Walking Away from the Smorgasbord Table into a Finer Land.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise what this has brought us to. Of course we made sure to put everyone who wasn’t part of the ‘in crowd’ into prison for going into business on their own when it should have been obvious that the drug business was a government operation so… a whole lot of people went to jail.

This monster of unbridled greed finally eats itself I suppose. We’re seeing it happen now. The band keeps playing and the MSM has all these Jon Benet Ramsey/Super Bowl distractathons going on… Obama’s got his Blackberry. Nero probably still has his fiddle and a deep unrest is percolating through the hearts and minds of the great unwashed.

Some of us are ‘seeing’ this while most of us are ‘watching’ this and Queen Apocalypse pulls her skirt and shows a little leg at the Darktown Strutters’ Ball.