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Sarah Palin Can Be Your Own Personal Barbie

Sarah, as she's called by her female fans, is a 21st century walking, talking, breathing brunette Barbie. Women long to be her friend and have her as a confidante -- the very role Barbie played during childhood. Naturally, women won't admit that Sarah is like Barbie because to do so seems unsupportively shallow and well, sexist, toward the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this article was intended to lure more women voters to support Sarah, I think it will fail because the portrait it paints of women eager to support Sarah is not a flattering one, suggesting that such women have never really grown up, quit playing with dolls, and make their voting choices based on childhood daydreams instead of hard reality.

I think any real feminist (equity feminist versus gender feminist) reading this article is going to shy away saying, "Hey, I'm not like THAT!"