Apr 08 03:46

Claim: North Korea executes official ‘with flamethrower’

Although the report has not been independently verified North Korea has a track record for cruel and bizarre punishments.

Apr 06 09:50

US sending two ballistic missile destroyers to Japan In Response To North Korean Threat

The US defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, delivered a two-pronged warning to Asia Pacific nations on Sunday, announcing that the US would send two additional ballistic missile destroyers to Japan to counter the North Korean threat, and saying China must better respect its neighbours.

Apr 05 07:43

DPRK draws 'red line' against US quest for 'regime change' in Pyongyang

Ri Tong Il, deputy permanent representative of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations, speaks during a press briefing at the UN headquarters in New York, on April 4, 2014. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), blaming the United States for heightening tensions on the Korean Peninsula, on Friday said it was drawing a "red line", warning Washington not to cross it in its bid for "regime change" in Pyongyang.

Apr 05 07:42

Japan orders SDF to shoot down any new N Korean missiles

Japan has ordered a destroyer in the Sea of Japan to strike any ballistic missiles that may be launched by North Korea in the coming weeks after Pyongyang fired a Rodong medium-range missile over the sea, a government source said on Saturday.

Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera issued the order on Thursday, but did not make it public in order to avoid putting a chill on renewed talks between Tokyo and Pyongyang, the first in more than a year, local media reported earlier.

Apr 03 14:19

Russia signs economic development protocol with North Korea

Moscow also says future trade with North Korea will also be conducted in Rubles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So war with North Korea will not only mean war with China but with Russia as well.

Apr 01 06:43

US Warns North Korea on ‘Provocations’

The United States is warning a new round of saber-rattling by North Korea is “dangerous and has to stop.” The warning comes as U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel prepares for a week-long trip focusing on issues in Asia, including North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Mar 31 17:48

North and South Korea exchange artillery fire

North and South Korea have exchanged artillery fire across the disputed western sea border, just following a North Korean military drill that caused shells to land on the opposite side of the border.

Mar 31 12:37

North & South Korea exchange artillery fire across sea border

North Korean shells have landed in South Korean waters, prompting Seoul to open fire across a disputed border zone. North Korea announced plans early on Monday morning to conduct military exercises along the western maritime boundary.

The North fired several artillery shells in territory north of the North Limit Line in the Yellow Sea at 12:15pm local time (03:15 GMT), reports South Korean news agency Yonhap. After several shells landed south of the border, South Korean military opened fire with K-9 self-propelled howitzers.

Mar 30 22:36

North and South Korea Fire Shells Into Each Other's Waters

Plunk! Plunk!

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea fired artillery shells into North Korean waters Monday in response to North Korean shells from a live-fire drill that fell in waters south of the rivals' disputed western sea boundary.

Mar 30 07:56

US military in no shape to face the grandsons of Red Army

Years of terrorizing farmers with AK-47's and their wives and children and killing several million of them will not tune up an Army,like fighting real soldiers!
Remember how Hezbollah handed the IDF it's head back in 2006. Years of shooting Palestinian kids did not prepare them to fight a real military.
We are headed for a major military defeat and disaster!

The West is suffering from a bad case of Cold War chills.

Not only are the Western powers worried, they are discovering that they likely lack the means to stop possible Russian incursions into what was the former Soviet Empire.

They should not be at all surprised that Russia is again showing signs of life.

Frederick the Great, the renowned Prussian warrior-king, warned: “he who tried to defend everything, defends nothing.”

Mar 26 10:06

North Korea test-fires ballistic missiles as Obama hosts Japan-South Korea summit

North Korea test-fired two medium-range ballistic missiles Wednesday, prompting a stern US reaction after President Barack Obama hosted a landmark Japan-South Korea summit aimed at uniting the three nations against Pyongyang's nuclear threat.

Washington condemned the tests as "troubling and provocative", with the US State Department threatening "appropriate measures" for the violation of UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting North Korea from conducting ballistic missile tests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government will do absolutely nothing about this.

Obama is out of the country, with his domestic agenda in complete shambles, doing the only thing at which he is marginally adept; campaigning.

Expect a lot more international trips to attempt to "refocus" the rest of his uber-lame-duck presidency.

Yes, Kim jung-Un is behaving badly, and North Korea's relationship with China is getting strained, almost to the breaking point.

However, Kim Jung-Un simply wants a peace treaty to replace the half-century old armistice, which was a cesssation of war, but not a peace treaty per se, and guarantees on trade relations.

The US government has been extraordinarily disingenous in the in past, failed negotiations. Perhaps it is is time for the US to come up to the plate with an honest plan for peace, in return for North Korea's abandoning its nuclear arms program.

That would really ratchet down the tension in this region.

But of course, doing this... would be logical. And logic and American foreign policy haven't had a stable, on-going relationship for one heck of a long time.

Mar 12 08:44

North Korean Oil Tanker Intercepted by Libyan Navy

The latest reports indicate that the Morning Glory sailed out of Es Sider with $36 million in crude oil en route to international waters but was intercepted by Libyan vessels after an exchange of fire. Spokesperson for the General National Congress (GNC) Omar Hemidan confirmed that the tanker was being escorted to Misrata port with conflicting reports that it might be en route to Zawia to unload the oil there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

North Korea can hardly project power into the Mediterranean, no matter what tantrums Kim Jong-Un throws, but the situation is more complex. Although sailing under the North Korean flag, the oil tanker is registered in Saudi Arabia, which means it is likely owned by Saudi interests, which brings the possibility of some kind of retaliation somewhat closer to home.

Mar 10 12:18

Libya OKs force against North Korean-flagged tanker in rebel-held port

Libya's Defence Ministry has authorized the military to use force to stop a North Korean-flagged tanker from loading crude oil at a rebel-held port, bypassing the Tripoli government, it said on Sunday.

The tanker docked on Saturday at the eastern terminal of Es Sider, one of three ports seized by rebels since August to press demands for autonomy and a bigger share of oil revenue. Local daily al-Wasat said the ship had loaded $36 million of crude.

The rebel oil sale illustrates the deepening turmoil in the OPEC producer, which has failed to rein in fighters who helped oust Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 but who now defy state authority.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get nasty very, very quickly, if the Libyan military opens fire on this North Korean-flagged vessel.

Mar 09 07:52

Libya authorizes use of force against North Korean-flagged tanker

Libya's defense ministry has issued orders to its military authorizing the use of force to stop a North Korea-flagged tanker loading crude oil sold by armed rebels seeking to bypass the Tripoli government, state media said on Sunday.

The rebels, who have seized three major Libyan ports since August to press demands for a greater share of oil revenues and political autonomy, received the tanker on Saturday at the Es Sider port in the volatile east.