Aug 27 08:41

Controlling the World: An Instruction Manual

Aug 27 08:35

Microsoft CEO Announces 8000 Job Cuts

Microsoft has been experiencing losses as of recently, and in a heartfelt company email - Microsoft's Satya Nadella thanked all employees while delivering the job cuts in the softest way possible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But Windows 10 is a success and the stock market is soaring!

Aug 27 08:31

It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington

Bloomberg reports, "China has cut its holdings of U.S. Treasuries this month to raise dollars needed to support the yuan in the wake of a shock devaluation two weeks ago, according to people familiar with the matter. Channels for such transactions include China selling directly, as well as through agents in Belgium and Switzerland, said one of the people, who declined to be identified as the information isn’t public. China has communicated with U.S. authorities about the sales."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The wild ride for international stocks is far from over, folks.

Aug 27 08:23

Background behind NATO expansion: new members, new customers

Though armament makers have lobbied for war in times past, Lockheed Martin's lobbying for the attack on Iraq is on an unprecedented scale. Since 1993, the manufacturer of WMD has been working on the enlargement of NATO, whose new members are new customers.

Lockheed Martin's financial and ideological influence in the Republican Party and its close ties with the "hawks" in Washington make it one of the main instigators of the attack on Iraq.

Aug 27 08:13

'We Should Put A Metal Detector On The Other Side': The Laughable Waste Of TSA Body Scanners

Yes, dear sirs and madams, full body scanners so inept that esteemed government officials are suggesting people exiting them should immediately go through a traditional metal detector come at a $150k/ea price tag.

Aug 27 06:47

Fake Goldman Sachs bank found in China

Aug 27 05:43

Gold and Warnings From Exponential Markets

Aug 27 05:18

Inverse ETF Hedging Near Record Levels

Aug 27 01:18

Greek Elections: January and September 2015 - From Hope to Fear and Despair

Eight months will have passed since the election of Syriza on January 25 up to the snap elections in September. During that time Syriza’s leaders play-acted their ‘opposition to austerity’ and then knelt down in submission to the ‘Troika’.

Aug 27 01:09

Economic Destabilization, Financial Meltdown and the Rigging of the Shanghai Stock Market?

The dramatic collapse of the Shanghai stock exchange has been presented to public opinion as the result of a spontaneous “market mechanism”, triggered by weaknesses in China’s economy.

The Western media consensus in chorus (WSJ, Bloomberg, Financial Times) portend that Chinese stocks tumbled due to “uncertainty” in response to recent data “suggesting a downturn in the world’s second-largest economy”.

Aug 27 00:38

The Catastrophic International Consequences of the Capitulation of Syriza and the Criminal Responsibility of Mr. Tsipras

The present capitulation of Syriza and its government will have the same or even worse consequences in Greece than those resulting from the betrayal of the SPD in Germany in that fateful August of 1914.

Aug 27 00:29

Robots will cut 25% of US jobs in 4 years, transform workforce – report

The encroachment of self-help kiosks and grocery store scanners has led doomsayers to suggest automation threatens the workforce of the future. A new report argues it will create new business sectors and new jobs as well.

By studying large companies in various industries, from Delta Airlines Inc. to Whole Foods Market Inc., as well as many startups, analysts have forecast that automation will erase 22.7 million jobs by 2025, or 16 percent of today’s total.

Aug 26 20:01

On the Take: Private Prison Firms Are Buying Access to Public Officials at Lavish Conferences

The prison industry in the United States has grown so large that there are no less than seven professional associations for people who work at prisons and jails. The industry conferences held by these associations provide a perfect venue for private corrections companies to influence government officials with little public oversight, according to a recent report by the watchdog group In The Public Interest(ITPI). The biggest names in the prison business spend millions of dollars sponsoring these conferences and wooing prison officials with free massages, awards ceremonies, luxury dinner cruises and plenty of corporate schwag. Over the past week, one of the most prominent associations, the American Correctional Association (ACA), held its summer conference in Indianapolis, where major sponsors included private prison companies Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), GEO Group and food services giant Aramark.

Aug 26 19:56

Deflationary Collapse Ahead? Overview of What is Going Wrong

1. The big thing that is happening is that the world financial system is likely to collapse. Back in 2008, the world financial system almost collapsed. This time, our chances of avoiding collapse are very slim.

2. Without the financial system, pretty much nothing else works: the oil extraction system, the electricity delivery system, the pension system, the ability of the stock market to hold its value. The change we are encountering is similar to losing the operating system on a computer, or unplugging a refrigerator from the wall.

3. We don’t know how fast things will unravel, but things are likely to be quite different in as short a time as a year. World financial leaders are likely to “pull out the stops,” trying to keep things together. A big part of our problem is too much debt. This is hard to fix, because reducing debt reduces demand and makes commodity prices fall further. With low prices, production of commodities is likely to fall. For example, food production using fossil fuel inputs is likely to greatly decline over time, as is oil, gas, and coal production.

4. The electricity system, as delivered by the grid, is likely to fail in approximately the same timeframe as our oil-based system. Nothing will fail overnight, but it seems highly unlikely that electricity will outlast oil by more than a year or two. All systems are dependent on the financial system. If the oil system cannot pay its workers and get replacement parts because of a collapse in the financial system, the same is likely to be true of the electrical grid system.

Aug 26 18:04

The Day All The ATMs Ran Out Of Cash

Aug 26 16:44

Russia, Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria - Putin

Russia and Egypt support the creation of a broad anti-terrorist coalition, which would include Syria, to fight Islamic State militants, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a joint media conference with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel el-Sisi.

“We underline the fundamental importance of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front involving key international players and regional countries, including Syria,” Putin said on Wednesday.

He also announced plans to increase grain deliveries to Egypt. Plans for Russia to participate in the developing of Egypt’s grain infrastructure were also discussed by the heads of state.

Grain deliveries from Russia to Egypt amounted to 4 million tons in 2014, which is 40% of Egypt’s total demand, Putin noted. In 2014, there was an 86% increase in bilateral trade compared to 2013, reaching $5.5 billion.

Aug 26 16:28

CNN Tells Americans That The Stock Market Is Not Going To Crash

On Wednesday we witnessed the third largest single day point gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average ever. That sounds like great news until you realize that the two largest were in October 2008 – right in the middle of the last financial crisis.

Aug 26 15:44

US stock rally collapses amid fears of global slump

US stock markets plunged following an early rally Tuesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average plummeting 600 points from the day’s peak to close down 205 points, or 1.29 percent.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index lost 1.35 percent, falling for a sixth consecutive day to end 12 percent below its peak in May. A Financial Times headline summed up the day’s events succinctly: “Wall Street recovery turns to dust.”

Aug 26 15:29

"Bond king": USA exchange will collapse again

The U.S. stock market will have another sharp drop, according to the head of Fund of DoubleLine Capital's Jeffrey Gundlach, who is also known as the "bond king".
In an interview with Reuters Gundlach shared his concerns about the possibility of a repetition of the global drop in prices.
Gundlach, in particular, noted that the weakening of China's economy in the future may lead to a reassessment of the forecasts for the growth rate of the world economy and cause a new round of collapse in the markets.

Aug 26 15:12

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

Good news, everybody! The markets are rebounding! Yes, we just a hit a minor bump in the road there, but don’t worry, everything is back to normal now. Let’s forget about the tail end of last week and this week’s Black Monday, shall we? Pay no mind to the uncomfortable lowlights of the global stock rout:

Aug 26 15:07

The Everyday Sheeple’s Guide to Self-Delusion: Top 10 ways to tell yourself the stock market isn’t crashing (even when it is)

It’s sort of the opposite of Napoleon Hill’s famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” … it’s more like “Stop Thinking and Lose Everything.” And that makes it perfect for all the everyday sheeple living in Obama’s mass media fairy tale that pretends everything is awesome!

Aug 26 14:57

A Major Casuality Of The Currency Wars

Aug 26 14:53

Reliving the Crash of ’29

[First published in Inquiry, November 12, 1979.]

Aug 26 14:40

Is Too Fast Too Furious Turning into Too Risky Too Dubious?

The devaluation can be seen as a signal that China is changing its strategy for the country’s economic growth and its position on the global markets and within the world financial system.

Aug 26 14:39

What Does the US Gain From the Dollar's Special Role?

China is claiming that it's not devaluing the renminbi to gain a competitive advantage, it's adding flexibility to prepare for the yuan's new role as an international reserve currency, becoming part of the International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights basket and all that. That's a highly implausible story about what's happening right now, but it may be true that China's urge to loosen capital controls is driven in part by its global-currency ambitions. But why, exactly, should China be eager to manage an international reserve currency?

Aug 26 14:21

Remembering the Summer of 1929

Aug 26 14:06

During Every Market Crash There Are Big Ups, Big Downs And Giant Waves Of Momentum

This is exactly the type of market behavior that we would expect to see during the early stages of a major financial crisis. In every major market downturn throughout history there were big ups, big downs and giant waves of momentum, and this time around will not be any different. As I have explained repeatedly, markets tend to go up when things are calm, and they tend to go down when things get really choppy. During a market meltdown, we fully expect to see days when the stock market absolutely soars. Waves of panic selling are often followed by waves of panic buying. As you will see below, six of the ten best single day gains for the Dow Jones Industrial Average happened during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. So don’t be fooled for a moment by a very positive day for stocks like we are seeing on Tuesday. It is all part of the dance.

Aug 26 12:41

BBC Warns Of 32,000 Possible Jobs Cuts

Aug 26 12:16

$2000 Gold & $50 Silver 2015-16! | Bo Polny

Aug 26 11:42

Why Plunging Oil Prices Are Bad News For Tesla, GM

With oil below $40 a barrel and gas prices at the pump hovering near a six-and-a-half year low, shares of top automakers should be pedal to the metal.

Instead the brakes are on.

One of the factors dragging oil down is weak global economic growth — which is also weighing on automakers.

Aug 26 10:35

The Sky Is Not Falling? China’s Stock Market Impact

Economist James Henry discusses China and its impact on global markets

Aug 26 09:06

Options Expiry And PM Paper Pricing

Aug 26 08:30

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

snip: It is the central banks that have created this mess, and what’s more they have created this mess in the full knowledge that their actions would lead to disaster. And now, one can be sure, the same central bankers and their political puppet mouthpieces will use this crisis to continue the construction of the “New World Order” that they called for in the wake of the 2008 collapse.

Anyone who can’t see the endgame now–global government by the bankers, of the bankers and for the bankers–is either blind or willfully ignorant.

Aug 26 08:15

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

OK, enough sarcasm. Readers of this column will know by now that the phoney baloney stock markets, manipulated as they are from top to bottom and juiced as they are on the Fed’s QE heroin, are no longer reflective of economic reality. The only question is how far this particular dead cat market will bounce, and whether it will be helped along with more heroin from the Fed.

But there is already one vitally important take away from these events that the independent media must articulate now, before it’s too late. Namely: This crisis was engineered by the central banks. It is their fault.

Let me repeat that again in case you missed it: This crisis was engineered by the central banks.

Aug 26 08:08

13,000 fall into homelessness every month in L.A. County, report says

About 13,000 people on public assistance tumble into homelessness every month in Los Angeles County, according to a new study that experts say provides the clearest picture yet of extreme poverty in the region.

Although many quickly find work or rely on family to get off the streets, the number experiencing "continuous, unremitting, chronic homelessness" continues to grow, even after 10,000 people were housed over the last three years, according to the report being released Tuesday by the Economic Roundtable, a nonprofit research group in Los Angeles.

The report recommended that the welfare system intervene to help children and young adults who become homeless before their condition becomes chronic.

"Prevention is critical for reducing the number of people who experience homelessness as well as the number who become chronically homeless," the study said. "Housing does not provide a solution until the pathways into homelessness are narrowed."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's 156,000 LA residents slipping into homelessness in the greater LA area every year.

And it doesn't seem to matter which party is in power in this country, because the constant outsourcing/offshoring continues to be unrelenting.

IF the US government's purpose to this practice is to effectively eviscerate and destroy America's middle class, they are making what has to be characterized as a terrific start in Southern California.

Aug 26 08:02

Why has world trade declined in 2015 so far?

Aug 26 07:51

What to Do About the U.S. Stock Market Panic

Aug 26 07:28

Nearly Half a Million Driver Licenses Issued To Illegal Aliens In CA Since January

Under California's new law AB60, which went into effect in January, 442,000 driver licenses have been issued to illegal immigrants. 45,000 AB 60 driver licenses were issued in July 2015, out of a total 123,000, bringing the illegal alien (AB60) license issuance to over one third of the state's total for last month.

Aug 26 07:23

Meanwhile In Greece, Pension Funds Tap Emergency Loans

"Greece’s state insurance funds are resorting to external loans to cover their needs as fears grow that the measures of the third bailout will not be enough to cover the rest of 2015’s liquidity needs."

Aug 26 07:12

7 Amazing Charts From Black Monday

Aug 26 07:06

What sanctions? Japan steps up investment in Russian Far East

A meeting of Administration and business representatives from Primorye with the delegation of the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan has been held in Primorye. The main theme of the meeting was development of cooperation in transport logistics, foreign trade, investing and tourism, and also cooperation in agriculture and fishery.

Aug 26 07:03


Production of trifluoromethane (HFC-23) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) increased at some Russian factories after a carbon-credit scheme was introduced. Factories in Russia increased their production of industrial waste products and then claimed millions of carbon credits for destroying them after an international trading scheme went into effect.

Aug 26 07:02

China's Turbulent Stock Market Slips Once Again

China's turbulent stock markets slipped again on Wednesday, as a double-barrelled blast of central bank stimulus failed to convince investors of Beijing's ability to jolt the world's second biggest economy out of its slowdown.

After watching share prices tumble around 25 percent in a little more than a week, the People's Bank of China re-entered the fray late on Tuesday, cutting interest rates and further loosening bank lending restrictions.

The response from China's two main stock indexes - never reliable barometers of the domestic economy - was typically erratic, lurching between gains and losses of more than 3 percent before ending the day modestly lower.

European markets had risen sharply immediately after the People's Bank of China's move on Tuesday, but U.S. indexes turned negative after an initial leap, setting the tone for a lackluster session in Asia on Wednesday

Aug 26 07:00

Technically Speaking: Is The Correction Over?

Aug 26 06:22

Market Selloff: Strike While the Iron Is Hot!

Aug 26 06:14

Fort Bragg Troops Train for Domestic Emergency: “This Exercise Is About the Home Front”

These Fort Bragg Army engineers are training to assist local authorities in the event of domestic disorder and potential chaos — prepared to quell civil unrest, riots, mass unrest or even the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

And that’s when the potential for martial law kicks in.


Aug 26 05:53

Woman Faces a Year in Prison and $20,000 Fine After Trapping Skunk That Died

Prosecutors have charged a mother who was nursing her baby boy with "crimes against animals" for not handling a wild skunk and getting it out of the hot sun after it was trapped in her backyard. Cynthia Casas faces $20,000 in fines and a year in prison, with a court date in September.

"She made it out like she came and caught me doing something malicious to an animal," Casas explained. "How could this happen when we're trying to do the right thing?" she asked. "Humane Officer and wildlife expert" FAVIOLA LEON arrived and admonished the woman for not taking care of the wild skunk. The Inland Valley Humane Society boasts that they have a 100% conviction rate. The insane, deranged agency can be reached at (909) 623-9777.

Aug 26 00:03

Why Hedge Funds Are Such a Colossal Waste of Money

For most people, the stock market is an mysterious force that they will never understand. It might as well be a glittering slot machine as far as they’re concerned. They don’t know how it really works on the inside...

Read more at The Daily Sheeple

Aug 25 23:09

Privatization is at the core of Fascism

Privatizations are increasingly fashionable, such as in Greece, Ukraine, the U.S., and UK — and privatizations are a central feature of fascism.

The core of fascism is the idea that there is some elite, whether ‘Aryan’ or ‘chosen by God,’ or otherwise, who should run things, and that everyone else exists in order to serve that elite. Inevitably, this official elite consists of the people whom the powers-that-be assign as constituting the owners of almost everything that’s valuable. Increasingly, things become those people’s private possession — even what was formerly a public asset becomes now private. Beaches become private. Schools become private. Natural resources become private. It’s not just the art that was stolen by the Nazis and privatized to them and/or shown at museums that they control, which becomes private; it’s whatever the elite want to have, and to control: it’s all now private. That’s the fascist ideal.

Aug 25 22:50

The Stock Market Is Not the Economy

The stock market is not the economy. The stock market has fluctuations all the time that have nothing to do with the real economy. The most famous was the 1987 crash, which did not correspond to any real-world bad event that anyone could identify.

Aug 25 20:07

The Next Global Financial Crisis is Here… This is What We Can Do About It

Waking Times

We have arrived at the doorstep of the next Global Financial Crisis. Collectively, we can no longer hide from the immense financial problems that plague us, including our enslavement to debt. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom; this might just be a blessing in disguise because it is an opportunity for the masses to join the awakening community and participate in the discussion for how we collectively move forward both in the short and long-term future.

Aug 25 20:06

It’s a Ponzi Scheme -The Real Reason Global Markets are Crashing

Waking Times

The economy is collapsing and the stock market is crashing… again. Is this crash the big one, or is it just another hiccup on the slow road to certain doom? Should we stampede, or should we continue to graze?

Aug 25 18:03

Global Financial Meltdown: U.S. Stocks Tanking, Worldwide Financial Problems Grow

The U.S. now sits at roughly 18.2 Trillion in debt, with unfunded liabilities that push that number closer to $220 Trillion. Between the crash of the global markets, the student loan debt bubble that’s about to burst, and one of the lowest labor force participation rates in our history there really is no denying what’s coming; we are heading towards a major financial crisis.

Aug 25 18:02

The Current "Goal Line Defense"

Aug 25 17:33

US In Recession? Sure Looks That Way:

Aug 25 17:32

US farm incomes cut by half as low grain prices bite

An extended run of low grain prices will slash US farm incomes by more than half from their peak, the government said, deflating a surge in land values and pressuring fertilizer and equipment makers.

Aug 25 16:58

Is This The Time to Prep? Former Gordon Brown Adviser Tweets YES

It started with a few Tweets about collapse and then turned into a blossoming preparedness discussion…

Aug 25 16:19

Editorial: MP should take the full blame for gaffe (on TPP)

Yesterday, in Parliament, National repeatedly refused to answer a very simple question.

Can the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) be changed after it has been signed.

The answer is widely accepted as "no".

Read more: Did Whangarei MP mislead over TPP? You decide
National under fire over TPP

Todd McClay, standing in for Tim Groser, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, refused to answer "no". He was asked the question (repeatedly) by Green Party co-leader Russel Norman because Whangarei's MP Shane Reti has recently suggested the opposite.

In a media statement Dr Reti has comprehensively, strongly suggested the public and opposition MPs would have their say on the TPP.

Even if they do, it cannot be changed.

Aug 25 15:31

FLASHBACK 2005 - 'The Chosen': Getting In

A few years ago, I wrote a book about the rise of a new educated class, the people with 60's values and 90's money who go to Starbucks, shop at Whole Foods and drive Volvos. A woman came up to me after one of my book talks and said, "You realize what you're talking about is the Jews taking over America."

My eyes bugged out, but then I realized that she was Jewish and she knew I was, too, and between us we could acknowledge there's a lot of truth in that statement. For the Jews were the vanguard of a social movement that over the course of the 20th century transformed the American university system and the nature of the American elite.