Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales says government has a right to hide crimes from the tax payers

Wales also expressed irritation over the website's use of the term "Wiki" in its name, which refers to a site that allows different users to collaborate and make contributions.

"I would distance myself from WikiLeaks, I wish they wouldn't use the name, they are not a Wiki. A big way they got famous in the first place was by using the word Wiki, which was unfortunate in my view," he said at a business conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "quickly", and neither Wikipedia nor Wikileaks have an exclusive claim on its use.

Jimmy Wales is also wrong in his implications that the US Government has a right to conceal its crimes from the taxpayer.That is not in the Constitution, and I do not give my consent to be lied to. For that matter I withdraw my consent to be governed by any liars anywhere.