Residents angry about damages after search that didn't yield a meth lab

Police didn't find a meth lab, and no one has been charged with any crime.

Garrison said she feels violated. She wants to know if the police department is going to fix her door and her fence.

"If they didn't find anything, I think we deserve an apology," she said.

The police department has reviewed the case - the information officers received, the action taken as a result, what was found and what was learned from the experience. Despite the fact that a meth lab wasn't found, Burlington police officials are confident the department made the right decision.

The department doesn't plan to apologize to Garrison and since officers didn't go to the wrong house or make any "glaring mistakes" in this case, the department isn't liable for any damages caused by breaking into the house to do the search, said Burlington police Assistant Chief Greg Seel.

"Based on the case facts and based on the scenarios we were presented, we reacted to the situation we had properly," Seel said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, based on an anonymous tip, the police can trash your home, and even after they find nothing at all illegal, they will not fix the holes or apologize.