Taxpayers Shouldn't Have to Give their Money to Companies whose Products They Choose Not to Buy

Americans are cutting back on their spending. The federal government, allergic to responsibility, is trying hard to not to let us get away with such prudence. The government has already got hard-working taxpayers, and their children, and their grand-children on the hook for two bail-outs, which, by the way, don't seem to be working very well. Now they're contemplating picking our pockets for a third bail-out, this one for auto companies, forcing Americans to hand their hard-earned money over anyway to businesses whose products they've decided not to buy.

This is dangerous. By slowing down their spending, by relying less on credit, Americans are doing what's necessary to get back on the road to economic recovery. They're not buying cars because they're not sure they can afford them. Instead of saddling them with more unaffordable debt, Congress would do well to learn from the taxpayers' example.