Feb 18 16:17

Can Russia control the weather? Climate researcher says CIA fears hostile nations are triggering floods and droughts

If it seems like it never stops raining, blame the Russians. Or even the North Koreans.

CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s weather, a conference heard.

A leading academic has told how he got a mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding.

Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said: ‘Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think CIA is using too many of those drugs they smuggle into the country.

Feb 18 11:29

Snowmageddon: 17 amazing photos of record-breaking US snow

Being surrounded by massive amounts of snow provides some fantastic photo opportunities as the images below show.
The mayor of Boston has even had to warn people to stop jumping out of windows into piles of snow as part of a new craze.

Feb 18 11:28

No Relief From Winter Storm And Cold Spell For Much Of The Country

For the South, the storm that dumped a foot of snow in some places was only the beginning. Low temperatures gripped the region Wednesday, freezing and refreezing the snow and ice and making the roads as hazardous as they were during the height of the storm. In many areas, the cold was expected to stay for days.

The refreeze has already played out over and over in New England, where mountains of snow are piled high.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 18 11:27

Record cold expected Thursday night in Pittsburgh

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for Western Pennsylvania, with record-breaking low temperatures possible Thursday night.

Feb 18 11:26

Siberian express: Record cold attacks East, South

A ferocious blast of bitterly cold air straight from Siberia was roaring through the eastern and southern USA on Wednesday, dropping temperatures to historically low readings as far south as Florida.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh yes, Al Gore was right about human-caused global warming, but it's hose GOSH DARN RUSSIANS messing things up! :)

Feb 18 11:25

Chicago weather: Subzero wind chills; record-breaking cold expected

The brutal cold is back. An arctic front brings high temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero to the Chicago area on Wednesday.

Feb 18 11:24

All-Time February Record Lows Possible As Arctic Blast Grips Midwest, Northeast, South (FORECAST)

Temperatures are plunging once again as a frigid air mass that has a connection to Siberia surges across the central and eastern United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now hey blame the cooling on Russia! :)

Feb 17 13:04

Winter's icy grip brings record cold to metro Detroit

An arctic blast that's cold enough to chill your fingers inside your gloves and make you tear up when you walk outside is going to continue testing our weather-weary patience this week.

Feb 17 11:27

The New York Harbor Looks Like The Arctic Ocean

It’s so cold in New York City that the harbor looks like the Arctic Ocean, floating ice chunks and all. The temperature hit a low of 4 degrees on Monday morning, with a wind chill that made it feel more like -15. New York’s coldest February 16th on record, however, remains 1888 when it was just 1 degree.

Feb 17 10:16

Snowstorm paralyses central US as New York cold hits record low

Record-breaking cold gripped the eastern United States while an icy winter storm crippled the nation’s central states and then moved into the mid-Atlantic, dumping snow and forcing federal offices in Washington DC to close on Tuesday.

Feb 17 10:15

Tri-State Area Braces For Possibility Of Record Cold

Temperatures began to plunge Sunday afternoon and could challenge record lows by Monday morning.

A wind chill advisory is in effect for New York City, northern New Jersey, western Long Island and southern portions of western Connecticut through 9 a.m. Monday.

Feb 17 10:14

Record Cold Grips MichiganFebruary 16, 2015 10:50 AM

It’s not just been cold in Michigan, it’s been record cold.

The National Weather Service reported Monday that records were broken across the state this weekend due to the cold.

Feb 17 10:14

Polar vortex to deliver another brutal shot of record cold to Michigan later this week

The polar vortex is going to move south to nearly Lake Huron in the second half of this week. It will bring Michigan another surge of record cold.

Feb 17 10:14

Cold wave overnight includes record 12 below zero in Cleveland, 23 below in Ashtabula County

Monday marked the third straight day of record low temperatures in parts of northern Ohio, with readings dipping as low as 23 degrees below zero in Ashtabula County.

At Hopkins International Airport, the official Cleveland weather station, a record of 12 degrees below zero was set at 5:32 a.m., the National Weather Service reported.

That makes Monday the coldest day in Cleveland in six years, Northeast Ohio Media Group research found.

Feb 17 10:13

FORECAST: After ice and sleet, record cold in Fayetteville this week

The Cape Fear region scraped away as much as a half-inch of ice and sleet Tuesday morning as another powerful Arctic bast prepared to slam the region by Wednesday night.

Feb 17 10:10

BEX ALERT - Nationally, it's been one of the warmest winters on record

While it's been a rough winter so far for people in the north-central and northeastern U.S., both December and January were actually warmer than average across the country overall.

The U.S. is having its sixth-warmest winter on record, according to data from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), which has records back to 1895.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

National Climatic Data Center. Aren't they the ones the British media exposed for manipulating raw data showing cooling so that it supported the global warming agenda? I mean, we ARE dealing with the same government that told us Saddam had nuclear weapons!

Feb 17 09:58

Mount Washington second-coldest place on planet

Mount Washington Observatory staffers Monday recorded one of the world's coldest temperatures and the highest gusts since 2008: 141 mph, higher than the 140 recorded during Hurricane Sandy in 2008.

Early Monday, Mount Washington Observatory Summit observer Ryan Knapp received information from that, at -35 degrees F., the summit was the second-coldest reporting location on Earth, behind only the South Pole at -51 degrees.

Feb 17 07:19

Climate “Science”: Consensus or Conformity?

I started a PhD program in Environmental Engineering because I worried about climate change. It didn’t take long for me to become a skeptic.

My first paper, a study about precipitation intensity over the U.S., was rejected by reviewers because it contradicted the climate model projections. Though they could find nothing wrong with the methodology, they decided observational data must be flawed because climate models couldn’t possibly be wrong and wrote that the paper could not be published.

Feb 17 07:18

Cold logic on climate change policy

Change, after all, can be for the better or the worse, and at any rate it is inevitable; there has never been a lengthy period of climate stasis.

Just as there is no logical or scientific basis for thinking that climate change is new, there is no self-evident reason to assume that the climate of the past is “better” than the climate of the future.

Feb 16 20:13

Niagara Falls comes to a halt AGAIN: Millions of gallons of cascading water is frozen in bitter temperatures

For the second time in what has been a frigid winter in the Northeastern United States, Niagara falls has come to an icy halt as the six million cubic feet of water that typically flow over the falls every minute has frozen over.

Feb 16 15:16

Cantore Thundersnow Montage!

Feb 16 15:05

Germany 2014 Report Card Is In! Its 25,000 Wind Turbines Get An “F-“…Averaged Only 14.8% Of Rated Capacity!

Resistance to wind power in Germany is snowballing. And it needs to be noted that this resistance is grass roots and sustained almost entirely by volunteers and privately donated time and effort.

Feb 16 10:46

Bill Gates Calls for ‘Global Government’ to Fight Climate Change

Billionaire claims world government “badly needed” to save the earth

Feb 16 08:44

Del. breaks record low, has up to 8" more snow forecast

Wind blew Delaware into a record-setting deep freeze Sunday, knocking out power to thousands and bringing forecasts of even more bitter cold and more snow Monday night.

Feb 16 08:44

Winter storm sweeps east as Boston reels from record snows

A new winter storm is expected to push toward the East Coast into Tuesday as Boston continues being blanketed by record-breaking snowfall.

Last week's blizzard broke two records in Boston. The National Weather Service tweeted Sunday that February 2015 was the city's snowiest month on record.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 16 08:43

Dangerous cold follows record-setting series of storms

A weekend blizzard that brought near-whiteout conditions and lightning strikes in coastal areas is being followed by some of the coldest weather the region has seen in more than a decade.

A bone-chilling blast of cold, with lows of minus-10 degrees, was forecast in parts of the state.

Feb 16 08:43

-10 is Buffalo's coldest since 1996; 19th century records remain in place

Sunday's official high temperature will go down in the books as +2 degrees. That happened at 12:20 a.m.

That was the only hour Sunday the thermometer stayed in positive territory as temperatures plummeted as expected.

By 2 a.m., it was minus-1. By 5 a.m., minus-4. And, by 8 a.m., minus-7.

Feb 16 08:42

More record cold possible Monday morning; 2-5 inches of snow expected at night

Millersville University meteorologist Eric Horst is predicting this week to be the coldest of the season.

"It's going to be a real wintry week," he said. "It's going to be about as cold as it gets here in Lancaster in February." on Sunday night was calling for a low of minus-2 early Monday morning, just before sunrise.

Feb 16 08:41

Dangerously Cold Tonight, Snow Late Monday

Updated: 11:30 PM on Sunday, February 15, 2015

**Wind Chill Warning for all counties until 10 AM Monday morning**

Extreme cold will last into Monday morning. Harrisburg's high temperature of 13º ties the record coldest, high temperature that was set back in 1943. We could tie or break the record low tonight of 0º in Harrisburg. The record of 0º dates back to 1905.

Feb 16 08:41

New York City nears record cold, as NYPD says man found dead on Coney Island boardwalk may have frozen to death

Temperatures hovered around 4 degrees, just a bit warmer than the record low of 1-degree, set in 1888. A man found dead Monday morning on the Coney Island boardwalk likely froze to death, police sources said. The cold will settle in for the week, and several inches of snow may add to the 'fun' for Tuesday.

Feb 16 08:40

Record-Low Temperatures or Not, New Yorkers Are Feeling the Chill

In Grand Forks, N.D., where the average low temperature for February hovers around 2 degrees, Mike Roufs, a streets department supervisor with 42 years of snow-fighting experience, could have been forgiven for raising an eyebrow at New Yorkers who complained of the cold.

To be fair to New Yorkers, it was about to get a great deal colder in the city — nearly as frigid as Grand Forks, where the overnight low on Sunday was forecast at an even 0. The temperature in Central Park for Monday, forecast at 2 degrees, may or may not beat the date’s record low of 1 degree, set on Feb. 16, 1888. Even if it does not, the city has a wind chill of minus-20 degrees to look forward to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have not been able to find a single mention anywhere of what is happening to the homeless populations of these cities in this intense cold.

Feb 16 08:39

Grand Rapids' cold breaks 52-year-old record, another frigid night ahead

It's wintertime in West Michigan, though this sort of cold isn't too common.

So uncommon, in fact, Sunday's cold is record-breaking. Grand Rapids' morning low temperature of minus 8 degrees broke the previous record of 7 degrees below zero previously set in 1963 and 1904, according to the weather service.

Feb 16 08:36

Sahara Desert Greening Due to Climate Change?

Desertification, drought, and despair—that's what global warming has in store for much of Africa. Or so we hear.

Emerging evidence is painting a very different scenario, one in which rising temperatures could benefit millions of Africans in the driest parts of the continent.

Scientists are now seeing signals that the Sahara desert and surrounding regions are greening due to increasing rainfall.

If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities.

Feb 15 11:00

FLASHBACK - BBC Exposes 'Fudge Factor' in ClimateGate Global Warming Computer Programming Code

Feb 15 10:47

George Carlin on Global Warming

Feb 15 10:43

If We Had Some Global Warming

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By reader request

Feb 15 10:03


The corporate media has laucnhed a blitz of claims that 2014 was the hottest year on record, despite the record cold and snow this winter. The claim that 2014 is the hottest year on record was put forward by a Japanese global warming researcher and supported by both NASA and NOAA, which work for the same government that assured you Saddam had nuclear weapons.

However, NASA is already hedging their bets by admitting that the statistical methods used to arrive at this claim have a very wide margin of error, so much so that it is only a 38% chance the claim is accurate.

Meanwhile, the satellite launched to measure Earth's temperature does not confirm this claim. In fact, 2014 came in at sixth place in the time since since the satellite was launched!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 15 09:42

Bitter Arctic blast could bring record cold

A bitter Artic blast that blanketed Western Pennsylvania with several inches of snow already this weekend likely will set a new weather record today, which could see wind chills as low as 30 below in some places.

The high is expected to reach 3 — beating the record of 8 set in 1943.

“We'll definitely break the low high record,” said meteorologist John Darnley with the National Weather Service in Moon.

The low overnight is expected to reach minus 7.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 15 09:40

Extreme cold expected to continue Sunday, throughout week in Ann Arbor

If you can avoid heading outside today, you might want to. The Ann Arbor area has continued its descent into extreme cold on Sunday.

It's currently about minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperatures for the day are expected to rise only as high as 0 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

In addition, a north northwest wind 6 to 9 mph is expected, with a wind chill value as low as -27, and the area is under a wind chill warning until noon Feb. 15.

Feb 15 09:40

Record breaking cold Sunday morning

Record cold settled into West Michigan Sunday and broke a long-standing low temperature record. Grand Rapids dropped to -8° at 7:38 a.m., breaking the old record of -7° set back in 1904 and tied in 1963.

Feb 15 09:39

Four huge blasts of snow in one month for New England

Snow and dangerously high winds roared across parts of New England in the dark of night to face an army of road crews and emergency workers Sunday, who had readied themselves for the fourth winter onslaught in less than a month. The odds favored the ominous weather.

More than 6 feet of snow already stood in some areas from previous storms; a blizzard warning was in effect for coastal communities from Connecticut to Maine into Monday; and a bone-chilling blast of cold, with lows of minus 10 degrees was in the Sunday night forecast in parts of the region.

Feb 15 09:39

Boston Now At Third Snowiest Winter On Record

The heaviest snow bands continue to move south rotating around the storm which is out at sea. Temperatures will remain in the teens this afternoon, which while cold, won't be as cold as later this evening. Try to clean up the snow as soon as it stops before temperatures fall later in the day. Notice the green areas on the radar moving south of Boston. That is where it's snowing at 2 to 4 inches per hour as of this update.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 15 09:38

1,500 Flights Canceled as Boston Hit With Record-Setting Snow

Boston’s brutal winter has made its way into the record books.

After yet another blizzard last week, the city marked its snowiest month since record-keeping started in 1872, forecasters said Sunday.

Feb 15 09:38

Northeast battered by relentless winds after record snow

The U.S. Northeast struggled to dig out on Sunday from another major winter storm that made February the snowiest month in Boston's history, but bitter sub zero cold and huge drifts hampered the effort.

Feb 15 08:41

Truth first casualty of climate wars

Why is it that when politicians make basic science mistakes in support of the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming, no government agency or university representative corrects them?

It is not as if such errors are rare; they happen all the time.

For example, climate modellers correctly label their speculations of future temperatures as “projections”, meaning that they have no validated forecast skill.

Yet lawmakers treat the models as providing forecasts or predictions.

Because this misusage is never corrected, our leaders get away with basing expensive public policy on misinformation.

Feb 14 11:12

Dangerously cold temperatures move into Detroit

Potentially record-setting cold is descending through lower Michigan Saturday afternoon, with actual temperatures that could reach 10 below zero overnight and wind chills that could reach 40 below.

The National Weather Service has also issued winter storm warnings in West Michigan and advisories for the central Lower Peninsula. Slick roads caused numerous vehicle spinouts late Friday and early Saturday on roadways in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas.

The dangerous cold has canceled Saturday’s planned polar plunge in the Detroit River and had already prompted the cancellation of other activities.

Feb 14 11:09

'Megadrought' threatens U.S. Southwest, Plains in decades to come, says study

The U.S. Southwest and Central Plains regions are likely to be scorched by a decades-long "megadrought" in the second half of this century if climate change continues unabated, scientists from NASA and Cornell and Columbia universities have warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, repairing the long neglected western aqueduct system might actually help!

Feb 14 10:02

Mountains of snow grow in Boston as blizzard hits the Northeast [PHOTOS]

Feb 14 10:00

2 Year Old Siemens Turbines Falling Apart: Wind Farm Investors, Get Out While You Can

These days, the spontaneous combustion of wind turbines is an occurrence so common that STT is thinking about opening a sub-branch that deals exclusively with their terrifying pyrotechnic-melt-downs.

Giant fan conflagrations are 10 times more common than the wind industry and its parasites will ever admit (see our post here).

And these unscheduled fireworks shows have the potential of literally setting the world on fire. Overheating bearings and brakes turn a couple of hundred litres of hydraulic oil, plastics etc into an exploding, toxic fireball.

Feb 13 14:18

UN agrees draft text for Paris climate summit

UN climate talks in Geneva have ended with agreement on a formal draft negotiating text for the summit in Paris in December.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ah yes, let's have another summit about human-caused global warming in the middle of the next record-setting winter!

Feb 13 12:05

Snow 'hurricane' to lash New England this weekend

A ferocious blizzard — as powerful as a Category 2 hurricane — is forecast to hammer parts of the Northeast and New England with heavy snow, howling winds and pounding waves late Saturday into Sunday.

Feb 13 10:40

White House Says Climate Change Is A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Terrorism

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Tuesday that President Obama does believe that climate change is a greater threat to the country's national security than terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 13 10:02

Bitter cold heads east as Boston braces for blizzard

Merciless cold and savage winds will bring more winter misery to tens of millions of people across the eastern half of the USA this weekend as New England braces for yet another powerful blizzard.

"Much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast could see highs only in the single digits and teens, with overnight lows well below zero," according to WeatherBug meteorologist Seth Carrier. Wind chills will be dangerously cold, at 10 to 20 degrees below zero.

About 72 million people will endure below-zero temperatures within the next five days, WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue said. By Sunday, record low temperatures are possible up and down the eastern seaboard.

Feb 13 10:02

Near-record cold tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning's record low temperature for Flint is -7°, set back in 1970... And we could either tie or break that record.

Saginaw's record low for tomorrow morning will be a lot tougher to beat, however, at -15° set back in 1899.

I think both Flint and Saginaw will bottom out around -7°, but wind chills will be in the teens to near 20 below zero.

Feb 13 10:01

Possibly record-setting cold with two shots of snow in weather forecast

Twenty years have passed and that miserable winter, where snow starting falling Christmas night and didn't stop until April, remains one for the record books.

But 2015 could set some records of its own, a meteorologist from WeatherWorks in Hackettstown said Friday morning.

"I think it might be 20-year-type of cold" that descended overnight on the Lehigh Valley and northwest New Jersey, Rob Reale said. "Particularly Sunday night into Monday morning. We're not talking all-time record cold -- (but) from a mid-February-type record, it might be record cold."

There is a chance that overnight low hits "minus-5 around here; possibly minus-8," Reale said.

The all-time low for Feb. 15 at Lehigh Valley International Airport is minus-8, while the record low for Feb. 16 is minus-7, both set in 1943, Reale said, citing National Weather Service figures.

Feb 13 10:01

Arctic air strikes New York City, could produce record-cold temperatures this weekend as mercury expected to drop near zero mark

Temperatures were in the high single-digits before dawn on Friday and were not expected to rise above the mid-teens all day. But the worst of it will come this weekend, particularly on Sunday night, as forecasts predict the mercury could reach the zero mark and feel as cold as 20 degrees below zero with the wind chill. Sunday could be 'the coldest day in at least 20 years,' Mayor de Blasio said Thursday.

Feb 13 10:00

Snowiest February On Record About To Get Snowier

A blizzard watch remains posted for the coast with a winter storm watch over interior areas for later Saturday and Sunday. The storm is still on track to impact the area this weekend potentially bringing blizzard conditions to the coastline.

Feb 13 10:00

Boston braces for Valentine's Day weekend winter storm

A winter like few in Boston's history shows no sign of ending as the city prepares for a storm that could dump another 12 and 15 inches of snow on the region over the weekend.

MyFoxBoston reported that heavy snow is expected to start falling late in the day Saturday, with a foot of snow expected by early Sunday afternoon. Forecasters have also called for winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour and possible coastal flooding with waves building up to 20 feet high offshore.

Feb 13 09:59

Hamilton smashes 47-year-old cold record

The extreme cold weather has broken a record for Hamilton. At -25 C, this temperature is nearly a full five degrees lower than the previous record of -20.6 C set in 1968.

Feb 13 09:59

–30.3 C shatters cold record temperature for Feb. 13 in Waterloo Region

Record cold temperatures arrived with the dawn on Friday the 13th across southern Ontario, including Waterloo Region:

• –30.3C at University of Waterloo weather station at 7:45.m.

• –28 C at the Waterloo Region International Airport around 7 a.m. That's the official local weather recording station.

The old record cold temperature for Feb. 13. was –23.1 C, set in 1997 at the Breslau airport station.

Feb 13 08:37

Claim: Global Warming Is Causing Less And More Snowfall

In 2001, global warming meant fewer major snowstorms with some scientists even predicting the end of snow, but in 2015 global warming means more major snowstorms.

Some scientists are now saying global temperature rises will lead to more massive snowstorms like the one that covered Boston in several feet of snow this week — a complete turnaround from what climate scientists were saying just a few years ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You noticed that, did you? :)

Feb 13 08:35


Freezing cold winds, rain and threats of snow is what Jerusalem is experiencing today. That’s fine for those living in homes or apartments, but what about those living in tents or on the street? Even worse than the storm itself are the ongoing illegal activities of zionism in East Jerusalem neighbourhoods, Sheik Jarrah in particular. The evictions from private homes continue due to the implementation of lebensraum; Israel’s ‘final solution’ in motion … a policy that is supposedly opposed to by the West and the EU, but still in motion nevertheless.

Feb 12 11:17

Metro Detroit braces for -25 nighttime windchills

Biting, subzero temperatures are coming for metro Detroit this weekend, along with winds predicted to drive windchills as low as -25 both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 12 09:57

Bitter cold and biting winds to smother D.C. area through Monday

A punishing combination of brutal cold and howling winds targets the D.C. area in two waves: the first arriving tonight and a second, more serious blast Saturday night.

Wind chills towards Friday morning drop to around zero (as winds gusts to 30-40 mph) and mostly hold in the single digits and teens during the day, when high temperatures remain below 30 in most areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 12 09:56

Extreme cold to descend across Ontario

Looks like Wiarton Willie was wrong.

The weather prognosticator called for an early spring on Groundhog Day. Except it’s not going that way. At all.

Though December was warmer than normal, the cold returned in January. But it’s about to get much, much colder.

We’re talking the winter of 2014 cold.

Environment Canada has already issued extreme cold warnings across parts of Ontario.

Feb 12 09:53


You are witness to one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the people of planet Earth, to trick them out of their money and into obedience under the guise of the fight against Human-Caused Global Warming (now rebranded "Human Caused Climate Change" to explain away the icicles we were told were not going to happen). The global warming scare was concocted out of outright lies, purchased science, and scare mongering to trick you into being willing to pay carbon taxes to solve a non-existent crisis you were told was all your fault. And, of course, to lull you into accepting the dictates of a global government that needed to save the Earth from you icky-poo human beings.

It was all a lie. Here is how it happened.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like it is time to repost this. And again, this is a call to Rivero's Rangers to share this article with anyone who has not yet seen it.

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 12 09:49

BEX ALERT - Cold Air Invasion Coming: What’s the Role of Warming?

The non-stop sucker punches of frigid air also brought to the forefront the idea that global warming could paradoxically be behind them, with Arctic sea ice melt forcing wild dives in the jet stream up in the atmosphere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is time to quit trying to promote the Orwellian logic of "Global warming creates snow and ice" and remember that ten years ago the "Carbonazis" were saying the exact opposite; that global warming meant "Snowfalls are now a thing of the past" (UK Guardian, March 20,2000).

If global warming is melting the arctic, then how can the air coming down from the north be BELOW FREEZING?

Think, people. It makes the government very nervous when you do!

UPDATE: Needless to say, my above comment was not approved by the moderators over at climate central! :)

Feb 11 13:00

Bitter cold nights with wind chills in single digits forecast for Piedmont Triad

The Piedmont Triad will experience hazardous weather Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

Strong northwest winds will accompany an arctic cold front that is expected to pass through North Carolina Thursday afternoon, according to meteorologists.

Feb 11 12:59

Arctic front bringing in bitter cold later Wednesday

No end in sight: Winter storms, brutal cold and wind line up for Boston area

Two winter storms — the second more powerful than the first – are lining up to take aim at southeast New England while the region is trying to recover from the five to seven feet of snow it’s already seen this winter.

Feb 11 12:57

Bitter cold, wind expected at Saturday's Vasa

North American Vasa racers and spectators should bundle up for the bitterly cold races.

The temperature on Saturday could be a frigid 1 degree when the first waves begin the race, but the wind chill could reach as low as minus-25, said Scott Rozanski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Feb 11 12:56

More Snow, Bitter Cold In Upcoming Forecast

Two chances for snow and some bitterly cold temperatures are on tap for the rest of this week and the weekend.

A snowstorm Thursday will bring 1 to 3 inches for most of the state, beginning in the afternoon and tapering off by early Friday, Fox CT Meteorologist Dan Amarante said.

Feb 11 12:56

No end in sight: Winter storms, brutal cold and wind line up for Boston area

Two winter storms — the second more powerful than the first – are lining up to take aim at southeast New England while the region is trying to recover from the five to seven feet of snow it’s already seen this winter.

Feb 11 12:55

New England braces for more snow after snowstorm sets new records

More than 2 feet of snow piled up in parts of New England by early Tuesday, breaking records set 37 years ago as forecasters warned still more winter weather was on the way.

The snowfall numbers in the area are staggering. Boston's Logan Airport measured 72 inches of snow in the last two and a half weeks. In the last two days, the town of Norwell, which is outside Boston, got buried in 30 inches of snow.

Feb 11 12:54

MBTA chief stands by her agency

With the MBTA set to reopen on a limited schedule Wednesday, the agency’s top official mounted a vigorous defense of its performance through an epic series of snowstorms, as Massachusetts deployed the National Guard and sought snow-removal assistance from eight other states as part of an intensive recovery effort.

Following Governor Charlie Baker’s blunt criticism over extensive delays on the mass-transit system, MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott delivered a spirited response Tuesday, contending that old, outdated equipment could not be expected to withstand a rapid succession of severe storms, no matter who was overseeing the system.

“I don’t care if you have God Jr., or whomever,” she said. “Give them the resources that they need, and that means there has to be significant investment and reinvestment in this system.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But Al Gore said snow and ice are a thing of the past, so we spent the money on new office furniture!"

Feb 11 12:05

Super freeze headed this way with -25 windchills

If it seems cold now, metro Detroit, just wait until the weekend's projected -25 degree windchills blow in.

Feb 10 13:05

Cold about to get colder in Metro Detroit

Dry, cold and then even colder: That’s the metro area forecast for Tuesday and then into the weekend.

Feb 09 09:19

Report: Temperature Data Being Faked to Show Global Warming

A British journalist is questioning the method used to by scientists to calculate the earth's climate change, calling it "one of the greatest scientific scandals of all time."

Christopher Booker writes for Britain's The Telegraph that climate data from stations in South America have been adjusted since the 1950s to give the impression that the earth's temperature is rising more than the original data showed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 09 08:36

Snow sets historic records in Boston

The "snowmaggedon" of the past two weeks will almost certainly move Boston into the top 10 snowiest winters of all time Monday.

Feb 09 08:36

Another Snowstorm to Slam New England; Boston Could Break More Snow Records

Another winter storm is bearing down on the Northeast, bringing more heavy snow and an icy mix as millions of Americans prepare for the start of the work week.

Feb 09 08:34

Snow Continues Throughout The Night, Heaviest Over Eastern Massachusetts

As I sit down to a final check of the forecast and watch the Grammy Awards not much has changed. The radar (above) is indicating the snow is growing steadier and heavier and with many business and schools closed for tomorrow it's a matter of forecasting the rest of the storm and when it all ends. I recommend shoveling in small batches, but that's just my personal preference. I find it easier to move the stuff little by little rather than all at once.

Feb 09 08:34

Another days long snowstorm threatens to clobber New England

Winter-weary New England braced Sunday for another round of snow that threatened to bear down on the region into the workweek and pile up to 2 feet in some areas.

As light snow began falling by the afternoon, drivers were warned to stay off the roads and cancellations were posted for schools and court dockets Monday.

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for central New York, the western Catskills and much of New England through early Tuesday.

"I'm frustrated. The last thing I want to be talking about is another 24 inches of snow. I want to move on to something else," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said at City Hall. "It's unprecedented ... Maybe up in Alaska or Buffalo, they have this amount of snow and they're used to it."

Feb 09 08:33

Bitterly cold this morning and a long duration storm on the way!

After record cold this morning, temperature during the afternoon will only warm to the upper teens and lower 20s. A band of snow showers and flurries was working across CT and exiting as of early afternoon - expect only partial clearing over the coming hours.

Regarding the long duration storm: anticipate areas of light snow to develop Saturday afternoon as a weak disturbances passes through; then, periods of snow will be likely on Sunday (2-4" possible by the end of the day). Snow will ramp up, intensify Sunday night into Monday... tapering off/ending by Tuesday morning. Total storm snowfall will be on the order of 6-12 inches, with locally higher amounts in northern and northwest CT.

Feb 09 08:33

With historic snow and frigid cold, Mother Nature directs anger issues at Northeast

Southern New England is in the midst of a snow blitz for the ages, as the fifth in a series of storms affects the area through early Tuesday morning. Depending on the totals from this storm, it's possible that the city of Boston will have seen six or more feet of snow in just two weeks — an unprecedented occurrence for a city that typically sees about half that amount in an entire winter.

Feb 09 07:41

The Hack That Warmed the World

Europe’s carbon-trading market was supposed to be capitalism’s solution to global warming. Instead, it became a playground for gangsters, international crime syndicates, and even two-bit crooks -- who stole hundreds of millions of dollars in pollution credits.

Feb 09 07:15

Global warming? Only the data is heated

Skeptics of man-made catastrophic climate change of the kind pimped by Al Gore have been ridiculed, scoffed at and dismissed sneeringly as “deniers.”

For years, anyone in public life who expressed doubts about the apocalyptic claims of governments, the scientific establishment and the lemming-like popular culture was treated like a card-carrying member of the Flat-Earth Society.

Worse yet, dissident scientists were categorically denied the ability to publish in scientific journals, let alone get government grants for research.

Yet the doubts have persisted – driving one noble blogger to do something others had failed to do: Check the original official temperature records and compare them with what was actually recorded by the science establishment issuing the dire warnings of doom and gloom unless coercive, top-down action was taken to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Feb 09 07:03

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.

Two weeks ago, under the headline “How we are being tricked by flawed data on global warming”, I wrote about Paul Homewood, who, on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog, had checked the published temperature graphs for three weather stations in Paraguay against the temperatures that had originally been recorded. In each instance, the actual trend of 60 years of data had been dramatically reversed, so that a cooling trend was changed to one that showed a marked warming.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 08 14:36

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.

Two weeks ago, under the headline “How we are being tricked by flawed data on global warming”, I wrote about Paul Homewood, who, on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog, had checked the published temperature graphs for three weather stations in Paraguay against the temperatures that had originally been recorded. In each instance, the actual trend of 60 years of data had been dramatically reversed, so that a cooling trend was changed to one that showed a marked warming.

Feb 06 15:31

U.N. Climate Chief: We're 'Intentionally' Transforming The World Economy

"This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years..."

Feb 06 11:19

Eastport breaks Maine snowfall record

One of Maine's eastern most points is breaking snowfall records with over six feet of snow and counting.

Eastport is one of the easternmost parts of the United States and it's now making a name for itself as one of the snowiest.

76 inches of snow fell on the small fishing port, breaking Maine’s more than 50-year-old record.

It's something some locals can't believe

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 06 11:17

Frigid cold Friday, flurries Saturday, storm moves in Sunday

Temperatures will rebound this afternoon under a mix of sun and clouds, with highs topping out around 20 inland to the low-mid 20’s along the shoreline. But, don’t get too used to the quiet weather as more snow comes back this weekend into early next week.

Feb 06 11:16

Clearing skies, very cold overnight, low -7, wind chill near -20

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is in effect from 6 p.m. tonight until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Wind chills as low as -20 are possible across Western Massachusetts overnight. Actual overnight lows are expected to fall several degrees below zero. Record lows for tomorrow morning are -9 at Westover AFB and -5 at Bradley International.

Feb 06 07:37

Russian expert says no global warming over past fourteen years

There is been no global warming over the past fourteen years but scientists are divided in their assessments of the impact of human activity on the condition of climate, Dr. Robert Nigmatulin, the director of the Institute of Oceanic Studies reporting to the Russian Academy of Sciences said on Thursday.

"Manmade concentration of carbon dioxide is really growing," he said adding that this gas did contribute to the greenhouse effect, although it was increasing the atmospheric temperatures but insignificantly.

Feb 06 06:30

Are underwater volcanoes causing global warming? Oceanic eruptions may have a greater effect on climate than first thought

Volcanoes lurking hidden under the world's oceans may play a far greater role in climate change than previously thought, according to a new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nice to see they are finally catching up with us here at WRH!

Pop quiz: How many active volcanoes and thermal vents are there on the floor of the world's oceans? Don't know? Don't feel embarrassed; it's a trick question. Nobody knows. Nobody knows how many active volcanoes and thermal vents are there on the floor of the world's oceans. And if that is not known, then it is impossible to say if or how much human activity is warming the oceans, one of the main dogmas of the human-caused global warming religion!

Feb 05 13:13

February Already 10th Snowiest On Record In Chicago

Not only was this weekend’s blizzard the 5th largest snowstorm in the city’s history, it also made the past week the 8th snowiest week on record for Chicago.

Feb 05 13:13

Weather: Frigid lows overnight

Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties might see about an inch of snow this morning as an arctic front moves in this morning, bringing near-record-low temperatures by Friday morning.

AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys said most areas should see snow by 7:45 a.m., and it should leave the area by 10 a.m.

Feb 05 13:13

Record snow depth for a Swedish city

Lulea, Sweden is wading through the most snow its seen in nearly 50 years this week, when 44.5 inches was measured on Tuesday. The previous record snow depth was 43.7 inches set in 1966.

Feb 05 13:12

Bitter Cold Settles In Across Metro Detroit

Bitterly cold temperatures have settled in across southeastern Michigan after several days of snow hit parts of the state.

CBS 62 Chief Meteorologist Jim Madaus said it was about 7 degrees in Detroit Thursday morning, and the temperature won’t be getting much higher.

“Get ready for some very cold weather today. It’s only expected to be between 10 and 15 degrees,” said Madaus. “We’re looking at lots of sunshine, so it’s going to be a good-looking day but definitely cold.”

Feb 05 13:11

Arctic Cold Returns – More Snow for the Weekend

The snow has moved out and clouds are giving way to some sunshine. However the winds are picking up and temperatures are tumbling. Readings will be falling into the teens this afternoon. By dark wind chills will be down near zero. Any slushy snow should be removed right away today as it will turn to solid ice (flash freeze)

Feb 05 13:11

Cold snap sees death rates soar to five-year record high

Some 28,800 deaths were registered in the fortnight ending January 23, the Office for National Statistics said.

This is 32 per cent higher than the average for the period over the previous five years, which stood at 21,859.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's one hell of a thermometer they are using!

Feb 05 13:10

Brrrrr: Low of minus 18 recorded at Ann Arbor Airport Thursday

Was it really 18 below zero in the Ann Arbor area Thursday?

Feb 05 13:03

Arnold Schwarzenegger says will be climate change ‘terminator'

Action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would be a “terminator” for climate change and asked state governments to follow Narendra Modi’s “actions” as Gujarat Chief Minister to achieve sustainable development goals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That was the shark, Arnold.

Feb 05 11:56

Heavy snow forecast for peaks in Kanto-Koshin, Kinki regions

The Meteorological Agency on Thursday forecast heavy snow for mountainous parts of the Kanto-Koshin region, or Tokyo plus Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures, toward early Friday morning.

Heavy snow is also forecast for the northern and central mountains of the Kinki region from Thursday night to Friday noon.

Feb 05 09:58

Decades-old snowfall record broken in Sweden

While Nordic Noir may be all the rage as a dramatic genre, it refers to a mood, a style, not the colour. In the winter, Scandinavia is anything but black. Snow is guaranteed to fall every year.

This year even more so; a 50 year old snowfall record has just been broken in the northern Swedish city of Lulea, which sits just 109km south of the Arctic Circle.

Feb 04 22:25

Overnight snow possible in Nashville

Thursday's commute could be a slick one in spots, thanks to an overnight chance of snow.

WKRN News 2 reports big accumulation totals aren't likely, with amounts ranging from a dusting to a half-inch in most areas, with an inch possible in the northern and eastern sections of Middle Tennessee.

Feb 04 12:29

Death toll soars as cold snap hits UK

Official figures reveal that the death rate related to cold snaps in England and Wales is over 30% higher than normal for this time of year.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) some 28,800 people died in the fortnight ending January 23.

Feb 04 12:12

Communities socked by two-day snow storm measuring about 1,000 miles wide at its peak

By Monday morning snowflakes had finally stopped falling and the winter storm warning for the county had lifted, bringing an end to the third largest snowfall in Detroit metropolitan area history.

The Sunday-Monday storm blanketed many communities with so much snow it snarled traffic, shut down schools, closed businesses and government offices and made just getting out of the driveway a challenge for many.

Feb 04 10:52

Wrap up warm! Cold front hits Spain

Wednesday will see the start of a cold front predicted to be the worst to hit Spain for three years. Snow, strong winds and rain are expected to batter the country.

The bad weather is expected to last until at least next Tuesday and will affect all of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

Feb 04 10:39

Moncton matches snow record set in 1992

There is so much snow on the ground now in Moncton, it’s bringing back memories of a historic storm two decades ago.

According to Environment Canada, the most recent snowfall means Moncton has matched the record for snow on the ground set in 1992. That three-day February storm dumped more than 160 cms of snow on the city.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 04 10:39

More Snow on the Way in New England

We have received a whole winter's amount of snow the course of the past 10 days! When I was digging out from the most recent snowfall, I remember thinking to myself this is the largest snow I can remember digging out from, and the National Weather Service has confirmed it. Boston has broken the record for the amount of snow in a seven day period with 40.5 inches of snow falling at Logan Airport, shattering the previous record of 31.2 inches in 1996.

Feb 04 09:02

Boston’s record-setting snow blitz — a winter’s worth of snow in less than 10 days

Nearly any way you cut it, Boston has just ended a record-setting stretch of snow, with 90 percent of this season’s total snowfall having fallen in the past 10 days alone. And there’s still at least another month of winter left.

Feb 04 09:01

Deadly Northeast Snow Storm Slows Travel, Sets Record In Boston

A deadly winter snowstorm was forecast to lift on Monday night after walloping the Northeastern United States, forcing the delay of Boston's Super Bowl victory parade and snarling air traffic at several major airports.

The second major storm in less than a week pummeled residents from New York City to Boston with snow, freezing rain and gusty winds. Weather conditions were a factor in at least 10 deaths, including some in the Midwest where the storm hit heavily on Sunday into Monday.

Boston, already blanketed by 2 feet (60 cm) of snow from a blizzard last week and predicted to get a further foot, set a record for the snowiest seven-day period in the city's history. The 34.2 inches (87 cm) measured by 1 p.m. on Monday surpassed the 31.2 inches (79 cm) set in January 1996.

Feb 04 09:01

Bitter cold night ahead; another storm possible for weekend

Bundle up for a bitter cold night, and then prepare for another possible weekend storm across south-central Wisconsin, according to forecasters.

Wind chill advisories are possible as values of 15 below to 24 below are expected overnight Wednesday into Thursday, while mixed precipitation and light snow Saturday into Sunday are possible.

Feb 04 07:15

Obama pulls funding for top clean-coal project

The same administration that lost hundreds of millions of dollars on ill-fated green-energy investments now says it wants to “protect taxpayer interests” by pulling $1 billion in federal funding from a leading clean-coal project in Illinois.

The FutureGen project, which had been guaranteed money as part of President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, now will be shuttered. The decision has led critics to question whether the White House and its Energy Department truly support clean-coal technology, as they’ve repeatedly claimed.

Feb 03 13:46

More heavy snow showers and ice on the way as big freeze continues

London and eastern parts of the UK will be blanketed with another three inches of snow by Friday, forecasters warned last night.

Gritting teams across the country are being sent out all night to keep the roads clear amid warnings of heavy snow showers and ice.

The M25 is being gritted every seven hours to ensure traffic will run freely in rush hour.

Yesterday motorists endured 14 miles of delays on the route due to the snow.

Feb 03 12:36

Record-breaking 113cm of snow falls in Luleå

The people of Luleå in northern Sweden are used to white winters, but this Tuesday the snowfall hit new heights - or new depths - breaking a record set almost 50 years ago.

Feb 03 12:10

North Japan town buried under six feet of snow

Parts of northern Japan were digging out Tuesday from nearly six feet (1.8 metres) of snow after a massive winter storm dumped record amounts.

Feb 03 11:24

Chill out: Snowstorm with a flash-freeze chaser

A wide swath of the nation was digging out from the latest massive snowstorm in bitter cold temperatures and "flash freeze" warnings Tuesday.

In Boston, the deep freeze forced city officials to postpone by one day — until Wednesday — the Super Bowl parade honoring the New England Patriots. Schools were closed for a second day and Gov. Charlie Baker allowed state workers a late start — 11 a.m. — to help curb the effects of snow and cold.

Boston was hit with about 16 inches of snow Monday, less than a week after 2 feet of snow paralyzed the city. With a total of 40.5 inches since last Tuesday, the city has now broken its all-time seven-day snowfall record, the National Weather Service reported.

Feb 03 11:24

Potent Winter Storm Breaks Records, As It Moves Northeast

As it continues to move up the Northeast Coast, a potent snowstorm is already a record breaker. Take these two highlights, for example:

— NBC Chicago reports that Feb. 1, 2015, is now the snowiest first day of February in history. And with 19.3 inches of snow recorded, this is the fifth-largest snow event in city history.

The Chicago Tribune reports that unofficially the snow totals may have been greater, with some areas of Chicago reporting up to 22 inches of snow.

— In Boston, the storm meant the pile of snow already on the ground is just getting deeper.

Feb 03 11:23

Frigid Boston plows away record snowfall for Super Bowl parade

A week of record snow and the prediction of even more to come won’t prevent the Boston area from celebrating the Super Bowl victory of the New England Patriots, though the parade originally scheduled for Tuesday was pushed back 24 hours.

“We look forward to celebrating with Patriots fans during better weather on Wednesday,” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement.

Feb 03 11:23

Record cold hits region, some schools delayed today

Several schools in the region are delaying their opening Tuesday as record cold and remnants of Monday's snowstorm persist.

For a list of school closings and delays, click here.

Feb 02 16:19

Boston schools closed Tuesday as new snow record set

As of 1 p.m. Monday, Boston set a new record for snowiest seven-day period in the city's history with 34.2 inches. The old record of 31.2 inches was set 19 years ago in January, 1996.

Feb 02 16:19

Sunny, cold Monday on tap in wake of biggest snowstorm of season

A sunny and cold Monday is on tap in the wake of the biggest snowstorm south-central Wisconsin has seen this season, according to forecasters....

Feb 02 16:18

Record snowfalls leave commuters in the cold

Record snowfalls slammed the Midwest on Sunday before heading toward the East Coast, bringing a wintry mix of sleet and snow on Monday morning across the coast.

From Indiana to Maine, 69 million Americans remain under winter storm warnings or advisories and infrastructure felt the effects of the storm, with thousands of flights cancelled, thousands without power, and school closures leaving parents scrambling.

Feb 02 16:18

Temperatures will near record lows tonight, watch for icy roadways

The hearty snowstorm is now wreaking havoc along the East Coast/New England before taking off to sea tonight. The main weather headlines now deal with the bitter cold, near-record low temperatures tonight as well as icy spots on roadways. Blowing and drifting snow as well as salt not working at its optimum under these weather conditions will be the culprit for the possibility of icy roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and untreated surfaces.

Feb 02 16:18

Snow makes another rough commute, temperatures stay cold

Another winter snowstorm slowed travel across Vermont on Monday and forced delays or cancellations of schools, meetings and sports events, while people coped with temperatures that hovered around zero.

Accidents were reported on Interstates 89 and 91 and other roadways across the state. There were at least four instances in which vehicles hit plow trucks clearing roads, the governor said. Minor injuries were reported in some of the crashes reported since the storm hit early Monday.

Feb 02 13:24

“Hottest Year On Record?” Think Again! Meet ‘Seasonally-Adjusted’ Seasons

Day after day in modern macro-economics, investors are bombarded with ‘odd’ seasonal adjustments that spuriously lift (in the case of growth-related variables) or reduce (in the case of inflation-related variables) data to ensure a constant flow of “we must keep offering free/cheap money” narrative-confirming news.

However, as The Telegraph reports, it appears this “seasonal adjustment” smoke-screen has reached the just as bifurcated opinioned world of global warming trends and Climate-Gate…

Feb 02 11:58

Polar Ice Emerges again in Dalian

Sea ice has emerged in the northern part of Dalian because of the low temperatures. Local residents have been appreciating the beauty of polar ice.

Feb 02 10:30

Fourteen inches of snow falls on Calhoun County

Fourteen inches of snow created Super Snow Bowl Sunday and today the region is digging out.

"It was debilitating overnight," said Durk Dunham, director of Emergency Management for the Calhoun County Sheriff Department. "I think we are in good shape now with not too many issues moving forward."

Feb 02 10:30

Metro Detroit digs out from area's 3rd-biggest snowstorm

The third-biggest snowstorm in metro Detroit's recorded history has plows humming among tall snow piles on roadways across southeastern Michigan this morning.

Feb 02 10:29

Super Bowl storm dumps as much as 20 inches of snow

The Super Bowl storm dropped more than a foot of snow as it passed over Michigan's Lower Peninsula, snarling traffic and extending the weekend for children at hundreds of schools.

The National Weather Service says more than 13 inches fell by the end of the day Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus and that total was expected to grow Monday morning following more snow.

Feb 02 10:29

Nearly 14 inches of snow dropped on Lucas County

The biggest snowstorm of the season is tapering off today after a steady snowfall for more than 24 hours that forced schools to close Sunday.

Feb 02 10:28

Auto plants cancel shifts due to snow

Many area Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and FCA US, manufacturing plants have canceled operations for at least part of Monday because many employees weren’t able get to work because of the snowstorm.

All area plants for FCA US, formerly Chrysler Group, have canceled first shifts because of high absenteeism. FCA US spokeswoman Jodi Tinson said the company expects second shifts to report as scheduled unless notified otherwise.

Feb 02 10:28

As snow stops falling, temperatures start dropping

The first blizzard of the season buried Chicago under more than a foot-and-a-half of snow and prompted a flurry of cancellations Monday — among them classes at Chicago Public Schools.

Feb 02 09:28

Climate Change’s Bottom Line

It was 8 degrees in Minneapolis on a recent January day, and out on Interstate 394, snow whipped against the windshields of drivers on their morning commutes. But inside the offices of Cargill, the food conglomerate, Greg Page, the company’s executive chairman, felt compelled to talk about global warming.

“It would be irresponsible not to contemplate it,” Mr. Page said, bundled up in a wool sport coat layered over a zip-up sweater.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 02 09:06

Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming

Puzzled by those “2014 hottest ever” claims, which were led by the most quoted of all the five official global temperature records – Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss) – Homewood examined a place in the world where Giss was showing temperatures to have risen faster than almost anywhere else: a large chunk of South America stretching from Brazil to Paraguay.

Noting that weather stations there were thin on the ground, he decided to focus on three rural stations covering a huge area of Paraguay. Giss showed it as having recorded, between 1950 and 2014, a particularly steep temperature rise of more than 1.5C: twice the accepted global increase for the whole of the 20th century.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NASA ... Never A Straight Answer!


Feb 02 07:03

Heavy Snow Hits the Midwest; Next a Messy Monday Commute for Millions

A major winter storm dumped heavy snow and near blizzard conditions from Nebraska to Pennsylvania today, moving slowly towards the Northeast, where it was expected to make for a rough Monday morning.

As of 6 p.m. Sunday, parts of Iowa had received up to 14 inches of snow. Across Chicago, more than 8 inches of snow had fallen at O'Hare International Airport and just to the west at Midway Airport, more than 9 inches of snow had fallen.

A blizzard warning remained in effect for the Chicago Metro Area until midnight local time for gusty winds blowing snow around and creating white-out conditions.

Feb 01 12:35

is global warming another lie and ripoff

Feb 01 12:25

Snow emergencies declared in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights

With snow fall projected at 9 inches, snow emergencies have been declared in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights for Feb. 1.

During a snow emergency parking on the streets is illegal and can result in a vehicle being ticketed or towed.

Feb 01 09:50

Ottawa, Canada Westher This Morning

Jan 30 12:40

Winter Storm Watch

the national weather service in detroit/pontiac has issued a winter storm watch...which is in effect from late saturday night through late sunday night. hazardous weather... * moderate to occasionally heavy snow...beginning late saturday night and persisting until after midnight sunday night. * potential accumulations greater than 6 inches...with the potential to around 8 inches near the ohio border. *

Jan 30 12:37

After a chilly weekend, biting cold dives into Northeast early next week

After a chilly weekend, an Arctic plunge is expected in the Northeast early next week. Though Washingtonians will be spared the coldest temperatures, residents of New England might be best off staying indoors on Tuesday morning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 30 12:14

STUDY: How Broadcast Networks Covered Climate Change In 2014

News networks coverage of climate change increased in 2014, especially on Sunday shows after a group of senators demanded they provide more coverage of the issue.

Jan 30 08:43

BEX ALERT - Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think

Scientists are far less worried about genetically modified food, pesticide use and nuclear power than is the general public, according to matching polls of both the general public and the country's largest general science organization. Scientists were more certain that global warming is caused by man, evolution is real, overpopulation is a danger and mandatory vaccination against childhood diseases is needed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Left unsaid is that these scientists are PAID to "research" nuclear power, global warming, vaccines, etc. And note the very clever way of tangling up skepticism about those with creationism.

Jan 30 08:24

Political 'Weather' Battle Heats Up - and So Am I

One of the most disheartening shifts I have observed over the last 20 years is witnessing science fall prey to politics. What has me further disturbed is the tactics being used. For those of you who have been taught the method of "critical thinking" or you are a political-science major or perhaps a historical buff, you have been aware for some time of methods used for military and covert affairs. Then I would say you are also aware such methods are being used on our own populations. It is not just the United States who is involved, but the EU, India, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the list goes on.

Jan 30 07:57

Sweden heading for coldest weekend of 2015

Bitter conditions are sweeping across large swathes of northern Europe this week, with Sweden warned to brace itself for heavy snow and thick ice over the weekend.

Weather forecasters are warning people to dig out their warmest winter clothes in time for the cold snap.

Jan 29 12:31

Blizzard snowfall may have broken local record

Some 30 inches of snow fell on the Newburyport area during the Blizzard of 2015, according to Ray Whitley, observer for the National Weather Service.

Taking measurements each morning at 6 a.m., Whitley said that 13 inches fell between Monday and Tuesday morning, and 17 inches of new snow fell between Tuesday and Wednesday.

That would make it — unofficially — the biggest recorded snowfall in greater Newburyport. It surpasses the famous Blizzard of 1978 by a little less than 2 inches.

Jan 29 12:30

Worcester sets new record for snowfall with 34.5 inches

It was a snow storm for the record books in Worcester when the blizzard of 2015 dropped 34.5 inches of snow, surpassing the previous record of 33 inches from the April Fool's Day storm in 1997.

Everything in the city was buried, from front steps, to trash cans, even small cars looked like snow banks. The snow was so high in some places, some people couldn't get out of their front doors.

"This is very crazy. I mean we haven't seen this much snow in a while,” Tabitha Boiquaye said.

Jan 29 12:30

Blizzard of 2015 Leaves Up to 3 feet of Snow in New England

Over 50 locations across five states -- Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and New York -- got 30-plus inches of snow this week.

Jan 29 12:30

Record snowfall brings out best of the Seacoast

Total snowfall broke records across the Seacoast with Hampton, Seabrook and Exeter recording a whopping 31 inches as of Wednesday morning. Meteorologists report Portsmouth sustained blizzard conditions of high winds and driving snow for at least four hours. At its peak the storm dropped four inches of snow an hour.

Jan 29 12:29

Worcester Digs Out From Record Snowfall

Nearly 35 inches of snow still cover most of Worcester Thursday morning. Even for a city renowned for receiving an extra serving of snow with every storm, this was an all-time record.

Webmaster's Commentary: