U.S. Sees Risks in Assisting a Compromised Iraqi Force

A classified military assessment of Iraq’s security forces concludes that many units are so deeply infiltrated by either Sunni extremist informants or Shiite personnel backed by Iran that any Americans assigned to advise Baghdad’s forces could face risks to their safety, according to United States officials.

The report concludes that only about half of Iraq’s operational units are capable enough for American commandos to advise them if the White House decides to help roll back the advances made by Sunni militants in northern and western Iraq over the past month.

Adding to the administration’s dilemma is the assessment’s conclusion that Iraqi forces loyal to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki are now heavily dependent on Shiite militias — many of which were trained in Iran — as well as on advisers from Iran’s paramilitary Quds Force.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government was hell-bent on creating a failed state in Iraq, courtesy of its invasion and occupation of that country. The only thing that was important for the US was that Iraqi oil would only be sold in American currency.

Unfortunately for the US government, the failed state of Iraq didn't fail in precisely the way they wanted, and now the blowback is... deafening.

You have a Shiite president, who has been suppressing the country's Sunni population; infrastructure blown to smithereens, and if it has been at all replaced, it was replaced with chicken wire and spit, by American contractors who specialized in "shoddy", at US taxpayer expense.

And now, the lightning-fast rebellion on the part of ISIS/ISIL Sunni rebels has taken this country's leadership by surprise, and they couldn't see this coming?!?!?

An American reinvasion of Iraq will only make things worse. It is time for the Iraqis to determine their own destiny, without outside interference, period, end of discussion.

And unfortunately, when the "Saigon moment" happens in Baghdad, the US government will have succeeded in losing this country twice militarily; and once completely economically, because it can no longer control who gets Iraq's oil, and in what currency it will be sold.



The US doesn't need to....

Ethan Allen and...

reinvade. They have their stooges in ISIS splitting Iraq into 3 entities,which has always been Israel's plan.

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