Distinguishing MONSANTO's totalitarian "use of science" from its claims to science

by Linn Cohen-Cole

Even without labeling, even with covering up evidence, preventing it from emerging, buying off university science departments, eliminating basic tracking of data, corrupting government agencies, firing scientists, faking evidence, and the rest, there is some significant suggestive things which have happened to American health since genetic engineering took over here.


The public is being presented with Monsanto's GM-crops as though they were about science. The opposite is true. Monsanto's corruption of science (and of democracy to accomplish it) and their past history of hiding evidence of cancers and lying for decades are strong "evidence" of the science they offer. It is based on "experiments" with Monsanto over decades that we as scientists ourselves can say their data, their words, their promises, cannot be trusted. Their total disregard of science and all the ways they go around it, pervert it, hide it, block it, buy it, control it, undermine it, invent it, and twist it, are all the evidence the public needs to have.

Science run by thugs using fear, corruption, and secret plans to undo all competing "theories" and obstacles to control, is not science at all. It must be "labeled" appropriately. It's totalitarianism using "science" as its front in its effort to take control of food around the world.