"As far as we understand, Putin and [Francois] Hollande will be staying in Yerevan at the same time. Their contacts on the sidelines of the programme planned by the Armenian side therefore cannot be excluded," Peskov said on Friday.
The Turkish government acknowledges the fact of mass killings of Armenians, but opposes the use of the term genocide and says that the death toll on which the Armenian side insists is overestimated.
According to Ankara, the deaths of Armenians were not the result of a targeted policy of the government, but due to the civil war in the Osman Empire, in which Turks were also killed.

Apr 20 10:21

Russian lawmaker says five states behind anti-Russian campaign at PACE

Five states that are waging the anti-Russian campaign at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom, the head of the foreign affairs committee of Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, said on Monday.
"The delegations of those countries that are most aggressive in the issue of the EU sanctions against Russia and that participate in the West’s anti-Russian hysteria most actively are against lifting sanctions against the Russian delegation," Alexei Pushkov said.

Apr 20 10:19

PACE president calls for efficient decentralization system in Ukraine

Ukraine needs an efficient system of decentralization and an inclusive political process, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Anne Brasseur on Monday in her opening address for the April 2015 part-session in Strasbourg.
Last week, the Council of Europe announced that offices for informing citizens about the upcoming Ukrainian administrative reform would be open in all the Ukrainian regions.
The agreement on this was reached in Strasbourg between the secretary general of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, and Ukraine’s minister of regional development, construction, housing and utilities economy, Gennady Zubko.
These regional centers will help to pave the way for the decentralization that is very important for ensuring a long-term political stability in Ukraine, Jagland said on Friday.

Apr 20 10:19

Slain Ukraine Politician Led the Picketing of US Embassy in Kiev a Day Before Killed

Another one of my friends, Oleg Kalashnikov, was killed. I'm very sorry. We were friends. I knew his family. Repeatedly I tried to convince him to leave Kiev. In response, he told me that if everyone leaves, then who will fight.

Apr 20 10:16

Russian military breaks Crimea water blockade

Russian Defence Ministry units have fully restored the supply of fresh water to south-eastern Crimea. The area experienced water shortages after Kiev shut off the supply of water from the Dnieper River via the North Crimean Canal, a source meeting up to 85% of the peninsula’s demand for fresh water.
"Every 24 hours, the pipeline network pumps more than 20,000 cubic meters of water," Bulgakov said. "The pipes were first laid to reach the North Crimean Canal, which allows to fully supply with fresh water [the cities of] Kerch, Feodosia and Sudak."
The work involved about 500 service members and 200 units of military and special equipment.
In addition to that, field pipelines leading to the peninsula’s artesian wells have been deployed with a total length of more than 125 kilometers.

Apr 20 09:55

Ukrainian website calls for mass deportations and internment of dissenters in Ukraine

This idea was put forward by website "Khvylya", close to the administration of Poroshenko .

"The National Security Council should adopt a decision about the deportation from Ukraine to the Russian Federation of persons who are potential candidates for the dead in the name of the glory of the "Russian world" [Ukrainian media is putting the blame for recent murders in Ukraine on Putin - KR]. Deportation for their own safety, as shooting them on the territory of the Russian Federation loses all meaning. Let them go and preach that they are victims of Bandera terror and repressions, for which they may even make some money. We do not care, because none of us are going to refute the thesis of the Kremlin about the fascist junta and the banderites"

So the fans of the Kremlin should be confined for five years, until the regime and mentality will change in Russia, or offer them to leave on their own.

Apr 20 09:54

NATO Increasingly Surrounds the “Russian Threat”. “War is Good for Business”

On Saturday, April 18th, the Commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, Ben Hodges, told Britain’s Telegraph that “There is a Russian threat,” and that “The best insurance we have against a showdown is that NATO stands together.”

Ever since the Soviet Union’s military alliance, the Warsaw Pact, dissolved in 1991, NATO has expanded eastward to Russia’s borders, and now it is preparing to admit yet another nation on Russia’s border: Ukraine. This eastward expansion broke (and breaks, since it’s continuing) a verbal agreement which had produced the termination of the Warsaw Pact (the Soviet Union’s equivalent of America’s NATO alliance).

Apr 19 22:31

Iran urges India, China & Russia to counter NATO missile system

Iran has announced its readiness to cooperate with Russia, China and India on the issue of NATO’s missile shield and related threats from the military bloc, the head of its defense ministry said in Moscow.

“I’d like to support the idea of developing multifaceted defense cooperation between China, Iran, India and Russia to counter NATO eastwards expansion and installing a missile shield in Europe,” Hossein Dehghan said on Thursday, at an international security conference in Moscow.

Hours later Dehghan was cited by RIA Novosti as saying that Russia, China and Iran may hold tri-party defense talks.

“We discussed certain aspects of regional security. It was proposed to hold a trilateral meeting of Russia, Iran and China,” Dehghan said after meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

Apr 19 22:26

Conference on the Israel Lobby—Press Blackout at the Press Club

So, where were the reporters of the mainstream media? Where was C-SPAN during a week when Congress was on a holiday and their cameras were not preoccupied by Capitol Hill activities—its foremost priority? Apparently, the American people were only to see and hear the extreme views of AIPAC that do not even command the support of a majority of American Jews who do favor a two-state solution, along with a majority of Arab-Americans.

Organized by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, which was launched about thirty years ago by a British Army Officer who served in World War II and two retired U.S. Ambassadors to countries in the Middle East (, the day-long program at the prestigious National Press Club should have been intriguing to reporters. After all, are they not interested in important, taboo-challenging presentations on a critical dimension of U.S. foreign and military policy?

Apr 19 22:11

Russia’s Missile Wall in Iran

The popular narrative surrounding the conflict between the West and Iran has always been one of a dangerous rogue state bent on obtaining nuclear weapons before triggering a nuclear-fueled Armageddon aimed at Israel. Underneath this elementary propaganda, lies a more complex truth underpinning a proxy conflict between East and West.

Apr 19 19:55

The Greek "White Knight" Emerges: Putin To Give Athens €5 Billion For Advance Gas Pipeline Fees

With Greece teetering on the edge of insolvency and forced to raid pension and most other public funds, ahead of another month of heavy IMF repayments which has prompted even the ECB to speculate Greece should introduce a parallel "IOU" currency, a white knight has appeared out of nowhere for Greece, one who may offer $5 billion in urgently needed cash. The white knight is none other than Vladimir Putin.

Apr 19 14:04

NATO Increasingly Surrounds the ‘Russian Threat’

On Saturday, April 18th, the Commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, Ben Hodges, told Britain’s Telegraph that “There is a Russian threat,” and that “The best insurance we have against a showdown is that NATO stands together.”

Apr 19 13:45

What's Behind the "Peacekeeper" Killings in Ukraine?

Killings of Anti-Maidan activists of late have been in the international news, but a suspicious "Peacekeeper" website has watchers searching NATO and other connections. Here's a report on the latest Western policy "rabbit hole".

Apr 19 11:18

US Will Retaliate If Russia Does Not Stop Violating The INF Treaty

“We have made clear to Russia and to our allies that our patience is not unlimited. We will take steps to protect ourselves and our allies, if Russia does not cease to violate the contract and leave our concerns unanswered,” said Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose, speaking at a conference on nuclear weapons and international security in Colorado Springs.

Apr 19 10:33

Israel’s deliveries of weapons to Ukraine to increase death toll - Putin

Supplies of lethal aid from Israel to Ukraine will only deteriorate the standoff in Ukraine and increase the death toll, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday in an interview with Vesti v Subbotu program host Sergey Brilyov.

Apr 19 10:07

Vladimir Putin answers Russia's questions

A transcript of "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin", which was broadcast live on Channel One, Rossiya-1 and Rossiya-24 TV channels, and Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Rossii radio stations.. During the live broadcast that lasted 3 hours and 57 minutes, the President answered 74 questions out of the over 3 million that were received.

(Ed Note: Even though 3 million questions were received, they were frequently broadly similar and were in fact rolled together into approximately 200 questions, out of which President Putin answered 74 during the marathon live broadcast).

Apr 19 06:04

Ukrainian website calls for mass deportations and internment of dissenters in Ukraine

"Fans of the Kremlin should be confined for up to five years, until regime and mentality changes in Russia, or they should be offered to leave on their own."

This idea was put forward by website "Khvylya", close to the administration of Poroshenko .

Apr 19 05:54

East Ukraine rebels using white phosphorous? Kiev junta's "projection" exposed!

A Ukrainian article suggesting rebel use of white phosphorous have been furiously circulated on social networking sites. The article makes the claim that the a battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (the Crimea Battalion) came under white phosphorous fire from rebel forces.

This blatant piece of propaganda on behalf of the Kiev junta, who have themselves been accused of deploying the banned munition, has been exposed by video-blogger Anatoliy Shariy. Shariy demonstrates how a photo purporting to show Kiev's use of white phosphorous taken by the rebel forces in June of 2014 and subsequently published in Komsomolskaya Pravda was manipulated by simply creating a mirror image and then used as "evidence" that the rebels have also been guilty of the same war crime.

Apr 18 11:12

Putin warns Israel on possible lethal arms delivery to Kiev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Israel against a possible supply of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government, following Moscow’s decision to deliver S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran.

He issued the warning in an interview aired on Rossiya 1 TV on Saturday, saying that the move by Tel Aviv would be “counterproductive” and “only cause a new round of hostility.”

“The death toll would rise, but the result would not change,” Russia Today quoted the Russian leader as saying.

The remarks came after some Israeli politicians suggested that the regime might send lethal weapons to Ukraine in retaliation for Russia’s planned supply of S-300 missile system to Iran.

Apr 18 08:34

US Will Retaliate If Russia Does Not Stop Violating The INF Treaty

"We have made clear to Russia and to our allies that our patience is not unlimited. We will take steps to protect ourselves and our allies, if Russia does not cease to violate the contract and leave our concerns unanswered," said Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose, speaking at a conference on nuclear weapons and international security in Colorado Springs.

Apr 18 08:25

Ukraine ceasefire violations blamed on ‘unidentified third party’ – OSCE

The fragile truce in eastern Ukraine has on several occasions been violated by an “unidentified third party,” the OSCE mission stated in its daily report, citing officers of the joint coordination center who were trying to organize a ceasefire.

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) has witnessed three attempts by the Joint Centre for Control & Coordination (JCCC) to organize a ceasefire between Ukrainian troops and the self-proclaimed republics’ forces, according to the new report dated April 16. But within minutes after the arranged time, ceasefires were broken by a “third party,” Ukrainian and Russian officers tasked with mediating the truce told OSCE representatives.

“According to both Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian Federation Armed Forces officers at the observation point, an unidentified 'third party' was provoking the two sides,” the mission’s report says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, who would do a dastardly thing like that, I wonder! :)

Apr 18 07:36

Greece in negotiations to obtain Russian S-300 air defense systems

Turns out it's not just Iran that's interested in the S-300--Greece, a NATO member, is looking into obtaining them too. The subject was on the agenda of Greece's Defense Minister Panos Kammenos (who, incidentally, is not a member of the leftist Syriza party but rather of a right euroskeptic Independent Greeks party allied with Syriza) during his visit to Moscow and talks with RF Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

Considering that Greece is under EU/ECB/IMF-imposed budgetary austerity, one has to wonder how these rather expensive weapons might be paid for. Other than cash, what might Greece have that Russia might want?

Apr 18 07:33

US Neo-Con Throws Tantrum About World Russia Forum

Writing in the Daily Beast on March 31, neoconservative rabble-rouser James Kirchick assailed all the contributors to the 35th World Russia Forum held in the U.S. Senate Hart Building on March 26 as “Putin’s boot-lickers” and a convention of “Dead Souls”. He accused Professor Stephen Cohen of New York University of “ranting”. He described the World Russia Forum 2015 as “a nest of Putin apologists and has-beens” and as “a gathering of Kremlin apologists, conspiracy theorists, and other assorted nut jobs”.

Apr 18 06:58

Personal details of murdered journalist & ex-MP found posted on Ukrainian ‘enemies of state’ database

The journalist and ex-MP who were gunned down in Kiev this week were on an ‘enemies of the state’ database – a social media website supported by the aide to Ukraine’s interior minister. The bloggers also have a Twitter account to share ‘successes.’ The volunteer-made website calling itself ‘Mirotvorec’ (Peacekeeper), posts very thorough and comprehensive information on anyone who happens to make the list – journalists, activists, MPs opposing the current Kiev authorities’ policies and rebels fighting against the government in the east. The posts include their addresses, social media account links, a substantial biography and any mentions in the Ukrainian press. There is also labeling involved e.g. “terrorist; supporter of federalization” and other tags.

Apr 18 05:56

Observers say "third side" provoking clashes near Donetsk airport

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) citing representatives of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) in Ukraine reports that unidentified groups were provoking clashes between Ukrainian military and militia fighters of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) said on Friday in the daily report of April 16 placed on the organisation’s website.
In particular, the SMM team members said they witnessed attempts of the JCCC representatives to organize three ceasefires but within a few minutes they were violated by "sporadic firing of mortars and machine guns."
"According to both Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian Federation Armed Forces officers at the observation point, an unidentified ‘third party’ was provoking the two sides," says the OSCE report.

Apr 18 05:50

Italy’s La Repubblica Moscow correspondent claims he received threats from Ukraine

Nicola Lombardozzi, a Moscow correspondent of Italy’ La Repubblica, told TASS on Friday he had received threats from Ukraine after his publications about the situation in that country.
"I am reputed as having pro-Russian positions on the Ukrainian problem. The Ukrainians accuse me of being, as they say, a "Moscow man." And I have already received threats from Kiev," he said. "As a matter of fact, I take no one’s position, I write what I see and understand. And it is absolutely evident that power in Kiev is in the hands of Nazis. I have been there and I have seen them on the streets. For several months, I have been trying to bring it home in my publications that Russia is right in respect of Ukraine. And if I disprove anything in Moscow’s policy and course, I openly write about that as well."

Apr 18 05:46

Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc claims receiving threats from nationalist organization

In the letter, the UPA nationalist organization claims responsibility for the "elimination" of ex-MP Mikhail Chechetov, ex-chairman of the Zaporizhia regional administration Alexander Peklushenko, former lawmaker Stanislav Melnik, former MP Oleg Kalashnikov and journalist Oles Buzina.
The group has also threatened with physical elimination of the representatives of the current Ukrainian authorities accusing them of failing to have imposed a martial law in the country and who are to be blame for the voluntary surrender of the Ukrainian territories to the "enemy" and for corruption.
The UPA, which has been banned in Russia, says those guilty of the "anti-Ukrainian and anti-popular activity" have 72 hours to leave Ukraine. The letter says these political murders were a warning to the anti-popular regime of oligarchs.

Apr 18 05:34

Investments in Crimean economy over past days exceed those of past ten years — official

Investments in Crimea in the past ten years barely reached $10 million whereas contracts for a sum twice as much have been inked in the past several days, chairman of Crimea’s State Council [legislature] Vladimir Konstantinov said on Friday at the Yalta international economic forum.
"the nature of the investor has changed." Interest to Crimea is being demonstrated by businessmen from Russia and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) who are attracted by Crimea’s growing consumer market. According to Konstantinov, the basic investment package in Crimea would be formed within the next three years. "Don’t miss your chance," he said

Apr 18 02:07

Russia will insist on creating nuclear weapon free zone in Middle East at NPT Conference

Russia will insist on establishing a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East at the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference in New York, head of the Department for non-proliferation and weapons control at the Russian Foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov said on Friday.

Apr 18 01:50

Personal details of murdered journalist & ex-MP found posted on Ukrainian 'enemies of state' database

The journalist and ex-MP who were gunned down in Kiev this week were on an ‘enemies of the state’ database – a social media website supported by the aide to Ukraine's interior minister. The bloggers also have a Twitter account to share ‘successes.’

Apr 18 01:42

A U.S.-Russia War Over Ukraine?

"Could a U.S. response to Russia's action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a U.S.-Russia War?"

This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.

The answer the authors give, in "Countdown to War: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict," is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world's largest nuclear powers.

Apr 17 16:27

Ukrainian complaint: Russia persists in illegally feeding Donbass civilians

The Russian Federation does not respond to Ukraine’s complaints to stop illegally supplying Donbass with “the so-called humanitarian aid.” — press secretary Oleg Slobodan on “Channel 12 Ukraine.”

Apr 17 15:14

Iran has the right to protect itself

On April 13, 2015 Vladimir Putin lifted Russia’s ban on shipping S-300 antiaircraft defensive missile systems to Iran, self-imposed in 2010. Moscow and Tehran originally signed a contract to supply these systems back in 2007. At the time, the idea was to sell a number of Russia-manufactured S-300 divisions to Iran.

Apr 17 15:14

To combat the opposition the SBU takes under its wing radical battalions

Internet users found in the Network a specific site. This center is called "Peacemaker". Among its partners according to the website, in particular, security service, border Service and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. On this site there are the so-called "Purgatory". This section of the website, which publishes the names and data of "individuals": "traitors, separatists, terrorists and militants, mercenaries of Russian origin, war criminals from the armed forces and supporters of different suits, all this evil".
Internet users who are already familiar with lists of people who are subject to "cleansing" on the part of Peacemaker, drew attention to the fact that they were "cards" killed the day before Deputy Oleg Kalashnikov and journalist Oles Buzina.

Apr 17 15:08

Ukrainian Regime Persecutes and Kills Opposition Politicians and Journalists

According to 2014 Reporters Without Borders report, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq and Libya have been named the deadliest countries for reporters. (1) Conflict-torn Ukraine has become the worst country for journalists’ abductions, murders and attacks. Since May to August 2014 6 journalists died in Ukraine, dozens of reporters were attacked or physically threatened. Many journalists had to leave Ukraine being afraid for their lives. It all started after the advocates of Ukrainian integral nationalism came to power as a result of coup in February 2014. The new ideology was formed by Ukrainian fascists in 1920-1940s. It’s a mixture of Italian fascism and German Nazism adapted to Ukrainian realities.

Apr 17 15:00

US 'Trainers' Arrive in Ukraine for Operation Fearless Guardian

Nearly 300 U.S. soldiers have arrived in Ukraine to act as 'trainers' for the county's newly-formed National Guard as part of what is being called Operation Fearless Guardian.

Apr 17 14:16

The History of Ukraine told by assassinated Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina

Can you imagine what would happened if, in Russia, three opposition figures, a well-known writer and two politicians, were killed in the span of two days? We have a vague of idea of what that would look like, after the Western hysteria about Nemtsov.

Oles' assassination was the third in a row of political killings in the last four days: Sergey Sukhobok (April 13); Oleg Kalashnikov (April 15); and Oles Buzina (April 16).

Apr 17 13:44

Gazprom Just Made Its Disgust with EU Felt

First, I was a little skeptical. Then more and more sources confirmed what seems to be a fact: Russia will completely stop the delivery of gaz through the Ukraine and all Russian gaz will now flow through Turkey (see Bloomberg and LifeNews).

Not only that, but the Russians have told the Europeans that if they want Russian gaz, they will have to build their own pipeline to Turkey at pay for it all.

The Europeans appear to be shell-shocked. Maros Sefcovic, the European Commission’s vice president for energy union, declared that this decision made "no economic sense".

As if the nonstop economic and political warfare waged by the EU against Russia did make any sense!

Apr 17 13:30

Israel May Send Arms to Ukraine If Russia Delivers S-300 to Iran

Israel may start sending arms to Ukraine in response to Russia’s decision to lift its five-year embargo on the delivery of the S-300 missile system to Iran, NRG reports Tuesday, citing unnamed Israeli military source.

Apr 17 12:37

US Global Hawk drones flying over Black Sea, Ukraine

As of this January, U.S. Global Hawk drones have been spotted regularly over the Black Sea, Gen Andrei Kartapolov, Chief of the Main Department for Operations at the Russian General Staff said on Thursday at the 4th Moscow conference on international security.

"And in March 2015, the drones appeared for the first time in the airspace over Ukraine," he said, adding that the utilization of these unmanned aircraft increased the depth of data gathering on the territory of Russia by 250 kilometers to 300 kilometers.

"Also, up to thirty combat jets, about 300 armored vehicles, and more than 1,500 ground troops and U.S. marines are present on the territories of East-European countries on the rotation basis now," Gen Kartapolov said.

Apr 17 12:37

DPR Leader Zakharchenko: 90 Percent Chance of Full-Scale War with Ukraine

This is actually one of the first mainstream media interviews with Zakharchenko that we can recall in quite some time. We encourage you to read the entire piece, but we found Zakharchenko's comments about Mariupol to be particularly interesting (although he's been talking about retaking Mariupol for quite some time):

Apr 17 12:35

So You Want To Get Out Of The USSA -- Or EU?

Unfortunately, the USSA and other NATO countries continue to ratchet up the military pressure. USSA regular military forces have now begun to arrive in the Ukraine. Canadian troops are also being sent to the Ukraine. As the Russians watch the foreign military build-up on their border, they may very well decide at some point that enough is enough, and retaliate. If they do the risk of a nuclear war surges dramatically.

This is not an academic question. The USSA and NATO are very openly targeting the Russian government and the Russians recognize that. The USSA and NATO are the aggressors in this conflict, the violent powers behind the neo-fascist regime in the Ukraine that has unleashed a war of aggression against its own Russian-speaking population in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine.

Apr 17 12:31

A US-Russia War Over Ukraine?

"Could a U.S. response to Russia’s action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a U.S.-Russia War?"

This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.

The answer the authors give, in "Countdown to War: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict," is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world’s largest nuclear powers.

The cockpit of the conflict, should it come, will be Ukraine.

Apr 17 12:03

India Scraps Major Arms Purchase with France, Inks Major Deal with Russia

India has essentially annulled it gigantic arms contract with France for the purchase and combined construction of 126 Rafale fighter planes; the Indian Prime Minister agreed to buy only

36 of them during his visit to Paris last week, a responsible government source stated. Instead, India will buy 127 fifth generation Russian fighter jets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because of the Mistral scandal, nobody wants to buy arms from France or any other nation that would obey a US order not to deliver the weapons.

Apr 17 10:12

Polish General renounced support of Ukraine

"I renounce all that I used to say about the support of Ukraine", - said in an interview with Gazeta Prawna General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of Land forces and Deputy Minister of defence of Poland.
This reaction is caused by the adoption of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada of the law with the glorification of leaders of the Ukrainian insurgent army, who are responsible for killing 100's of thousands of peace poles during the Volyn massacre 1943-1944.

Apr 17 09:13

NATO activity near Russian borders increased by 80% – General Staff

There was a sharp increase the intensity of the training of NATO troops near the borders of Russia last year, Russian General Staff said.

“In 2014, the intensity of NATO’s operational and combat training activities has grown by 80 percent,” said Lieutenant General Andrey Kartapolov, head of the Main Operation Directorate of General Staff.

The leadership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization made no effort to hide the clear anti-Russian orientation of these activities, he added.

Apr 17 08:30

Ukraine a Vector for GMO Poison’s Spread Through EU

Ulson Gunnar
Activist Post

When the Washington Post chooses to pen an insulting, condescending editorial targeting entire nations speaking up against Western impropriety, one can just as well assume the precise opposite of whatever narrative the Post is trying to push forward is true.

Regarding American biotech companies and their attempts to infest the planet with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and in particular their attempts to corrupt the whole of Europe with their unwanted poison through a backdoor (Ukraine), has prompted Russia to speak up for their Eastern European neighbor. Up until the armed coup in 2013-2014, also known as the “Euromaidan,” Ukraine had adamantly rejected GMOs.

With an obedient client regime now installed in Kiev, a series of political, economic and military decisions have been made that have more or less extinguished Ukraine as a sovereign nation state...

Apr 17 08:26

Moscow slams Kiev's accusations of OSCE observers

International observers monitoring the ceasefire in Ukraine have drawn renewed harsh criticism from Ukrainian officials, their attacks condemned by Russia's deputy representative to European security watchdog OSCE on Friday as "slanderous and vilifying".
"Slanderous rumours are being spread in Ukraine vilifying observers as ‘foreign spies’," Andrey Rudenko, Moscow’s deputy permanent representative at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, told the OSCE permanent council in Vienna, according to comments cited by Russia's Foreign Ministry.
"Media publications are not only tarnishing the image of the SMM [the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine], but they are also threatening the safety of the observers," Rudenko said.
"Such statements are inadmissible," Rudenko went on. "We have to remind the Ukrainian side that under a memorandum of understanding with the OSCE, it [the Ukrainian government] is fully responsible for the observers’ safety."

Apr 17 07:43

Revisiting the Prophetic Memoir of Clinton's Top Russia Adviser

First, re-examination of this memoir of Strobe Talbott’s years in government is timely because the author is reportedly the first choice of Hilary Clinton to be her Secretary of State if she wins the presidency. Hilary has just announced her candidacy for the 2016 election. and by general agreement of the pundits, she is the front runner. The book provides invaluable information about Talbott, the respected friend and adviser to the Clintons.

Apr 17 07:40

One thousand Ukrainians flee persecution for political motives to Donetsk

The number of people fleeing persecution in Ukraine for political motives to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has reached 1,000, DPR People’s Council speaker Andrey Purgin said on Friday.
"There are 1,000 Ukrainian political refugees in our republic now," the Donetsk News Agency quoted Purgin as saying. "The republic is ready to accept people persecuted for political motives," he added.
Several political refugees got to DPR from Ukraine as a result of prisoner exchanges held earlier, Purgin noted.
"Among prisoners held on the territory of Ukraine were not self-defense forces, but rather those detained for an opinion that differs from the Kiev’s official position," he added. "Many people don’t have any documents, they are wanted on the territory of Ukraine. There are many people from Odessa and Kharkiv among political refugees," the speaker stressed.
Purgin also noted that 200 people were recently detained in Kharkov for "dissent."

Apr 17 07:39

The US Embassy In Kyrgyzstan Has Refused To Talk About The Resulting Diplomatic Pouch 150 Tons

In the US diplomatic mission in Bishkek refused to comment on reports of local media that for the “parcel”, weighing 150 tons embassy received as a pouch.

“Comments on this issue will not be” – RIA reported the press service of the US Embassy in Bishkek.

Apr 17 07:38

Ukraine Blocks 10,000 Websites, Confiscates a Newspaper

As I reported yesterday, the Security Bureau of Ukraine, on April 7th, had seized and disappeared two Odessa bloggers, who were trying to get an independent investigation, and ultimate prosecution, of the individuals who participated in the 2 May 2014 massacre of regime opponents, and who burned, shot, and clubbed to death perhaps over 200 in the Odessa Trade Unions Building - the event that precipitated the breakaway of Donbass from the rest of the former Ukraine, the country's civil war.

And I also reported that April 7th saw the official announcement that, "The security service of Ukraine ... has discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites that were used to perpetrate information campaigns of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine."

Apr 17 07:27

When it comes to Ukraine, hawkish Stephen Harper can’t be stopped: Walkom

Deep in his secret heart, Stephen Harper should whisper a quiet thank you to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Conservative prime minister’s tough-on-crime agenda is on the ropes following a landmark decision Tuesday by Canada’s Supreme Court.

But thanks in part to Putin’s intransigence, Harper is able to forge ahead with his tough-on-Russia agenda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Stephen. Here's your parachute. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane, and we'll call Putin and tell him you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself! The rest of us, however, are tired of war and tired of the lies we are told to trick us into war, so you will understand if we sit this one out and keep our kids safe at home. Have fun. Don't forget to write.

Apr 17 07:25

The Murderers of Kiev

There seems to be a “suicide” epidemic afflicting opponents of the current Ukrainian government – nine opposition politicians and two journalists have mysteriously died since the beginning of the year. Here is the timeline of terror that has opponents of the regime fearing for their lives:

Apr 17 07:22

Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program; The Former Soviet Union As America’s New Frontier

Since Hillary Clinton announced without any surprise that she was running for president, it is worth taking a look at her record. As U.S. Secretary of State during the conflict between Russia and Georgia, Clinton claimed that the U.S. was committed to “Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and that the “United States does not recognize spheres of influence.”

In the meantime she was pushing for the military integration of countries from the former Soviet Union with NATO. Rick Rozoff commented at the time: “Despite Clinton’s claim to the contrary, the United States most decidedly recognizes spheres of influence. In its own hemisphere – the entirety of it – in the South Caucasus and everywhere else on the planet.”

Also in the double standard category, Washington is applying sanctions on Iran for its non existent nuclear weapons, even though the Pentagon has “officially” recognized that Israel is a nuclear power.

Apr 16 17:58

Three Prominent Poroshenko Critics Killed in Kiev in Three Days

As the political situation in Ukraine destabilizes, the suspicious killings of prominent opposition supporters continue to transpire.
A prominent Ukrainian journalist, known for his critical views of Poroshenko's government was shot dead in Kiev on Thursday, in the latest series of suspicious deaths of opposition supporters.

Oles Buzina, 45, a supporter of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, was shot in the street. Buzina's body was found on the ground nearing his apartment building close to the city center. The head of Kiev’s police department Alexander Tereschuk said that a TT gun was allegedly used in the crime.
According to the neighbors, the journalist was probably shot while jogging. He was found wearing a sports outfit. The 45- year-old was shot by two men in masks who disappeared from the crime scene in a Ford Focus car with either Latvian or Belarusian number plate.

Apr 16 14:05

Nazi terror in Odessa: Adventure "Right sector" and AutoMaidan kill protesters and taken to an unknown destination

Google translate: As previously reported, "Russian Spring", in Odessa before the start of the rally against rising utility tariffs, low pensions and salaries were detained people.

Detention, according to witnesses, was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as militants "Right Sector" * and activists AutoMaidan.

People were beaten, put in the car and took them to an unknown destination. Pensioners who took part in the action, threatened.

The participants demanded the Odessa region giving the status of "free port" - a free trade zone. "We came here on a peaceful demonstration in support of initiatives to strengthen local self-government, including" free port "for Odessa.

Apr 16 13:56

More remains of human bodies found at site of MH17 crash in Ukraine

Remains of more human bodies have been found at the site of last year's crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, the chief of the international investigating mission, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, said on Thursday.
In addition, the search experts were approached by several local residents who handed personal belongings of the jet's passengers to them.
Aaldersberg clarified that the belongings were items of jewelry.
Dutch forensic specialists have established identities of 296 out of the 298 persons who died in the July 17, 2014, crash. The searchers hope to find the remains of another two persons now.

Apr 16 13:41

In Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine killed editor of "Netechinskiy vestnik" Olga Moroz

Chief editor Khmelnytsky media Olga Moroz was found in the apartment with traces of violent death.
This was reported to news Agency "Telekritika" with reference to the Management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region.
"Killed Olga Moroz - chief editor of "Netechinskiy vestnik", the body was found in her apartment with traces of violent death," he reported, "Telekritika" .
According to preliminary information, the victim kept a journalistic investigation on illegal deforestation.
Netishyn is a city in Khmelnytskyi oblast, with a population of 35 thousand people.

Apr 16 13:32

Putin: Iran ‘Does Not Pose Any Threat to Israel Whatsoever’

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a live Q&A program that it was acceptable to lift the ban on selling the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran because Tehran is “demonstrating a lot of flexibility and an obvious desire to reach a compromise on their nuclear program.” “In effect, all participants in the process have announced that an agreement has been reached.

Apr 16 12:39

US Paratroopers Arrive in Ukraine as Fighting Intensifies in Donbass

After what could essentially be called a 1,100 mile military parade through Eastern Europe, US paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade have arrived in Ukraine to commence Operation Fearless Guardian.

Apr 16 12:22

Fighting the Battle Against Mainstream Media Disinformation is Fighting Against War

The US has been waging war with its allies in Syria and Iraq for a while now. Yemen has also become a battle field, where war for democracy is being waged by… monarchies. Mahdi Nazemroaya highlights the irony of the situation:

“The House of Saud and a military coalition that consists mostly of anachronistic monarchies are claiming to bomb Yemen as a means of saving the Yemenite people and their transition to democracy. The irony should not be lost on observers that recognize that the Saudi-led coalition — consisting of the Kingdom of Morocco, UAE, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia itself — is comprised of an unhealthy mixture of backward family dictatorships and corrupt governments that essentially are the antithesis of democracy.” (The War on Yemen: Where Oil and Geopolitics Mix)

Will there now be war with Russia?

Apr 16 12:03

Bankrupt? Greece to Buy Russian Missiles

Just days after Russia lifted sanctions on providing anti-aircraft missiles to Iran, Reuters reports that The Greeks are in talks with Russia to purchase missiles for the S-300 defense system. Greece, a NATO member, has been in possession of the advanced Russian-made systems since the late 1990s and in a defiant show of independence towards Troika, is now negotiating with Russia for the purchase of additional missiles and for their maintenance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia may be giving Greece the additional missiles as foreign aid, to deter Europe from outright invasion or the US from a covert overthrow to keep Greece from defaulting and leaving the EU.

Apr 16 11:50

S-300 missile system serves defense purposes for Iran: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended Moscow’s recent decision to deliver S-300 air defense system to Iran, saying the system is meant for deterrence amid the developments in war-torn Yemen.

He made the remarks during his annual televised question-and-answer session with the nation at Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Yard) exhibition hall in the Russian capital city of Moscow on Thursday.

“This is a defensive weapons system. More than that, considering the situation that is building up in the region, especially regarding the incidents in Yemen, we think that the delivery of this kind of weapon is a preventive factor,” Putin said.

The comments come as Yemen has been the scene of deadly aerial assaults by Saudi Arabia since March 26. The attacks have so far killed some 2,600 people, according to Yemeni sources.

Apr 16 10:26

The US Embassy In Kyrgyzstan Has Refused To Talk About The Resulting Diplomatic Pouch 150 Tons

In the US diplomatic mission in Bishkek refused to comment on reports of local media that for the “parcel”, weighing 150 tons embassy received as a pouch.

“Comments on this issue will not be” – RIA reported the press service of the US Embassy in Bishkek.

Apr 16 08:46

Ruble passes 50 against USD for 1st time since November

The Russian currency’s upward trend has achieved a psychological victory Wednesday as the ruble traded at 49.90 against the US dollar on the Moscow exchange.

Apr 16 08:16

Putin defends Iran missile decision

Putin defends Iran missile decision during call-in show

President Vladimir Putin sternly urged the West to respect Russia's interests in global affairs and defended his move to sanction the delivery of a long-range air defense missile system to Iran during a marathon TV call-in show with the nation Thursday.

Putin scathingly criticized Washington for refusing to see Moscow as an equal partner and warned that Russia-West ties, in shambles over the Ukrainian crisis, could only be normalized when the U.S. and its allies show readiness for compromise.

He also described the killing of top Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov as "tragic and shameful" and commended police for quickly tracking down the perpetrators, but said he wasn't certain if Russian law-enforcement agencies would be able to track down those who organized it.

Apr 16 08:07

Putin: war with Ukraine impossible

"No, I presume it’s impossible," Putin said during his annual live question and answer session known as Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, answering a question put by a resident of Russia’s town of Gukovo near the border with Ukraine. "Don’t worry," he said.
"I think that in conditions of the implementation of the Minsk agreements some elements can be found for restoring some common ground with Ukraine but in the final end, of course, the right to say the decisive word - who, how and with whom wants to live and on what conditions - should belong to people who live in these territories"
"We are not going to revive the empire, we have no such goals - what they constantly attempt to accuse us of".
"As for now, we don’t want anything from the Kiev authorities except for getting a treatment from them they would give to all the equitable partners in all the areas of collaboration".

Apr 16 07:58

Putin agrees with emperor that Russia's only allies are Army and Navy

"I would like to remind you Alexander III, our emperor, once said that Russia has just two allies, the armed forces and the navy. In a message addressed to his son he warned that everybody feels scared at the vastness of Russia. Incidentally, there is a certain reason behind that," Putin said during the Direct Line question-and-answer session televised live on Thursday.
At the moment there are many countries and leaders in the world who support Russia’s efforts in the struggle with international terrorism, organized crime, xenophobia, and other modern challenges, he said.
"I proceed from the assumption that we are not going to have a war with anybody. We will certainly be strengthening our defence precisely for the sake of ensuring nobody develops the wish to be at war with Russia," Putin said.

Apr 16 07:50

Famous Ukrainian journalist shot and killed in Kiev

Well-known Ukrainian journalist and writer Oles Buzina was killed near his home in Kiev at midday on Thursday, ambulance doctors told TASS.
Oles Buzina was a well-known Ukrainian journalist, writer and TV presenter. He is the author of two books, including "Vampire Taras Shevchenko" and "The Union of Plough and Trident". Buzina used to be the editor-in-chief of the Segodnya newspaper who had to quit his post because of censorship in March this year.
"Oles was a patriot of Ukraine but he also loved Russia. He had his own voice, which was listened and heard by many people. This crime is a politically-motivated classical Bandera-style assassination".
Buzina took part in Solovyov’s talk shows on the Rossiya 1 TV channel many times. "He was present at my talk show quite recently. I kept offering him to come to work in Moscow. I used to tell him that it was dangerous for him to stay [in Ukraine] but he replied that his home was there," Solovyov concluded.

Apr 16 07:48

Series of ‘bizarre suicides’ & murders: Former Ukrainian MP shot dead in Kiev

A former Ukrainian MP and active anti-Maidan activist, Oleg Kalashnikov, has been killed in his flat in Kiev. His killing is the latest in a series of odd deaths plaguing former government officials and ex-President Yanukovich’s party members.

The 52-year-old was found dead at his residence in Kiev on Wednesday evening. His death was “caused by a gunshot,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement announcing a police inquiry. Ukraine’s criminal investigation chief Vasily Paskal, took the investigation under personal control and promised to share motives and the preliminary results of the probe with reporters as soon as they become available.

The investigation is focused on five possible motives for the crime, according to Interior Minister’s senior adviser, Anton Gerashchenko.

Apr 16 07:47

Well-known Ukrainian journalist murdered in Kiev — media

A well-known Ukrainian journalist Sergey Sukhobok has been killed in Kiev, an Obkom news portal reported on Thursday.
Sukhobok, a co-founder of Obkom and ProUA online media outlets, was murdered overnight to April 13, the statement on the news portal says, revealing no further details.
Sukhobok, a native of the war-hit Donbas, eastern Ukraine, had been working as a journalist since 1998. He was formerly an analyst of a Delovoy Donbas (Business Donbas) weekly.
He has been recently working as a freelance journalist.

Apr 16 07:01

Media Watchdog Is Taking Western Journos Down Over Lazy Russia Reporting

This first piece I want to look at picks apart the ‘Kremlin troll army’ narrative that is so loved by BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily Beast etc.

The narrative goes like this: Every time you see a “pro-Russia” or even a semi “anti-NATO” comment somewhere on the interwebs, it was written by a paid troll. Putin sends personal checks. If you post more than one thousand comments in a week, you get a signed t-shirt etc.

I have to hand it to the US for this one, it’s a good strategy.

If Washington can get your average Joe and Julia to believe that every even mildly pro-Russia comment on the internet must have come from some sleep-deprived, slave-driven brainwashed starving Russian in a St. Petersburg warehouse, then they don’t have to worry.

Apr 16 03:21

Putin sees sanctions as stimulus for Russian economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country can use Western sanctions to boost economic development by becoming more self-reliant.

Mr Putin said he had told business leaders that he did not expect EU-US sanctions - imposed over Russia's actions in Ukraine - to be lifted soon.

"We need to use the situation to reach a new level of development," he said.

(*"no,no, no, No, No, No, NO!"
whitehorse souce)

Apr 16 02:07

The US Embassy In Kyrgyzstan Has Refused To Talk About The Resulting Diplomatic Pouch 150 Tons

In the US diplomatic mission in Bishkek refused to comment on reports of local media that for the “parcel”, weighing 150 tons embassy received as a pouch.

“Comments on this issue will not be” – RIA reported the press service of the US Embassy in Bishkek.

Apr 15 17:05

Mandarin for the Warlords: The Harvard School of Empire Building

What matters is that the US, while it is a declining world power, is still militarily powerful, dangerous and destructive, even as its empire building is weakening and its forces are in retreat. As Mahatma Gandhi once stated about the declining British Empire, ‘It’s the aging tiger that becomes the man eater’.

Apr 15 16:21

Ukraine's State News Agency Hopes for New World War

The publication hopes that a full-scale war will begin after Barack Obama leaves the White House and is replaced by a "decisive Republican."

Apr 15 15:06

"We decided to put the chip Boeing 777 in the Museum, because lost people and downed aircraft are victims of fascism"

"We have long collected humanitarian aid and help to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk. They are our brothers and we will always support them. In our last visit in gratitude, the locals gave us a chip from the fuselage of the downed Malaysian Boeing. We could not have imagined that this event would cause such a stir in the media.

Apr 15 14:53

The window to Europe: Ukrainians will enter into sham marriages for the Moldovans visa-free entry to the EU

For almost a year Moldovans travel to the countries of the European Union biometric passport without a visa. For this, many Ukrainians want to obtain Moldovan citizenship. Therefore, make money firms promise Ukrainians sham marriages with the citizens of Moldova.
The cost of such services is more than 2 thousand euros. However, marriage does not guarantee the Moldovans immediate free crossing of border with the EU. After all, according to the Moldovan legislation, a foreign citizen can obtain a Moldovan passport only after three years of marriage.

Apr 15 14:50

In Kiev killed a consistent opponent of the euromaidan

In Kiev killed the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Party of regions Oleg Kalashnikov. About it reports a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.
Oleg Kalashnikov was just killed because, according to experts, "failed to imitate another suicide and throw him out the window".

Opposition journalist and doctor Vitaly Skorokhodov has become another victim of repression by the security service and the militants "Right sector"

Hunting for "domestic separatists" blooms in Ukraine riotous color. In Chernihiv the waitress one of the restaurants was fired because she tried to talk to visitors in the Russian language

Apr 15 14:41

A nuclear exchange between the US and Russia: possible consequences

A nuclear exchange between the US and Russia will lead to the complete destruction of the United States. The Russian Federation and China will be in a better situation, says the editor of the portal Europesolidaire Jean-Paul Backeast.
And if Americans will be able to hit a part of the territory of Russia due to its large size, - the USA will be completely destroyed. Don't forget that a portion of the nuclear Arsenal of Russia presents heavy missile RS-36 "Governor" (Satan in NATO classification) that can start in the conditions of a nuclear explosion. Put them out of action before the launch of the only direct hit thermonuclear warhead in the mine.
In 1986 on combat duty system "Perimeter" guaranteeing the retaliatory strikes even the destruction of the country's leadership and command of the strategic missile forces. Works "Perimeter" without human intervention, in the West, the system has received the name of the Dead Hand (dead hand).

Apr 15 14:29

RT wins 4 medals at New York Festivals

RT has won four medals at the New York Festivals 2015, awarding world’s best TV and film, with the awards handed out during the US National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas on April 14.

Apr 15 14:20

Ukraine’s army starts shelling volunteer battalions near Dzerzhinsk — DPR Defense Ministry

Ukraine’s armed forces are shelling volunteer battalions not controlled by Kiev on the outskirts of the city of Dzerzhinsk, the Donetsk Region, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry said Wednesday.
"Our intelligence determined that shellings on positions of Ukrainian volunteer units on the outskirts of Dzerzhinsk who refused to join the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine continue from positions occupied by units of the Ukrainian armed forces’ 93rd separate mechanized brigade near Novgorodskoye," the ministry told the Donetsk News Agency.
It said the volunteer battalions, in response, without sorting out the situation, periodically open fire on the outskirts of the city of Gorlovka, which is near Dzerzhinsk.

Apr 15 12:40

Canada’s decision to send troops to Ukraine ‘deplorable,’ Russia says

Russia accused Canada of contributing to a military buildup in Ukraine, calling Ottawa’s decision to send 200 soldiers to train Kiev forces “counterproductive and deplorable.”

Apr 15 12:39

NATO General Calls on Russia to Stop Fueling Conflict in Ukraine

Lysenko described the situation as unstable. Rebels "actively used guns, grenade launchers [and] yesterday the enemy twice opened tank fire on our forces near Pisky," he said, referring to a village near rebel-held Donetsk.

He accused Russia of massing troops and military equipment on the other side of the border in Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine. "Ten kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border Russian military forces consisting of 50 armored vehicles and 2,000 servicemen have been sighted," he said.

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Apr 15 11:18

Russia bashers eat crow as Putin wins Time Magazine poll

Vladimir Putin steals the show in TIME 100 reader’s poll

Western media did their best to hide Putin’s stratospheric popularity in their assigned propaganda task of demonizing Russia and Putin over the Ukrainian Western coup , replacing the Iran nuclear weapons threat hoax with the new Russian Bear threat one.

The biggest threat to our national security comes from treasonous cliques within our own ranks and their recent marriage over that last decade into the international corporate crime syndicates.

We are not really biased here at VT. It is just a simple observation to us… it is Putin and Lavrov all the way. No one can touch them and they own this piece of history, something that the spinmeisters cannot lay a glove on.

Apr 15 11:13

TIME Magazine Invaded by Kremlin Troll Army

Western media campaign to demonize Putin has failed to convince its target audience. The Western public are not buying the hysterical political agenda.
The iconic current affairs TIME magazine follows this week’s news that Russian President Vladimir Putin came top of the TIME 100 readers’ poll.

Western publics have now alternative media sources, ranging from foreign-based professional news services to a plethora of Western-based internet sites. The alternative scope is often critical of Western government policies and capable of ably exposing ulterior, hidden political agenda. In other words, the alternative news sources are often doing the proper job of journalism that is neglected by Western mainstream media who seem to be preoccupied with advancing the political objectives of their governments – no matter how unethical those objectives are.

Apr 15 10:05

Putin's £3.5billion race to make it to space: First pictures inside huge Siberian cosmodrome from where Russia hopes to beat the US to Mars

These half-finished buildings on the edge of Siberia may appear to be nothing special at the moment.

But if Russian president Vladimir Putin gets his way, 'Vostochny', as it will be known, will be just as famous as Cape Canaveral or Baikonur - the U.S. and Soviet launch sites which symbolised the Cold War space race.

For Putin's pet project is designed to put Russia head and shoulders ahead of America - the launch pad from where Moscow hopes to establish a colony on the Moon and stage the first manned missions to Mars.

Apr 15 09:56

Russian Ruble Extends Outperformance - Surges To Strongest Since November

The Ruble is now up almost 22% against the US Dollar year-to-date.

Apr 15 09:01

Russian-Iranian Cooperation In The Creation Of New Regional Security Systems

It is quite obvious that Russia cannot substitute the West and in particular European countries with someone else. It is impossible for historical and cultural reasons, the abundance of industrial relations, geographical proximity and so on. Moscow can however substantially weaken such dependency through the strengthening of political, military, financial and economic relations with other countries which are friendlier and less susceptible to pressure from Washington. Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) holds a special place amongst countries friendly to the Russian government, and strategic dialogue is being actively developed with it.

Apr 15 08:24

Russia Iran oil-for-goods deal on – Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the oil-for-goods deal between Moscow and Tehran is “absolutely” a reality and has begun.

Apr 15 07:07

Ya'alon: Iran will Funnel S-300 Missiles to Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza

Moscow lifting a ban on selling Iran S-300 missiles will directly contribute to terror in the Middle East, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon stated Tuesday - as Iran passes on the weapons to its agents in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.

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How? By stuffing them down their shorts?

Apr 15 07:04

At least 6 soldiers killed over past 24 hours near Donetsk

Apr 14 14:46

Peace in Donetsk ended: shooting is booming in all areas and continue fighting in Peski

All areas of the city hear of skirmishes and battles in the North West. In Peski heavy fighting continues for holding positions. The Ukrainian army continues to attack with guns, tanks and mortars.
The militia is fighting back. The fighting is for control of settlements Spartacus, Gaburici and the Western margin of Peski.
For the day in urgent care facilities and hospitals of the city received more than 60 wounded soldiers. By evening, this figure has increased. From the city to the front line continuously go brigade ambulances to take victims.

About 30% of the total number of explosions was caused by heavy artillery, tanks and 120-mm mortars.
Note that the Donetsk direction, and especially the village Peski (Sands) is one of the most intense sites of front.

Apr 14 14:16

Israel Lobby Conference: How big is the Lobby ?

Any lawyers willing to do it? Support the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) movement, on American university campuses across the nation.

It is high time to engage the enemy with weaponry with which they are not only familiar, but weaponry which can penetrate their defenses and do damage. ‘Know thy Enemy’, learn from his successes.

Ahmad Saadaldin on Panel 3 (Overcoming obstacles: SJP – Student for Justice in Palestine successes) stood out as an especially inspiring representative of … a younger generation of activists.

The US administration and the US Congress have succumbed to the demands of the Zionists and the Zionist regime. American politicians and media have fallen captive to the Zionist network. This is a lethal ailment that afflicts the US.

Regrettably little is being done to cure this fatal disease.

Apr 14 13:59

Hillary Clinton – the ‘Liberal’ Puppet for War

Hillary Clinton this week launched her bid for the US presidential elections in 2016.

Clinton’s Republican rivals or would-be rivals immediately fired the brickbats, accusing the 67-year-old former First Lady of being a «Washington insider» and the «embodiment of all that is wrong» in US politics.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is lambasted by Republicans as a «liberal».

Whether described as «liberal», «conservative» or «hawk» – all American presidential candidates are the same in practice. Puppets for sale.

The unintended irony of Clinton’s Republican detractors, who include rabid rightwing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as well as the maverick Senator Rand Paul, is that every single one of them will have to spend similar amounts of cash in their anticipated presidential campaigns.

Apr 14 13:50

Bomb Iran? Not now: bomb Yemen

“Operation Decisive Storm” – yet another Pentagon-style illegal war – has already plunged Yemen into the twin plagues of civil war and humanitarian disaster.

So what we have is the ‘Empire of Chaos’ ‘leading from behind’ in the war on Yemen and also de facto ‘leading from behind’ in the fight against ISIS/ISIL/Daesh; the ones doing the heavy lifting are Iraqi militias supported by Tehran. The hidden agenda is always – what else –chaos; be it across “Syraq” or inside Yemen. With an extra bonus; while Washington is engaged on striking a nuclear deal with Tehran, it also turbo-charges an alliance against Tehran using the House of Saud.

Apr 14 12:49

The ‘Nuland-Kagan Plan’ To Kill The Minsk-2 Peace Agreement

There is a small but highly influential and powerful faction embedded throughout Washington’s top political institutions and policy think tanks, who’s primary objective is the promotion of region and global military conflicts.

They will not rest unless the world is on fire, and the share prices of ‘defense’ corporations like General Electric, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Blackstone Group, and Carlyle Group – are hitting record highs. To do this they must also keep Israel relevant, if not the center of attention, regarding US foreign policy.

Apr 14 12:44

Number of clashes in Donbas sharply rises — OSCE report

Monitors of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine are registering a sharp rise of the number of clashes between Ukrainian military and militiamen, according to a daily report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM).

Apr 14 12:41

Ukraine's president replaces ambassador in US

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has dismissed the country's ambassador in the United States, Alexander Motsik, the presidential website reported on Tuesday.
Motsik will be replaced with Valeriy Chaly, a senior foreign policy official at the Poroshenko administration.
Motsik, a career diplomat, was appointed Ukraine's ambassador in Washington in 2010. He was repeatedly accused of loyalty with former president Viktor Yanukovych ousted in February 2014.

Apr 14 12:06

Netanyahu to Putin: S-300 missile sale to Iran undermines Middle East

PM tells Russian leader that the move would only serve to increase Iran's aggression and put the security of the Middle East at risk.

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Netanyahu is pissed off that he won;t be able to attack Iran with impunity once those missiles are delivered and deployed, which may tempt Netanyahu to strike Iran's power station sooner rather than later.

Apr 14 11:58

S&P Cuts Ukraine Ratings, Says Default 'Virtually Inevitable'

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services on Friday cut Ukraine’s credit rating further into junk territory, reflecting its view that an eventual default is “virtually inevitable.”

Separately on Friday, S&P affirmed France’s sovereign rating at double-A and Spain’s at triple-B.

The latest downgrade at S&P, to double-C from triple-C-minus, comes as Ukraine embarks on a restructuring of its foreign currency commercial debt, coupled with a deteriorating macroeconomic environment. The action follows downgrades at Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings earlier this year.

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And all those banks that loaned Poroshenko all that money to recapture the east will not be repaid by Ukraine. But no problem, they'll get another taxpayer bailout, right?

Apr 14 11:56

Militia claim Kiev forces violated ceasefire 60 times over 24 hours

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) defense ministry said government forces violated the ceasefire regime in eastern Ukraine 60 times over 24 hours.

Apr 14 11:51

Putin’s Missile Could Make U.S. Attacks on Iran Nearly Impossible

For years, Team Obama crowed about keeping this advanced Russian missile out of Iran’s hands. Now the Kremlin suddenly seems eager to hand it over to Tehran.

This nuke deal with Iran had better work. Because the Kremlin is lifting a ban on selling a powerful air defense system to Iran that would render an airstrike on Tehran’s nuclear weapons facilities nearly impossible.

Apr 14 08:06

New Breakaway Republic Is Announced in Ukraine to Join Donetsk and Luhansk Republics

A group of residents in the region of Odessa, one of Ukraine’s largest cities, is trying to break away from the Ukrainian government that was formed after the coup in Kiev in February 2014.

Apr 14 07:39

Russian warships in English Channel 'to conduct anti-aircraft and anti-submarine military drills'

Russian warships have entered the English Channel and are planning to conduct military drills near the coast of Britain, it has been reported.

The Russian Defence Ministry’s officials were quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying the ships belonged to Russia’s Northern Fleet, which sparked controversy with a similar move last November.

Apr 14 07:38

Vladimir Putin steals the show in TIME 100 reader’s poll

In a diverse field of competitors made up of pop stars, technology gurus, visionaries and politicians - and at a time when US-Russia relations have hit rock bottom - President Putin has emerged victorious in Time magazine’s 2015 reader poll.

Apr 14 07:36

US To Document Grumbling Over ‘Unsafe’ Intercept By Russian Warrior Plane

After a Russian warrior plane blocked a U.S. surveillance plane in a “hazardous and amateurish way” recently, the United States is griping to Moscow about the episode.

Apr 14 07:21

Huntington, Fukuyama, and Eurasianism

The Anti-Americanism typical of the “Russian structure” is a continuation of the intellectual of the Slavophiles. These latter thought that one cannot fully assume Russian identity more than by getting rid of the footprint of the West, liberating oneself of this European [i.e., Western-European] manner of viewing oneself which became the norm after Peter the Great. But Europe today is no longer the Europe of the epoch of the Slavophiles, nor of the first Eurasianists. Europe is distinct from the West, that is, from the sphere of influence of the United States. Becoming Russian, today, is to liberate oneself at all levels from Western and American influence. Westernism is not solely an intellectual position, but simultaneously a contagious disease and a betrayal of the fatherland. It is for that reason that we must restlessly fight the West. In fighting against the West, the Russians affirm themselves as Russians, belonging to Russian culture, to Russian history, to Russian values.

Apr 14 06:46

Military review: in the Donbas active fighting on all fronts, in the APU more foreign mercenaries

In Peski "terrible mess", under Mariupol "thrashes" something heavy, the enemy still relies on provocation.
The APU, in violation of the Minsk agreements, constantly bombard the surrounding area of Donetsk. Peski, Spartacus, the settlement Oktyabrskiy, with the North-West side of the city, is a hotbed of military tension.
Today the artillery of the Ukrainian punishers fired on the positions of militias in Peski and the airport.
"I had to reply. How not to shoot, if we go", say some of the fighters. The shooting doesn't stop.

Apr 14 06:40

UN concerned about the leakage of personal data of 6 thousand people that requested Ukraine passes for crossing the border with DNR

This is stated in Monday's weekly report of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
"There are concerns about implementing an electronic system for obtaining permits required to move between controlled government and uncontrolled areas. Personal data of 6 thousand people who applied for permits, was freely available on the Internet, resulting in concern about the safety of these persons and their relatives", - the document says.
Earlier the UN have noted that the introduction of the permit system will limit the right to freedom of movement, and will make life difficult for people who tend to leave conflict-affected areas of Eastern Ukraine.

Apr 14 06:35

Ukraine received a "visa-free" regime with the EU, visas are not issued

In most States of the Schengen area has significantly increased the number of refusals of visas to citizens of Ukraine. In particular, in some consulates, the proportion of refusals increased by hundreds of percent, and Belgium in 2014 denied every tenth Ukrainian applicant. Quite large is also the bounce rate in Sweden (up 4.57%), Switzerland (4,56%), Finland (4,55%), the Netherlands (4,28%). Overall, 16 of the 22 Schengen States that have consulates in Ukraine, has increased the frequency of failures. The champion was Finland, which increased the number of failures in 3.3 times.
Besides her, the denial of visas to Ukrainian applicants became more consulates in Switzerland (2.8 times), Spain (2.6 times), Portugal (2.2 times), Greece (2.1 times).
Ukrainians are also increasingly void open visa. Also consulates began carefully checking the solvency of travelling to the EU and the coincidence of the real purpose of the trip specified in the visa application.

Apr 14 04:54

Donetsk republic news agency reports OSCE observers, journalists got under fire in Donbas

Representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) and journalists have got under fire near the settlement of Shirokino in Donbass, a Donetsk News Agency correspondent reported from the scene on Tuesday.
Representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) and journalists have got under fire near the settlement of Shirokino in Donbass, a Donetsk News Agency correspondent reported from the scene on Tuesday. The incident occurred during the trip of OSCE and JCCC representatives to Shirokino.
The settlement of Shirokino, located between Mariupol and Novoazovsk controlled by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), is one of the most tense areas of the contact line. Four JCCC observation posts are set up in Shirokino.

Apr 14 04:39

Wildfires raging in Russian Siberia cross into northern China

Powerful wildfires raging across Russia’s Siberian Trans-Baikal Territory have expanded eightfold over the past 24 hours, crossing the Russian border into Inner Mongolia, northern China, region’s state forestry service reports.
According to Chinese emergency rescue services, wildfires have hit Argun, Inner Mongolia Province, destroying at least 85 residential and farm buildings, as well as vehicles and other hardware.
The Xinxua News Agency says the economic damage is put at $3.2 million. No casualties have been reported as of yet.
Fires in the Trans-Baikal Territory began on March 19, already destroying 145 residential buildings in 19 local settlements, home to more than 400 people.
According to the regional healthcare ministry, three people have been killed, and 14 have sought medical assistance.

Apr 14 04:28

Malaysian, Donetsk republic experts to jointly examine Boeing crash site on Friday

Malaysian experts and specialists from the emergencies ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) will examine the site where a Malaysia Airlines Boeing crashed in the embattled eastern Ukraine last July, the ministry press service said on Tuesday.
"A joint with Malaysian experts visit to the site is scheduled for April 17. We don’t know whether criminal law experts plan an independent trip to the crash site before that," the Donetsk News Agency quotes the emergencies ministry as saying.
Earlier, the head of the team of Malaysian experts, Hussein Omar Khan, said the team would get down to work on April 14 and would stay in Donetsk for at least two or three weeks.
He said it was tasked with search for remains as well as material evidence.

Apr 14 04:23

Second Russian Borei-class nuclear sub with 16 Bulava missiles combat ready

The Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine, the second Borei-class vessel, has entered service with the Russian Navy combat ready forces, a Defense Ministry source told TASS on Tuesday.
"The submarine has successfully passed all the trials with test firing of all types of weapons. The vessel, armed with 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, has been commissioned with the Navy combat forces," the source said.

Apr 13 23:14

US To Document Grumbling Over ‘Unsafe’ Intercept By Russian Warrior Plane

After a Russian warrior plane blocked a U.S. surveillance plane in a “hazardous and amateurish way” recently, the United States is griping to Moscow about the episode.

Apr 13 19:50

UK forced to let Putin inspectors watch Nato war games under European treaty despite heightened tensions with Russia

Russian military inspectors have arrived at a huge Nato war games exercise off the coast of Scotland, it emerged yesterday.

British officers were forced to accept the four-day inspection from the experts from Moscow under a European arms control treaty despite heightened tensions with Vladimir Putin.

Apr 13 18:29

Russia has started supplying grains, equipment and construction materials to Iran in exchange for crude oil under a barter deal, worth up to $20 billion

Russia paved the way on Monday for missile system deliveries to Iran and started an oil-for-goods swap, signaling that Moscow may have a head-start in the race to benefit from an eventual lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

Apr 13 15:54

Israel Lobby Conference: How big is the Lobby ? VIDEO

American politicians and media have fallen captive to the Zionist network. This is a lethal ailment that afflicts the US.

C-Span refused to cover the conference? Speak of “Silencing voices of TRUTH” or any exposure of even the most legitimate and reasonable discourse about Israel — Apparently, “The invisible dictatorship (to borrow a phrase) J.I.D., which controls America certainly saw to it!”

Whether it is not already too late to do much about it, we shall see.

Let us get it out on as many Websites as possible, Twitter and Facebook it, as well. We should not underestimate the power of the internet.

Distribution! Distribution! Distribution!

Apr 13 15:18

Putin named Times’ International Person of the Year

One of Britain’s most influential newspapers has named Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘Man of the Year.’ The Times awarded the title because Putin "succeeded in one of his most enduring ambitions: to bring Moscow back to the international high table."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No he isn't! Putin is bad! I am good! I should be your man of the year! I should be everyone's man of the year!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 13 14:46

McDonald's to close restaurant in south Russia over rent row

McDonald's will for the first time close its restaurant in Russia after a failure to agree on rent payment in the Belgorod Region, southern Russia, the company's press service said on Monday.
"We haven't closed restaurants in Russia before," the company said adding that the decision was made after long negotiations with the landowner in Stroitel, a town with a population of some 25,000.
McDonald's said the restaurant will be closed by the end of May and the staff was offered jobs at McDonald's four outlets in the cities of Belgorod and Stary Oskol.
In all, McDonald's operates 493 restautrants across Russia. The first restaurant opened in downtown Moscow in January 1990.

Apr 13 14:46

McDonald's to close restaurant in south Russia over rent row

McDonald's will for the first time close its restaurant in Russia after a failure to agree on rent payment in the Belgorod Region, southern Russia, the company's press service said on Monday.

"We haven't closed restaurants in Russia before," the company said adding that the decision was made after long negotiations with the landowner in Stroitel, a town with a population of some 25,000.

Apr 13 14:18

No humanitarian assistance to south-east Ukraine from West — senior Russian diplomat

"As regards the treatment of humanitarian aspects, 20 plus [humanitarian] convoys came from Russia, and there’ll be others," the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
"There is still no serious humanitarian assistance to residents of south-east Ukraine on the part of the West and many international organizations," he said, however noting the role of the Red Cross.
"Russia bears the key burden," Dolgov said. "No one in the West writes about this ‘burden’ in the good sense of the word for political reasons."

Apr 13 14:15

It’s a Waiting Game in Donbass. What Comes Next?

It is clear that the West has started an endgame against Russia. How will Russia respond?

Apr 13 14:12

Russia says international organizations more objective about Ukrainian refugees problem

"Some 2.5 million [Ukrainian citizens] arrived in the Rostov region since the conflict began [last April]," regional head Sergey Bondaryov said, adding that about 500 people had obtained Russian citizenship and about 10,000 got a job in Rostov.
He also noted that nearly 6,500 children and young people from Ukraine currently attended the region’s schools and universities.

Apr 13 14:08

Moscow says it's early to assess Clinton's presidential bid

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Monday it is too early to assess influence of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential bid on Washington's relations with Moscow.
"We will watch her presidential campaign," Ryabkov said adding that Clinton's decision to run for president was widely expected.
He added that Clinton definitely hoped to win primaries but it was "still unclear what situation would be inside the Democratic Party."

Apr 13 14:02

Russia opens way to missile deliveries to Iran, starts oil-for-goods swap

Russia paved the way on Monday for missile system deliveries to Iran and started an oil-for-goods swap, signaling that Moscow may have a head-start in the race to benefit from an eventual lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

Apr 13 13:51

Experts say persecution of NGOs in Ukraine's Odessa region is abuse of human rights

Mass detentions of human rights campaigners by the Ukrainian Security Service in the Odessa Region for the sole reason they have decided to unite into a Popular Rada (Assembly) of Bessarabia (a historical region in Eastern Europe, currently split up between Moldova and Ukraine) violate the rights of ethnic minorities and run counter to the country’s legislation, polled experts have told TASS.
On Monday, April 6, the ethnic minorities of the Odessa Region, in the south of Ukraine, set up a non-governmental organization calling itself the Popular Rada of Bessarabia with the aim to campaign for their interests. The founding conference brought together more than 100 delegates, including members of local elective bodies of government, politicians, public figures and journalists from seven ethnic communities of the Odessa Region - Bulgarians, Gagauzes, Russians, Ukrainians, Gypsies, Moldovans and Poles.

Apr 13 11:30

Long-Term Isolation of Russia Lies Outside German Interests – Steinmeier

Germany is unwilling to keep Russia in longstanding isolation, but a possible regain of G8 membership by Moscow depends on implementation of the ceasefire in Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Sunday.

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The US anti-Russia coalition starts to crumble!

Apr 13 10:28

Israel is alarmed at news that Russia will supply Iran advanced air defense system

President Vladimir Putin on Monday lifted a ban on supplying Iran with sophisticated S-300 air defense missile systems, the Kremlin said, after Tehran struck a deal with the West over its nuclear program.

Israeli officials responded with dismay to the report, saying the supply, if it goes ahead, would change the balance of power in the region.

Apr 13 09:55

How the GOP Became the Israel Party

Bill Kristol and John McCain have replaced Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan in Republican foreign policy influence.

When the unexpectedly detailed P5+1 framework agreement with Iran was announced last Thursday, Illinois Republican Mark Kirk made a bizarre comment. “We all know” said the senator, that this is going to end with “a mushroom cloud somewhere near Tehran”—a result of Israel having to go to war to “clean up the mess” made by American and European negotiators. A few days earlier John McCain had expressed the wish that Israel “go rogue” and attack Iran in order to upend the Iran negotiations.

Apr 13 09:45

Two Russian planes evacuate over 350 people from Yemen

Over 350 Russian citizens and foreign nationals have flown to Moscow from Sanaa fearing civil war, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Yemen told Interfax by telephone on Sunday.

"Both planes flew out from Sanaa at about midday," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But the US Government cannot be bothered! I think the US Government wants some American bloody shirts to wag at us, to justify a ground invasion.

Apr 13 09:22

Moscow hits out as Finland and Sweden seek closer ties with NATO

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed its “special concern” after Finland and Sweden stated they want closer cooperation with NATO. Both Nordic countries are not members of the alliance and Moscow says the move could destabilize the region.

Russia said it is not opposed to the countries trying to solve issues concerning security and defense themselves, saying it is “undoubtedly a sovereign right of every state.” However, Moscow sees their decision as a threat aimed against Russia.

Apr 13 09:10

Putin ends ban on delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday lifting a ban on the delivery of S-300 anti-missile systems to Iran, the Kremlin said on Monday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that in light of the progress in the nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers, there was no longer a need for the embargo.

Apr 13 09:07

Tochka-U missile exploded in the sky over Donetsk

As reports claim, yesterday, on April 11th, on the eve of the biggest Orthodox Christian holiday – Easter – “Tochka-U” ballistic rocket was launched on Donetsk by Ukrainian military. As a result in several districts of the city a shock wave as felt. Several sources say the missile blew up at the hight of approximately 1200 meters. Whether it was hit by the anti-aircraft forces of the Republic or exploded because it was out-of-date is still not known.

Apr 13 02:31

Donbass militia fighter from USA 'Texas": Obama is a monkey and Poroshenko is his dog (VIDEO)

The American citizen from Texas decided to enter Novorossian militia as a volunteer to protect people of Donbass from Ukrainian nazis.
"We are bound to finish this war! Victory or death! I will shoot every weapon I know: RPG, "Utyos", assult rifle, PKM. We'll stand till the last "ukrop"! I would like to tell the "ukrops" to go home. You will get straight to hell from here! I am for four months here. What do I want to say? I want to say that Obama is a monkey and Poroshenko is his dog!" — said the American volunteer "Texas".

Apr 13 02:28

Trophy video of drunken Ukrainian soldiers shelling Slavyansk

So that is the essence of Ukrainian military aggression against Donbass: they pretend fighting against some Russian troops but in real life they drink and don't give a damn whether they destroy civilians' houses or kill some innocent people.

More than 20 children were killed and injured in Slavyansk these days.

Apr 13 00:59

Russian plane evacuates another 150 Russians and foreign nationals from Yemen

It was the seventh flight in the last two weeks and the second one over the past 24 hours. The Il-62 plane delivered about 150 citizens of Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Yemen, Syria, Germany, Ukraine, Egypt, Poland and Indonesia from Yemen to Moscow.
All of them will undergo a medical, passport and customs control. Afterwards, buses will take them to the Russian Foreign Ministry evacuation center where they will be met by representatives of foreign countries. Those who will continue their journey home will be taken to Moscow airports.
The previous plane that landed at Chkalovsky airport on Sunday evening had delivered about 150 nationals of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Yemen.

Apr 13 00:54

East Ukraine militia claim Kiev forces violated ceasefire 66 times over 24 hours

"Over the last 24 hours, settlements were shelled four times from self-propelled guns, seven times - from tanks, six times - from APCs [armored personnel carrier] and IFVs [infantry fighting vehicle], 35 times - from mortars, two times - from anti-aircraft installations, one time - from anti-tank guided missile, 11 times - from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades," the press service said.
The Ukrainian forces shelled the Donetsk airport, Volvo Center, and settlements of Zhabunki, Spartak, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Shirokino, Naberezhnoye, Zhabichevo.
"Four people were injured in the shellings".