Dec 15 08:21

The Real Story Behind the Rushed Blagojevich Bust: How the Feds Are Frustrated by Losing (Maybe) Half of Their Case

Conventional wisdom holds that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald ordered the FBI to arrest Rod Blagojevich before sunrise Tuesday in order to stop a crime from being committed. That would have been the sale of the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was the case forced into the public eye to prevent further damage?

Dec 14 17:19

Read all about it! US newspapers fall prey to the internet and recession

The US newspaper industry is in a full-blown crisis that has seen its business model dynamited by technology and its dwindling prospects threatened by the financial meltdown, which has, in effect, forced advertising revenue off a cliff.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mostly, it is because the readers object to being fed a line of bovine excrement with their ads every day.

See "I am blogger, Hear Me Roar!"

Dec 13 21:19

US newspapers struggling to survive

"What's black and white and completely over?" Stewart asked viewers of his popular mock news television show on Comedy Central.


Dec 12 08:39

Planet P. Cockburn

Planet P. Cockburn is particularly interesting to the curious observer, because of its elliptical orbit around both state-corporate media and the alternative ones and because of its influence on people and events.

Appeared in the Counterpunch Galaxy, Total Defeat for U.S. in Iraq - It's All Spelled Out in Unpublicized Agreement, dazzles as a star: "America's bid to act as the world's only super-power and to establish quasi-colonial control of Iraq, an attempt which began with the invasion of 2003, has ended in failure."

Dec 11 15:19

Caylee is Dead, Long Live the Media Distractions

This Caylee story must be one of the most important events in the world. Why else would the news channels spend so much time on it?

I heard that in another part of the world there are also a few children dying. Starving, blown to bits or from lack of medical care.

Now where is that place? The talking heads are silent on it so it's easy to forget. The budget must be tight because I don't think Gretta has been sent there. Not newsworthy I suppose.

Oh yeah, I remember now, someplace called Gaza.

Dec 10 14:05

Exposed: The Top 6 Islam Hating Media Types

"The term "Islamophobia" refers to hostility toward Islam and Muslims that tends to dehumanize an entire faith, portraying it as fundamentally alien and attributing to its followers an inherent, essential set of negative traits, such as irrationality, intolerance and violence....

Dec 09 13:47 Caught Censoring BofA/Blagojevich Coincidence

We were happy to see that the member-submitted news media site ran our recent post on TV.

Dec 09 09:52

Bill Conlin: Two-minute warning for our beloved sportswriters

If the printed page dies, there is no denying that the fatal wounds have been self-inflicted. There was an elitist smugness even in the press boxes of the 1960s, when Howard Cosell was just a radio nobody hustling for interviews in clubhouses filled with sports writers who treated him like a wad of gum stuck to the soles of their Florsheims. One of my early idols, Dick Young, railed at TV crews trolling for sound bites on his clubhouse turf. And this was before the Internet had a name or an existence.

Dec 08 08:49

US media giant considers bankruptcy

Tribune Co. - the US publisher, broadcaster and owner of the LA Times and Chicago Tribune - is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Dec 07 22:12

Tribune Co. Going Bankrupt

Tribune Co. may be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy next week, as advertising revenues tumbled.The company has $1.5 billion due in interest payments on debt due over the next 8 months and won’t have the cash to make good. Tribune has hired Lazard to prepare the bankruptcy filings.

The print news industry has been in steady decline for several years thanks to the 1-2 punch given by, which killed their classified ad revenue, and the contraction of the economy that weighed heavy on ad revenues.

Are we witnessing the end of an era? One can hope.

Dec 05 20:38

Ad losses send industry into a tailspin

Across the United States, more than 30 daily newspapers are for sale, and buyers are scarce.

From Los Angeles to New York, leading newspapers have slashed newsrooms with buyout offers, and when those failed to reach budget-cutting goals, with layoffs.

The newspaper industry has been caught in a tailspin for three years, a trend variously blamed on plummeting ad revenues, declining readership, growing competition from the Internet and a deepening national recession.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Helping the government lie the nation into a war of conquest" should be on that list!

Dec 05 09:41

CNN Censors Federal Reserve Rant?

Used to doling out a steady diet of bailout propaganda on a daily basis, CNN bosses were probably not amused when Schiff started to blame the government’s obsession with rescuing failed companies for the deepening severity of the economic crisis.

Dec 04 08:02

CNN Cuts Entire Science, Tech Team

CNN, the Cable News Network, announced yesterday that it will cut its entire science, technology, and environment news staff, including Miles O’Brien, its chief technology and environment correspondent, as well as six executive producers.

Nov 30 16:55

Gen. McCaffrey,Rt. , War Profiteer on TV

One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex
Published: Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 4:29 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 4:29 a.m.

In the spring of 2007 a tiny military contractor with a slender track record went shopping for a precious Beltway commodity.
The company, Defense Solutions, sought the services of a retired general with national stature, someone who could open doors at the highest levels of government and help it win a huge prize: the right to supply Iraq with thousands of armored vehicles.

Nov 30 15:43

news anchor on air on Thai Tv was forced off to leave the desk when shots were fired. he suffered only minor injuries.

Nov 30 14:01

Twitter and Flickr replace "official" news outlets in Mumbai

36 hours ago, a look at Twitter postings about Mumbai revealed some of the best on-the-ground information about what was going on. The news channels offered nothing but the usual endless chit-chat about President Bush and other irrelevant topics.

Nov 29 16:53

Never seen before!: Fox news 5 reports WTC 7 collapse before it happens

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like they jumped the gun by about 30 seconds.

Nov 29 09:48

Dave on Demand: Fox, dropping cartoons, sacrifices kids to cash

The saddest news of the TV week is Fox's announcement that it is canceling its entire Saturday morning cartoon slate in favor of infomercials.

Hold on there, Baba Looey! This represents to me the elimination of one of the last vestiges of innocence and idealism left in the medium.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Being a former Hanna Barbera-ite, this is sad news, but on the other hand ,maybe the kids will turn off the TVs and use their own imagination for a change.

Nov 28 09:26

Corporate media "Poisons the well".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In one of the more obvious attempts to silence those who question the official story of 9-11, the media simply lumps it together with the "Elvis is still alive" and "The Moon landings were faked" hoaxes.

Nov 28 09:00

Media Forced To Backtrack On Al-Qaeda Link To Mumbai Attacks

After brazenly declaring that the Mumbai attacks were the work of Al-Qaeda, the corporate media has been forced to backtrack, while India continues to blame Pakistan in a dangerous escalation of rhetoric between the two nuclear-armed powers.

Bellicose propaganda about Bin Laden being behind the massacre, which was initially propagated by the BBC, London Times and Fox News amongst others, has largely evaporated, with the majority of the establishment press being forced to admit they have no idea who was behind the siege on India’s financial capital.

Nov 24 12:44

Comcast will close its CN8 network

CN8, the East Coast regional television network run by Comcast Cable, will shut down by year's end, resulting in the loss of local news programs and sports coverage for millions in New Jersey.

Nov 24 08:58

Tough Times at a North County Newspaper

At its peak in 2004, the company's combined stock value was more than $2 billion. On Friday, Lee's combined stock value was $64 million -- teetering on the brink of being de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange de-lists if a company's value drops below $25 million or if its stock value stays below $1 for a month. Lee's stock closed Friday at $1.42 and has dipped as low as $1.07 this year.

If you invested $1,000 in Lee shares at the peak, that original investment, excluding dividends, would be worth $29 today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to invest in the new media?

Whatreallyhappened is looking to expand! (Especially with SAG set to go on strike) :)

Nov 24 08:36

Jesse Ventura Takes on Hannity & Colmes...

Nov 23 07:46

NYT's Iran nuke report nonsensical

Iran has categorically rejected a report in the New York Times which accuses the country of having enough nuclear fuel to make nuclear weapon.

Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh, said that the report was unjustified and politically motivated, Press TV reported.

"The allegations are aimed at misleading the public and have no technical basis," Soltaniyeh said.

The New York Times cited a nuclear expert as saying that the amount of low enriched uranium at Iran's disposal could help Iran to make nuclear bomb.

Nov 23 07:38

Business big shot: Arianna Huffington, online entrepreneur

Arianna Huffington looks set to cement her position as the Queen of Capitol Hill in the next few days.

The Times has learnt that the Huffington Post, her influential political website, will confirm within the next week that it has completed a $15 million (£10 million) fundraising from investors.

The money will finance the expansion of HuffPo, as it is known, into the provision of local news across the United States and into more investigative journalism. And it will ensure that Ms Huffington's influence continues to spread across the US political scene.

Nov 22 22:26

Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

An influential psychiatrist who was the host of the popular NPR program “The Infinite Mind” earned at least $1.3 million from 2000 to 2007 giving marketing lectures for drugmakers, income not mentioned on the program.

The psychiatrist and radio host, Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, is the latest in a series of doctors and researchers whose ties to drugmakers have been uncovered by Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa. Dr. Goodwin, a former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, is the first news media figure to be investigated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I take vitamins every morning. Does that count?

Nov 21 20:27

Poll: Internet Now Considered More Reliable Than TV, Radio News

Don't trust what you read on the internet? That's no longer the dominant sentiment in the US, according to a new poll by Zogby International. A survey of more than 3000 people performed in the two days after the US Presidential Election found that 37.6% of respondents considered the Internet the most reliable source of news, 20.3% consider national TV news most reliable and 16% said that radio is the most reliable source.

Nov 19 11:00

Iraqi War Story Buried By US Media...

The US media distinguishes itself by obeying the guiding hand of
neglect when it comes to ignoring issues detrimental to corporate
interests. Here is an overview from the Real News Network.

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Featured Video
Nov 19 09:21

Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs

As America’s newspapers shrink and shed staff, and broadcast news outlets sink in the ratings, a new kind of Web-based news operation has arisen in several cities, forcing the papers to follow the stories they uncover.

Nov 18 02:32

It's OK to be a Conspiracy Theorist if you're Bill Maher

Well, well, well ... the guy who loves to throw around the dim-witted term "conspiracy theorist." He makes sure to distance himself from "conspiracy theorists" by saying "I'm always skeptical of conspiracy theorists" as he conveys his favorite conspiracy theory about a partnership between business and government.

Nov 17 11:14

Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole

With newspapers cutting back and predictions of even worse times ahead, Rupert Murdoch said the profession may still have a bright future if it can shake free of reporters and editors who he said have forfeited the trust and loyalty of their readers.

Nov 17 11:01

Officials: Israeli mob boss killed in car bombing

Israelis are accustomed to violence with their Palestinian neighbors but have traditionally felt relatively safe from violent crime. In recent years, however, mob wars also have plagued Israeli towns and cities.

Rival underworld gangs have waged bloody battles for control of gambling and protection rackets, including one involving bottle recycling.

They target each other with bullets, bombs and even anti-tank missiles in violence that has killed dozens of gangsters and at least eight bystanders in the last three years. Monday's noontime attack was by far the most high-profile to date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know I already ran another version of this story but wanted to point out that AP manages to bash the Palestinians three times in this article ... even though Palestinians had nothing to do with this mob hit.

Nov 17 08:13

Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed

Over a ten-month period, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) documented television newsrooms' use of 36 video news releases (VNRs)—a small sample of the thousands produced each year. CMD identified 77 television stations, from those in the largest to the smallest markets, that aired these VNRs or related satellite media tours (SMTs) in 98 separate instances, without disclosure to viewers. Collectively, these 77 stations reach more than half of the U.S. population.

Nov 15 09:29

Eye-opener with a pitch

The station and McDonald’s won’t disclose how much the fast food empire paid for the product placement. But lest there be any concerns about mixing fact (the morning news) with fiction (fake coffee), he points out that the cups are put out only after 7 a.m., when the hard news gives way to light lifestyle news.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Paid product placement on FOX News.

Just keep reminding yourself, that at least part of wghat FOX News shows you is being PAID for.

Maybe more than just the coffee.

Nov 14 10:49

New Report: Fake TV News Widespread and Undisclosed

The Center for Media Democracy and Free Press today exposed an epidemic of fake news infiltrating local television broadcasts across country. At a press conference in Washington with FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein, the groups called for a crackdown on stations that present corporate-sponsored videos as genuine news to an unsuspecting audience.

Nov 14 09:45

Canwest TV loss tops $1B

Canadian publisher and broadcaster Canwest Global Communications Corp. has taken a $1.01-billion writedown on its Canadian television operations, citing dire expectations for future advertising revenues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess the Canadians don't like being lied to any more than Americans do!

Nov 11 11:00

Media Control

This video looks at how the media controls the thought in the US. We see how the corporate media has silenced dissent and have serviced corporate interests. This is why sites like WRH and EVTV1 are important.

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Featured Video
Nov 10 09:46

Scarborough Drops The F Bomb

On Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough accidentally drops the F bomb while talking about the new administration. Co-Host Mika Brzezinski tries to say he didn't actually say it, but we have video

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering Joe's attacks on celebrities for using the 'F' word, it's nice to see he is really a hypocrite.

Nov 10 08:25

MPs seek to censor the media

Britain's security agencies and police would be given unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, under proposals being discussed in Whitehall.

The Intelligence and Security Committee, the parliamentary watchdog of the intelligence and security agencies which has a cross-party membership from both Houses, wants to press ministers to introduce legislation that would prevent news outlets from reporting stories deemed by the Government to be against the interests of national security.

Nov 10 08:20

Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger

You have to give Rush Limbaugh a perverse kind of credit. At least when he is demonizing Barack Obama, fabricating Obama policies, blaming Obama for single-handedly causing the recession and the stock market crash, he doesn't pretend to be fair.

Opening his first post-election rant against the president-elect, Limbaugh launched in with a certain relish. "The game," he told his radio listeners, "has begun."

Nov 10 06:22

The New York Times Covers up Bush's Crimes again.

"WASHINGTON — The United States military since 2004 has used broad, secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, according to senior American officials."

Nov 08 09:48

CNN's 'holograms' just smoke and mirrors

CNN's US election night stunt, in which reporter Jessica Yellin and rapper appeared on set as three-dimensional "holograms", was little more than smoke and mirrors, physics experts say.

In what was billed as a world-first, Yellin appeared to be beamed from Chicago into the network's New York studio for an interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer. But, in fact, Blitzer was looking at little more than a red mark on the floor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Told ya!

Nov 08 09:37

Watching Them Squirm: Is Fox News Abandoning the Mob It Created?

by Mark Ames (Alternet)

The first polls had just closed when the Republican Right's "Agony of Defeat" moment arrived. It was just after 8 p.m. -- right as Fox's "America's Election HQ" show returned from a commercial break, and Brit Hume welcomed viewers back to his "Fair and Balanced" network.

Nov 07 15:10

Scripps cuts 400 jobs, latest hit for US newspaper industry

US media company EW Scripps Co. announced on Friday it would cut 400 jobs as the weak advertising market inflicted another blow on the struggling US newspaper industry.

Nov 07 15:06

Let the Whining Begin (and it has)

While our troops were fighting for Iraqi Freedom, the government was working overtime to deny everyone else theirs. Illegal wiretaps, a vice-president who is above the law in so many respects, Guantanemo prisoners who have been exonerated but will not be released, and on and on. The lies have piled up so high that by the time of the election, nearly anyone would have defeated McCain or any other Republican. This is what the Right doesn't understand.

Nov 07 11:08

Juicy Bits Surfacing in Rather Case: In 2004, CBS Considered Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter Independent Panel

In Exhitit J or the current filing, Mr. Rather's legal team include a list (turned up in discovery) which CBS executives apparently compiled in the fall of 2004, prior to settling on Mr. Thornburgh and Mr. Boccardi.

The list includes Mr. Boccardi's name as well such seemingly reasonable potential candidates as David Gergen, Gene Roberts (former managing editor of The New York Times) and Dick Wald (former president of NBC News).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am feeling sad. I did not make the list. :(

Nov 06 23:37

Fox News Angrily Smears Nader For Daring To Criticize Obama

The corporate media’s frightening obsession with maintaining Obama’s messianic complex now apparently extends to the so-called “right-wing” Fox News, who have eagerly picked up the baton and are right behind the mindless fervor of Obamamania - acting in lock step with the establishment left.

Nov 06 22:04

Chris Matthews comes out of the closet

Video HERE.

Nov 06 10:05

cnn's hologram interview technology explained

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And it isn't really a hologram anyway, it's just a fancy chroma-key dressed up to look like a gag from Star Wars.

Nov 06 08:54

$400 for a fish wrapper? Obama win sparks online 'print rush'

Bids on eBay last night were up to $400 for a single copy of Wednesday's New York Times -- banner headline: "Obama" -- although by this morning, market saturation seems to have knocked that price down to about $100. Lesser but still substantial ransoms were being asked for keepsake editions of lesser but still substantial metro dailies.

Who said print is dead?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Y'all owe me $400 for the copies of my Obama Wins page you downloaded 2 nights ago! :)

Nov 05 18:22

News Corp. profit declines 30%

News Corp. said Wednesday that its fiscal first-quarter profit fell 30% on losses related to its investment in a German pay-TV operator and comparisons with year-earlier results that included contributions from DirecTV and Gemstar-TV Guide, which have since been divested.

Due to the economic crisis and its impact on TV- and newspaper-advertising sales, News Corp. Chief Financial Officer Dave DeVoe told analysts that the company now expects fiscal 2009 operating income to drop by a percentage in the low to middle teens from $5.13 billion in fiscal 2008.

Nov 02 09:30

Cunningham alleged that "Obama wants to gas the Jews"

Cunningham later added, "Jews for [Sen. John] McCain because Obama wants to gas the Jews, like the PLO wants to gas the Jews, like the Nazis gassed the Jews."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are getting desperate.

Nov 01 14:07

Internet Now Major Source of Campaign News

Many more Americans are turning to the internet for campaign news this year as the web becomes a key source of election news. Television remains the dominant source, but the percent who say they get most of their campaign news from the internet has tripled since October 2004 (from 10% then to 33% now).

Nov 01 11:12

Cunningham alleged that "Obama wants to gas the Jews"

Summary: On his Cincinnati-based radio show, Bill Cunningham asked a fictional Jewish character voiced by a fellow WLW-AM host: "Did you hear about this Khalidi tape where Obama is toasting a guy who wants to gas and fry Jews? ... This Obama guy loves the PLO. Can't you figure that out?" Cunningham later added, "Jews for [Sen. John] McCain because Obama wants to gas the Jews, like the PLO wants to gas the Jews, like the Nazis gassed the Jews."

Oct 30 10:31

A ratings win

The Obama-mercial was fairly highly rated across the three broadcast networks (CBS, Fox and NBC) in the early metered market numbers. Between the three networks it scored an impressive combined 17.8/29 (household rating/share).

If ABC truly hoped that by being only scripted programming on broadcast for 8:00pm-8:30p, it would help out Pushing Daisies, that plan went awry. My guess is ABC was more likely just looking to burn off an episode. Daisies scored a 4.2/7, pretty much the identical rating it had a week ago up (4.2/6).

Oct 30 10:00

Ten Fallacies About the Violence in Iraq

The distortions about the violence in Iraq persist even as the mayhem increases. Here are ten of the worst myths being spread in the media.

Oct 30 09:44

VIDEO: FOX NEWS: " We Need Another 9/11"

"its going to take a lot of dead people to wake people up."

Oct 29 18:56


I am writing this letter in reply to your October 29th "Talk Me Down" segment in which you openly wondered at John McCain's seeming over-confidence in winning the election just 6 days hence. I presume that your solicitation that someone explain it to you was a rhetorical plea, as I cannot imagine anyone with your intelligence not comprehending what McCain knows about the election that the rest of us do not know.

Oct 29 10:35

Christian Science Monitor to discontinue daily print edition

Oct 29 08:40

Dear Media: What’s This Election About?

I get that candidates are going to run slightly shady campaigns. I get that, because I’m not an idiot and that’s just politics as usual. I can learn about the shadiness of their campaigns by watching their commercials. They’re going to lie. It’s your job to get the truth and to hold someone accountable when they lie, not just weakly point out ‘Hey, that might possibly be construed as slightly perhaps being not so forward in the field of truth. Let’s take a poll to see how the American people feel about possibly perhaps being lied to maybe.’ Don’t just point it out, do something about it.

Oct 29 08:24

ABC Jumps Too Late On Obama's 'Buy'

ABC finally offered Barack Obama's camp the 8 p.m. half-hour in its Wednesday lineup for his campaign-related program -- which will air at that time on the other major broadcast networks.

But, in an ironic twist, the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign passed on ABC's offer, saying it has allocated the funds elsewhere.

Oct 28 09:41

Biden Slammed During Florida Interview, Same Anchor Gives McCain Softballs

Biden asked her if his interview was a "joke" and wondered aloud who was writing her questions. Conservative writers, like Michelle Malkin, are trying to use Biden's negative reaction to biased questions as proof that he's even more erratic than John McCain. It's a huge stretch. Not only has John McCain increasingly accused the entire media establishment of being in the tank for Obama after years of calling the press his "base," but on Thursday he showed clear erratic behavior by snapping at a reporter over an immigration question:

Oct 27 15:44

Who Put Hate in My Sunday Paper?

Something strange has been showing up inside the Sunday newspapers of millions of Americans the past few weeks. The material being included alongside comics, coupons, and advertisement for local stores is a controversial DVD called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” Some 28 million copies of this DVD have been distributed for free so far in this fashion. In some ways the scale of this campaign, and its ideological venom, are unprecedented: many newspapers state that they had never previously distributed free DVDs as inserts, certainly nothing with such a charged content.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Website of today's radio show guest.

Oct 27 09:37

Most Major Papers Continue Circ Decline

For those holding out for some improvement in print circulation, this morning brings disappointment. The Audit Bureau of Circulations released the latest figures for the six- month period ending September 2008 and the report shows major drops in circulation at the big metros.

According to ABC for the 507 newspapers reporting in this period, daily circulation slipped 4.6% to 38,165,848 copies. For the 571 papers, Sunday dropped 4.8% to 43,631,646 copies.

For comparison purposes, in September 2007 reporting period, daily circ fell 2.6% and Sunday was down 4.6%.

Oct 26 10:00

Noam Chomsky on the Media...

Media critic, Professor Noam Chomsky disagrees with the notion
that the media has a liberal bias. Chomsky explains this by
analyzing the structure of the media and whose interests it serves.

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Featured Video
Oct 25 08:36

Palin calls elected leader a dictator, AP ignores error

Sarah Palin this week mistakenly called a democratically-elected president of a foreign state a dictator. In response, Hugo Chavez, who was in 2006 re-elected by a convincing 60% of voters, evoked Jesus, remarking, “Forgive her, for she knows not what she says.”.

So now you know the story: Chavez is not a dictator, he’s the popularly-elected leader of Venezuala. Palin didn’t know even this most basic fact about Venezuala, and yet felt qualified to threaten that country with sanctions.

Oct 24 09:23

S&P slashes NY Times rating to junk

Standard & Poor’s slashed its rating on the New York Times Company by three notches to junk on Thursday after the publisher reported fresh impairment charges, a quarterly underlying loss and a review of its dividend policy.

The decline in print advertising revenues that has dogged US newspapers accelerated in the third quarter as the economy worsened, said Janet Robinson, chief executive. Visibility about future advertising bookings was “limited”, she added.

Oct 22 12:32

BBC Set To Air Third Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth

The BBC is set to launch a third savage smear attack on the 9/11 truth movement by re-hashing a now thoroughly debunked program that it first aired in July of this year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 22 11:11

Associated Press just exploded their own credibility

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every major poll has Obama with a 9% to 12% lead over McCain, but AP insists it's all "even".

Setting the stage for another stolen election?

Oct 22 10:21

National Post plays the '9/11 Conspiracy Theorists are Jew Haters' card

Oct 22 08:41

Unprepared for a YouTube world

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's getting hard to lie when YouTube keeps you honest.

Oct 21 10:56

Former NYTimes reporter Judith Miller joins Fox News

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She'll ooze in just fine over there!

Oct 20 08:27

Some Papers in Financial Trouble Are Leaving the A.P. to Cut Costs

Unhappy with both the A.P. service and its price — more than $800,000 a year at a time when The Dispatch’s finances are severely pinched — the paper on Friday took the once-unthinkable step of saying it would drop the service.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After all, A.P. is one of the major news providers that helped sell the lie of Saddam's 'nookular' bombs!

Oct 19 10:00

War On Journalism...

What Fox News has done is really clarify the nature and function
of the news media. Far from adhering to lofty standards of
journalism, they clearly represent an open and naked advocate
for corporate interests. View this and learn

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Featured Video
Oct 18 08:11

Los Angeles Times - Barack Obama for president

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing of this endorsement (and the one from the Washington Post yesterday) proves that the corporate media has lost their role as definers of the public opinion. Only now, when the blogosphere has made it obvious that Obama will win (barring vote theft) do the major newspapers wade in with their endorsements.

Oct 17 10:08

Corporate Media Sour Grapes...

"But if there's an overarching culprit, it is the Internet, which in the run-up to Election Day is betraying its dark side as the perfect conduit for crackpot conspiracy theories, manipulative propagandists and obnoxious chatter."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And after all, that's OUR job!" -- ABCNNBBCBS

Oct 17 08:28

Financial crisis may take toll on business media

The financial crisis has given the business media an unprecedented opportunity to pick up readers and viewers as millions follow the markets' every lurch. The future, though, may be much less appealing.

Fresh drama in a rapidly changing story has guaranteed large, 24-hour audiences for business magazines, websites, newspapers and television channels.

But a grim advertising outlook, subscribers looking for a myriad ways to save money, and the inevitable prospect that the story will cool make optimism unsustainable.

Oct 15 08:04

U.S. mood plummets as crisis deepens: Reuters poll

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They need a poll to figure out that not having money depresses people?

Oct 14 21:07

"Torturing Democracy" premieres on affiliates as PBS ducks the torture issue.

This spring, PBS’s distinguished Frontline series aired a mildly critical account of the lead-up to the Iraq War entitled “Bush’s War.” As the airing of the program was announced, the Bush Administration proposed to slash public funding for PBS by roughly half for 2009, by 56% for 2010 and eliminating funding entirely for 2011. Did PBS get the message? Perhaps.

Oct 14 08:16

Rolling Stone ends large format after 4 decades

After more than four decades of standing out with a larger format than other magazines, it will step back and look like everyone else starting with the Oct. 30 issue, due out this week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh man, the pot-heads will NEVER be able to read the smaller type now!!!!!

Oct 13 09:04

FLASHBACK - 60 Minutes: Shelving a Story to Boost Bush?

In an outrageous politicization of journalism, CBS announced it would not air a report on forged documents that the Bush administration used to sell the Iraq war until after the November 2 election (New York Times , 9/25/04). A network spokesperson issued a statement declaring, "We now believe it would be inappropriate to air the report so close to the presidential election."

Oct 13 08:48

New "View" Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Doesn't Know If World Is Flat

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And they kicked Rosie O'Donnell off the show for THIS idiot?!?!?!?

Oct 13 07:36

Newspapers Axe Monday Issues on Paper Cost, Ad Slump

Oct 12 17:09

A 2.2% McCain lead is greater than a 13.8% Obama Lead

The Washington Post maintains a webpage titled "Political Landscape 2008." This webpage has been updated recently enough to reflect Obama's 13.8% polling lead in Pennsylvania, a trend that uses polls released as recently as Wednesday. On this webpage, the Washington Post collects recent polling data, and then declares a state to either be a "battleground," or leaning toward one party or the other. Here are some of their polling averages and diagnoses:

Obama +13.8%: Battleground state (PA)
Obama +10.4%: Battleground state (NH)
Obama +10.0%: Battleground state (NJ)

Oct 12 13:31

This one will haunt William Kristol for years to come!

Oct 09 06:50

RNC Cuts Out Middleman, Issues Verbatim Fox 'News' Transcript as Press Release

The RNC isn't even trying to pretend like their indepedent from their media arm, Fox "News", anymore, apparently.

Oct 09 06:47

Where’s the outrage over media mistreatment at the RNC?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Where’s the outrage over mistreatment of AMERICANS at the RNC?

Oct 07 08:47

FCC Launches Inquiry Over Iraq War Coverage

Federal regulators have launched an inquiry into whether broadcast networks and military analysts violated federal sponsorship identification rules as a result of an effort by the Pentagon to increase favorable news coverage of the Iraq war.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission sent letters to people mentioned in an April New York Times investigation of military analysts who received private briefings by senior Pentagon and White House officials and taken on tours of Iraq in exchange for more favorable commentary on the status of the war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A little late, aren't you?

Oct 06 10:52

Press kept under a watchful eye

Constantly under the watchful eyes of security, the media wasn't permitted to wander around inside Coachman Park to talk to Sarah Palin supporters.

Oct 06 10:47

A Futile Bailout as Darkness Falls on America

America has become a pretty discouraging place. Americans, for the most part, will never know what happened to them, because they no longer have a free and responsible press. They have Big Brother’s press.

Oct 06 10:33

Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

Well, it looks like the MSM is finally getting around to reporting on what McCain did while in the Navy:

But, so far the MSM has not investigated this issue.

If his records does reflect what is being reported by Wayne Madsen, then McCain was guilty of gross dereliction of duty and should have been court-martialed.

Oct 06 09:43

Stock Market Propaganda

"House Rejects Financial Rescue, Sending Stocks Plummeting," screamed the double-decker headlines that occupied two full inches across the top of the front page of The Washington Post on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.

Only when whipping up war fever have America's major news organs been so propagandistic. Their dishonest reporting, even more than their opinion pieces and their editorializing, tell you that this massive daylight burglary of the U.S. Treasury is something that they, or whoever pulls their strings, badly want. Why else would they slant the news so much?

Oct 06 08:07

My Pulitzer Submission

Oct 06 07:18

Journalists, start your skepticism.

In covering the proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street don't repeat the failed lapdog practices that so damaged our reputations in the rush to war in Iraq and the adoption of the Patriot Act. Don't assume that Congress must act instantly, as so many news stories state as if it was an immutable fact. Don't assume there is a case just because officials say there is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ABCNNBBCBS did not listen to these wise words.

Oct 05 09:42

FOX News anchor defends Obama on Ayers smear

Oct 05 09:31


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Searching around the TV channels this morning, it's all O.J. all the time, followed by political speechification, buy-bull bangers, and infomercials for exercise machines. Not a word about the economy.

Oct 05 08:01

Why is the NY Times continuing to ignore McCain's "own Bill Ayers"?

On October 4, The New York Times published a 2,140-word front-page article about Sen. Barack Obama's association with former Weather Underground member William Ayers -- at least the 18th Times article this year mentioning that association. But the Times has yet to mention, let alone devote an entire article to, Sen. John McCain's relationship with radio host and convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.

Oct 03 18:14

$1.4 Billion In McCain Tax Cuts For ‘Mainstream Media’

The multinational corporations that run the mainstream media — GE (NBC), Time Warner (CNN), Walt Disney (ABC), News Corporation (FOX), and Viacom (CBS) — stand to benefit hugely under a McCain presidency. The centerpiece of Sen. McCain’s economic plan — actually, the whole plan — is large tax cuts for corporations. It would deliver $1.44 billion in tax cuts to the five largest media companies, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Oct 02 09:26 - do u trust the mainstream news media?

Oct 01 16:53

Salon Radio: David Cay Johnston on the bailout

I spoke with Johnston today about the pending bailout, the panic (and resulting acquiescence) that has been successfully injected into the American public, Johnston's very piercing critiques of the coverage of the financial crisis by his former colleagues in "journalism" (or, as he puts it, "by the actors who play the role of journalists on TV"), and the profound changes among both the journalistic culture and journalists themselves since he first became a reporter several decades ago.

Oct 01 10:33

Helen Thomas on the Press

Veteran Washington correspondent Helen Thomas, whose history in the
press corps goes back over 50 years, says that this is the worst
press corps she has ever seen in all her years in Washington.

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Featured Video
Oct 01 09:39

Boston Tea Party, 2008

How dare you throw that tea into Boston Harbor! Such is the anti-democratic arrogance of the fear-mongering pundits and politicians who tell us if we taxpayers don’t instantly give the Wall Street banking bandits a $700-billion bailout, we are destroying America. Instead of applauding representatives from both parties who, for once, heeded the public rather than the fat cats, the established pundits blasted those who dared get out of line.

Sep 30 16:04

[Video] Nearly unanimous vote for Obama = "split" on FOX

One or two votes for McCain, and the rest of the room's hands are raised for Obama. Fox News calls it "split," which it the same way Fox is "balanced."

Sep 30 08:10

6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now

Brainwashing doesn't take any sci-fi gadgetry or Manchurian Candidate hypnotism bullshit. There are all sorts of tried-and-true techniques that anyone can use to bypass the thinking part of your brain and flip a switch deep inside that says "OBEY."

Sep 30 08:01

Media: Bush Is The ‘Picture Of A Beaten Dog’

Bush’s speech is unlikely to have much of an effect. Immediately following the address, MSNBC turned to New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, who commented:

I don’t think that comforts anybody. I don’t think that moves a single vote. With due respect and sympathy for the man, that was the picture of a beaten dog. That was the picture of presidential impotence right there. He looked terrible like his bell had been rung. He looked drawn to me.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You will forgive me if I fail to respond to such an obvious and pathetic bid for sympathy by a sycophantic media.

Sep 29 18:22

Short of cash, NY Sun is shutting down

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hee hee hee hee.

Sep 29 12:26

Media starting to gin up some polls to re-sell the bailout

Sep 29 10:15

'Substantive' Press Is Taken for a Spin

While some journalists say privately they are censoring their comments about Palin to avoid looking like they're piling on, pundits on the right are jumping ship. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says Palin "just seems out of her league." National Review Editor Rich Lowry called her performance "dreadful." Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher described the interview as a "train wreck." Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker urged Palin to quit the race, saying: "If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself."

Sep 29 08:50

U.S. Seals Bailout Deal

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it obvious the corporate media wants this thing to happen?

Sep 29 07:36

Protests on Wall Street - what the news media isn't showing you

Protests took place on Wall St. to protest the bail out plan - and the mainstream news media didn't even mention it

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, please keep in mind (and share with other blogs) that the executives in control of the mainstream are watching their OWN stock portfolios and the stock options they hold within the media corporations they work for. If the bailout passes; they will get rich(er).

So the media is feeding you ONLY that news that will trick you into agreeing that the bailout is a good thing, even as President Bush admits (just now) that the bailout won't make the economy any better; that it's benefit, if any, will be seen (or not) far in the future.

Talk about snake oil economics!

Sep 28 16:06

[Video] C-SPAN caller: Bush and Cheney dead, dead, dead

Caller to C-SPAN: "George Bush and Dick Cheney are liars, traitors, and murderers, and if there was any true justice in this country the people would drag them out of the White House, take them to the Capital Mall and hang them by the neck until they are dead, dead, dead. Thankyou very much."

Sep 27 16:24

BBC investigated after peer says climate change programme was biased 'one-sided polemic'

The BBC is being investigated by television watchdogs after a leading climate change sceptic claimed his views were deliberately misrepresented.

Lord Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, says he was made to look like a ‘potty peer’ on a TV programme that ‘was a one-sided polemic for the new religion of global warming’.

Earth: The Climate Wars, which was broadcast on BBC 2, was billed as a definitive guide to the history of global warming, including arguments for and against.

Sep 27 11:36

AP Fact Check Is Wrong...In McCain's Favor

It comes as no surprise that the Associated Press fact check of the debate contains a glaring distortion and omission that naturally favors John McCain. And infuriatingly, it is directly related to the current financial meltdown.

Sep 26 17:41

Fired Herald cartoonist presents banned work - video

Newspaper Cartoonist Fired for Political Artwork

Former New Zealand Herald Political cartoonist Malcolm Evans was awarded the Qantas Media Awards 2003 Cartoonist of the Year.

His work caused controversy and resulted in him leaving the Herald.

Sep 26 05:20

CFTC Relents and Probes Silver Market

With silver prices falling this past summer, silver bugs world-wide set out to prove that their metal was in short supply and market manipulation was at work. They bombarded federal regulators with hundreds of emails crying foul play and demanded answers.

Sep 24 21:15

Zionist circles linked to Islam-bashing DVDs targeting voters in key US states

Millions of voters in US states crucial to this fall's presidential election received DVD copies of a controversial documentary film as advertising inserts in their morning newspapers last week, with more sent out over the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If anyone has an extra copy of this DVD I would like a copy sent to me at
P.O. Box 534
Concord, NH 03302-0534


Sep 22 10:33

Pentagon Used 150 Military Analysts To Sell War Policy

If you want to know how we got into war, you need only to view this
4 minute video clip. The government gave ex-generals turned analysts
talking points to promote the war agenda.

Optional Banner: 
Featured Video
Sep 22 07:27

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Check out #25

Sep 21 09:02

Navy Releases McCain's Records

For life of me I can't quite figure out why this story has not gained any traction. I email Rivero about this story seveal months ago. Not response except to tell me this story is not ready yet for dissemination. ???

Sep 20 16:54

Hate mail, courtesy of your daily newspaper

Readers of the St. Petersburg Times on Sunday found a little rancid bonus in their newspapers this weekend: a DVD called Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, which is a hate film ostensibly about Islamic terror. It’s really a thinly veiled attempt to influence the presidential election by flooding anti-Muslim sentiment ahead of the Obama-McCain balloting in November.

Nothing like infusing the voters’ minds with fresh images of terror, especially little children as jihadists, only 50 days away from the day we decide whether to put a man named Barack Hussein Obama into office.

Sep 19 12:22

Army Alters Photographs, Issues Them To AP

The Associated Press retracted two government-issued photographs last night after a photographer in Texas alerted the agency that the photos in question appeared to be doctored.

Sep 19 08:59

VIDEO - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. How the news media fails us

Sep 19 08:55

Media Obstruction in Galveston

I don’t think they want us to see images that may remind people… of the images that we saw in New Orleans. I don’t think they want us to see the images that were seen in Waveland, Mississippi or Gulfport… I think that’s the reality; they do not want us to see yet, until they can control what we see and how we see it. And that is simply, at least in my career, unacceptable. Maybe a lot of reporters won’t say it, but I will. I think they do not want us to see images of potential fatalities that may be on land or on water.

Sep 19 08:29

Hannity Spoonfeeds Palin GOP Talking Points On Troopergate And More

In Part 2 of his lapdog interview with Sarah Palin on last night’s (9/18/08) Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity made a pretense of probing into some of the many controversies swirling around her: Troopergate, the Bridge to Nowhere, her interest in book banning and her connection to the fringe secessionist Alaskan Independence Party. But Hannity’s “questions” were posed in such a way as to steer Palin into a safe haven of polished spin, replete with distortions and contradictions all of which Hannity ate up as Truth.

Sep 18 07:01

Ex-JonBenet Ramsey Murder Suspect John Mark Karr Leaves U.S.

John Mark Karr's father says his son, feeling unwelcome in the Grant Park neighborhood near downtown Atlanta, has left the country, but did not say where he had gone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

and only last night on the radio show I predicted that before the end of the week Jon-Benet would get tossed back into the media as a distraction from the economy!

Sep 17 08:51

After Six Decades, Union-Tribune Shutters D.C. Bureau

The San Diego Union-Tribune's 64-year-old Washington D.C. bureau will close later this year as all of its four remaining reporters leave the newspaper.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We don't need reporters any more. The government tells us what to print!"

Sep 16 16:29

Radio host suspended for airing anti-Palin protesters' numbers

Anchorage AM radio host Eddie Burke has been suspended for a week for broadcasting the phone number of women involved in organizing a protest against Sarah Palin.

The women later received threatening phone calls.

Sep 16 09:39

Leading Journalists Expose Major Media Manipulations

The riveting excerpts below are from the revealing accounts of 20 award-winning journalists in the highly acclaimed book Into the Buzzsaw. These courageous writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major news stories. Some were even fired or laid off. They have won numerous awards, including several Emmys and a Pulitzer.

Sep 15 10:40

Gallup admits: it only releases likely voter results when they favor McCain!

In other words, Gallup is admitting the following:

1. At the time it released the September 8th poll (showing McCain up by 10), it believed institutionally that likely voter results were less accurate than registered voter results.

2. Likely voter results have only occasionally diverged from the registered voter results.

Sep 15 08:36

The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is Doomed

The Sarah Palin Phenomenon is doomed.

But it's not because of her lack of foreign policy experience or her deer-in-the-headlights look during part of her interview last week with ABC's Charles Gibson.

The primary reason why the Palin bubble will burst is that the media will decide that they are bored with her. They'll need to move to shine a light on a fresh issue or individual.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the media realizes that backing Sarah Palin has made them look even more ridiculously enslaved to the power brokers, and they are looking for a way to excuse their behavior as Palin starts to implode.

Sep 14 11:31

Neo Nazi/White Supremacist Hal Turner Confirms Friendship And Kinship With Sean Hannity

Sep 14 11:24

ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview

A transcript of the unedited interview of Sarah Palin by Charles Gibson clearly shows that ABC News edited out crucial portions of the interview that showed Palin as knowledgeable or presented her answers out of context. This unedited transcript of the first of the Gibson interviews with Palin is available on radio host Mark Levin's website. The sections edited out by ABC News are in bold. The first edit shows Palin responding about meeting with foreign leaders but this was actually in response to a question Gibson asked several questions earlier:

Sep 14 10:55

Jesse Ventura Educates Naive "Reporters" re 911 Building Demos

I am starting to get used to this without becoming angry. Multiple gullible, naive, and incurious "reporters" ask Jesse Ventura why he has questions about the official government fairytale explanation for the collapse of WTC 1, 2, and 7 on 911. He reminds them repeatedly that they are the ones that are supposed to be asking questions. "Why am I doing your job?" he asks them. Why indeed? As usual the callow "reporters" have an answer that matches what their government told them for every inconsistency or physical impossibility Jesse Ventura points out in the official rubber-stamped report .

Sep 13 08:30

Who was involved in 9/11? Documentary reveals shocking facts

On the anniversary of 9/11, an Italian-produced documentary called ZERO, investigating the tragedy, is opening in Russia. The authors believe that the U.S. official version of events surrounding the attacks can't be true. U.S. networks have rejected the film.

Sep 13 08:14

Chicago Tribune Censors a BuzzFlash Reader's Obituary Because It Stated "In lieu of flowers, vote Democratic."

Sep 12 09:25

“The lies of the “60 Minutes” TV program Exposed

I was in Tehran and only a few feet from Ahmadinejad during one of the times he was quoted as saying that he threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” In fact, he said that he believed simply that the Zionist regime would be overthrown and then gave the example of the overthrow of the Communist regime in Russia. He also said that if he Zionist regime fell, there must be respect for the civil rights of everyone, including Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember, Don Hewitt is on video admitting that he edited the "60 Minutes" segment on Gennifer Flowers to help Bill Clinton get the nomination.

Sep 12 08:10

Is CNN Getting Kicked Out of Russia?

Putin may strip CNN of its Russian broadcasting rights after it refused to air a 30 minute exclusive interview he gave the network.

Sep 10 09:21

'NY Times' Closes Local Distribution Service, Cuts 550 Jobs

A New York Times-owned distribution service that handles delivery of the Times in the New York area -- along with some 200 other publications from the New York Post to Advertising Age -- is shutting down in January, eliminating some 550 jobs, the company revealed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar!

Sep 10 09:02

Unfit for High Office

One of the interesting aspects of this campaign is watching the scales fall from the eyes of many of John McCain's closest admirers among the veteran DC press corps. I'm not talking about the freaks on Fox News or any of the sycophants at the AP. I'm talking about, let's say, the better sort of reporters and commentators in the 45 to 65 age bracket. To the extent that the press was McCain's base (and in many though now sillier respects it still is) this was the base of the base.

Sep 10 08:05

Palin YouTube Videos Suddenly Unplugged

Several videos that did not portray Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a flattering light, have suddenly disappeared from YouTube, and from this site!

A video from a local Alaskan TV station interviewing some of the individuals involved in an investigation that Palin allegedly fired a public official who refused to fire her ex-brother-in-law has vanished from YouTube, as has a video of Palin as a novice sports announcer on a local TV station.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very soviet!

Sep 09 16:38

CNN fabricates reports about Georgia and South Ossetia

Russia Today TV channel journalists, who worked in the city of Tskhinvali, accuse CNN of forgery in the coverage of the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia, RIA Novosti reports.

Sep 09 09:50

MSNBC Bombs in Blogosphere

The decision by MSNBC to yank Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor duty during live political events did not exactly send a thrill up the leg of liberal bloggers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or paleo-conservative bloggers either.

Sep 09 08:12

US crime: OJ Simpson trial starts with battle over jurors

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media gets its distraction.

Sep 09 08:08

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom

There seems to be a coordinated push to re-sell the official story of 9-11 (also JFK) to judge by the programs readers report seeing on Discovery, National Geographic, and History. My own trip around the channels found a disproportionate percentage of war-glorification going on as well over the weekend.

Sep 09 07:38


Yes, their methods are very scientific.
1% (15 votes)
No, they are trying to shape public opinion, not measure it.
99% (2398 votes)
Total votes: 2413
Sep 08 10:43

We're Gonna Frickin' Lose this Thing

Something is not right. We have a terrific candidate and a terrific VP candidate. We're coming off the worst eight years in our country's history. Six of those eight years the Congress, White House and even the Supreme Court were controlled by the Republicans and the last two years the R's have filibustered like tantrum throwing 4-year-olds, yet we're going to elect a Republican who voted with that leadership 90% of the time and a former sportscaster who wants to teach Adam and Eve as science? That's not odd as a difference of opinion, that's logically and mathematically queer.

Sep 08 08:41

US FCC Relieves Big Phone Cos Of Costly Data Requirements

At the latest possible moment Saturday, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission gave a regulatory gift to five large phone companies, relieving them of costly requirements to provide the agency with certain internal company figures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"... so, you guys will be nice to McCain and Palin, right? Right? Right?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 08 07:07

MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors

MSNBC is removing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as the anchors of live political events, bowing to growing criticism that they are too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Olbermann isn't there, then MSNBC just lost me as a viewer.

Sep 08 07:04

Not Really An Interview

Looks like I need to modify the countdown widget to track the time until Sarah Palin sits down for an interview without preconditions, because as Josh Marshall observes, the Charlie Gibson interview isn't really an interview after all.

For starters, it will take place in multiple sessions over multiple days, giving Palin incredible leverage over Gibson -- if she or her handlers don't like a question, they'll just cancel the remaining sessions, all but insuring that Gibson won't ask any tough questions.

Sep 07 21:18

Report: '60 Minutes' Cut Ahmadinejad's Statement, 'Solution Is Democracy' in Israel/Palestine

The interview that Mike Wallace did of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2 years ago was aired on C-Span recently, and a diligent blogger has reported on what "60 Minutes" cut out of the interview when it aired. When Wallace confronted Ahmadinejad with the "wipe Israel off the map" threats, Ahmadinejad said that "the solution is democracy" in Israel and Palestine, a suggestion that he favors a one-state solution.

Sep 05 17:25

Bank’s failure stings CNN’s Lou Dobbs and state senator

The failure of Alpharetta’s Integrity Bank has likely wiped out the investments of some notable Atlantans, including CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and a legislator that serves on the state Senate’s bank committee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll bet we don't get any more "The Economy is doing fine" stories out of Lou!

Sep 05 10:21

McCain Campaign Plans To Keep Palin Away From The Press

Yesterday, McCain adviser Nicole Wallace dismissed the fact that Gov. Sarah Palin has yet to take any questions from the press. “So what?” she scoffed. Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, campaign strategist Rick Davis suggested Palin might never sit down for an interview if, he said, it’s “in our best interest” to keep her away from the media

Sep 05 09:38

Sarah Palin ‘affair’: big media stays quiet as ‘lover’ named

While America's respectable media focus on John McCain's acceptance speech to the Republican faithful, blogs and gossip sites continue to lead the feeding frenzy surrounding the National Enquirer's allegation, reported here yesterday, that McCain's running mate Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when John Edward's affair was the hot news story all during the time Hillary's supporters claimed that public knowledge of the affair would have shifted the nomination to her? (And remember how quickly the Edwards story faded once Hillary conceded to Obama?) Remember all the attention Edward's affair got even though he was already out of the race, and the affair unable to affect our daily lives?

Well, I am casting the gauntlet down to the corporate media on this one. Only a few days ago, I pointed out how the media went after Obama's pastor for his supposed racist views, yet seemed unconcerned with Palin's pastor's claim that terrorism in Israel was God's punishment on Jews for refusing to convert to Christianity!

And here we are. The "Family values" nominee for Vice President has her own stained sheets. Fairness and honesty demands that the media examine this story with the same intensity with which they reported on John Edwards' affair.

So, media, will you be fair and unbiased? Or will you prove that you are still the lackeys of the rich and powerful GOP? Will it be one set of journalistic standards for the Democrats, and another kinder and gentler set for the GOP?

The gauntlet is thrown. The challenge is made. The whole world watches to see what the US corporate media will do now.

Sep 05 09:19

Fox News censors Jesse Ventura: The Cavuto interview that didn’t air.

He wraps up the interview with a slight on Bill O’Reilly saying “Actually I’d like to do Bill O’Reilly but he’s too much of a coward to have me on!”

For some Reason Fox Business News failed to air the interview….

Sep 05 09:16

The Blackwater DEA photo scrubbed from the LA Times

“We heard some noise outside, and then the door literally burst in, and the DEA came in in full combat gear, told everybody to get on the floor and put their hands behind their heads,” Carey said. “It was like, literally, an episode of “24,” when they bust in on a terrorist cell.”

That’s the description of the Culver City DEA dispensary raid I blogged about last Friday. Who knew that the “terrorist cell” description would have another frightening parallel. That agent unloading DEA evidence is wearing a Blackwater t-shirt.

Sep 04 08:39

Dear Chris Matthews

I hold you responsible...for the lie that Sarah Palins speech was was not...She competently read a speech written for her which had little substance and lots of front of her supporters..and you found that powerful?

Sep 04 08:03

"Send A Shovel To The Media" Campaign

What would joey scars, mika the waitress, wolf blitzshit and the rest do when 500-1000 shovels show up in their mailbox at MSNBC and The Cheney News Network?

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

One CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30348-5366
United States

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, I can afford to send a few of those myself! They will go out today.

Sep 04 07:50


Webmaster's Commentary: 

ABCNNBBCBS tries to convince everyone who did not see Palin's speech that she did more than just read the teleprompter, pause for the queued applause tracks, and look like an aged beauty queen.

Sep 03 17:14

O’Hanlon: Bush deserves credit for Iraq being free of WMD.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ignoring the little fact that there were none to start with.

Sep 03 16:44


The sun appears to be setting on The New York Sun some 6½ years after it began.

Investors are said to have given founder and Editor Seth Lipsky until the end of the month to find new angel investors - or else the plug will be pulled.

Sep 03 14:14

What Noonan and Murphy Really Think Of Palin

Two conservative commentators on MSNBC, after they're off the air, say what they really think about the veep choice.

Sep 03 10:36

US Jewish radio personality: Republican Jews have a monopoly on wisdom

Speaking at the "Salute to GOP Governors" sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition Tuesday in Minneapolis, Jewish radio talk show host Dennis Prager said that though "Republican Jews don't have a monopoly on nice people, we have a monopoly on wisdom - to discern the difference between good and evil, and how to fight it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not that we're being racist or anything tacky like that, of course!

Sep 03 10:00

Hannity’s Bullyboy Pique A Sure Sign Sarah Palin Is In Trouble

Sean Hannity seems to be getting it that Sarah Palin’s candidacy is in trouble. Hannity & Colmes was broadcasting from the Republican National Convention last night (9/2/08). Could there be any place Hannity should feel happier and more comfortable? But the exuberance of the night before was gone and replaced with a bullyboy pique. Even more telling was that Hannity spent more time talking about Barack Obama than about Palin and McCain.

Sep 03 09:41

Picture imperfect: German mag shows its true colours

A photographer with the German magazine Der Spiegel says images he took on an assignment in Tskhinval were censored by editors. However, the magazine did reproduce pictures showing the Georgian side of the story in an article called "Tragedy's Chronology".

Sep 03 07:57

Limbaugh Watch: Palin Pregnancy Talking Points

Limbuagh hammered away on a handful of themes: 1. The Left's ridicule of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family will backfire. 2: Gov. Palin's daughter, Bristol, made a classic "average American" mistake, endearing her to born-again Christians. 3: Gov. Palin is energizing heartland Middle Americans and "values voters." 4. Leftists are sexists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is typical "Pills" Limbaugh. And I will tell you one thing right now. Bristol is NOT an icon to born-again Christians, who will view her Pregnancy (regardless of when it actually occurred) as a poor example to expose their own children to.

Sep 02 11:45

What is a “Georgia”?

In a court of law, once you are caught lying, you are through. The judge is no longer listening to you, for you have ruined your credibility in his eyes and you will never regain his trust again. Case closed, you lose.

Aug 31 19:36

Sarah Palin hit by internet rumours over fifth child

Teams of Democratic operatives and investigative journalists descended on Alaska yesterday to delve into the private and public life of Sarah Palin, the new and little-known Republican vice-presidential nominee, as fresh questions arose over whether she had been vetted properly by the John McCain campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the Times UK wades in on this story, even if only to call it "unfounded", then the US corporate media is going to have to deal with this issue.

Aug 29 20:04

'Star Tribune' Latest Paper Planning to Drop AP

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis has become the latest, and so far the largest, daily newspaper to inform the Associated Press that it plans to drop the service in two years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar.

Aug 29 08:48

VIDEO - Cindy McCain's Despicable Lie About Mother Teresa

You can read the story for yourself here, including the part where the McCain campaign revises their story to admit Cindy McCain never met Mother Teresa on that trip. And this story has the timeline of when they started to lie about their daughter and Mother Teresa.

Aug 28 18:19

ABC News Producer Arrested in Denver

ABC News producer Asa Eslocker was arrested in Denver, Colorado and charged with trespass, interference, and failure to follow a lawful order. He and a camera crew outside of the Brown Palace Hotel taking pictures of Democrat Senators and VIP donors in town for the DNC.

Aug 27 13:18

What reporters are doing at the DNC

14,000 are wearing terrible suits.

7,500 aren’t doing much at all. This isn’t surprising. Only a small number of reporters actually have a reason to be here. The rest are conventioneering—seeing old friends, eating Democratic-themed menu items (“Barack Obama’s Turkey Chili”) in pandering local restaurants, brandishing their press passes at all comers, looking for free things, and spending about 14 percent of their time trying to rustle up enough stories to justify their presence to their editors.

Aug 27 11:43

Malkin Stooge Caught On Tape Attempting To Frame Alex Jones

One of Michelle Malkin’s stooges is caught on tape lying to police in an attempt to frame Alex Jones, claiming that Alex punched her bodyguard and shouted death threats, when in reality Malkin’s bodyguard assaulted Alex and his crew, and the death threats were made by provocateurs completely unaffiliated with Alex Jones.

Aug 27 07:48

Militarism and a Uni-polar World

The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller as an off-shoot of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). David Rockefeller was chairman of the CFR in 1970 and subsequently became the founding chairman of the Trilateral Commission. Soon the membership of the Commission had grown to 300 members, including prominent political figures like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Most members of the Trilateral Commission are bankers, media moguls, or corporate CEOs, primarily from North America, Europe and Japan, while all members of the CFR are U.S. Citizens.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They don't control this media!

Aug 27 07:38

Media Runs False Flag On Alex Jones

In the middle of the video these guys wrap their arms around Alex Jones, they were loud and claimed to be "big fans", they were not. At one point they scream, "kill Michelle Malkin" over and over. A message of hate and threats, just the type of tactics Alex warned that they would use in the days prior to the DNC on his radio show. It sounds less like a message from a truther, and more like a message from a provocateur, similar to the guys caught at the SPP meeting in Canada last year, they turned out to be cops dressed up like anarchists armed with rocks ready to incite a riot.

Aug 26 16:00

Provocateurs Call For Violence To Demonize Legitimate Protesters At DNC

Media reports attempt to link individuals who screamed “Kill Michelle Malkin” to talk show host Alex Jones

Aug 26 09:29

Their Cheatin' Hearts

Submitted by a reader with the following letter to the editor.

To the Editors of the NY Daily News:

Why no mention of presumptive Republican nominee for president, John McCain, in your "Their Cheatin' Hearts" slideshow about politicians who commit adultery?

McCain is a self-confessed adulterer who ran around on his first wife, Carol Shepp McCain, after she was severely injured in a car accident. He also got a marriage certificate to wed his second wife, Cindy Hensley McCain, before his divorce from his first wife.

"Liberal bias" in the media? I think not.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reminded of how Bill Clinton was forced on us all when the media decided to conceal Bill's extramarital dalliances from the voting public. Quite a contrast to the way Gary Hart was brought down by the same media.

Excerpt from The Clinton Chronicles


DON HEWITT (Executive Producer, "60 Minutes"): And they came to us
because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to
lose right there and they needed some first aid. They needed some
bandaging. What they needed was a paramedic. So they came to us and
we did it and that's what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Russer
that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, "Why?" I
said, "The Gennifer Flowers interview." He said, "You got him the
nomination." I said, "I know that." As far as I know from the
conversations I've had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that,
Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it 'cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming
on that night.

You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very
sick candidate. He needed very strong medicine, and I'm not in the
business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that
night and walked to the nomination and as I said to Mandy, "You know
if I'd edited it your way, you know where you'd be today? You'd still
be up in New Hampshire looking for the nomination." He became the
candidate that night.

Aug 26 09:02

Denver Democratic Convention Protesters chant "F**k Fox News!!!" ON LIVE TV

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FOX News is clearly irrelevant to today's youth.

That is a good thing.

Aug 26 08:01

Obama assassination plot story looks like bullshit

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess I am not the only one with doubts.

Aug 25 14:37

Chris Matthews Denies Calling Clinton a 'She-Devil'

Matthews says his critics at Media Matters took the two words out of context as they built a website around the host's sometimes outrageous comments. "This stuff has been cooked up," he says, "to build a case." Media Matters isn't backing down. Spokesman J. Jioni Palmer says the TV star has a pattern of "sexist comments," adding, "Chris Matthews speaks for himself."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You got a problem with that?

Aug 25 08:31

Will Authorities Stage Riots In Denver?

The major question hanging over the Democratic National Convention, which starts in Denver today, is whether or not authorities will follow the lead of previous mass protest events, and actively stage violence to justify a brutal crackdown on legitimate demonstrators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Hillary steals the nomination, they won't need to worry about setting off riots!

Aug 24 16:22

VIDEO - Fox coverage of DNC protest quickly cut as activists turn on their reporter (w/video!)

Aug 23 07:48

LA TIMES - Obama chooses Gov. Tim Kaine for VP slot

Aug 22 08:32

McCain's Housing Crisis. Who's the Elitist Now?

Funny how a black guy from a poor broken family who made his way through school on scholarships and owns one home is attacked as an elitist by a silver-spoon fed Navy brat with 7+ mansions and condos who portrays himself as everyman. And to listen to Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the sorry right-wing attack dogs, you'd think everyone's been piling on poor old Johnny out of the blue. Hannity's indeed right: people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. But it's McCain whose fragile house is shattering now. And now he and his mob are whining like little beeyaches about it. What a joke.

Aug 21 17:35


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al Jazeera reports where US media fears to go.

Aug 21 12:57

Mainstream Media Commercial

A commercial for "The Mainstream Media." By comedian Jon Lajoie.

Aug 21 10:09

Discussing Obama, Limbaugh suggests Dems, media believe "you can't criticize the little black man-child"

"On the August 20 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh asserted of attacks by Sen. John McCain against Sen. Barack Obama: "See, there are Democrats -- the drive-bys" -- a term Limbaugh uses to denote the national media -- "are just so upset with these so-called 'ferocious attacks.' These have been benign. Even the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton ad was funny. It was benign." He later added: "It's -- you know, it's just -- it's just we can't hit the girl.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shut up and take your pills, Rush.

Aug 21 09:37

Why is Liberal Radio So Inept?

Let's get right to the point: liberal radio is a disaster. It's un-listenable. While the right-wingers are out there relentlessly bashing the hell out of Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in an effort to tear him and it down in their quest for the presidency, our compadres on the left are indulging themselves in sophomoric humor and inane blabbering about nothing in particular. All you need is a 30-second listen and you'll realize just how dreadful and unfocused it is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 20 11:54


“I really hope it’s Biden. You don’t want to say that too loud, but I really do hope that it’s Joe Biden, because we’ve got a mountain of archival audio on Joe Biden.”

Aug 19 22:04

A steady diet of trash 'news'

If I hear the name John Edwards used in the same sentence with "love child" again I think I am going to throw a TV set out of a third story window. Who really cares about this story that has captured the news for the last two weeks? Apparently somebody. Maybe a lot of bodies. But does it really affect any of us personally?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know the feeling.

Aug 19 16:53

Muslims, Jews and the free speech debate

Last year, a Spanish court found two cartoonists guilty of offending the royal family by drawing a caricature of the Spanish crown prince having sex with his wife. They were fined €3,000 each.

“I don’t see the world up in arms defending freedom of expression,” my editor told me after listening to the news on the radio.

Aug 18 08:44

Sky News lies: Tskhinvali ruins used to smear Russians

Falsely claiming that Russians had flattened Gori by showing pictures of the aftermath of the shelling by Georgian Troops of Tskhinvali. The Sky Clip is preceded by a road sign that shows Gori and the Presenter says he is reporting from their BUT the footage is clearly the same footage that was shown two days previously in a report about Tskhinvali

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What amazes me is that the controllers of the media still haven't realized that the old methods of lies and propaganda no longer work. The internet gives humanity a collective memory and consciousness that exists outside governmental and corporate control, and the average life span of a media lie is measured with an egg timer these days.

Aug 18 07:45

AP's Iran-Trained Hit Squads Story: Iraq News Nadir?

Hess' lede announces what appears to be a significant development in the otherwise waning U.S.-Iran conflict over Iraq. "Iraqi Shi'ite assassination teams are being trained in at least four locations in Iran by Tehran's elite Quds force and Lebanese Hezbollah," she writes, "and are planning to return to Iraq in the next few months to kill specific Iraqi officials as well as U.S. and Iraqi troops, according to intelligence gleaned from captured militia fighters and other sources in Iraq."

Aug 18 07:43

Biased broadcast? Moscow accuses U.S. TV of gagging victims’ stories

Moscow has accused an American TV network of bias after a channel broke off from a live interview with victims of Georgian violence in South Ossetia. A 12 year old girl and her aunt were describing how Russian soldiers saved them from the Georgian attack – but were bizarrely cut off after just two minutes.

Aug 17 21:48

No Cone of Silence

Pastor Warren, the host of last night's forum was just on CNN. In an interview with Rick Sanchez the pastor admitted McCain was not even at the Church for the first half hour of the event. This admission comes as a surprise to those of us who watched the event and were told many times that McCain was at the Church and in isolation.

CNN says they talked to McCain's camp and they said no one in his camp was listening. The honor system, are you kidding me?

I think it is pretty clear at this point McCain did indeed know the questions in advance.

Aug 17 21:47

ExxonMobil owns the media’s convention coverage.

Aug 17 09:07

Gannett Is Cutting 1,000 Newspaper Jobs

Gannett Co. is eliminating 1,000 jobs, including 600 layoffs, across its newspaper operations, a company spokeswoman said Thursday.

USA Today, the largest-circulation newspaper in the country, wasn't affected by the latest round of cutbacks, but had 45 job cuts of its own last November.

The latest cuts will affect Gannett's other newspapers, which include 84 dailies such as The Arizona Republic and the Detroit Free Press as well as nearly 900 non-daily publications.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 16 18:57

Moscow accuses U.S. TV of gagging victims' stories

News August 16, 2008, Biased broadcast? Moscow accuses U.S. TV of gagging victims' stories.

Aug 15 19:32

FLASHBACK - Troubling Anthrax Additive Found; Atta Met Iraqi

In this one article, ABC put out two claims, both of which eventually were proven to be complete fabrications.

Aug 15 11:34

VIDEO - The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV. A reporter makes a comparison to the US reaction to 911 to Russia's reaction to Georgian attacks and the satellite feed drops off in the middle of his question. TV is censored every day and every hour but sometimes the censorship is plain to see.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

pull the plug!!! PULL THE F**ING PLUG