Should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed go free? The torture of a terrorist

Christopher King argues the case for releasing Al-Qaeda suspect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in order to highlight the issues involved that go much further than punishing a terrorist.

”The crimes against Mohammed are so egregious that they have undermined both the foundations of Western law and fundamental humanitarian principles; they have regressed the relationship of the individual to the state by half a millennium; they have demonstrated that the USA regards foreigners as outside law and unworthy of humanitarian treatment. Mohammed has been subjected to crimes of incredible gravity by the American state.

“If the perpetrators of these grave crimes will not be prosecuted, the American state cannot with justice prosecute Mohammed. Even if Messrs Bush, Cheney and Ms Rice were to be prosecuted, it is arguable that as they acted with the authority of the state, Mohammed is nevertheless due appropriate recompense from the state.

“Recompense can therefore only take the form of Mohammed’s release. The state has irreparably prejudiced its right to try him.”