Apr 01 08:06

Britain 'blocked' EU bid to raise China steel tariff that could have protected the industry from cheap imports

Britain led efforts to block EU tariffs that might have protected the steel industry in this country from a flood of cheap Chinese imports, it emerged yesterday.

George Osborne and David Cameron were accused last night of being more concerned with courting China than the fate of Tata steelworkers.

Apr 01 07:59

Young mom learns she may die of cancer after doctor misdiagnosed and put her through unnecessary chemo

Imagine having a horrible toothache that persists regardless of taking antibiotics or even having your tooth extracted. Then think of how you'd feel if you were told the problem was actually due to cancer, for which you were given chemotherapy and began showing signs of improvement. As if that's not difficult enough, imagine the horror of then being told you were diagnosed with the wrong kind of cancer all along, and that you weren't getting better at all.

Unfortunately, this is a true story that belongs to 27-year-old Gemma Wood.

Apr 01 05:40

Top UK earners to receive as much in benefits as poorest by 2020

The wealthiest 20% of Britain’s earners will receive almost as much support from the state through the “shadow welfare” of generous tax-breaks by 2020, as the poorest fifth take home in benefits, according to a new analysis by the Fabian Society.

Mar 31 15:04

Prisoners of War

The Continental Congress ultimately accepted responsibility for the administration of prisoners of war, but gave broad authority on the matter to the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, General George Washington.

Washington took an active role in the prisoner situation and was a constant advocate for the fair treatment of prisoners.

With few facilities to accommodate large numbers of prisoners, both the Americans and the British participated in prisoner exchange. Though Washington was actively involved in these matters, he appointed commissaries to handle the day-to-day details.

Mar 31 14:58

Grave Robbery: Surge In ‘Paupers’ Funerals’ As British Bereavement Costs Mount

Funerals in Britain have become so expensive that one mother was forced to have her son’s body frozen for several months so she could save up enough money to pay for him to be buried.

Webmaster addition: When I die I want my body donated to science, because medical students can always use a good laugh!

Mar 31 13:41

Police Shooting Of Jean Charles De Menezes Was Lawful, Rules ECHR

Strasbourg’s European Court of Human Rights has ruled it was ‘right not to charge’ police over the 2005 shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes.

Brazilian electrician De Menezes died in 2005 after he was pinned down by police on a London train and shot 11 times. Strasbourg’s European Court of Human Rights ruled on Wednesday that the killing was lawful.

Mar 31 12:18

Scouting For Business? British Royal Navy To Head Gulf Task Force Amid UK Trade Push

Britain will lead a joint maritime force in the Gulf from April alongside forces involved in the brutal war in Yemen, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Kuwait. The announcement comes amid a UK business charm offensive.

Mar 31 10:52

Enforcing UK Surveillance Powers May Cost Over £1bn, 7 Times Original Estimate

Online surveillance on the scale proposed in the UK government’s Investigatory Powers Bill could end up costing more than £1.2 billion, over seven times the Home Office’s highest estimate.

Mar 31 09:03

Nuclear Hacks: Trident Cyber-Defenses To Be Revamped Amid ISIS, Rogue-State Hacker Threat

Cyber-defenses protecting Trident nuclear weapons are to be updated amid concerns military computers and networks may be vulnerable to North Korean and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) hackers.

Mar 31 06:47

‘Privacy is not a privilege, it’s a fundamental human right,’ top privacy expert tells RT

Britain should use targeted surveillance to tackle terrorism rather than collecting people's private online data because the terror suspects behind recent atrocities are already known to police, a leading privacy expert says.

Mar 30 15:34

UK plans to track all internet connections could cost £1bn, campaigners warn

Home Office is told its plans in the snooper’s charter to retain web browsing history of all British citizens for 12 months would cost in excess of £1bn

Mar 30 08:51

Cologne-Style Rape Gangs, Vulnerable Borders, Migrant Hoards… Another Day In The Brexit Debate

EU rules make UK borders vulnerable and risk bringing Cologne-style rape gangs to British cities, prominent anti-EU campaigners have claimed in the latest exchange of fear mongering and moral panic ahead of the Brexit referendum.

Mar 30 08:40

Pro-Brussels lobby 'misleading voters' by hiding its NAME on fear-mongering propaganda

The glossy propaganda pamphlet dropped into letterboxes across the country this morning scrawled with doom-laden theories about huge job losses and supermarket price hikes if Britons vote to leave the EU.

The controversial dossier was produced by Britain Stronger in Europe (BSIE) - which is officially leading the campaign to keep us in the EU - and features a series of claims by so-called "independent experts".

But the pro-Brussels group decided to leave its logo off the document altogether, whilst its name was only included in tiny grey small print which is barely legible.

Mar 30 06:24

Rumbled? Tories ‘broke the law’ to win 2015 general election

Dozens of Conservative Party MPs broke the law during local campaigns to win seats in the 2015 general election, which saw a Tory majority seize power, a new investigation alleges.

Some 24 candidates are accused of failing to declare funds spent on the Conservatives’ “RoadTrip 2015,” a bus which transported campaigners to marginal seats in the lead-up to the election and which has been widely credited as helping MPs win their seats.

The Daily Mirror investigation alleges MPs did not declare spending on the bus, along with the associated costs of food and hotel accommodation.

Mar 29 21:56

Ayesha Gaddafi as a new leader of resistance against NATO and the Libyan terrorists

She is back! The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi will lead the resistance against NATO and the other Libyan terrorists. Ayesha stated that she is now the leader of the resistance and she is about to create a new secret government.

Mar 29 15:55

Oxfam Attacks UK For Not Taking ‘Fair Share’ Of Syrian Refugees

Britain is failing to take its fair share of Syrian refugees, a scathing new report by the humanitarian charity Oxfam claims.

The charity has branded the UK’s failure to take on its proper quota of refugees as “shocking.”

Mar 29 14:34

UK Junior Doctors Dispute At A Crossroads

The UK junior doctors’ dispute has entered a critical stage.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the government’s action in adopting the “nuclear option” to impose the contract by August 1 on 55,000 junior doctors in England. The junior doctors have demonstrated their determination to defeat this attack, which threatens the existence of the National Health Service (NHS). A series of national strikes has meant the cancellation of thousands of operations, but continues to command the support of workers who value junior doctors’ defence of a universal health service, against a Conservative government committed to the destruction of health and social care provision.

Mar 29 12:51

What it really means to be a friend of Israel

Stuart Littlewood looks beyond Zionist propaganda, such as The Israel Project, to explore what it really means to be a “Friend of Israel”, as are hundreds of stooges and pimps among Europe’s and the US’s political elites.

Mar 29 06:48

UN Falklands ruling: Britain rejects Argentina ‘not legally binding’ territorial claim

Britain has rejected Argentine claims to the waters surrounding the Falkland Islands following a UN commission ruling that extended the South American nation’s maritime territory by 35 percent.

Mar 28 17:09

Russia Questions UK Silence On Retaking Palmyra From ISIS

The Russian embassy in the UK has publicly questioned why the British government has failed to address the retaking of Palmyra from ISIS militants. The Sunday recapture by the Syrian government was made possible with the help of Russian airstrikes.

Mar 28 15:34

British Government Refuses To Answer Information Requests On Secret EU Meetings With Lobbyists

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) has been investigating EU member state permanent representations, finding out to what extent they are a target of lobbying. This article takes certain extracts from that report to focus on Britain’s response to requests for information – the results should raise an eyebrow. This report also provides an insight into the secrecy of British government actions within the EU and casts doubt over government integrity, particularly when taking negotiations of TTIP into consideration where the EU Commission, met corporate lobby groups in 88 percent of 597 meetings.

Mar 28 15:27

After British, Italian And French Denials ; Libya – The Sequel

The prime minister promised, in September 2011, that he would “not allow Libya to turn into another Iraq” so he decided to lead international efforts, with France, to rescue Libya, by backing rebels fighting to overthrow Gaddafi and impose a no-fly zone over the country, supposedly overcoming initial reservations from the EU and even the USA.

Mar 28 13:29

British Government Refuses To Answer Information Requests On Secret EU Meetings With Lobbyists

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) has been investigating EU member state permanent representations, finding out to what extent they are a target of lobbying.

Mar 28 08:38

Teachers warn extremism policy prevents open debate

Teachers have warned that the government's anti-extremism strategy is "shutting down" open debate in school.

The National Union of Teachers conference voted for the government's Prevent strategy to be withdrawn from schools and colleges.

Delegates said it created "suspicion and confusion" rather than safety in schools.


There were warnings that it encouraged a climate of "over-reaction" in which pupils were mistakenly reported and the police called.

Among the cases mentioned were a child writing about a "cucumber" which was misinterpreted as "cooker bomb" and a child who wrote about living in a "terraced" house which was misunderstood as a "terrorist" house.

Mar 27 09:56

How your tax millions are sent to AMERICA: Washington think-thank received £5million to spend on a new HQ… while a green summit got £13,000

It is one of the richest countries on Earth, yet millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money is being sent to fund aid organisations in the US, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

One Washington think-tank, the Center for Global Development (CGD), received £5.9 million – yet was so cash-rich that it moved into new £12 million offices complete with a 60-seat ‘ideas lab’.

British money was also inexplicably used to fund a global warming summit in Texas at which local businessmen were encouraged to jump on the ‘green energy’ bandwagon. And an American charity that received UK aid has made television shows about how rival jail gangs made peace over a shared loved of football.

Mar 26 10:08

British commandos training Bahraini armed forces to use sniper rifles

British commandos are training Bahrain’s armed forces – which violently put down pro-democracy protests during the Arab Spring in 2011 – in the use of sniper rifles, The Independent can reveal.

The revelation that elite Royal Navy commandos are running week-long training courses for Bahraini personnel has outraged human rights campaigners, who accuse the regime of using snipers to target protesters during anti-government protests in 2011.

Pro-democracy activists in Bahrain say the military training by elite troops from the Royal Navy’s 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group proves that the British Government is “turning a blind eye” to abuses in the country.

Mar 25 09:57

Secret List Of MPs ‘Hostile’ To Corbyn Leaked

Fault lines within the Labour Party were laid bare Wednesday with the leak of a document which appears to brand several prominent MPs, including London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, as “hostile” to the party’s left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mar 24 22:24

Saudi Arabia Uncovered: Birthplace of terrorism’: Outrage expressed at Saudi Arabia documentary showing beheadings

A DOCUMENTARY DOCUMENTING the horror of life in the strict Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia has been pulled from ITV’s website.

The programme was broadcast last night and drew a huge reaction online.

Mar 24 10:44

London Has The Jitters After Brussels Attacks – Op-Ed

As the dust settles after Tuesday’s brutal attacks in Brussels and the threat of further attacks looms heavily over a continent in mourning, Londoners are on edge.

My walk home crosses Vauxhall Bridge treats me to one of the most underrated views in the capital. From the middle you can see the Palace of Westminster and beyond to the London Eye, stretching as far as the financial district in the east.

Mar 24 10:34

Energy minister blasted for scaremongering after she claimed Brexit will send household bills soaring and hand power to Vladimir Putin in car crash interview

Amber Rudd was today blasted for making 'absurd' claims about the impact of Brexit on Britain's energy market.

In a speech later the Energy Secretary is expected to warn of an 'electric shock' to the energy market after a Brexit vote - warning of threats from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

But in a radio interview, Ms Rudd was forced to concede Russian President Vladimir Putin currently sells 'very little' gas to Britain.

Mar 24 10:01

Trident Won’t Become Obsolete, But We Can’t Tell You Why – Defense Sec

Britain’s ageing fleet of Trident nuclear submarines will definitely not become obsolete, according to Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, but he says the reason he’s so confident is classified.

In a speech at the Policy Exchange think tank in London on Wednesday, Fallon laid out his thoughts on the Trident renewal debate at length, but would not go into detail on some of the research he cited to support his arguments.

Mar 24 09:35

GCHQ’s data-mining techniques revealed in new Snowden leak

A "Data Mining Research Problem Book" marked "top secret strap 1" has been leaked that details some of the key techniques used by GCHQ to sift through the huge volumes of data it pulls continuously from the Internet.

Originally obtained by Edward Snowden, the 96-page e-book has been published by Boing Boing, along with a second short document entitled "What's the worst that can happen?". Boing Boing describes this as "a kind of checklist for spies who are seeking permission to infect their adversaries' computers or networks with malicious software."

Mar 24 08:48

Politicians want to stop the UK Snooper’s Charter snooping on them

If you were ever in doubt about who politicians are working for – just check out the initial list of amendments to the highly controversial Investigatory Powers Bill currently being considered by the UK’s parliament.

The only amendment that’s been submitted to change the text of the proposed legislation asks for an additional safeguard to protect MPs from having their communications unnecessarily intercepted.

Today, the proposed law would require that the Prime Minister is consulted if any communications by MPs are to be intercepted. The new clause would add that the Speaker of the House of Commons must be consulted too.

Of course, politicians undertake important work and as such should be given the opportunity to do so without fear that they’re being spied on.

Mar 24 08:41

Disability campaigners occupy parliament over benefit cuts

Dozens of people protesting against disability benefit cuts have occupied central lobby in parliament, chanting “Cameron killer” and “no more deaths from benefit cuts”.

The campaigners from WinVisible said they were lobbying MPs to scrap cuts to the employment and support allowance and to ensure the proposed budget changes to personal independence payment (PIP) would not be introduced.

Mar 24 08:18

Ello ello ello: Bungling Met cops blew £100m on failing tech wheezes

Some 37 IT projects were marked for the chop in force's 'project cull'

Mar 23 14:40

Facing The Music: Chancellor Forced To Defend Budget And Backtrack On Disability Cuts

Chancellor George Osborne faced the toughest challenge of his six years in government on Tuesday afternoon, when he defends his much-maligned budget before MPs in a bid to quell a Tory civil war.

Osborne defended drastic cuts to welfare payments introduced alongside tax breaks for the rich, in an attempt to convince the country he is dedicated to “compassionate Conservatism.”

Mar 23 13:51

German takeover of London Stock Exchange is God's will, claims boss

Critics suggest he must have been referring to the God of Greed during comments to staff.

Mar 23 12:58

‘Better Than Chicken Wire & Spray Paint!’ British Soldiers Test High-Tech ‘Invisibility’ Camouflage

British Army snipers have field-tested a new high-tech stealth material which hides them from surveillance technology.

Troops from Edinburgh-based light infantry regiment 3 Rifles had the opportunity to test out the new Vatec material to construct concealed hides for snipers while on exercises in the US.

Mar 23 11:41

Veil Of Secrecy Over UK Police Spying Must Be Removed, Says McDonnell

Police chiefs trying to keep their covert operations in the shadows should open up and admit to a public inquiry what they’ve done, Labour Party Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said.

Mar 23 09:26

Zac Goldsmith’s fight to be London mayor: ‘I’m up against someone who poses a real danger’

It’s day one of the official campaign to be mayor of London. In 45 days’ time, all will be decided. Zac Goldsmith’s battle bus is waiting outside a microbrewery in Woolwich, south-east London.

Mar 23 09:17

Billions of pounds of welfare cuts on way despite PIP U-turn

The government has dropped its controversial personal independent payment (PIP) cuts, and the Treasury has confirmed that there are no plans to fill the PIP-shaped £4.6bn hole in the budget through further welfare changes. But despite ministers’ conciliatory noises, plenty of other social security cuts remain in place for this parliament, amounting, in theory, to billions of pounds of savings.

Mar 23 09:01

Labour MPs hostile to Corbyn named in leaked party document

Labour’s chief whip, Rosie Winterton, and its London mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, have been labelled as “hostile” in a leaked document that appears to rank the party’s MPs by their loyalty to the leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Members of parliament have been separated into five different sections ranging from a “core group” of loyalists, through “neutral but not hostile”, to a final “hostile” list that includes those believed to be most negative about the current leadership.

Mar 23 08:56

Disability campaigners occupy parliament over benefit cuts

Dozens of people protesting against disability benefit cuts have occupied central lobby in parliament, chanting “Cameron killer” and “no more deaths from benefit cuts”.

The campaigners from WinVisible said they were lobbying MPs to scrap cuts to the employment and support allowance and to ensure the proposed budget changes to personal independence payment (PIP) would not be introduced.

Mar 23 08:49

Priceless: Tony Greenstein Admits being a Zionist At Last!

Tony Greenstein, the Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ activist who has spent the best part of the last two decades harassing and slandering the most dedicated pro Palestinian thinkers and activists*, was expelled yesterday from the Labour party. Greenstein believes that it may have something to do with the “hysteria over ‘anti-Semitism’ amongst Corbyn supporters.

Interestingly, in a statement circulated yesterday, Greenstein himself admits that he wasn't an AZZ(Anti Zionist Zionist) as many of us assumed for years. He was actually a devoted Zionist operator seeking the approval of the most hawkish Zionist Lobby in Europe. Greenstein writes: “even the Zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) and other Zionists have acknowledged my role in combatting Gilad Atzmon, a notorious anti-Semite who used to be associated with the Palestine solidarity movement.”

Mar 23 08:44

Worthless! Those commemorative coins you've stored away for years because Royal Mint tells banks not to take them

The Henkuns are fond of the coins, but last month decided they were really just gathering dust and would be more use to their two grandsons, aged six and two.

They took the lot to their local Lloyds Bank branch to cash them in and open a savings account. But to their surprise the retired couple were turned away empty handed.

Unbeknown to Rod and Yvonne, banks quietly stopped cashing in commemorative coins over the counter in January on the advice of the Royal Mint.

It is a cruel blow for the Henkuns and thousands of others who invested in these coins.

Mar 23 08:28

British 'Out' campaign takes 2 percentage point lead ahead of EU referendum – ICM poll

The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has taken a 2 percentage point lead, according to an ICM poll, indicating a dispute in the Conservative Party may have dented confidence in Prime Minister David Cameron's push for the country to stay in.

Support for Britain to leave the EU rose to 43 percent, up 2 percentage points from a similar poll a week ago and the highest proportion in favour of a British exit since ICM started its referendum tracker in May 2015.

Three months before a June 23 referendum, the poll of 2,000 people carried out March 18-20 showed the "In" campaign on 41 percent, down from 43 percent a week ago.

Mar 23 07:21

Then And Now: Cameron On Turkish EU Membership

Mar 23 07:20


“Lord Levy clearly hasn’t been listening to the seven times since I became leader I’ve absolutely condemned anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, any form of racism. It is absolutely something I totally passionately believe in and I’m disappointed that Lord Levy has made these remarks.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It doesn't matter how much you bow to Israel, if they want to call you an anti-Semite, they will!

Mar 22 15:07

London ‘Ready’ For ‘10 Simultaneous Terror Attacks’ By ISIS

British Special Forces and London Metropolitan Police are reportedly preparing for “up to 10 simultaneous attacks” amid fears of a Paris-style attack on the capital.

Mar 22 14:47

George Osborne laughs and jokes with Michael Gove while being asked to apologise to disabled people for PIP cuts

George Osborne ignored a call to apologise to disabled people for rolling out and then cancelling cuts to a key disability benefit, choosing instead to chat and laugh with Michael Gove.

Labour's shadow Chancellor John McDonnell asked the Chancellor to apologise for the "pain" he had caused the group over the last two weeks.

"Apologise for the pain and anguish he's caused disabled people and their families for the last two weeks. When you make a mistake and you correct it as least you should apologise," the Labour MP said.

But Mr Osborne could be seen entirely ignoring Mr McDonnell on the benches opposite, apparently preferring to swap jokes with Mr Gove while the justice minister tapped away on his phone.

Mar 22 14:39

What to call a £200m 15,000-tonne polar vessel – how about Boaty McBoatface?

The good folk of Blighty have voted with their fingers - the polar-bound Royal Research Ship is to be called Boaty McBoatface.

The Natural Environmental Research Council last week asked for suggestions to name the £200m, 15,000 tonne floating lab that is bound for colder climes once it launches in 2019.

At last count, some three and a half hours ago, Boaty McBoatface had received tens of thousands more votes than the second nearest candidate - RRS Henry Worsley.


Mar 22 14:03

Major US Spy Base Targeting Europe & Africa To Open On British Soil – Pentagon

US intelligence services will reveal plans for a new £200-million center in Britain this week. The Pentagon says it will be the American headquarters for military data in Europe and Africa, targeting 50 countries.

Mar 22 09:43

UK Funding Ethiopian Spies Who Snatched Londoner & Put Him On Death Row

The British Government is funding the training of Ethiopia’s intelligence services, responsible for the incarceration and rendition of a father-of-three from London who now faces the death penalty.

The funding has sparked concerns that the UK could be inadvertently supporting the covert Ethiopian intelligence operatives who kidnapped Andargachew ‘Andy’ Tsege in 2014.

Mar 21 19:59

Hundreds Of Convicted Rapists & Child Abusers Removed From Sex Offenders Register

Nearly 700 convicted sex offenders in the UK have been removed from a national register over the past four years, including 170 rapists and 157 child abusers.

Mar 21 17:05

Now French voters call for FREXIT after Germany face demands for EU referendum

generous welfare plus war refugees/rape-fugees makes for a toxic mess

Mar 21 15:41

This Is The Simple Mathematical Reason Why Osborne’s Strategy Will Lead To Financial Ruin

The reason why Osborne’s plans were always going to come unstuck is a function of simple arithmetic.

Assume my spending remains constant at 100. To fund that spending I must have receipts, every year, of 100. Over five years to fund spending of 500 I must have income of 500. That five years is important because it’s the time horizon over which we plan our nation’s spending.

Mar 21 14:17

Special Forces And Police On Standby For Multiple Terror Attacks In London

The Metropolitan Police and special forces troops from the SAS regiment have been told to prepare their response for up to 10 simultaneous terror attacks on the streets of the British capital.

It is understood that the security services are concerned that Islamist terrorists returning from Syria with military training could attempt to execute multiple attacks across London, similar to those seen in Paris in November 2015. In doing so, the attackers would force authorities to spread resources across the city.

Mar 21 13:23

Britain & US Reportedly Knew Location Of 80 Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram But Failed To Act

Britain and the US reportedly knew where Islamist militant group Boko Haram had taken at least 80 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, but felt the risk was too great to launch a rescue operation, a former British diplomat has revealed.

Mar 21 13:06

World’s Biggest Aircraft Set For UK Launch

The world’s largest aircraft, compared by some to a giant pair of buttocks, is ready to make its maiden voyage after being officially unveiled on Monday morning.

Mar 21 08:26

That really is an army mess: Squaddies share pictures on Facebook of the disgusting meals they're served on duty - including mouldy eggs and maggots

Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach and if that is true the British army will not be going very far - if recent pictures of the food being served to squaddies are anything to go by.

Servicemen and women from across the UK have taken to sharing pictures of some of the disgusting meals they are allegedly being served in a bid to shame Ministry of Defence catering contractors.

The shocking pictures, which were posted on Facebook, show maggot-infested tomatoes, raw chicken and mouldy eggs.

Mar 21 05:31

ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government

So Saudi firms are using IP addresses purchased from the British government to spread ISIS propaganda on Twitter. Meanwhile, activists who try to get these accounts removed are themselves banned. Why would Twitter ban users reporting accounts linked to ISIS? Maybe because some of these accounts can be traced back to Saudi Arabia, and even the British government. As it was reported in December: Hackers have claimed that a number of Islamic State supporters' social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to the [UK] Department of Work and Pensions. A group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec have unearthed evidence indicating that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP. But the story gets weirder. The British government allegedly sold a larger amount of IP addresses to "two Saudi firms", which explains why ISIS uses IP addresses that can be traced back to the British government.

Mar 20 19:15

Tory Cuts May Be Killing Pensioners, Oxford Study Suggests

Conservative government cuts are killing vulnerable and poor elderly people, a new study has found, drawing a “significant link” between cuts to pension credits and the avoidable death of over 85s.

Mar 20 18:57

Foreign Office Forced To Deny Plans For Libya Airstrikes, Troop Deployments

No UK troops will be deployed to Libya and airstrikes will not be extended to the war-torn North African state, the government has told the Foreign Affairs Committee chair.

Mar 20 17:05

70 Sex Attacks Committed By Children In 1 Year – Police

Police have investigated a five-year-old boy for the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl, it has emerged. The case is among 70 sex attacks allegedly committed by chi

Mar 20 17:05

Boris V Barack: London Mayor Accuses Obama Of Brexit ‘Hypocrisy’

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has called US President Barack Obama’s intervention in the EU referendum debate “a piece of outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy,” because the US protects its own sovereignty with “hysterical vigilance.”

Mar 20 08:36

ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government

Why would Twitter ban users reporting accounts linked to ISIS? Maybe because some of these accounts can be traced back to Saudi Arabia, and even the British government. As it was reported in December:

Hackers have claimed that a number of Islamic State supporters' social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to the [UK] Department of Work and Pensions.

A group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec have unearthed evidence indicating that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP.
But the story gets weirder. The British government allegedly sold a larger amount of IP addresses to "two Saudi firms", which explains why ISIS uses IP addresses that can be traced back to the British government. Sounds legit:

[T]he British government sold on a large number of IP addresses to two Saudi Arabian firms.

After the sale completed in October of this year, they were used by extremists to spread their message of hate.

Mar 20 06:50

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘If It Wasn’t For Police You’d Be Dead’ – Lefties Chant At Nationalists At London Rally

Mar 20 06:49

WATCH: Radical Left Students Burn Effigy In London Streets

Mar 19 20:21

Child Abuse Survivors Demand Redress From N. Ireland Executive

Survivors of historic child abuse at residential institutions have launched a report urging Stormont to provide redress for the physical, sexual and emotional abuse they suffered in children’s homes across Northern Ireland.

Mar 19 14:11

‘Merchants Of Mega Death’: Protesters Take Aim At Arms Networking Fair In Cardiff

Activists are descending on an arms fair in Cardiff, Wales, on Wednesday afternoon to protest against the British government’s facilitation of weapons trading between small and established arms companies and overseas dealers.

Mar 19 09:05

UK PM David Cameron delays release of Iraq report as EU referendum looms

British Prime Minister David Cameron will postpone publication of the Iraq war inquiry report until after the European Union referendum, leading to accusations that he is deliberately delaying controversial announcements.

Senior government sources confirmed that it is likely to be published after the June 23 vote, even though it will be handed to ministers next month. Mr Cameron had previously suggested he wanted to publish the report, which is expected to heavily criticise senior political figures, within two weeks of receiving it.

The prospect of a further delay was denounced on Friday by families who lost loved ones in the conflict.

The report of the six-year-long Chilcot inquiry has been repeatedly delayed after those criticised within it were given the right of reply, a process known as Maxwellisation.

Reg Keys, who lost his 20-year-old son Lance-Corporal Thomas Keys in the war, said the delay was adding to the families' pain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise here!

The war was immoral, illegal, and based on a pack of lies; far too many good young Americans and Brits lost their lives, or became crippled for life, for control of Iraq's oil, and selling it only in US-denominated currency.

Mar 19 06:20

(*UK) Conservatives In Crisis

Conservatives in crisis as pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith quits in Budget row

David Cameron has said he is "puzzled and disappointed" after Iain Duncan Smith dramatically quit the Cabinet and launched an all-out attack on the "indefensible" Budget.

In a brutal parting shot, the Work and Pensions Secretary complained that cuts to disabled benefits in George Osborne's financial package were "politically driven" and suggested the Chancellor had abandoned the austerity principle of "all in this together"

"I have for some time and rather reluctantly come to believe that the latest changes to benefits to the disabled and the context in which they've been made are a compromise too far," Mr Duncan Smith wrote in his resignation letter.


Mar 18 20:36

German Comedians Mock Brexit, Call Queen ‘Ancient Horse Faced Grandma’ (VIDEO)

European unity took a bit of a blow this week, after a video sketch of German comedians mocking the British and supporters of Brexit has gone viral.

Mar 18 18:31

Britain Arresting Increasing Number Of Women & Children On Terror Offences

Arrests of women and children on charges of terrorism have risen dramatically in the past year, new Home Office figures show.

The figures, released on Thursday, also show an overall increase in the total number of people arrested on suspicion of terror-related activity – a total of 280 during 2015. The majority were suspected of terror activities outside the UK.

Mar 18 12:02

British warships to intercept migrants off Libyan shore

British warships could be fighting back people smugglers within sight of the Libyan coast within months, under plans presented by David Cameron.

The Prime Minister told his counterparts at a summit in Brussels he wanted to expand a current EU naval force operating in the central Mediterranean to stop hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing from Libya to Europe.

Angela Merkel’s €6 billion aid-for-deportations deal was in serious jeopardy as leaders warned Turkish “blackmail” risked violating international law. Talks were set to grind through the night before a Turkish breakfast this morning with Ahmet Davutoglu, the country’s wily prime minister.

Mar 18 07:32

UK Doubles Military Assistance to Ukraine

Minister for the Armed Forces of Great Britain Penny Mordaunt said that the country has decided to double their military assistance to Ukraine, according to the press service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. "We will continue to help. The UK agreed to double the aid," said Mordaunt. In addition, she said, Britain will continue to provide advisory assistance. It is provided by the Memorandum signed today in the field of defense, which opens up a number of new opportunities and projects.

Mar 17 15:29

Meteor Lights-Up The Skies Over The UK Green On St Patrick’s Day (VIDEO)

A meteorite burned up over the UK with a fitting green flash in the early hours of St Patrick’s Day, just after 03:00 GMT, with many capturing it on film.

Mar 17 15:12

Osborne’s Generation Y Package ‘Unfair To Core’

The full scale of financial hardship facing millennials was unveiled on Wednesday as Tory Chancellor George Osborne delivered his eighth budget, promising to “put the next generation first.”

Mar 17 14:43

Budgeting For Trident Nukes Robs The Vulnerable Of Welfare – CND

Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system directs money away from those who need it most, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) General Secretary Kate Hudson has claimed in a blistering attack on the new budget.

Mar 17 14:29

He cannot talk, read or write, but Tories want severely disabled Stuart Chester to fill in 20-page form to keep benefits

A severely disabled young man who is unable to talk, read or write and needs round-the-clock care from his mother is the latest target in Iain Duncan Smith’s campaign against Scotland’s most vulnerable.

Stuart Chester, who has Down's syndrome, epilepsy and autism and is unable to feed or wash himself, is being told by officers in the Tory minister’s Department for Work and Pensions to prove he is unfit for work.

Mar 17 14:27

Video: British Scholar Arrested In Istanbul Over ‘Terrorist Propaganda’ In Kurdish Holiday Invitations

A British academic has been arrested in Istanbul for allegedly distributing invitations to Kurdish New Year celebrations.

Mar 17 13:27

Video: ‘Russia Took The Risk Of Intervening In Syrian Conflict, And It Really Paid Off’ – UK MP

After 5 months of anti-terror operations in Syria, Russia withdraws its forces from the country.

Mar 17 12:12

‘Juvenile’ MPs Who Shout & Jeer In Parliament Should Be Punished – Petition

MPs who jeer and shout during parliamentary debates should be penalized for their ‘juvenile’ behavior, a new petition states.

Launched by Mark James Thomas Wild, MPs must debate the petition in parliament if it hits 100,000 signatures by August 11.

Mar 17 12:07

British TV presenters find Donald Trump's campaign 'terrifying'

Mar 17 10:39

Bank of England Intentionally Strangles UK Economy to Discourage Brexit

It could be that Britain will face a series of financial difficulties if pro-Brexit forces seem to be gaining the upper hand.

There are historical precedents stretching back several centuries to when US President Andrew Jackson took aim at America’s second central bank.

When President Andrew Jackson made it clear that he was going to shut down the central bank, its head, Nicholas Biddle, fought back by threatening to contract the money supply.

When he actually did so, Congress convened a special Panic Session. Eventually, Jackson won the battle to shut down the bank and the US did without a central bank until 1913, when the Federal Reserve came into being.

It sounds fairly absurd to suggest the Bank of England and proponents of the EU within London’s square mile financial City would take aim at Britain’s economy in order to remove the threat of Brexit.

And yet reading between the lines, the warnings seem clear enough.

Mar 17 10:27

Stressed, Drunk & Feeling Fat: British Teens Suffer Poor Life Satisfaction – WHO

British 15 year olds are stressed, feel fat and are drinking too much according to a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The study, involving 220,000 young people from 42 different countries and regions, drew some worrying conclusions for British teenagers.

Mar 17 10:22

Video: ‘1 Foot In EU, 1 In US’? Obama Rumored To Persuade Brits To Stay In EU During UK Visit

US President Barak Obama is going to the UK in April, just before opinion polls take place. Rumors abound that he will try to persuade Britain to stay in the EU.

Mar 17 08:55

UK Lawmakers Warn Obama Against Partaking In Brexit Debate

US President Barack Obama has been warned by UK lawmakers favoring the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) against participating in the debate over the issue prior to his visit to Britain scheduled for next month.

Mar 16 19:54

#Budget2016: Osborne’s Generation Y Package ‘Unfair To Core’

The full scale of financial hardship facing millennials was unveiled on Wednesday as Tory Chancellor George Osborne delivered his eighth budget, promising to “put the next generation first.”

Mar 16 18:59

Sadistic Sexual Assaults Ignored By Church Of England – Report

Senior figures in the Church of England failed to act after hearing about a sadistic assault, prompting the church to make sweeping reforms in the way sex abuse cases are dealt with.

An independent review, commissioned by the church, found “deeply disturbing” failures by those in positions of power who failed to act after hearing reports of sexual assault.

Mar 16 15:44

EU Panics: As Polls now Say that Chances of Brexit are a “Coin Toss”

As things continue to heat up here in the election primaries, things are likewise, really getting intense over in Europe. From the massive islamic migrant invasion, to forced “migrant quotas”, to oppressive banking and financial demands, to a cratering economic situation, the peoples of Europe are quickly learning to hate this unfortunate, bankster experiment.

Mar 16 14:59

Snoopers’ Charter Clears First Hurdle At UK Parliament

A bill controversially extending British authorities’ reach into people’s private lives in the UK has cleared the first major hurdle facing it in the country’s lower house of parliament.

Mar 16 14:34

Shooting By Gang In Brixton Caught On CCTV (VIDEO)

Footage of a shooting in Tulse Hill, Brixton, in South London, has been released by anti-gang detectives from the Metropolitan Police in a fresh bid to identify the suspects.

Mar 16 14:01

From New Labour To Nouveau Riche? Tony & Cherie Blair’s Property Empire Worth £27m

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family own a property empire worth an estimated £27 million, it has emerged. The princely portfolio is thought to include at least 10 houses and 27 flats.

Blair has helped his three eldest children on to the property ladder, ensuring each has their own home in central London within a short distance of the Georgian townhouse near Hyde Park bought by the Blairs when they left Downing Street.

Mar 16 13:08

Britain To Introduce Sugar Tax On Soft Drinks

Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne unveiled a new tax on sugary drinks at the House of Commons on Wednesday, with the aim of cutting down on increasing childhood obesity levels.

Mar 16 12:21

London Mayor Calls for Obama to Mind His Own Business

London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote an op-ed piece in The Telegraph concerning President Obama’s future visit to the U.K., where he'll attempt to persuade the British people to stay in the European Union (EU).

Needless to say, Johnson’s words were not complimentary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for Boris!

Mar 16 11:17

Resurgent Anti-Semitism: Europe Must Show ‘Solidarity With Jews’ – Gove

UK Justice Secretary Michael Gove warned of a resurgence in anti-Semitism across Europe as he spoke out against the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, arguing the campaign “indulges prejudice rather than fighting it.”

Mar 16 10:20

Drone Wars: “Unmanned Warrior 2016” Drills in October Off Scottish Coast

By Nicholas West

The global drone arms race continues to heat up as nation after nation tries to keep pace with what the U.S. military has initiated...

The latest push to integrate drones onto the battlefield and prepare for a possible future where drone meets drone, sans humans, comes from Great Britain’s Royal Navy...

Mar 16 09:31

Budget 2016: George Osborne 'takes £4.4bn from disabled people to fund tax breaks for rich'

George Osborne's proposed cuts to disability benefits could see the government claw back £4.4 billion from people who are too ill to seek full employment - much more than charities previously thought.

Mar 16 03:00

London Stock Exchange Group Announces Merger With Deutsche Börse AG

Providing there is 100% acceptance of the offer, the merger will mean LSEG shareholders will own 45.6% of UK TopCo and DBAG shareholders will hold 54.4%.

In the statement the groups said the merger would create a leading Europe-based global markets infrastructure group with a highly complementary combination of asset classes to improve growth for both companies whilst offering an enhanced product offering for customers.

Xavier Rolet, CEO of London Stock Exchange Group plc said:

“We are creating an industry-defining combination which will be a leading global market infrastructure business, very well positioned to create new benefits and efficiencies for our customers and increase value for our shareholders.”


Mar 15 09:50

Snoopers’ Charter ‘Unfit For Purpose,’ 200 Legal Experts Say

Home Secretary Theresa May’s Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed the snoopers’ charter, breaches international surveillance standards and is “unfit for purpose,” more than 200 senior lawyers have warned.

Mar 15 09:25

Keanu Reeves' new film takes £88 at the UK box office in opening weekend

The actor at least has company here; Richard Gere's The Benefactor, released at the same time, made an even slighter £25 in box office takings.

Mar 15 09:14

Morning Briefing: Britain on the edge of Brexit

Remain campaigners won’t be sitting comfortably this morning when they read the results of today’s ORB poll for the Telegraph, which finds that support for Leave is seven points ahead (52/45). The secret to their success is enthusiasm, as when ORB discounted people’s likelihood to vote, the campaigns were essentially tied, with Remain on 47% and Leave on 49%.

Mar 15 09:07

Rotherham Child Sex Abuse: 300 New Suspects

The National Crime Agency (NCA) said most of the potential suspects were Asian men, while the vast majority of victims were young British girls.

Mar 15 08:40

UKIP fury as Brussels orders CRACKDOWN on 'misbehaving' MEPs after Farage protest

A TOP Brussels bureaucrat has sparked outrage after ordering television crews in the European Parliament to stop filming MEPs who "misbehave".

Mar 15 08:34

Drubbing for Angela Merkel in growing backlash over migrant turmoil

Chancellor Angela Merkel was humiliated when voters flocked to support her Eurosceptic rivals in key regional elections.

Her disastrous showing at the polls revealed the depth of discontent at a failure to restrict numbers flooding into Europe, experts said.

It will strengthen calls for Britain to quit the EU.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 15 08:33

Britain has NO say in German-dominated EU, warns Iceland PM

Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, who has seen his country’s economy soar outside of the EU, told the UK it has become a “diminishing power” within Brussels.

Highlighting the traditional French-German dominance of EU institutions, he told the Daily Telegraph: “When it comes to the big stuff the decisions are made by two, and increasingly one country.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Merkel, Merkel, Uber Alles!

Mar 15 07:28

Is GCHQ Embedded in Wikipedia?

Philip Cross may be Oliver Kamm. Or he may be someone who shares his views closely and echoes them in a synchronised way. Or he may be an identity which cloaks the activities of a group of people. But it is absolutely plain that “Philip Cross” is used systematically to attack the Wikipedia entries of prominent anti-establishment figures, and simultaneously to bolster the image of the corporate media. The purpose of “Philip Cross” is to ensure that an anti-establishment narrative does not take hold on Wikipedia.

The burning question is this. “Philip Cross'” activities and purpose are blindingly obvious. Actions such as the hundred edits to my page and removal of my photo, or the continued war on John Piger’s entry, are completely unjustifiable. Why then does Wikipedia continue to tolerate “Philip Cross” and grant him administrator privileges?

Mar 14 20:53

WW2 Bombs Cause Panic At Liverpool Skyscraper Site

A team of bomb disposal experts equipped with an army robot were called to the scene of two unexploded World War II-era bombs in Liverpool, England.

Mar 14 19:32

Top Gear Cenotaph stunt 'cost licence fee payers £100k' as bosses confirm they won't air controversial footage

The scrapped Top Gear Cenotaph stunt reportedly cost licence fee payers a huge £100,000.

Host Matt LeBlanc was seen driving around Westminster as shooting took place for the new series of the BBC Two show, which is due to air in May.

Pictures showing the car and large tyre circles left on streets near the war memorial in Whitehall were criticised as "gravely disrespectful" by retired Colonel Richard Kemp.

Filming for the day - which required some roads be closed - is believed to have cost around £100,000.

Meanwhile, bosses have confirmed they will not be airing footage of the stunts filmed near the Cenotaph in London following a fierce backlash.

Mar 14 19:26

Biometric Data Illegally Retained By Police Hackers – Watchdog

Cops have been hacking into the Police National Computer (PNC) in order to illegally retain suspects’ biometric data, a report by the UK’s biometrics watchdog has revealed.

Mar 14 18:43

Legalize Cannabis! Lib Dems Call For End To Pot Prohibition

Cannabis should be sold lawfully in the UK, the Liberal Democrats have said in a major policy announcement making them the first party in the UK to support the legalization of marijuana.

Mar 14 16:14

Yarl’s Wood Detainees Display Banner Alleging Sexual Assault By Guards

Detainees at the Yarl’s Wood immigration removal facility hung a banner from one of the windows alleging sexual misconduct by the staff. The action came as thousands of protesters gathered outside the center demanding its closure.

Mar 14 16:05

UK Bill Hands Vast Surveillance Powers To Police And Intelligence Agencies

On March 1, Home Secretary Theresa May published the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB), known by critics as the “snooper’s charter”.

Mar 14 14:43

Union Denies Students Demanded Removal Of 'Colonial' Queen Victoria Statue

Queen Victoria could be given the boot after students at a British university launched a campaign for a statue of the monarch to be taken down, citing her reign of rampant colonialism around the world.

Mar 14 09:23

'He should stay out' Barack Obama warned against interfering in Brexit debate

US President Obama has been told to stop interfering in British politics amid claims that he is preparing to make a major intervention to try to persuade voters to back the Remain campaign in the EU referendum.

Mar 14 09:23

Barack Obama will fly to Britain next month to urge voters to stay in the EU... but he is immediately accused of hypocrisy as he is reminded of how the US won independence

Barack Obama will fly to Britain next month to urge voters to back staying in the European Union, it was revealed this morning.
The US President is planning a 'big, public reach-out' to British voters to make the case for staying in the Brussels club.
But Brexit campaigners have hit back, saying the intervention from the president of a country that won its independence through a civil war was hypocritical and told Mr Obama to 'keep his views to himself'.

The US President (pictured boarding Air Force in Dallas yesterday) is planning a 'big, public reach-out' to British voters to make the case for staying in the Brussels club.

It will be seen as part of Mr Obama's efforts to repair relations with David Cameron after the US President criticised the UK Prime Minister over his foreign policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to President Obama; sir, forgive the "sang foid" characterisation here, but it appears that you are gallivanting off to the UK and Germany because you, and your administration, are pathologically incapable of fixing both the huge foreign and domestic policy blunders you have created, during your two terms in office.

The massive outsourcing/offshoring of jobs continues apace, because you are owned by the multinationals which funded your election cycles; real poverty, and real unemployment are at all-time highs; and the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and South Sudan continue apace with no negotiated settlements in sight for (most probably) years.

And this stop-off in the UK to attempt to sway British voters away from a Brexit will, ultimately, be just about as useful as was Netanyahu's address to Congress to shun the P5+1 deal with Iran; do you at all remember, sir, how that really made you feel?!?

Britons are thoroughly capable of choosing their own destiny, thank you very much, and they do not need you to tell them what is good for the UK.

Mar 13 07:55

EU referendum: Barack Obama to urge Britons to back remain vote on UK visit

Barack Obama will jet into the UK next month and use his star power to convince Britons they should vote to stay in the European Union.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope the British people tell Obama that it is none of his damned business, and that he has major problems here in the United States he continues to ignore.

Mar 13 07:54

UK: 'Keep calm and leave the EU' - Farage campaigns for 'Brexit' in Romford

Mar 12 20:21

‘Kill The Housing Bill!’ Tenants Protest Tory Attacks On Social Housing

Thousands will protest the Tory government’s Housing and Planning Bill on Sunday. Far from solving the UK’s housing crisis, activists say the legislation will deepen inequality and division within society.

Mar 12 17:12

Nurse Sacked After Disabled Patient Blinks ‘Sexual Abuse’

A male nurse was banned from the profession after a patient that he had been caring for with a severe communication disability blinked out the words “I am being abused,” media report.

Mar 12 09:51

British Gov’ Thinks David Icke Is An Extremist Who Must Be Silenced – And They Think You’re One Too

It’s clear that Cameron has an agenda. He is subtly planting the seed that those of us who speak out against political corruption are aligned with terrorists. That we are dangerous. That we need to be stopped.

And we are dangerous – to the establishment.

Mar 12 08:56


The EU is run by an unelected élite which largely ignores the individual, ignores election results, ignores State sovereignty, ignores debt mountains, ignores currency realities, ignores poverty, ignores its responsibilities and above all, ignores every legal and constitutional obstacle in its way.

It is dominated by a Germany sailing at Full Ahead Both towards a confrontation with co-founder France. It puts the banking system before citizens. It puts corporate shareholder needs before workers’ rights. And it puts The Great Federal Project before any considerations of cost, practicality, Member State rights, social anthropology and freedoms of speech.

In order to achieve ‘escape velocity’ however, the Brexit campaign needs to be cohesive, on the front foot, and persuading all the perfectly decent people out there who are confused, and thus undecided, about the pros and cons.

Mar 12 08:54

‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’: Boris says there are NO downsides to quitting EU

BORIS JOHNSON today insisted there are NO downsides to Britain leaving the EU, as he called on voters to ignore the “merchants of gloom” and opt for Brexit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Order another million of those Diebold machines from America!" -- Number 9 3/4

Mar 12 08:54

How a Brexit could save Europe from itself

It is those who love Europe, its diversity, its history and its humanity who should be the most enthusiastic about Brexit. A paradox? Not at all. The European Union, as currently constituted, has run out of road. It is doomed to fail, sooner or later, with catastrophic consequences for our part of the world, and the only way forward is for one major country to break ranks and show that there can be a better alternative consistent with Europe’s core enlightenment values.

Mar 11 18:57

House Of Commons Staff Cheated Out Of Tips After Serving British MPs

Despite amassing centuries of wealth and running one of the world’s largest economies, members of the UK Parliament are cheating low-wage catering workers out of their hard-earned tips.

Mar 11 11:17

Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a 's*** show'

Barack Obama has sharply criticised David Cameron for the UK’s role in allowing Libya to become a “shit show” after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, in an unprecedented attack on a British leader by a serving US President.

Mr Obama said that following a successful military intervention to aid rebels during the 2011 Arab Spring revolt, Libya was left to spiral out of control – due largely to the inaction of America’s European allies.

In a candid US magazine interview, Mr Obama said: “When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong… there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, even for a man pathologically incapable of assuming responsibility when a decision he himself has made, which ultimately goes south!!

Mar 11 10:04


Obama decided to rant about Europe to Jeffrey Goldberg for an Atlantic piece in which he blames his Libyan War on the UK and France and reveals that the only European leader he likes is Merkel (surprise). He reveals that he threatened the "special relationship" between the US and the UK in a talk with the British prime minister, whom he also insults in the piece.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Obama.

Libya is YOUR mess.

And everybody knows it!

Mar 11 08:38

BREXIT: Four more reasons why a leap in the dark is better than taking a back seat

A brief survey of what we’ll be leaving behind when we take this alleged Brexit ‘leap in the dark’.

Mar 10 18:35

‘I’d Definitely Come Back!’ Prisoner’s Trip Advisor-Style Review Of Grimsby Police Cell Goes Viral

A man who spent a night in cells at a local police station has posted a Trip Advisor-style review of his ‘four star’ experience.

Christian Willoughby, who was arrested for a ‘misdemeanor’ by Grimsby police, managed to sneak his iPad into his cell. His snaps went viral.

Mar 10 16:13

Energy Suppliers In Britain Accused Of Overcharging

British regulators have proposed an energy price cap for consumers including millions of low-income households across the country.

A report by the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) into the UK’s energy sector shows energy suppliers have been charging excessively high tariffs to about 4 million households using pre-payment meters.

Mar 10 15:59

British-Trained Afghan National Army Is Falling Apart – Report

Partially trained by UK troops as an exit strategy, the Afghan National Army (ANA) is now wracked with recruitment and equipment woes and endemic corruption, a Kings College London (KCL) study claims.

Mar 10 14:48

Genetic Weapons, Human Swarms & Angry Youth Pose Future Threats To British Security – Report

Swarm attacks, angry global youth and genetic weapons are among the futuristic threats facing the UK in the coming decades, according to a report by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC).

Mar 10 14:21

The Crime Scene That Is The City Of London – Haven Of Havens

When it comes to The City of London, the term ‘tax haven’ is not describing all that it should. It doesn’t just shield the mega-wealthy from paying their fair dues it goes further and offers a departure from the rule of law as you would know it. Secrecy is its raison d’être. These secrecy laws do not benefit the local people living in its jurisdiction but only those individuals and corporations with enough money and with something to hide.

Mar 10 14:12

Austerity Is An Ideological Smokescreen For Class Warfare – UK Economists

Chancellor George Osborne’s post-2015 spending cuts are an ethically bankrupt assault on the public interest that serves the agenda of the one percent, leading UK economists have said.

Mar 10 13:49

Heavy Snow Hits Northern England

Northern England is suffering from chaos caused by heavy snowfalls with forecasters predicting further cold weather in the days to come.

Mar 10 11:03

Discrimination Against Gypsies & Travelers ‘Common’ In Britain – Human Rights Commission

Institutional discrimination against Gypsies and Travelers is rife in Britain with the public, police and authorities “locking out” the groups from society, a damning report from the UK’s human rights watchdog has warned.

Mar 10 09:06

Cameron: It is 'very much my intention' to run as an MP in 2020 election

The eurosceptic MP Adam Afriyie, has said David Cameron's suggestion that 'job losses are price worth paying' is a "bit rude".

He told the BBC's Today programme: "It’s a little bit rude isn’t it? And it’s completely untrue because in fact it’s exactly the opposite."

And he said: "If you look at the European Union, it's a destroyer of jobs".

Mar 10 08:27

MSM Fans Flames Of Islamophobia Through Terror Coverage – Study

Mainstream media in the UK is exacerbating Islamophobia by referring to politically motivated murders perpetrated by Muslims as “terror” attacks, while branding similar crimes by white supremacists “racially motivated,” a new study argues.

Mar 10 08:17

MPs to investigate use of British weapons by Saudi Arabia in Yemen 'humanitarian disaster'

MPs have launched an investigation whether British-made arms are being used by Saudi Arabian forces in a widely-criticised military campaign in Yemen.

The Committee on Arms Export Control will probe whether export control rules have been broken – after the United Nations warned of a “humanitarian disaster” and widespread attacks on civilians in the assault.

Mar 10 08:14

Conman Blair's cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2million migrants against the rules: Explosive new biography lays ex-PM's betrayal bare

Tony Blair presided over a silent conspiracy to change the face of Britain for ever with mass immigration, an explosive book reveals.

He ordered his Labour government never to discuss in public the supposed ‘advantages’ of the unprecedented influx.

But behind the scenes ministers were instructed to wave tens of thousands of asylum seekers into the UK under cover of their being ‘economic migrants’. Astonishingly, the minister Mr Blair put in charge of borders ruled against deporting failed claimants because it would be too ‘emotional’.

The main aim of allowing in millions of people was to make the country ‘see the benefit of a multicultural society’. The Blair government did not see its job as being to ‘control immigration’.

Mar 09 19:34

50% Of Brits Would Refuse To Help Crying Elderly Lady On Street – YouGov Poll

Britain is losing its humanity, a damning new survey has revealed. A new YouGov poll found that almost fifty percent of UK citizens would not stop to assist an elderly lady crying on the street.

Mar 09 16:37

Mutiny In The Ranks? British Army Morale Damaged By ‘Unfair’ 1% Pay Rise

Soldiers from every part of the British Army believe their recent one percent pay rise is “unfair” and “unreasonable,” independent officials have found.

Mar 09 16:34

UK: Parents scared of taking their children to hospital emergency departments

Many parents are reluctant to take children hurt in an accident to the doctor in case they face harsh questioning by social workers, a survey found.

One in four are worried about visiting A&E or their GP with bumps and bruises after a genuine mishap, amid growing concern about authorities over-reacting by launching ‘unwarranted investigations’.

Mar 09 16:10

UN Rapporteur: ‘Bad Example’ UK Should Bin The Snoopers’ Charter

IPB The UN’s special rapporteur on privacy has used his maiden report to the Human Rights Council, which he presented today, to criticise the UK’s potential Snoopers’ Charter.

Mar 09 15:20

Smoke, Mirrors And Zionism: The Zionist Takeover Of PEGIDA-UK

I was expelled from UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, during my candidacy as a prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire for my audacity to question the loyalty to Britain of a local Jewish Labour MP.

Mar 09 14:17

UK’s Hinkley Nuclear Project In Crisis

The British media reported on Monday that the Hinkley Point nuclear power project had plunged into crisis after reports emerged that the finance director of EDF, the company behind the scheme, had resigned.

Mar 09 13:43

UK Business Boss Quits Over Brexit Spat

The head of one of the UK’s biggest business groups has resigned from his job after speaking in favor of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Mar 09 13:37

Kent town politely reminds Queen about historic £8 billion ‘debt’

Her Royal Highness received a surprise in the post in the form of a letter from a group of friends from the town of Sandwich, Kent, asking her to honour the apparent promise. The amateur historians, who regularly meet at the Haven Café’s Breakfast Club, believe Queen Elizabeth I promised to help towards the cost of dredging the River Stour in 1572, but say the money never arrived. They joked in the letter: “We are sorry to bother you; we know how very busy you are. We hope we are not being too pushy, but is there any word yet please?” Group member Ron Coleman joked to Kent Online that he believes the Queen’s ‘debt’ runs into billions if you include interest payments. “One of our members, an accountant, has calculated the subsequent loss of income to Sandwich over the 444 years allowing for inflation to be not less than £8 billion,” he said.

Mar 09 13:23

London ‘more Islamic’ than Muslim world – scholar

London is a more “Islamic” city than much of the Muslim world put together, a leading Muslim scholar has argued. Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, a prominent Shia cleric, who was born in Pakistan and studied in Iran, said he “feels more Islamic” in Britain than other countries because of the freedom to worship and the multicultural mix. “I feel that London has more Islamic values than many of the Muslim countries put together".

Mar 09 13:12

'Over 3,600 Migrants Arrived In UK Via Channel'

The latest figures show that over 3,600 migrants arrived in Britain through the Channel between July and September last year.

Mar 09 12:38

UK Energy Firms Rake In Profits As “Fuel Poverty” Escalates

British Gas, the UK’s largest domestic energy company, has reported a 31 percent increase in profits for 2015. The firm’s profits rose to £574 million from £439 million the previous year. British Gas supplies energy to 10 million domestic customers and is part of the “Big Six” private energy firms operating in the UK.

Mar 09 12:06

UN Rapporteur: ‘Bad Example’ UK Should Bin The Snoopers’ Charter

IPB The UN’s special rapporteur on privacy has used his maiden report to the Human Rights Council, which he presented today, to criticise the UK’s potential Snoopers’ Charter.

Mar 09 11:48

'Brexit Biggest Risk To UK Economy'

As the UK is preparing to hold its historic vote on the EU membership, the head of the Bank of England says Britain’s potential exit from the EU is the single biggest domestic risk to the nation’s economy.