Sep 25 18:23

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

In other News.....

ISLAMIC State is a ‘nuclear tsunami’ that wants to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth in the biggest religious holocaust the world has ever seen.

The claim comes from a veteran German journalist who is the only reporter to have been allowed to operate as an ‘embed’ with ISIS and escape alive.

Jürgen Todenhöfer, 75, a former MP with Angela Merkel's CDU party, became a reporter in 2000 and has specialized in war reporting.

Sep 25 18:19

Soldier who attacked Afghan police commander for keeping child sex slave is SACKED

Makes you wonder what kind of people are running the Army.

Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, from Massachusetts, has been ordered to leave the US army by November 1 and has now been refused leave to appeal.

It comes after the 33-year-old and another soldier shoved a local commander, whom he had trained, accused of raping a 12-year-old Afghan boy. He walked away with bruising.

The Afghan commander was also said to have attacked the boy’s mother when she said she was going to report the attack in war-torn Kunduz Province, where the soldiers were deployed in 2011.

Sep 25 18:09

Thumpathumpthump, Here Come Trump: Pols Have Knickers in Knot

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Fred Reed

What is it that puzzles New York about Trump’s enormous appeal? . He does what so many of us desperately want. He takes no guff from the loathsome talking heads who have never baited a hook or worried about a mortgage payment or been bankrupted by the confluence of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. He doesn’t whimper and wriggle and apologize like a puppy who has wet the rug after saying something that upsets the priss spigots. He says, perhaps in different words, what so many want to say. “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

It’s wonderful. The Beltway bastards just don’t know what to do about it.

Sep 25 17:57

Pope Francis To Meet Man Jailed For Marijuana During US Prison Visit

While Pope Francis has been progressive on many issues, from caring for the poor to protecting our environment, he hasn’t exactly extended his progressiveness to cannabis law reform. In fact, Pope Francis spoke out against legalizing marijuana and ending the Drug War as the Washington Times reported back in June of 2014:

Francis said during a drug enforcement conference in Rome that even the most limited of tries to give legal status to the drug is “not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint,” but such would “fail to produce the desired results,” AP reported.

Sep 25 15:44

How To Solve The European Migrant/Refugee Crisis - 5 Simple Steps

The refugee crisis in Europe could be easily solved. The problem is that the real solution would not suit the the political establishment of the United States or Western Europe. We've distilled what needs to be done down to 5 simple steps.

Sep 25 15:39

When Golf Clubs Kill — Federal Rule Ineffective in Curbing Conflict Minerals

The next time you purchase a phone or a Playstation, consider this: You may unwittingly be helping fund a civil war in Africa. If that bothers you and you wonder why this can occur, here’s the answer: Federal rules exist to prevent this — but they aren’t working. Gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum — known as “conflict minerals” — can be found in cars, consumer electronics, clothes, golf clubs, wedding rings, and thousands of other articles Americans use every day. Because a portion of these minerals are mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, a region in which a bloody civil war has been fought for many years, there is always a risk that purchasing them will indirectly pay for weapons and prolong the conflict.

Sep 25 15:27

REALLY!? Local school district bans ‘Tag’ over emotional well-being of students

What have our schools become when administrators ban the game of tag over the emotional well-being of kids? Well, a laughing stock.

Sep 25 15:22

Israeli soldiers assault AFP team at West Bank demo

Beit Furik (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Two AFP journalists were assaulted Friday by Israeli soldiers who destroyed and seized their equipment in the occupied West Bank after the funeral of a Palestinian killed by the army.
A video journalist with the agency, Italian Andrea Bernardi, was thrown to the ground and jabbed in the side with a weapon.

Sep 25 15:21

Look out neighbors! Israel’s soaring population: Promised Land running out of room?

Israel’s birth rate, the highest in the developed world and once seen as a survival tactic in a hostile region, could be its undoing unless measures are taken to reverse the trend.

Sep 25 15:21

Jailers watched as man arrested for unpaid traffic fine dies naked on cell floor

David Stojcevski, 32, was sentenced to 30 days in Michigan's Macomb County jail for failing to pay a traffic fine. He was addicted to drugs but the jail refused to treat him so he died. Reason reports that over the "next 17 days of his incarceration in a brightly lit cell — where he was denied clothing — he lost 50 pounds, suffered convulsions, and eventually began to hallucinate

Sep 25 15:18

KARMA POLICE: GCHQ's plan to track every Web user in the world

The KARMA POLICE program is detailed in newly released Snowden docs published on The Intercept; it began as a project to identify every listener to every Internet radio station (to find people listening to jihadi radio) and grew into an ambitious plan to identify every Web user and catalog their activities from porn habits to Skype contacts. The program began in 2007/8 and it mined BLACK HOLE, which is GCHQ's repository for all the data sucked up by its fiber taps (which it calls "probes"). It attempted to map IP addresses to peoples' identities, and cross reference users' identities on various systems and in various locations, collecting them into "a web browsing profile for every visible user on the Internet."

Sep 25 15:03

State Dept. to send Benghazi committee nearly 1000 Clinton emails

The State Department announced Friday that it is sending the House Benghazi committee nearly 1,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private account — a batch three times larger than the set of Clinton messages her former agency sent to Capitol Hill back in May.

Sep 25 14:53

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug

A U.S. drug company is taking the Canadian government to court for its attempt to lower the price of what has been called the world's most expensive drug. Alexion Pharmaceuticals has filed a motion in Federal Court, arguing that Canada's drug price watchdog has no authority to force the company to lower its price for Soliris.

Sep 25 14:51

Military Blimps Floating Over Baltimore Area Labeled A ‘Failure’

In Baltimore, it’s a sense of safety above the city skyline, but some are now calling it a complete waste of taxpayer money. -- “This is a completely expensive white elephant,” said Michael Greenberger, University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security.

Sep 25 14:40

How to Avoid Surveillance...With Your Phone

Sep 25 14:31

Tajikistan’s prosecution agencies claim rebel general was financed from abroad — media

Tajikistan’s state television said on Friday that rebel general Abdukhalim Nazarzoda and his associates, reportedly eliminated in a recent security sweep in the mountains, were financed from abroad. The television cited the prosecutor general’s office as saying that Nazarzoda’s followers had been financed from abroad. Nazarzoda, according to the prosecutor general’s office, had organized from 10 to 30 anti-government groups of up involving 300 people in all across the country. Among members of these groups were top-ranking officers from the Tajik defence ministry.

Sep 25 14:30

Regulated out of Existence: Off-Gridders Forced back on the Grid, Camping on own land Illegal

From the White House using race to change national zoning laws and define who can live in certain neighborhoods, to global corporations using eminent domain to steal homes, to the city of Seattle trying to ban single-family homes, there is a war on self-reliance brewing. It’s becoming harder and harder for independent, freedom-minded people to find somewhere to live without having to worry about government intrusion. It seems freedom loving Americans are under attack from every direction.

Sep 25 14:20

Good News everyone! Gallup Finds Half of US Fears Government! (Ron Paul Video)

What is the greatest threat to the American people? In a new poll taken by the Gallup organization we learn that half the country sees its own government as most threatening to life and liberty

Sep 25 14:16

The Crisis of the Now: Distracted and Diverted from the Ever-Encroaching Police State

Caught up in the spectacle of the forthcoming 2016 presidential elections, Americans (never very good when it comes to long-term memory) have not only largely forgotten last year’s hullabaloo over militarized police, police shootings of unarmed citizens, asset forfeiture schemes, and government surveillance but are also generally foggy about everything that has happened since.

Sep 25 14:02

False Flag Averted? Another Truck Carrying Uranium Caught Fire at Honeywell Plant

You probably didn’t hear about this one in the national news, but with everything else going on these days, it might be something to pay attention to, especially since it’s reportedly been happening a lot lately.

Last Sunday, a semi carrying uranium ore caught fire near the Honeywell Plant in Metropolis, Illinois. The fire began in the engine of the truck cab and was subsequently put out by the fire department. Officials stated that the truck was not at the facility itself and there was no immediate danger. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified.

No one was hurt and the fire didn’t spread, but how often are trucks carrying uranium just bursting into flames in this country??

Apparently it's the third time in four months something like this has happened at this location...

(read more)

Sep 25 13:48

D.C. schools to teach bike-riding in 2nd grade… Less than half of students proficient in reading…

Perhaps ironically, “surprisingly high numbers of kids” in D.C. schools are not proficient in math or language arts, according to the DCPS website.

Sep 25 13:27

Smartphone passcodes are protected by the Fifth Amendment, says US court

If someone wants to view your photos or contacts on your passcode-protected iPhone they may be able to gain access to the device with Siri. But if the federal authorities in the US want to see the contents of your phone in the old fashioned way – by asking you your password – they won’t get any help from the judicial system.

Sep 25 13:18

Poll Shows Most US Citizens Lack Choice Due to Two-Party System

Some 60 percent of US citizens support a third political party “because the Republican and Democratic parties do such a poor job of representing the American people,” Gallup said.

Sep 25 13:16

Court in France Confirms Farmer Was Poisoned by Monsanto Herbicide

An important precedence has been set by a recent ruling in French Court. Even after an appeals court heard a case which attested that a farmer was poisoned by accidentally inhaling the fumes of an herbicide, they still sided in favor of the farmer. Considering that the herbicide, though not its best seller, was made by Monsanto – this news is even more important.

Sep 25 13:05

Does Russia-U.S. Tension in Syria Foreshadow Military Confrontation?

By Brandon Turbeville

More than any other time in the Syrian crisis, the situation on the ground presents an incredible threat to international peace and security. Indeed, the Western-backed plot to overthrow the secular government of Bashar al-Assad has now placed the world in a precarious position where two nuclear powers are acting in such close proximity to one another militarily that one trigger happy soldier could now plunge the globe into a nuclear holocaust...

Sep 25 12:04

BEX Alert!!! - "The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video"

This video, by In a Nutshell, speaks about how the Syrian crisis is an international issue, and how it all started with countrywide unrest and the civil war in Syria. Apart from the succinct explanation of the overarching issue, the video also explains the role of the neighbouring countries in aiding and giving asylum to refugees in their greatest hour of need.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of the larger Syrian issue and learn about what measures we can take to offer help to the affected people.

(Note: Left unsaid in this piece of U.N. Zio-Propaganda is any mention of the root cause of this manufactured "Crisis" . . i.e. The World Zionist "Greater Israel" Agenda . .. or the FACT that Israel has also refused to accept any refugees)

Sep 25 11:39

Daily Mail: ‘Stench of death' around Rand Paul’s campaign, warn Republican insiders

Rand Paul could be the next Republican to quit the presidential race, GOP strategists say, if his fortunes don't turn around fast. Paul's campaign has the 'stench of death' around it, one strategist with senior level experience on a presidential campaign said, and another questioned the depth of his war chest

Sep 25 11:19

Confederate flag returns to Georgia license plates

The Confederate battle flag is making a return appearance to Georgia license plates. The specialty tag devoted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans will return after a minor redesign.

The state is saying as little as possible about this. Governor Deal is out of the country. And the state revenue department, which issues license plates, is only saying that it has had "positive conversations" about the plate with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Sep 25 11:14

CPS Workers Are Now Being Stationed in Our Schools

Many of you reading this probably remember a time when seeing a school resource officer was a rare occurrence in public schools. It was one of those situations that was mainly reserved for crime ridden inner city schools. But as time went on, more and more police departments started employing officers whose chief responsibility was to watch our kids, even in districts with low crime rates. Now there are nearly 20,000 of these officers nationwide.

It turns out that we may be seeing the beginning of a similar trend in our public schools, but instead of police officers, it will be with employees from Child Protective Services. In Erie County, New York, the school districts have announced a new partnership with the Department of Social Services, that would allow CPS workers to show up in their schools several days a week. They will have to provide an office for the workers, who will be able to “streamline” their investigations into child welfare.

Sep 25 11:08

Hillary’s Tweet About Having a Muslim President Reminds Us the Obama Birther Movement Started with Her

It’s just weird that we live in a time when presidential candidates bicker with each other on a social media platform that has a 160-character limit.

In response to presidential hopeful Ben Carson answering a question about whether or not he thinks it would be okay to have a Muslim president with, “I absolutely would not agree with that,” Hillary Clinton tweeted this a few days ago:

Can a Muslim be President of the United States of America? In a word: Yes. Now let's move on. -H

Hm. That’s certainly an interesting comment that can be taken more than one way, and it just so happens to come from someone whose initial 2008 presidential campaign started the entire Obama birther movement to begin with.

(read more)

Sep 25 11:00

The Pope’s 3 Biggest Hypocrisies Since He Came to America

For a man who is supposed to represent the highest virtues of Christianity, Pope Francis sure has habit of racking up hypocrisies on a regular basis. However, it’s surprising how many of these hypocrisies were spawned in just the past few days. In fact, they’ve been mounting since the moment he embarked on his trip to North America, and I mean that quite literally.

As he pontificates to us about the threat of global warming and criticizes climate deniers, he does so while traveling the world in his Boeing 777.

The pope’s flights from Rome to Cuba, Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and then back to D.C. and to Rome will total around 11,500 miles, so overall the pontiff will emit around 572 tons of CO2 during his trip.

To put that into perspective, 572 tons is the same carbon footprint as burning over 557,000 pounds of coal or over 1,200 barrels of crude oil.

Sep 25 10:59

Markets Queasy After Sick Janet Yellen Ends Live Speech: “Initial Reaction Was A Dive in Stocks”

During a speech where many were watching for news about a possible rate hike, Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen had a bizarre moment on stage where she stumbled over several words, then froze up as if she was having a stroke before appearing to nearly vomit and ending the speech abruptly.


Sep 25 10:57

BEX Alert!!! - "Russian kid unearths 3,000yo King David era treasure in Jerusalem"

A 10-year-old Russian tourist has discovered a rare 3,000-year-old artifact relating to the periods of King David and Solomon that may shed light upon the mystery of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. . .

The Russian schoolboy volunteered to take part in the Temple Mount Sifting Project for just one day. It is dedicated to recovering archaeological artifacts from 300 truckloads of soil removed from the place of worship.. .

“What makes this discovery particularly significant is that it originates from up on the Temple Mount itself," Dr. Barkay mentioned.

"The dating of the seal corresponds to the historical period of the Jebusites and the conquest of Jerusalem by King David, as well as the construction of the Temple and the royal official compound by his son, King Solomon,” he added.

(Note: Seems very suspicious and like a bunch of speculation rather than Science)

Sep 25 10:50

40% more people are homeless than when David Cameron swept into Number 10

Charities have blamed Tory welfare cuts for a 40% surge in homelessness sinceDavid Cameron swept into Number 10.
Campaigners say shrinking payments under the benefit cap are partly to blame for a huge rise in families facing life on the streets.

Sep 25 10:50


"Germany May Be Leaving the US Anti-Syria Coalition"

Right on cue - within a matter of days - a massive EPA and piranha press hit piece is unleashed against Volkswagen (The People's Wagon) originally sketched by the genius Hitler himself -- but we digress. It does indeed appear that Vladimir Putin was right after all, when he made the stunning allegation, back in 2014, that America was practicing "blackmail":

Sep 25 10:50

A transgender inmate who says guards called her an animal and encouraged her to kill herself has won a legal battle against Maryland prison officials in the first successful lawsuit of its kind against a U.S. correctional facility

A transgender inmate who says guards called her an animal and encouraged her to kill herself has won a legal battle against Maryland prison officials in the first successful lawsuit of its kind against a U.S. correctional facility, her attorney said on Thursday.

Sep 25 10:43

UNGA session underway in times of unprecedented destabilization of international relations

"We see not only terrorism, but also an absolutely unprecedented destabilization of international relations over the last years," Churkin said. Among those responsible for this "are also American colleagues who often make decisions without approval from UN Security Council but think that other countries should respect these decisions," he added. "[The United States] created a so-called coalition against ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — the former name of the Islamic State terrorist organization] and think that it is the international coalition which everyone should respect though it has no UN Security Council resolutions at its basis," the envoy stressed.

Sep 25 10:39

Agenda 2030 Translator: How to Read the UN’s New Sustainable Development Goals

It’s that time again: the United Nations is officially releasing the all new Agenda 2030 sustainable development plan, or what some have hailed as “the new Agenda 21 on steroids,” at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit kicking off today in New York City.

Since these supposedly non-binding international agreements can sometimes be a bit tricky to decode, what with all the weaponized buzz terms and semantics games, we’ve prepared a handy dandy translator on the 17 new Agenda 2030 goals below.

(read more)

Sep 25 10:30

“Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Tapped for First Time in History as Syrian Civil War Threatens Biodiversity

With Russian boots officially on the ground at Latakia and with rumors circulating that the PLA may arrive within weeks, Syria has officially replaced eastern Ukraine as the most likely theatre for the start of World War 3.

While we certainly hope that cooler heads will prevail, the determination on the part of Washington, Riyadh, and Doha to oust the Assad regime simply isn’t compatible with Tehran and Moscow’s efforts to preserve the existing global balance of power which means that something will ultimately have to give and if it becomes clear that Iran is set to benefit in any way from whatever the outcome ends up being, expect Benjamin Netanyahu to make another trip to The Kremlin, only next time, he won’t be so cordial.

Sep 25 10:04

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug.

A U.S. drug company is taking the Canadian government to court for its attempt to lower the price of what has been called the world's most expensive drug.

Sep 25 10:03

Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn't Discuss Climate Change Because 'He's Not A Scientist' (

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said he disagrees with Pope Francis' call to fight climate change and thinks the pope should not delve into the issue because he "is not a scientist."

Sep 25 09:56

Pope Francis condemns use of Marijuana despite fact that God gave us “every seed-bearing plant […] upon the face of the Earth” to use, as stated in the Bible

Last Friday Pope Francis condemned the legalization of the all natural, medicinal, plant, herb, known as a marijuana, which is currently is classified as a Scheduled I Controlled Substance by the U.S. Federal Government.

Webmaster addition: Haven't you ever wondered why Jesus had so much trouble waking up the boys on the Mount of Olives even as the Roman soldiers were coming for them? :)

Sep 25 09:45

After Inciting a Race War Against Whites, Jews Are Now Giving Up Their “Whiteness”

Jews have identified as “White” in order to infiltrate, take over, and subvert White Western civilization. However, now that they have achieved incredible power and used government, media, and academia to wage an all-out assault against White people, top jewish leaders are now telling jews to abandon “Whiteness” in order to join in the fight against “racism”.

According to them, race is just a social construct, so there really is no issue with jews choosing to be White one day and an oppressed minority (that controls almost everything) the next.

The title of this recent article from the Washington Post really says it all.

"Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism."

Sep 25 09:36

Why Women Are Running From Hillary: They Think She's Lied About The Email Server

Guy and Katie have noted the rather alarming collapse Hillary Clinton has seen with one of the main cohorts of her 2016 coalition: women. The former first lady has dropped an astonishing 29 points with Democratic women since July, falling from 71 percent to 42 percent. One of the main reasons why this group is running away from the candidate who could possibly make history by becoming the first female president of the United States is the email server. Women (shocker!) don’t believe Clinton is telling the truth–and that she did “something wrong” when she decided to set up this elaborate system, which by the way, was vulnerable to hacking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 25 09:33

Team Hillary ‘completely changes story’ on wiped server (they’ve REALLY outdone themselves this time)

According to Politico’s Playbook, the Clinton campaign’s “talking points” to spin the report that the FBI was able to recover emails from Hillary’s server are that “rumors” the server was wiped clean “were never true.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 25 09:24

Trump still GOP front-runner despite all attacks

According to a WMUR/CNN Granite State Poll, Self-funded Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is currently dominating the GOP pack with a 10% lead over Carly Fiorina

Sep 25 07:55

David Icke links to "Hillary the Spy?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question of whether Hillary was repeating the 1996 China-gate scandal while Secretary of State is starting to go viral! WE NEED TO GET THIS QUESTION BEFORE THE EYES OF ALL THE VOTERS!

Thanks for all your help.

Sep 25 07:40

NSA Chief: Hillary Clinton Emails Were 'Opportunity' for Foreign Spy Agencies

It would present an "opportunity" for spy agencies if the foreign minister of Russia or Iranwere to use a private email server for official business, the chief of the U.S. National Security Agency said on Thursday.

The comments by Admiral Mike Rogers were in response to questions during a U.S. Senate hearing about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private server for email.

Sep 25 07:36

A triple body blow to Hillary’s excuses about her emails

If you were expecting the stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails to taper off, think again. A trio of stinging reports about Clinton’s private email account while serving as secretary of state were published Tuesday, once again — no, twice again; no, thrice again — undermining her explanations.

Each story — one apiece from the Washington Post, Politico and Bloomberg — is worth reading in its entirety. But as summaries of the trio go, it’s hard to beat this one from National Journal columnist, and longtime Clinton watcher, Ron Fournier:

Sep 25 06:54

America's Latest Foreign Policy Fiascos, Part I

Some 15 months ago I published a piece on American Foreign Policy Fiascos, in which I summarized the significant negative progress that has been achieved through American involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia, among others, and then went on to boldly predict that the Ukraine is likewise going to turn out to be another American foreign policy fiasco. Since then it certainly has turned into one.

US meddling in the Ukraine has produced none of the results it was intended to produce:

Sep 25 06:49

September 25, 2015: The UN Launches A ‘New Universal Agenda’ For Humanity

One of the biggest steps toward a one world government that we have ever seen is happening this week, and yet barely anyone is even talking about it. In fact, it is even being called a “new universal Agenda” for humanity. Those are not my words – those are the words that the United Nations is using. If you don’t believe this, just go look at the official document for this new UN agenda.

Sep 24 21:32

NSA head: Clinton server a 'priority' target for foreign agencies

Gee! Looks like Mike was right again!

The head of the National Security Agency told a Senate Committee on Thursday that Hillary Clinton’s former email setup would be an “opportunity” for the U.S. if it had been used by a top foreign diplomat.

“From a foreign intelligence perspective, that would represent opportunity,” Adm. Michael Rogers testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The server would be a “top priority for foreign intelligence services,” Rogers agreed in response to a question from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

The comments are only likely to deepen the political trouble for Clinton, the former secretary of State whose “home-brew” email setup has threatened to engulf her campaign for the White House.

Sep 24 20:20

BMW and Mercedes hit as fraud scandal spreads

BMW was sucked into the widening Volkswagen fraud scandal yesterday after a report stated that emissions from one of the carmaker’s models were far higher than the European Union limit.

Shares in BMW fell by nearly 10 per cent at one point after it was claimed that emissions from the X3 were 11 times the legal threshold under the same tests that first raised concerns about VW.

The disclosure came on a day of crisis in the car industry as the German government admitted that software used by VW to cheat in American laboratory tests was also used in Europe.

Sep 24 18:56

Taxpayers are paying $60 for every pot plant the DEA destroys in Oregon

The Drug Enforcement Administration spent $960,000 to destroy marijuana plants in that state in 2014 as part of its "Cannabis Eradication Program," according to a recent report by NBC affiliate KGW in Portland, Ore.

Sep 24 18:56

Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard 'Scammed' U.S. Government Out Of $4 Billion, Says Report

When Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was at the helm of Hewlett-Packard, she oversaw HP's lobbying of the U.S. government for a temporary tax holiday on corporate profits so it could use the money to create new jobs. Much of that money, however, was used to buy back HP stock while then-CEO Fiorina fired 14,500 employees, according to anew report from The Daily Beast.

Sep 24 18:17

Israel Forging Closer Ties With International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA refusing to disclose how much Israel is now contributing to nuclear labs working for peaceful purposes.

The Israeli government recently decided to increase its contribution to the International Atomic Energy Agency as part of Israel’s closer ties with the IAEA. Israel announced the contribution last week, but the IAEA is refusing to disclose the amount involved.

(Note: "Thanks for that vote last week not to out us on our rogue nuclear weapons program . . . go buy you something nice and something for the missus" - Bibi Nutty-Yahoo)

Sep 24 17:49

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing, But Most Americans Still Don’t Seem Very Alarmed

You would think that the simultaneous crashing of all of the largest stock markets around the world would be very big news. But so far the mainstream media in the United States is treating it like it isn’t really a big deal. Over the last sixty days, we have witnessed the most significant global stock market decline since the fall of 2008, and yet most people still seem to think that this is just a temporary “bump in the road” and that the bull market will soon resume. Hopefully they are right.

Sep 24 17:44

"Marching to Zion" Full Movie

Posted as an interesting study of the current "schism" occurring in the Protestant Churches of America over the issue of "Support For Israel".

Sep 24 16:56

FBI Makes Massive Announcement About The Emails Hillary Thought Were Gone Forever

“If the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation has now recovered work-related emails, official emails that were deleted, this would be a game-changer.” Ed Henry reported on Fox News’ The Kelly File. He explained that Clinton has long claimed that she only deleted 30,000 personal emails from the server; so if the FBI recovers work-related emails, that would suggest that Clinton was not telling the truth. Questions about the controversy have dogged Clinton’s campaign for months.

Sep 24 16:36

Will Feminists and Gender Activists Demand Perfect Gender Equality When It Comes to Workplace Fatalities?

Top Ten Most Dangerous US Occupations and Percent Male, 2014 (Fatal Injury Rate)

Sep 24 16:22

Soaring Rents; No Stop to the Climb

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that rents are climbing far more rapidly than overall price inflation. We are now plus 3.5% in annual rent increases nationwide, according to the BLS. But the latest Zumper National Rent Report (August 2015) shows that many major cities are experiencing very strong double-digit price increases:

Sep 24 16:07

The Pope’s “Guardian of Liberty” . . . By Thomas Dilorenzo mentioned in his speech to Congress today is the man who, in his first inaugural address, pledged his support for a constitutional amendment that would have enshrined slavery explicitly in the Constitution (the Corwin Amendment). The man who made dozens of speeches in favor of deporting all the black people out of America and worked on plans to accomplish it to his dying day. The man who threatened “invasion” and “bloodshed” in his first inaugural address in any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax. The man who waged total war for four years on his own countrymen, causing as many as 850,000 deaths according to the latest research, with about double that number maimed for life. The man who illegally suspended Habeas Corpus and mass arrested tens of thousands of political critics, including local elected officials, newspapers editors and a congressman.

Sep 24 15:28

‘Snowden Treaty’ drafted to end mass surveillance, protect whistleblowers worldwide

Two years after Edward Snowden leaked information about the US government’s mass surveillance to reporter Glenn Greenwald, the two were joined by other journalists and leaders to draft an international pact for privacy rights called the Snowden Treaty.

Officially called The International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers, the global agreement seeks to “curtail mass surveillance and protect the rights of whistleblowers,” according to the website.

“Protecting the right to privacy is vital not just in itself but because it is an essential requirement for the exercise of freedom of opinion and expression, the most fundamental pillars of democracy.”

Sep 24 15:28

Nigerian Troops Free Hundreds of Women, Children, Arrest Boko Haram Leader

These terrorists are going down all over the planet.

The operation launched Tuesday by the Nigerian military, RIA Novosti reported.

In the raids in the country's restive Northeast, Nigerian troops destroyed both camps located near the border with Cameroon. Forty three Takfiri militants were arrested, including local leader Bulama Modu, who was acting as the "emir" of the village of Bulakuri, Nigerian newspaper Punch reported.

Army spokesman Col. Sani Usman said that the military rescued 241 women and children, but it is not yet clear how many of them had been kidnapped by the group.

Sep 24 15:10

Google Starving Out Independent Antiwar Journalists

While mainstream media routinely uses shock imagery to induce fear over all manner of threats to America and its allies, some independent Internet journalists are being restricted by advertising policies which penalize them for countering the establishment view.

Webmaster addition: Google refuses to allow to participate in their advertising system.

Sep 24 15:08

National Defense Commander: Iran to Annihilate ISIL in Syria Soon

The US will no longer have an excuse for a war on terror!

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander of Syria's national defense forces welcomed Tehran and Moscow' military aid to his country, and ensured that the ISIL terrorist group will soon be completely crushed by Iran.

"Iran's mighty presence in Syria will uproot the ISIL," Sheikh Fayez Abdolrahman Sheikh Namess told FNA on Thursday.

He said the Syrian nation welcomes Iran and Russia's presence and any friendly states' military power on their soil to fight against the terrorists.

"Today the Syrian people trust Russia and Iran more than the US and the regimes ruling the Sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf region in the war on terrorism," Namess said.

Syrian officials have welcomed Iran and Russia's military assistance in campaign against terrorism.

Sep 24 15:05

120 terrorists killed, a drone shot down in Aleppo, five vehicles destroyed in Quneitra

24 September? 2015
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Update2- Army eliminates terrorists, destroys their vehicles, weaponry

17 September? 2015
army 15
Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in several areas

14 September? 2015
Army establishes control over more buildings in al-Zabadani, destroys terrorists’ positions in other areas
6 September? 2015

Provinces, SANA – The army inflicted more losses upon the terrorist organizations in the course of military operations its units carried out on Thursday, killing over 120 terrorists in Aleppo alone and shooting down a drone for them there.

Damascus countryside
The army establishes control on hills overlooking eastern al-Ghouta

Units of the army established full control on all hills that overlook eastern al-Ghouta in Damascus countryside after eliminating terrorists of Jaish al-Islam, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Sep 24 14:42

Watch: Muslims Were Asked: ‘US Constitution Or Sharia?’- Ben Carson’s Going To Want To See This

BEX ALERT - This is obviously a staged piece of propaganda.

Sep 24 14:21

U.S.-Backed Jihadists Falter; Liberation Imminent for Palmyra?

By Brandon Turbeville

Over the past week, things haven’t been going as well as they normally do for the Western-backed terrorists who have raped and beheaded their way across Syria for the last four years. Likewise, the Western plot to overthrow Assad and replace him with chaos and a weak jihadist/impotent government over four years ago has gone from a quagmire to the beginnings of a reversal...

Sep 24 14:07

"Hey Mister! Wink Wink. Can You Buy Me Some Beer?" CA Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control Conducts 'Shoulder Tap', Minor Decoy Sting Operations Throughout State

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control conducts these minor decoy sting operations statewide, and even brags about the details on their website. The stings are funded by state and federal grant money. So if a cute teenaged girl ever saunters up to you in a parking lot in an innocent or provocative manner, beware. She's rigged with a bug and she's got a SWAT team hidden behind her, ready to pounce.

Sep 24 13:47

Is the US as great as it once was?

2% (27 votes)
98% (1064 votes)
Total votes: 1091
Sep 24 13:30

Psst! Somebody Nudge Justice Ginsburg Again!

We’re assured the 82-year-old Supreme Court Justice has more than enough energy to perform her duties...

Sep 24 13:27

PHOTOS: Pope calls for US to embrace illegals — maintains massive wall around Vatican

While Pope Francis is in the United States effectively advocating for a borderless America, many people are amused by the irony of the giant wall surrounding his own Vatican City.

Sep 24 13:21


Pope Francis is more than head of the Catholic Church — he’s also the head of state of the Vatican, which as a government has possibly the most restrictive immigration and citizenship policies of any nation in the world.

Sep 24 12:58

Obamacare database has ‘basic security flaws’

An Obamacare database storing personal information on millions of Americans including Social Security Numbers was riddled with “basic security flaws,” according to a report from an agency watchdog.

Sep 24 12:33

POLL: 72% of Americans say country isn’t as great as once was

Americans are “fed up” with politics, suspect the wealthy are getting an unfair edge, and think the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll that lays bare the depth and breadth of the discontents propelling outsider candidates in the Republican presidential field.

Sep 24 12:33

AIPAC’s Democrat Problems Go Beyond Obama

Last week, journalists Josh Rogin and Eli Lake published a piece at Bloomberg Businessweek explaining how the influential pro-Israel lobby AIPAC came to be defeated in the biggest fight in a generation. The story holds important truths. It’s essentially about the tough spot AIPAC was put in by the Obama administration’s hardball tactics to protect the achievement of the nuclear deal with Iran, hardly a surprise given the stakes at hand.

Sep 24 12:24

Recession Countdown: Durable Goods Orders Drop Most Since March, Shipments Tumble

Feel free to admit the US is in a recession any time now... Durable Goods New Orders dropped 2.0% MoM in August, the biggest drop since March (but modestly beat expectations of a 2.3% drop). This extends the ex-transports YoY losing streak to 7 months of declines flashing recessionary warnings left and right. Perhaps most notable is the 0.2% drop in Capital goods Shipments (dramatically missing expectations of a 0.5% rise) and the weakest print since May.

Sep 24 12:22

What the Church could learn from Harley-Davidson

Cut the frills, leave out the unnecessary. Keep it simple, honest and uncompromising...

Give us a new bare-bones, stripped-back, “Dark Custom” Christianity

It’s the journey, not the destination

A million bikers with attitude could tear up the tarmac and thunder through Westminster and Washington to express civil society’s disgust… if they had a mind to.

To quote Harley : “Let’s ride. Grab life by the throttle!”

Sep 24 12:03

Prepare For Nationwide Riots! USDA Sends States Notice To Hold Off 'Until Further Notice' Process That Distributes Food Aid To 46 Million People In The US

The title comes from a key quote from an Associated Press story via US News and World Report article announcing that a government shutdown would "suspend or delay food stamp payments to some of the 46 million Americans who receive the food aid."

Sep 24 12:00

The Fall of the American Empire: Hooray!

The U.S. will sit there looking at its irrelevant cards and then slap its forehead, not realizing this was a chess match, not a poker game. Putin has the U.S. in check over there in Syria and the U.S. did the only thing it could do: Move its king out of check.

Sep 24 11:53

Feds Admit to Coercing Common Core at the Local Level

Many activists against the use of the uber-complicated and convoluted Common Core curriculum have pinpointed its corporate pushers. But how were the pushers allowed to run rampant – and why the rush to use this particular curriculum? Ask the angry teachers – they were just reeling from No Child Left Behind when all of a sudden it was time for a nonsensical frustrating curriculum that left parents bewildered, more standardized test hoops to hop through and the selling out of private, student data to third-parties.

Sep 24 11:46

NYPD Cop Infamous for Protester Intimidation Was Prison Guard at Abu Ghraib

In a shocking twist, it turns out NYPD Deputy Inspector Andrew J. Lombardo, notorious among activists for his harsh treatment and psychological games against demonstrators, was a prison guard at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison during the US’ prisoner torture scandal.

Sep 24 11:41

Kellogg’s Kashi Brand to Pay $4 Million over “All Natural” False Advertising Lawsuit

Kashi will pay $4 million in a false advertising lawsuit put forth in Florida. The lawsuit claimed that Kellogg’s, the parent company for Kashi, advertised an “all natural” (GM-free) product that was, in reality, full of genetically modified ingredients.