Will Obama be the beginning of the end of our government of elite dem/pug puppets?

by W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Two possibilities:

(1.) The optimistic one is that Barack Obama will be honor his campaign rhetoric and be a champion of the people who elected him. However, to do this, he will have to stay very independent from his DLC right wing and recycled Clinton corporate appointments to date.

(2.) The sadly more realistic scenario is that his appointments to date are an appetizer of the meal to come. In short, we have been snookered again and we're back to the square one of a puppet government of astronomically rich elites.

The irony is that in either case, our ONE dem/pug political party is on very, very thin ice.

Arguably, the last eight Bush/fascist/neocon horror show years have mutated America to the core. It's like when organized crime comes TOO FAR out of their shadows of secrecy and people start seeing them as the detestable scum they truly are. This is exactly what happened to the vampire elites (aka, “Have’s”) during the Bush years.

Their evil and greed was so limitless, they left the safety of their “Heart of Darkness” and openly started money cow oil wars, openly raped and murdered Mother Nature, openly bled trillions of dollars from the American economy, openly tried to break the back of working class Americans with taxes, destroyed or stolen health and retirement plans, and the cannon fodder massacre of our children in immoral “preemptive” wars justified by Presidential State of the Union lies.