Update: Alaska's Miller After His Security Thugs Arrest Questioning Reporter, Admits to Charge Asked by That Reporter

Ed. note: The point here is not that a politician admitted to being disciplined for corruption, but that he did so after refusing to discuss the violation until a real journalist got into his face and asked him the hard questions that the bought and paid for US media won't ask, as did the reporter recently in Chicago confronting Rahm Emanuel as CBS and other corporate news sheilded Rahm from non-preapproved questions, actually pushing the reporter aside with their cameras and mics while making verbal threats.

The Downing Street memo was finally covered by corporate media only because it was burning up the blogosphere for over a month and the corporate controlled mass media had to report on something so obvious to anyone reading the net, since most people get their news from the intertube of webnets rather than the dying paradigm of TV and newspaper. We need to keep hammering on these people to give them to get their real 15 minutes of fame, the kind they don't want.