"Vladimir Putin just killed 154 Dutch and 23 Americans"???

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Okay Sam, if you really feel that way ... here's your rifle, and here's your parachute. We ran out of camo but here is a bright day-glo orange jumpsuit left over from Abu Ghraib. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane, and we'll call Putin and tell him you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself.

But after those whoppers you told us about Saddam's nukes and Assad's gas you will forgive the rest of us if we keep our children safe at home and sit this next war out.


It's disgraceful, the closing of ranks by the politicians and

michael mazur

media establishment in Oz.

Right off, before ANY investigation, the PM was accusing Russia and the FM summoned the Russian ambassador, but not the Ukrainian one - i'm sure the Russian ambassador couldn't stop smiling while in her presence.

Channel 7 had a reporter saying that it was a Russian missile which brought the plane down, no mention of the range capabilities of the two basic types - the truck mounted type capable of reaching beyond 20,000mtrs in altitude, and the shoulder launched type capable of reaching of up to 5,000mtrs altitude, which would have clarified that a commercial aircraft at 10,000mtrs could not be reached by a shoulder launched missile.

Russia had not supplied the separatists with any such truck mounted missiles, since carpet bombing is not a strategy Kiev is using.

RT had 12hrs ago picked up on the following curiosity;

___ File this under "unsettling coincidences": Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, made its first flight on July 17, 1997, 17 years ago to the day, according to a tweet from the New York Times’ C.J. Chivers.

That detail, at a time when the world is hungering for any new information about the passenger jet that crashed in eastern Ukraine around noon local time Thursday, will no doubt attract the attention of numerologists and conspiracy theorists, if only because there are so many 17s and 7s: Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, first flew on 7-17-97 and crashed 17 years later, on 7-17-14.___ ibtimes.com

Does anyone believe in co incidences ? Too many.

RT had also said that Putin was travelling on the same flight path some 40 minutes later, and that the livery of the Russian and Malaysian aircraft was similar.

Good that the black boxes have been found, unlike the four sets of two on 911 which went into 'custody' and weren't heard of again.

If fighter jets had gone up to direct the plane away from the registered flight path towards a kill zone, then USUKNATO will really have shot themselves out of the sky, and the push for war with Russia will thereby collapse amid much recriminations, which is why international experts watching each other will need to examine the data in those black boxes.

It didn't occur to the planners of this atrocity that they were not in the US where all four 911 aircraft were domestic carriers, in which the FBI just commandeers the govt op crime scene with guns at the ready, to then do what it likes with the evidence.

michael mazur

Notice how they still have Crimea as part of Ukraine

Tian Shan

Last I remember, Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine to join Russia.



Coincidences are a strange thing, you know?
With Israel starting its ground invasion of Gaza.........

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