Apr 10 11:18

DISGUSTING! Colorado Trump Delegates Scratched From Ballots at GOP Convention – Cruzers Listed TWICE

Ted Cruz supporters took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs on Saturday to complete a clean sweep of the state.

But it was not without controversy.

The Cruz camp and GOP establishment leaders strong-armed their way to a sweep by banning Trump delegates and omitting them from the ballots… and listing Cruz delegates TWICE!

They even listed their candidates twice on the ballots.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The elite of both parties are so damned corrupt, that they have to collectively screw their socks on in the morning!!

These actions, on the part of the Cruzistas, and the GOP, are thoroughly disgusting, but perfectly predictable; their motto appears to be if the search for delegates isn't going the way you want it to go, STEAL THEM!!

Apr 10 10:58

US-NATO Plans for a New War in Libya

Five years after NATO’s Libya war, Italy, the EU and the US are in the advanced stages of preparations for the next military intervention. The Western imperialist powers want to establish their own military bases in Libya in order to control the country’s massive sources of oil and natural gas, and secure an important gateway to Africa.

For months, the North African country has seen a secret build-up of American, British, French and Italian agents and officers, while reconnaissance and armed drones controlled from Sigonella in Sicily have conducted surveillance missions and air strikes in Libya.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It amazes me; when outside military intervention creates an even worse situation than existed before such intervention, what does NATO and the US want to do?!?


I would politely like to remind both US and NATO leadership that doing the same thing, in the same way, yet expecting a different outcome, is a very classic definition of insanity.

Apr 10 10:54

US Largest Maritime Exercise in Middle East, Mobilizing 5th Fleet against “Al Qaeda and Daesh”

The United States Navy is leading the largest maritime exercise in the Middle East with 30 countries participating in the event.
The International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX) aims to protect international trade routes against possible threats posed by terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda, according to US officials.

According to Press TV, the exercise was organized by US Naval Forces Central Command and began Monday in Bahrain, home to the US 5th Fleet.

On Saturday, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command Vice Adm. Kevin Donegan highlighted the importance of the exercise in protecting shipping routes, saying, “We know that they want to disturb trade lines”.

“This region provides a strong training opportunity for nations worldwide as three of the six major maritime chokepoints in the world are here: the Suez Canal, the Strait of Bab Al Mandeb and the Strait of Hormuz,” Donegan said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very interesting "justification" for this exercise, in light of the fact that neither Al-Qaeda nor Daesh have a navy that anyone on the planet knows about!!

Apr 10 09:55

Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk announces resignation amid political crisis

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has announced his resignation after weeks of a political crisis in the Eastern European country.

The premier said in a televised address on Sunday that he would formally submit his resignation to parliament on Tuesday.

Apr 10 09:45


HuffPoUK have jumped on the tax status exposé bandwagon, lambasting those terrible internet companies for avoiding tax:

Top 5 internet companies paying minimal corporation tax in the UK

— HuffPost UK (@HuffPostUK) October 11, 2012
At least they have been gracious enough to admit AOL does not make it into the top five companies on the internet. Guido wonders though, would that by any chance be the same HuffPo UK that is owned by AOL Limited, whose parent company is the Luxembourg-registered AOL Europe Société à responsabilité limitée?

The HuffPoUK exposé makes clear the benefits of such an arrangement:

“Amazon, the UK’s most popular shopping site, generated £3.2 million in UK profits last year yet managed to pay zero corporation tax as its European headquarters are registered in the tax haven of Luxembourg.”

Apr 10 09:39

Comedian Bill Burr On The Election: 'I Call BULLSHIT, No One Is Leaving The Country If Trump Wins'

"Where are they gonna go? Every other country is careful about who they let in."

This is outstanding.


Apr 10 09:36

Uncut - The Guardian's Offshore Secrets

Apr 10 09:35

‘Resign Cameron’ protests: Thousands to gather at Downing Street to ask Prime Minister to step down

Following the revelations about his tax affairs in the Panama papers, demonstrators are asking Mr Cameron to either “close tax loopholes or resign”. The protests are being organised around the hashtags “Resign Cameron” and “Close tax loopholes”, and have gained support from high-profile figures including Edward Snowden and Lily Allen.

Protestors arrived at Downing Street wearing "offshore-themed" outfits including Panama hats and carrying props such as a huge pig-shaped piñata.

Apr 10 08:54

Man burns his Republican Party Registration after GOP push to force Trump out

A man by the name of Larry Wayne Lindsey posted a video to Facebook, which shows him lighting his Republican Party Registration on fire, burning it, after the GOP made a massive push to force out front-runner Donald J. Trump against the wishes of the majority of party voters in a Colorado Delegate sweep Saturday.

This also comes as GOP elite have been planning for some time to block Trump from getting the nomination, in what some see as a planned attempt to let Ted Cruz lose in a face-off against Hillary in the General Election in what can only be described as a duel monarchy. However, some are now speculating that these tactics made create a major backlash for the GOP and might ultimately topple the party in perpetuity.

Apr 10 08:39

Noise machine used to block reporters from hearing Clinton speech

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team reportedly used a static noise machine on Thursday to block reporters outside of a fundraiser in Denver from hearing her remarks. That’s according to Stan Bush, a reporter for Denver’s CBS-4, who was stationed outside of the event, which was held outdoors at the home of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a superdelegate who has endorsed Clinton. Bush said that the noise interference machine was turned on after a band — later identified as Big Head Todd and the Monsters — finished playing music and before Clinton spoke. The device was placed inside of a fence on the property and aimed in the direction of the press, Bush wrote.

Apr 10 08:32

Bilderberg to Meet in Dresden from 9-12 June, According to German Newspaper Report

The Bilderberg conference of senior representatives from politics and business will take place this year apparently held in Dresden. The meeting will be held there from 9 to 12 June the Interior Ministry said, according to the Berlin “Tageszeitung” with. Accordingly, the Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais was not far from the Semper Opera House named as the venue from the environment of a subscriber.

Apr 10 08:15

ATF now spying on Phoenix residents using equipment mounted on utility-owned power poles

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives admitted Thursday that a box mounted on a Salt River Project power pole near 21st Ave and Glendale was in fact part of a massive surveillance, data collecting, operation which officials refused to give details.

Local residents now feel that their privacy has been violated and the utility company, SRP, said that the equipment was mounted without their knowledge and that they did not give the ATF permission.

Apr 10 07:22

Austria to seize birthplace of Adolf Hitler

Part of the decision to push for government seizure of the property is reportedly due to the occasional reoccurrence of Neo-Nazis who use the it as a focal point. Some fear if left alone, the property may become a shrine to the leader, who was the cause of millions of deaths during the Holocaust.
Note: More holocau$$$$$t.

Apr 10 07:11

1-minute Pulitzer-winner video: US Drone assassinations are War Crimes; Obama and ‘leaders’ as Hillary Clinton should be arrested

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Pulitzer-winner Mark Fiore’s 98-second animated cartoon:

1-minute video of Congressperson Peter T. King, current Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, stating that drone assassinations of Americans declared “enemies” by the US President is “totally right, totally Constitutional,” and that questioning this policy makes one a “horrible moron”:

As US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is criminally complicit in unlawful and lie-began Wars of Aggression which include within them War Crimes such as drone assassinations. These crimes require her arrest; the Orwellian opposite of her current standing as candidate for president.


the US is recognized as Earth’s greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.
Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them (81%).

Apr 10 05:58

The Panama Papers: Oozing Slime

Frankly, the Average Joe has been getting shafted, hosed, bamboozled for decades. Now, the results are exposed in full living color. Billions if not trillions of stolen money and hidden assets removed from the public domain to enrich a few already rich people. This is as low as lowliness gets; it’s below scum.

Apr 10 04:28

"F" The Voters !

Hassan says boost N.H. minimum wage to $10 an hour
Despite pressure from some Bernie Sanders supporters, NH Governor Maggie Hassan, a superdelegate, said she will still support Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

While Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary with 60 percent of the vote, he could score fewer delegates here than Clinton, who has the backing of at least six of the eight Granite State superdelegates.

“I continue to support Hillary Clinton because I think she is the best prepared person with the best record of actually achieving results that have made a real difference in the lives of people throughout our country,” she said, adding that the heated primary won’t divide the party. “I am also quite confident the Democratic Party will be unified in the fall.”

(* NH Governor Maggie Hassan's "Let Them Eat Cake" moment.)

Apr 10 02:19

Austria Wants To Seize Hitler's Birth House

VIENNA: Austria said Saturday it wants to seize Adolf Hitler's birthplace from its private owner in a bid to end a bitter legal battle and stop the house from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.

"We are currently examining the creation of a law, which would force a change of ownership and pass the property to the Republic of Austria," interior ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck told AFP.

"We have come to the conclusion over the past few years that expropriation is the ony way to avoid the building being used for the purposes of Nazi" sympathisers, he said.

The plan would involve the state making an offer of compensation to the current owner, he added.

Apr 10 02:03

2 days after escape, Western State Hospital man caught

Anthony Garver, one of two men who escaped the Pierce County psychiatric hospital Wednesday, was captured late Friday.

Spokane deputies late Friday found the man who escaped from the state psychiatric hospital in Pierce County after being ruled incompetent in 2014 to stand trial for a torture killing.

A law-enforcement dog named Gunnar found Anthony Garver, 28, whom authorities described as dangerous and a skilled survivalist, under a pile of debris in a forest near his parents’ home in the Spokane area, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said at a televised news conference.
The other man who escaped with Garver, Mark Alexander Adams, was captured about 10 a.m. Thursday in the 2200 block of Seventh Avenue South in Des Moines after a tip from someone who had seen his face in news coverage, police said.

“He had a calm demeanor and was taken into custody without incident,” said Bob Bohl, a Des Moines police commander. “It was easy.”

Apr 09 23:30

SunEdison: The Biggest Corporate Implosion In U.S. Solar History

We are witnessing the end, or perhaps the remaking, of SunEdison, briefly the world's largest renewables developer -- and now the destroyer of a massive $10 billion in stock market value.

We've seen epic failure at Suntech, Solyndra and the like -- but this is in a whole different league.


Apr 09 18:16

Bill Clinton Knew Exactly What He Was Doing With That Tirade Against Black Lives Matter: "He is an opportunist who has consistently used black people as pawns to climb the political ladder."

When Toni Morrison famously quipped that Bill Clinton was the nation's "first black president," she was commenting on the media's treatment of him during his first presidential campaign in 1992. Next to incumbent president George H.W. Bush, Clinton was a stark study in contrast. Not only were his policies seemingly more liberal, but his background was far from illustrious. And so the media portrayals of the younger upstart from Arkansas mobilized tropes of black deviance around his working-class upbringing, wayward family members, and many rumored affairs. When citing Clinton as the "first black president," Morrison was certainly not making a claim about how Clinton sees himself but how others racialized him through his class background and family history. True enough, Clinton has, with varying degrees of success, tried to ingratiate himself to black communities with all of his saxophone playing, visits to black churches, and charismatic southern Baptist swag.

Apr 09 18:13

More Republicans Lawmakers Have Been Arrested For Bathroom Misconduct Than Trans People

By now, you have got to be tired of all this talk of ‘bathroom bills’ targeting the transgender community. So am I! But I never tire of putting so-called social conservatives in their place, so let’s turn this thing on its head.

Apr 09 17:00

Trump Makes $100,000 Donation to 9/11 Museum

After spending several days off the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a visit to the the National September 11 Memorial Museum Saturday afternoon, where an official from the museum said he made a $100,000 donation.

His campaign says Trump and his wife Melania were given a tour of the museum by it's President and CEO Joe Daniels, along with "other museum officials and representatives of the NYPD and PAPD."

"They were incredibly impressed with the museum, a monument representative of all of the wonderful people who tragically lost their lives and the families who have suffered so greatly," the Trump campaign said in a statement.

Apr 09 16:51

Electoral Science: 2016 Presidential Election Winner will be a Republican

*hyperlinks live at source*

By guest author, “No Passport” American Daniel Bruno, reporting from Buenos Aires. Daniel is from NYC, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at

I was the first person in the world to proclaim that Barack Obama would be U.S. president from January, 2009 until January, 2017.

No, I'm not an Illuminati or Bilderburger. I'm not on the Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and I don't get invited to Davos. But in 2007 I told about forty CFR members that Obama would have to be president before they had decided on the matter. At the Democratic Party Convention in Denver, I gave Joe Biden my 2007 book, Why Obama will win in 2008 & 2012, and explained the basics. He later made indirect references to it in some of his talks.

Apr 09 15:26

Can the GOP Get Together in Cleveland… and should we care?

While the GOP appears headed for a train wreck in Cleveland, the principal ingredients of a Republican victory and a Republican future will all be present there: Cruz conservatives and Tea Party types, Trumpite nationalists and populists, Rubio-Kasich-Bush centrists and moderates.

Apr 09 15:15

Fear and Loathing at the Trump Rally (the lyin’ media)

We had only spoken to a couple dozen people, but it really felt like we had a good taste of the two Americas. One group is annoying and bases all their opinions on their feelings. The other is much more fun and knows what they’re talking about.

Apr 09 14:47

Panama Papers: City of London Is 'Beating Heart' of Tax Empire

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, filmmaker and journalist Mark Donne says British tax avoidance policies amount to a second British Empire.

Apr 09 13:52

Sen. Harry Reid posturing to make move, take, Bundy Ranch, says Carol Bundy

Carol Bundy, the wife of rancher Cliven Bundy, released a video on Facebook Friday explaining how Harry Reid recently put out a propaganda video, posturing in an attempt to take away the Bundy Ranch now that her husband and other members of her family have been jailed.

In the video Carol Bundy openly invited Harry Reid to come out to the ranch and look her “square in the eye” and tell her that her and her family “are domestic terrorists.”

Apr 09 11:23

PROFANITY WARNING -- Watch The NSFW Video Of The SpaceX Rocket Landing That Elon Musk Tweeted, Then Deleted

This is great. And it's not like the American people have never heard these words before.


Apr 09 11:01

NH House Becomes First in US to Pass Bill to Inform Jurors of Right to Deem Government Unjust

By Justin Gardner

When government demands allegiance to the idea that its actions are always just, it’s refreshing to see some lawmakers remind us that we can, in fact, deem government to be wrong...

Apr 09 10:27

Why VAXXED Was Shot Down At Tribeca — Up Close And Personal

Now, moving along: Jane Rosenthal’s husband, Craig Hatkoff, sits on the board of the NYU Child Study Center in New York—and that major, major Center is deeply involved in the research, study, and treatment of child psychiatric disorders. In case you’ve forgotten, autism is officially listed as a psychiatric disorder.

The NYU Center would never, ever, in a million years imagine that vaccines could cause autism. If they did imagine it, they’d shut up and march straight ahead with their brain imaging studies and other mainstream distractions.

Apr 09 10:14

Update On Attorney Sibley & The DC Madam Records

Act surprised. John Roberts is a rat and Clarence Thomas....well, remember, he's the one who mocked that the U.S. Supreme Court was "evading that one" referring to the eligibility cases against the fraud in the White House.

Since prostitution is illegal, John's faces have been made public by law enforcement around the country here and there. It should be no different in this case except it involves individuals like this: Perhaps a man who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Exposing him as a DC John might cost him bundles in a divorce or high ranking elected officials or other powerful insiders. That's why Ms. Palfrey was 'suicided".

The names of her John's should be released instead of protected by compromised federal judges.

Apr 09 10:10

Suspect wielded ‘shiny rigid object’ moments before University of Texas student was slain

Austin police Chief Art Acevedo said it’s difficult to comprehend what would drive a person to do what Criner allegedly did to Weiser.

“When you think about what connects us as human beings, to murder a young woman, is just not part of my DNA and thankfully is not part of most people’s DNA,” the chief said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was the suspect on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants?

Apr 09 09:56

Why the top 10 tax havens don't include Panama

The Panama Papers revelations have prompted the country to create an international panel to help improve transparency in its offshore financial industry.

But international organisations which investigate financial secrecy warn that Panama is not even in the top 10 countries with the least financial transparency.

They say that rich Europeans and North Americans can easily hide their money much closer to home. And this may explain why so few US residents have so far been implicated in the Panama scandal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 09:53

Former Texas officer who fatally shot unarmed woman found not guilty

A former Texas police deputy on trial for killing an unarmed woman without warning immediately after she opened the front door of a friend’s house was found not guilty on Thursday.

Apr 09 09:53

Exclusive: Blocking Trump could hurt Republicans in election - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Without Trump at the head of the ticket the Repubs will go the way of the Whig Party. BYE!BYE! Repubs! Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave America!

A third of Republican voters who support Donald Trump could turn their backs on their party in November's presidential election if he is denied the nomination in a contested convention, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The results are bad news for Trump's rivals as well as party elites opposed to the real estate billionaire, suggesting that an alternative Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 presidential race would have a tougher road against the Democrats.

"If it’s a close election, this is devastating news" for the Republicans, said Donald Green, an expert on election turnout at Columbia University.

Apr 09 09:51

MDMA Could Be Sold as a Legal, FDA-Approved Drug in Just 5 Years

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is one of the leaders behind the modern-day psychedelic research movement, and the scientists who have been heading the research investigating the therapeutic benefits of MDMA say that the drug could be an FDA-approved medicine in just 5 years.

Apr 09 09:30

'Happy Days' Star Scott Baio (Chachi) Endorses Donald Trump (Video)

The actor (whose poster was on my sister's wall along with Leif Garrett in the 80's) appeared on Fox News explaining why he likes Trump.

Apr 09 08:56

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True

Everything Bill Clinton said Thursday to defend his 1996 welfare reform law was false.

Clinton claimed that he left the program with plenty of money for poor people, suggested that it helped reduce black poverty and that it was only the mean, nasty Republicans from the George W. Bush era who gutted it and hurt the poor. Clinton’s distortions of economic history and his own record are so outrageous that — you will be shocked — it is difficult to believe he was being honest.

Here’s what he told protesters at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, haven't we had enough serial liars in the White House?!?

And I swear to you; voting for Hillary Clinton will be voting for yet one more serial liar.

I frankly don't think the country can take the aftermath of such a choice, without a financial collapse, or a US-government generated world war happening.

I would strongly encourage you to check the track record of everyone running for President, and match that actual record against what they are saying during the campaign.

Apr 09 08:25

Hillary Clinton Supporter Can't Stop Yawning During Speech


This is pretty funny and shows the enthusiasm gap prevalent in her campaign.


Apr 09 08:20


Nearly a decade since the housing bubble burst the dirty skeletons still emerge from the closet, and still nobody goes to jail.

In the latest example of how criminal Wall Street behavior leads to zero prison time and just more slaps on the wrist, overnight Warren Buffett's favorite bank, Wells Fargo, admitted to "deceiving" the U.S. government into insuring thousands of risky mortgages. Its "punishment" - a $1.2 billion settlement of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit, the highest ever levied in a housing-related matter.

The settlement with Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. mortgage lender and third-largest U.S. bank by assets, was filed on Friday in Manhattan federal court. It also resolves claims against Kurt Lofrano, a former Wells Fargo vice president.

According to the settlement, Wells Fargo "admits, acknowledges, and accepts responsibility" for having from 2001 to 2008 falsely certified that many of its home loans qualified for Federal Housing Administration insurance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is ultimately only "the little people" who wind up going to jail; not major executives in large corporations; this is proof positive that the elite do not eat their own.

Apr 09 07:36

Lead Poisoning In Los Angeles: California Officials Struggle With Potential Crisis

Children under the age of six living near a former battery plant in Vernon, California have high levels of lead in their blood, a new study finds. Governor Jerry Brown has pledged $176 million in aid, but the affected families aren’t holding their breath.

Apr 09 07:23

Atzmon vs. Rugby World Cup

Busy weekend in Britain:

Tonight Sep 25 Soner Ersen trio featuring Gilad Atzmon @ Green Lanes Bar

9pm, 7 salisbury promenade, Green Lanes, Harringay , London N8 0RX.

Sax: Gilad Atzmon , Bass: Cem Tuncer, Drums: Clark Tracey, Piano: Soner Ersen

Tomorrow Sep 26 Gilad Atzmon 4tet @ 606 Jazz Club chelsea, London

Sunday A Talk for the Leicester Secular Society

Subject: Truth and concealment in Palestine and beyond

18:30 BST

Apr 09 06:45

16,000 Cincinnati residents receive warning about lead pipes, water contamination

Cincinnati city officials sent out letters to 16,000 residents this week, informing them that much of the city’s water transporting pipes are still made of lead.

Apr 09 00:14

Americans Don't Know Who Washington D.C. Is Named After

This is frightening.


Apr 09 00:12

Attention Hillary: You Are Wanted In The Deposition Room

Earlier this week on Morning Joe, TIME Magazine Chief Michael Duffy said sources tell him that FBI Director James Comey will personally conduct the interview of Clinton which he expects within 'weeks not months.'


Apr 08 18:09

Judge refuses to jail people just for failure to pay fines, promotes community service as an alternative

Melissa J. showed up in my court last year with four kids in tow. Her children quietly watched from a nearby table while I spoke with her. The charges against her — driving with an invalid license, driving without insurance, not wearing a seat belt, failure to use a child safety seat properly and four failures to appear — were nothing unusual for municipal court. Nor were her fines of several thousand dollars. But for Melissa, who had a low-paying job and a husband in prison, and who looked like she hadn’t slept in days, that number might as well have been several million.

Apr 08 18:07

U.S. Senate Bill Seeks to Ban Effective Encryption, Making Security Illegal

The anticipated Feinstein-Burr Compliance with Court Orders Act, an anti-security bill, would require the provision of data in an intelligible format to a government pursuant to a court order( A draft copy was uploaded by The Hill reporter Cory Bennett, though whether it has been submitted officially within the Senate is not yet clear (

Apr 08 17:33

North Dakota SWAT team considered convincing barricaded gunman to kill himself

On February 10th, a resident of Fargo, North Dakota seemingly lost his mind after an argument with his wife, Michelle Schumacher. He threatened to shoot her with a pellet gun, and she wisely chose to flee her home. It wasn’t long before a police officer showed up, who Marcus Schumacher wound up killing with a .22 rifle.

Apr 08 16:51

New Jersey Homeowner May Face Jail for Flying Trump Campaign Flag

A New Jersey man who's been flying Donald Trump's campaign flag in front of his home since February could face up to a $2,000 fine or jail time when he faces a judge in the case.
Joe Hornick has been flying Trump's "Make America Great Again" flag outside his West Long Branch home on a busy corner near the Monmouth University campus for months.

Apr 08 14:20

“Panama Papers” Show Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta and His Brother Tony Podesta Are Involved in Mossack Fonseca Tax Evasion; Bernie Sanders Vows to End US-Panama Free Trade Agreement, Which Made this Criminality Possible

The biggest victim of the so-called Panama Papers scandal, that mass of 11 million documents referring to 215,000 offshore entities created by the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca, may turn out to be Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. P

Apr 08 13:48

Bernanke Takes Credit For QE, Thinks The American People Are Idiots For Criticizing Him

Yesterday on CNBC. Bernanke has officially lost his mind.


Apr 08 13:19

Florida governor launches bullying attack on woman who criticized him at Starbucks

On Tuesday, Cara Jennings was seated in a Starbucks coffee shop in Gainesville when Scott entered. Jennings launched into a rant about her displeasure with Scott’s policies.

“You cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare,” Jennings said. “You’re a**shole. You don’t care about working people. You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

In retaliation, the governor’s political action committee, Let’s Get to Work, made a video deriding Jennings as a “latte liberal” and a “terribly rude woman.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How petty!

Apr 08 13:09

Why Did Houston’s Mayor Prevent VAXXED From Being Screened?

By Derrick Broze

...Activist Post contacted Janice Evans at the Mayor's Office and was able to confirm that the Mayor did not directly stop the film from being shown, but did ask that it not be screened at the Houston International Film Festival. “The mayor did not halt the showing of the movie. He asked that it not be included in the lineup because the film festival has received city grant funding,” Janice Evans told AP. “It is contradictory for the city to provide financial assistance to an event that is disseminating an anti-vaccination message that is counter to the work our health department does.” I pressed the Mayor’s Office further...

Apr 08 13:02

Pressure piles up for independent prosecutor in Lockerbie case Police Scotland to submit report in weeks after probe into ‘perverting course of justice’

Police are expected to submit a report within weeks to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Scotland’s prosecuting authority, on allegations of interference with the original investigation that led to the jailing of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi for the bombing of a Pan Am jumbo jet over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988. Police Scotland is investigation the allegations under ‘Operation Sandwood’.

As allegations also cover the original prosecution and include claims of perjury at al-Megrahi’s trial, campaigners say that the Crown Office has a conflict of interests over the case. Iain McKie, one of those campaigners and a former detective superintendent, said: “The Crown Office is totally unable to give an unbiased and unprejudiced assessment of this report.”

“Once it goes into the Crown Office, it will be disappearing into a black hole.”

Apr 08 12:54

The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

In short, society is collapsing, and they don’t care about us anymore.

Cincinnati city officials sent out letters to 16,000 residents this week, informing them that much of the city’s water transporting pipes are still made of lead... contradictorily admitting the pipes are problematic, while assuring residents that it’s safe because they have a “successful lead corrosion control program.”

Translation: You are receive long-term cumulative damage to your body, but we'll all be retired by the time you can prove it...

Read more at SHTFplan

Apr 08 12:07

Are They Trying to Normalize Incest Now? “Genetic Sexual Attraction” Cited for Why Mother and Adopted Son Are Getting Married

Sure sounds like incest to me. But calling it “genetic sexual attraction” gives it a certain official flair. Makes it sound formal. Legitimate. Definitely does not come with the built-in collective social disgust that the word “incest” does.

Apparently the British Medical Journal says that “genetic sexual attraction” occurs in half of all cases where people are separated and reunited with family members at a young age.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how they normalize incest.

And for further proof on the coordinated normalization, the Mirror, another major British publication followed up the Daily Mail’s piece on this couple on the same day by publishing an article about six other couples including a brother and sister, a father and daughter, and a grandma and her grandson and it, too, cites “classic cases” of “genetic sexual attraction,” not incest.

Apr 08 11:31


This is ridiculous.


Apr 08 11:10

SRA seeks answers from firms linked to Panama Papers

The Solicitors Regulation Authority confirmed today that it plans to contact each of the England and Wales firms among the 11.5 million documents leaked from the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Buggers! Our office buildings burned to the ground last night!"

Apr 08 11:00

The Panama Papers Could Really End Hillary Clinton's Campaign

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Americans are sick to death of the two corporatist political establishments and will do anything to send them a message. The evidence of this is that the two most popular candidates in the 2016 election are a Jewish democratic socialist and a reality TV star who referred to his penis during a nationally televised debate.

Then there’s the matter of the Panama Papers. In case you haven’t heard about them over the roar of mainstream media’s ‘round-the-clock anti-Trump coverage, it’s being referred to as the biggest data leak in history. For the last year, 400 journalists have been secretly decoding 11.5 million documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The 2.6 terabytes of data show billions of dollars worth of transactions dating back 40 years.

Apr 08 10:26

Panama Papers Update: Iceland’s Coalition Government To Face No-Confidence Motion Debate In Parliament

Although the government is facing widespread criticism following the leak, the ruling coalition of Progressive Party and the Independence Party enjoys a majority, controlling about two-thirds of the seats in the nation’s 63-strong parliament. However, latest polls put the Pirate Party in the lead with 43 percent of the vote, much ahead of the ruling coalition and other opposition parties.

Apr 08 10:10

Edward Snowden’s David Cameron Tweet Tells Public to Rise Up and Force PM’s Resignation

Edward Snowden has seemingly called on the British public to help oust David Cameron following the prime minister’s admission that he profited from his late father’s offshore trust.

Apr 08 10:08

Indiana State Trooper fired for handing out Christian pamphlets during traffic stops

A 14-year-veteran of the Indiana State Police was fired Thursday for allegedly proselytizing to people he stopped for traffic violations.

The ACLU of Indiana filed a lawsuit this week against ISP Trooper Brian Hamilton on behalf of Wendy Pyle.

Apr 08 09:41


A University of Texas freshman who was found in a creek on campus this week was the victim of a "brutal murder" while walking to her dorm, police said Thursday.

Haruka Weiser, an 18-year-old dance and theatre student, disappeared after leaving the college's drama building around 10 p.m. Sunday, Austin Police Assistant Chief Troy Gay said in a press conference.

She intended to go home, but "never made it to her dormitory that night," Gay said.

Her roommates reported her missing Monday. The next morning, university officers found her body in a creek in the center of the Austin campus, Gay said. Police immediately opened a homicide investigation.

Apr 08 09:37

College Kids Aren't the Only Ones Demanding 'Safe Spaces'

But conservatives who get hysterical about the "delicate snowflakes" on campus should take a look at their own media-consumption habits. It's hard to imagine anything funnier than a 70-year-old who watches 90 hours of Fox News a week and then rails against college kids who are afraid of new ideas.

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Apr 08 09:35

RT SophieCo interview with Dr Richard Wolff

Apr 08 09:30

Christian cross has no place on L.A. County seal, judge rules

In a long-awaited ruling, a federal judge has sided with plaintiffs who argued it was unconstitutional for Los Angeles County supervisors to place a Christian cross on the county seal.

Apr 08 09:30

A 911 caller who reported a man waving a gun in a Wal-Mart before police fatally shot him and found he had an air rifle he took from a shelf could be charged with making a false alarm, a judge ruled.

Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root ruled this week that there was sufficient evidence to show Ronald Ritchie could be prosecuted for the misdemeanor stemming from the Aug. 5, 2014, police shooting of John Crawford III in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek.

Apr 08 09:26

WATCH Janet Yellen: 'This Is Not A Bubble Economy'

Does she think we're that stupid...?


Apr 08 09:21

Clinton Campaign Uses Noise Machine To Block Reporters From Hearing Fundraiser Speech

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team reportedly used a static noise machine on Thursday to block reporters outside of a fundraiser in Denver from hearing her remarks.
That’s according to Stan Bush, a reporter for Denver’s CBS-4, who was stationed outside of the event, which was held outdoors at the home of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, a superdelegate who has endorsed Clinton.

Apr 08 09:21

Linking to Pirated Content Is Not Copyright Infringement, Says EU Court Adviser

Linking to pirated content that is already available to the public can not be seen as copyright infringement under the European Copyright Directive. This is the advice Advocate General Melchior Wathelet has sent to the EU Court of Justice, in what may turn out to be a landmark case.

Apr 08 08:22

Flint Man Struggling To Evict Strange Woman From His Home, Police Say Their Hands Tied

They say a man’s home is his castle, but one Flint, Michigan man hasn’t been feeling very kingly for the past month. A strange woman moved herself in, though he never invited her and has no idea who she is – and the police say there’s nothing they can do.

Apr 08 08:21

Vladimir Putin says the Panama Papers are part of a Western effort to weaken Russia

President Vladimir Putin has rejected his links to offshore accounts uncovered in the Panama Papers and called the leaks part of Western efforts to weaken Russia.
Speaking in St Petersburg, the President said even though his name did not figure in any of the documents leaked, Western media published the claims of his involvement in offshore businesses.

Apr 08 08:20

Girl Ejected From McDonald’s For Using Women’s Toilets As Staff ‘Thought She Was Male’

A teenage girl claims she was kicked out of her local McDonald’s for using the women’s toilets - because staff thought she was a boy.
Short-haired Ny Richardson said she had no proof of her gender when a staff member asked her to show some ID.

Apr 08 08:18

Ex RAF Engineer Gordon Bowden - The biggest scam against the British people

Webmaster's Commentary: 

2 hours long - save for later.

Apr 08 08:11

Two people killed at Lackland AFB in Texas, murder-suicide suspected

Deputies have found two victims, Bexar County Sheriff's Department spokesman James Keith told reporters. Currently they believe that the shooter is one of the victims.

“It does appear to be a murder-suicide situation,” Keith said. “We do believe that the shooter is accounted for.”

Apr 08 08:10

Big oil spent $115m ‘obstructing’ climate laws in 2015, NGO says

Giants of the oil and gas industry spent millions of dollars last year to manipulate lawmakers and public discourse on climate change, an NGO claimed on Thursday.

Apr 08 08:10

Judge clears cop of sex assault of colleague's 9-year-old, orders counseling

A Cook County judge who had cleared a longtime Chicago police sergeant of the sexual assault of a colleague's young daughter, convicting him instead of misdemeanor battery, ordered the cop Wednesday to undergo up to two years of sex offender counseling.

Apr 08 08:06

Panama Papers may help solve mystery of Modigliani masterpiece missing for 50 years, fifth estate finds

Now, a massive leak of 11.5 million documents known as the Panama Papers contains secret documents that may help solve part of the mystery of the masterpiece called Seated Man With A Cane.

The Panama Papers reveal that a powerful family of international art dealers may be using a Panamanian-registered company to obscure its ownership of the Modigliani painting that is at the centre of a high-stakes court battle.

Apr 08 08:04

Rothschild/Crown Finger Prints On Panama Papers

While the corporate media has used the information to attack political enemies of the Rothschild-led international banking cartel such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, deceased Libyan leader Mohamar Qaddafi (neither of whom are even mentioned in the Papers), Chinese President Xi Jinping and bankster-jailing Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson, the more interesting clientele have naturally flown below Pressitute radar.

These include Pakistan President Nawaz Sharif, Saudi King Salman, United Arab Emirates (UAE) & Abu Dhabi President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, former Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and both acting and former prime ministers of Iraq, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Jordan, Qatar – all of whom are puppets of the Rothschild-led City of London banksters.

The late father of British Prime Minister David Cameron was also listed.

Apr 08 08:02

We must be OK with uncomfortable conversations about Israel

Another danger proceeds from the first. Summers’ article portrays Israel as “victim,” thus ignoring the stark disparity in power between Israel and the Palestinians. That disparity is systemic, enshrined in ways that curtail the rights, freedoms and resources available to non-Jews. Every day, non-Jewish residents of Israel and the Occupied Territories suffer the brunt of Israel’s power to restrict free movement, access to water, land ownership and building permits, educational opportunities and due process of law.

Apr 08 08:01

Panama Papers: City of London Is 'Beating Heart' of Tax Empire

The beating heart of the tax avoidance practice and industry is the city of London, Mark Donne, director of the award-winning documentary “UK Gold,” told teleSUR in light of the recent Panama Papers scandal, emphasizing that the practice has cost the Global South trillions of dollars in plundered resources and wealth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 08 07:59

Covering Their Assets: #Panamaleaks Omitted US Citizens, Claims UK Expert

Palan says that, while having offshore accounts is not technically against the law, the ability to evade taxes by the use of such accounts is illegal. "What these papers do is they reveal criminal activities."

"I did hear the theory or hypothesis that the CIA was behind this," he added, "and that's why US citizens are not implicated."

The author explains the absence of US citizens by suggesting that using Panama offshore accounts would be very dangerous for Americans or US companies, thanks to agreements between the governments of United States and Panama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like that misguided oil price war, the Panama Papers are causing more damage to the US and EU than to the intended target, Russia.

Apr 08 07:42

Suppressing criticism of Zionism on campus is catastrophic censorship

the report conflates two distinct phenomena: hatred of Jews on the one hand, and criticism of a political ideology on the other. The overall claim is that the latter — objections to the Israeli state, its military occupation, its demolition of homes, its two-tiered system of citizenship — is the new, covert form of anti-Semitism.
Note: Just about everything you can think of is anti-Semitism. I am not anti-Semitic, I love Palestinians!

Apr 08 07:40

Michael Rivero "Media Obsessed With Panama Papers But Never Take On Rothschild Central Bankers!"

Apr 08 07:37

Corruption PSYOPS

The so-called Panama Papers are sold to us as a vast leak chronicling the financial misdeeds of the rich and powerful. But is this really the case? Certainly we are given insight into the secretive world of offshore banking, but is it a complete and balanced story? One interpretation of the Panama Papers is the West targeting its enemies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that the leak has backfired against people like David Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Kofi Anan's son, etc.

Apr 08 07:36

Execution of Palestinian exposes Israel’s military culture

It might have been a moment that jolted Israelis to their senses. Instead the video of an Israeli soldier shooting dead a young Palestinian man as he lay wounded and barely able to move has only intensified the tribal war dance of the Israeli public.
Note: Guilty!

Apr 08 07:35

Active shooter reported at Lackland AFB in Texas

Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas is on lockdown following reports of an active shooter.

Apr 08 07:29

lawsuit filed on behalf of Palestinian plaintiffs

Martin F. McMahon & Associates is proud to announce the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of Palestinian plaintiffs against the individuals and entities funding violent settlement activities in occupied Palestine. Related documents:

Apr 08 07:24

WATCH: Wackjob Commie SJWs CRASH 'Students For Trump' Meeting At Portland State


Chaos As Social Justice Warriors Crash 'Students For Trump' Meet At Portland State


Apr 08 07:23

Sea-Tac Airport to consider dropping TSA for private security

Pressure mounted on the Transportation Security Administration Wednesday to fix long lines at Sea-Tac when the airport director told KIRO 7 he is considering all options, including replacing the TSA with private security contractors.

Apr 08 07:23

Co-op CEO has asked for a 40% cut to his base salary because his job has become easier

The head of the Co-op Group has asked for a 60% cut to his total pay package because the job has become easier.
His base salary will fall from £1,250,000 to £750,000, and he will also see cuts in incentive payments.

Apr 08 07:10

The Panama Papers prove it: we can afford a universal basic income

We should all be able to agree: no one should be poor in a nation as wealthy as the US. Yet nearly 15% of Americans live below the poverty line. Perhaps one of the best solutions is also one of the oldest and simplest ideas: everyone should be guaranteed a small income, free from conditions.

Apr 08 07:09

Hillary Clintons campaign built on a mountain of secret cash

The big-money campaign finance system that Hillary Clinton has pledged to dismantle as president is what’s fueling her White House bid, according to a new investigation.

Apr 08 07:07

The Limited Hangout Panama Papers

Apr 08 06:47

Already Under Crushing Debt, Arizona College Forces Students to “Fund Illegal Immigrants”

Will students at colleges across the country soon be forced to pay for the higher education of illegal immigrants, even as most will already have to struggle for years to repay expensive and burdensome student loans?

“It is beyond absurd that this college is going to force all the students to subsidize the education of a student who is in the country illegally,” added Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

“At a time when student loan debt is over $1 trillion it is irresponsible for Prescott College to offer this privilege at the expense of other students,” Andrew Kloster, a legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal & Judicial Studies


Apr 07 19:43

Panama Papers Reveal Details Of MASSIVE UK Gold Heist

This particular gold heist was considered the Crime of the Century. The new details about what happened to the stolen gold are quite interesting.


Apr 07 19:40

Hillary Clinton Confronted By Voter: "My Generation Thinks You Are Dishonest"

This is hilarious. Hillary gets annihilated to her face.


Apr 07 19:22

One Day After The Panama Papers Were Leaked, IRS Headquarters Closes Then Catches Fire

By John Vibes

As we have been covering this week, the release of the Panama Papers has created a panic among world governments, by exposing some of their darkest secrets.

In the leak, 11.5 million documents were stolen from Mossack Fonseca and were leaked to Suddeutsche Zeitung, who then turned to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to examine the documents. In the time since, media organizations have been scrambling to sift through a large number of documents, in hopes of finding stories that they can spin to fit their narrative.

Apr 07 17:41

The Panama Papers Could Really End Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The Sanders campaign has been run on the premise that Clinton is inextricably linked to political corruption, disastrous military interventions, and collusion with Wall Street. If it can be shown that Clinton was involved in criminal improprieties exposed by the Panama Papers, this will constitute yet another major line of attack for Sanders headed into the April 14th debate in New York. If Sanders wins the New York primary a few days later and scoops up a proportion of its 247 delegates, the narrative of the election will dramatically shift.

Apr 07 17:18

The Evil of Centralized Money and Power

The Panama Papers offer damning proof of this: increasing concentrations of wealth and power that are free of any constraint (such as taxes) is not just the consequence of centralized money and state power–this inequality is the only possible output of centralized money and state power.

Apr 07 15:42

Sony Hack Suit: Court Approves Multimillion Dollar Class Action Settlement

A US district court has approved a multimillion dollar settlement deal in a lawsuit brought by Sony Pictures employees, for damages they suffered as a result of the massive hack attack on the company in 2014 that leaked troves of sensitive data.

Apr 07 15:18

Outfront Media Dishonors USS Liberty Vets and Friends

BILLBOARD COMPANY REFUSES TO HONOR NAVY VETS – We placed this billboard in New Bedford, MA, to honor USS Liberty veterans and to help them and their families get the respect and help they deserve.
But Israel partisans complained, one threatening to take his business elsewhere, so the billboard company reneged on their contract and took the billboard down two weeks early.

Apr 07 15:02

Capitalism vs. Free Enterprise

Capitalism gives special government-supported benefits to capital and those with capital (wealthy individuals, families and business entities).
This is the opposite of socialism, which promotes special government-supported benefits to those without capital—the proletariat, as Karl Marx put it.
In contrast to both capitalism and socialism, free enterprise establishes good laws and government policies that treat the rich, middle and poor the same.
Some people may believe that this is the system we live under in the United States today—that the law treats all the same.
Such an assumption is incorrect.

Apr 07 14:55

False Alternative!

We used to be a Free Enterprise country. Not Capitalism,not Socialist,not Fascist.
People need to quit spouting out FALSE alternatives, because they are all Bankster created Ism's

Apr 07 14:50

EU referendum: PM 'makes no apology' for £9m EU leaflets

Royal Mail will start delivering the leaflets - entitled Why the Government Believes That Voting to Remain in the EU is the Best Decision for the UK - to households in England next week and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after the 5 May devolved elections.

A digital version is being advertised on social media and on a new website. The government says the campaign will cost £9.3m, or about 34p per household.


Former minister Liam Fox says he will launch a petition to secure a debate in Parliament on "so we can make known our outrage" at the government's behaviour. He said he would be returning his leaflet to Downing Street and urged others to do the same.

Great idea!

Apr 07 14:42

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Issues Travel Ban To Numerous States Over Lax Gun Laws

Maybe other states should issue travel bans to NY because you can't properly defend yourself in that state....

Apr 07 14:33

Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces

An auditor for the Government Accountability Office told lawmakers Wednesday that in the next few years the federal government will owe more than our entire economy produces.

Apr 07 14:20

Peter Schiff: The Economy Is A Disaster

The economy is a disaster and they know we’re probably in a recession now...

Apr 07 14:15

The Damaging Minimum Wage

What if the politicians who caused this did so just to win the votes of those they promised to help? What if these politicians only helped themselves? What if the minimum wage increase is a fraud? What do we do about it?

Apr 07 13:57

UPDATE: Supreme Court Rejects DC Madam Case

Ted Cruz breathes a huge sigh of relief, for now. Sibley has another plan.

Some interesting quotes from Sibley in here.


Apr 07 13:40

The world and Israel: Complicity in Zionism's crimes and why

Drawing on his past conversations with US and Israeli leaders, Alan Hart argues that the complicity of Western and other politicians in Zionism's crimes will be never ending because Israel is, as it has long been, a nuclear-armed monster beyond control.

Apr 07 13:31

How many #PANAMAPAPERS can YOU handle? PART 6… DailyKOS 4-5-16… “Panama Papers – Hillary connection to Deutsche Bank”

Concerning the Panama Papers scandal, let’s start putting two and two together.

1. Hillary Clinton lobbied for the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement, and WAS WARNED it would make money laundering and tax evasion easier for rich folks and bad guys.…

2. Deutsche Bank is up to its eyeballs in this shit.…

3. After resigning as SoS, Hillary Clinton personally made $485,000 speaking to – don’t hold your breath, you know where I’m going with this – Deutsche Bank.…

No nuance. It’s really simple. Hillary Clinton did Deutche Bank a big lucrative solid, and they returned the favor when it was legally permissible.

Apr 07 13:30

Emirates Airline A Golden Cage That Reinforces Culture Of Fear

Employees of Emirates Airline refer to the company as a 'golden cage,' which allegedly exhausts crews beyond their limits and employs punishments when complaints are filed, the administrator of a dedicated whistleblower site has told RT.

Apr 07 12:35

Little Known Fact: Police Drug Kits Test Positive With Just About Anything

If you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong side of the law, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered a field drug test before. It’s what the police use to test any suspicious looking substances you might have in your possession to see if they’re illegal drugs. And they are of course admissible in a court of law. What the cops won’t tell you however, is that these drug test kits are incredibly fallible, and there are plenty of innocent substances that can cause them to produce a false positive.

Several years ago the U.S. Marijuana Policy Project did a demonstration with the kits that the police use to put people in jail. The results were both enlightening and horrifying.

(read more)

Apr 07 11:55

Craig Murray: "The Empire Strikes Back" (advocates for the full release of Panama Papers data)

This ostensibly sympathetic article from Richard Smith illustrates the problem rather well. It is one of trust. Do we trust the – let me use a neutral word – established media to filter the information and decide what we are permitted to see? My answer is no, I do not trust them. I know many mainstream journalists and the vast majority of them are interested in pleasing their paymasters and advancing their careers. Very few and vanishingly less are disinterested promoters of truth.

Nor do I accept that revealing a story about David Cameron’s dead father – a story which had been in the public domain for four years – or securing the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland, a tiny state which happens to have taken the most radical action of any against bankers, is sign of balance.

It is a sign of a pretence of balance.

Apr 07 11:24

4-Year-Old Alameda County Boy On Terrorist Watchlist

A 4-year-old American boy living in Alameda County has spent most of his life on the U.S. government’s terrorist watchlist, but a newly-filed class-action claim aims to get the young boy, and thousands of other Arab-Americans, off the list.

The young boy, identified in the complaint only as Baby Doe, is one of 18 plaintiffs in the case, Baby Doe v. Piehota.

Attorneys with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed the complaint Tuesday in Virginia, alleging that the director of the Terrorist Screening Center Christopher Piehota, and other government officials are placing individuals onto the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) “based on mere guesses, hunches, and conjectures and even simply based on matters of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion…”

Apr 07 11:12

Suspected Prostitute Charged With Assault For Trying To Punch Detective In The Groin

Swinging at a police officer’s crotch may not be the brightest idea, but it’s what a suspected Nashville prostitute allegedly came up with after law enforcement found her dropping off a coworker of sorts and noticed contraband lying openly in her vehicle.

Apr 07 11:06

Millionaires Fleeing Chicago

Apr 07 11:06

Green Energy Chronicles: SunEdison Enters Death Spiral

SunEdison Preparing to File for Bankruptcy

Solar-energy company SunEdison Inc. plans to file for bankruptcy protection in coming weeks, a dramatic about-face for a company whose market value stood at nearly $10 billion in July.


Apr 07 11:02

Boom: Another Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Out Of The Shadows

By Jon Rappoport

MMR vaccine dangerous

Vaccine Empire wobbles on its foundations

The new film Vaxxed highlights one whistleblower, researcher William Thompson, who publicly admitted he and his CDC colleagues lied, cheated, and committed gross fraud in exonerating the MMR vaccine and pretending it had no connection to autism.

Now we have another: Dr. Peter Fletcher...

Apr 07 10:30

You Probably Spend More On Taxes Than Food, Clothing, and Housing Combined

Are you familiar with Tax Freedom Day? No, it isn’t the day after April 15th. According to the Tax Foundation, it’s the day of the year when the average American has earned enough money to pay for all the income taxes they will accumulate throughout the rest of the year. In 2016, that day will fall on April 24th. Or put another way, if you work during all 52 weeks of the year, more than 16 weeks of your labor are going to the IRS.

According to the Tax Foundation’s annual report, Americans are going to spend a total of $5 trillion on federal, state, and local taxes this year, which amounts to about 31% of our nation’s income. That’s almost $1 trillion more than we spend on food, clothing, and housing put together.

(read more)

Apr 07 10:29

How Much White Privilege Do You Have? Take This Survey Handed out to Florida 7th Graders to Find Out

What exactly that survey has to do with learning middle school-level Spanish is unclear.

The social engineering in America’s public schools is being taken to a dangerous level that should motivate parents of all students, regardless of race or gender, want to homeschool.

(read more)

Apr 07 10:18

RAW VIDEO: Queen Hillary Needs 5 Swipes To Enter NYC Subway


Hillary Clinton is a regular gal who hasn't driven since 1986, and probably has never taken the subway, anywhere. No taxis since late nights in New Haven (omg I'm soooo drunk, we gotta avoid the bad area, girls!) while at Yale Law School.

Where's Huma?


Apr 07 09:42

DC Madam Lawyer Blair Sibley Is Probably Depressed Today So Go To His Blog And Say Something ENCOURAGING!

What's the worst that could happen if he just releases the list now?


Apr 07 08:54

DEA To Look At “Rescheduling” Marijuana Over Next Few Months

It is one of the most tragically comedic aspects of the War on Drugs that marijuana is classed in the same category as heroin and LSD by the U.S. Federal Government. Such a ridiculous classification would truly be worth laughing at if it did not bring along with it mass incarcerations, militaristic…

Apr 07 08:36

Panama Tax Haven Scandal: The Bigger Picture

Unfortunately the leaker has made the dreadful mistake of turning to the western corporate media to publicise the results. In consequence the first major story, published today by the Guardian, is all about Vladimir Putin and a cellist on the fiddle. As it happens I believe the story and have no doubt Putin is bent.

But why focus on Russia? Russian wealth is only a tiny minority of the money hidden away with the aid of Mossack Fonseca. In fact, it soon becomes obvious that the selective reporting is going to stink.

Apr 07 08:33

THIS IS SO BIZARRE: Watch Behind The Scenes As Ted Cruz Coaches His Family

Even his own family knows he's a hypocrite.


Apr 07 08:05

‘Panama Papers’ Implicate Client of Clinton-Linked Lobbying Firm

The “Panama Papers” are being called “the Wikileaks of the mega-rich.” Corporate documents leaked from the law firm Mossack Fonseca show how world leaders have used offshore tax havens to hide their involvement in lucrative companies and business deals around the world.

Among those companies is the Russian Sberbank, whose U.S. investment banking branch recently enlisted the services of the Podesta Group. According to its lobbying registration form, the firm will work on banking, trade, and foreign relations issues.

One of the three lobbyists working on the account is Tony Podesta, a bundler for the Clinton campaign and the brother of campaign chairman John Podesta, who co-founded the firm.

Apr 07 07:52

China Censors the Panama Papers

The foolish man buried his treasure and then posted a sign, “This ground does not contain 300 taels of silver.” This Chinese proverb has become a shorthand for the way the guilty give themselves away, and it’s aptly illustrated by the Communist Party’s hasty efforts to censor news of the Panama Papers.

The cache of documents stolen from the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama City doesn’t show (at least so far) that Chinese leaders or their relatives embezzled money or avoided tax. The authorities nonetheless issued instructions Monday to the official state media, social-media sites and search engines to remove the story.

Apr 07 07:46

USS Liberty Vets Call For Help As Billboard Company Bows Down To Isreal

“BILLBOARD COMPANY REFUSES TO HONOR NAVY VETS – We placed this billboard in New Bedford, MA, to honor USS Liberty veterans and to help them and their families get the respect and help they deserve.

But Israel partisans complained, one threatening to take his business elsewhere, so the billboard company reneged on their contract and took the billboard down two weeks early.

Now we’re asking others to SHARE THIS IMAGE to honor these men and their 34 shipmates who never returned. The Liberty is the most decorated crew since WWII.

Apr 07 07:46


Shortly before her murder-made-to-look-like-a-suicide, Deborah Jean Palfrey was on my talk radio show, and while we were in contact she sent me a copy of her phone records.

In light of recent events I have decided to dump the raw data into the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bump to the top

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 07 07:34

Panama Papers Soros behind leaks

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever Soros thought he was doing, this has backflashed on him.

Apr 07 07:30

Panama Papers Propaganda

$20 trillion is missing from the global economy. Here’s what you should know.

Apr 07 07:10

David Cameron accused of 'completely undermining' Tory claims to be tough on tax dodgers

David Cameron was today accused of "completely undermining" the Government's claims to be tough on tax dodgers after the Prime Minister personally intervened to try to prevent EU transparency rules affecting offshore tax trusts.

The Prime Minister was forced to respond to the scandal after it emerged that he sent a letter to the European Council president Herman van Rompuy in 2013 arguing for trusts to be treated differently from companies in anti-money laundering rules.

Mr Cameron claimed that it was "clearly important we recognise the important differences between companies and trusts".

Apr 07 06:41

Parents called 911 to help suicidal daughter — and ‘police ended up putting a bullet in her’

“We were afraid she was going to hurt herself,” her mother, Terry Boarts, told the newspaper. “We figured she was going to bleed out right there.”

The parents called 911 for help.

But instead of assisting, “police ended up putting a bullet in her,” they said in a statement issued by the family’s attorney.

Auburn police said Melissa Boarts charged at them with an unidentified weapon Sunday, prompting an officer to open fire and kill her.

Now the family is pursuing legal action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You are in greater danger calling the police than dealing with the crisis yourself!

Apr 07 05:46

Why erasing California's anti-Semitic, racist history from public display is the wrong move

The Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, which has protested the sign, correctly points out that the name Hindenburg evokes painful memories of the Nazis’ Third Reich. The Tricentennial Foundation claims that it is merely preserving the site’s historical name, and they downplay Hindenburg’s connections to Nazism.
Note: "Painful Memories" The word Israel evokes very painful memories of USS Liberty veterans! Had enough yet!

Apr 07 02:00

9-year-old reporter breaks crime news, posts videos, fires back at critics

"It's just what I really want to do. And crime is definitely my favorite."

(*We'd get more out of her covering Hillary )
But her reporting did not impress some of the good people of Selinsgrove, and they let Hilde have it on Facebook Saturday night. "I think this is appalling that u would do a story like this when all the facts are not in yet," >>>

(*But it's OK for ABCNNBCBS&FOX !)