READER: Many WRH readers are probably wondering how Israel can have so much control over the USA government.

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the original director until his death(over 40 years) kept classified files on EVERY MEMBER of Congress and many other individuals that he deemed possible "security risks" to the United States. Most of these files had nothing to do with security, but instead included personal information that could be used to blackmail these people. EVERY President that Hoover served under was afraid of what Hoover might do with this info and it has been claimed by several authors that this is what kept Hoover in as FBI Director for so many years- the threat of blackmail. Read "Official and Confidential" by Anthony Summers to get a good picture of this situation. Ironically, Hoover himself was in all likelihood being blackmailed because he was a homosexual!

Currently, we have US "leaders" bending over backwards for a nation that has been committing egrerious war crimes for 60 years and ignoring UN Resolutions, thanks to blind support from these same "leaders". What gives? Here are some very possible scenarios that are currently in place.