Tinfoil hats are go.

To recap: my greatest fear right now is that we are being had by a PNAC type group that is going to perpetrate something so big it will be like 9/11 to 9/11. Total and utter destabilization of the country. Reformatting. Restructuring. From the viewpoint of the Illuminati, imperialism is inevitable and in order to solve our climate issues the globe must be allowed to unify. The United States can't do that in its current form - slow change would be too slow to solve the issue. The most logical choice is to knock it down and then rebuild it.

The lessons learned in nation building in Iraq and in political subterfuge in Pakistan will find themselves played out in North America. This is the best way to establish the North American Union and institute the Amero.

Personally, I packed a bag. I love this country and I have a great deal of faith that we will elect Obama, and it will start us down a road of consensual revolution. I can't help but examine the alternative. I think the evidence is strong enough to warrant packing for a long hike out of dodge if the shit hits the fan.