Syrian warplanes strike in western Iraq, killing at least 50

Syrian warplanes struck targets in the western Iraqi province of Anbar on Tuesday, killing at least 50 people, as foreign allies of Baghdad’s Shiite-dominated government sought to shore up the crumbling Iraqi armed forces and curb the advances of Sunni insurgents.

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So now Assad and Obama are allies?!? :)


"So now Assad and Obama are

Tom Joad

"So now Assad and Obama are allies?!? :) "

President Assad and Al Qaeda have always been our allies, Comrade Citizen. - WS

No Assad and....

Ethan Allen and...

Maliki. Assad has been cookin this groups hash as of the last year or so. He's an Alewhite, who are a sect related to the Shiites. Jordan is bombing them too.
Israel is bombing Syria. Looks like a good regional war is getting off the ground!

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