Oklahoma Company Markets Bullet-Proof Blanket for Kids

The neon-orange bullet-proof blanket is designed to protect against both tornado debris and 9mm bullets

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Already cashing in on the fear campaign!


If we ever got into a


If we ever got into a non-nuclear exchange of ICBMs, it's quite possible that schools could be caught in the blasts. Also, these would be good to pull out in a tornado as well. As for a psychotic mass-killer....I think they'd only slow him down a little. Even if it was domed and had no parts exposed, he or she could go to them one by one and lift it off them. So in summary -- I think they should be in the schools, but let's not be lulled into a false sense of security about these things when it comes to a determined killer.

My solution is a bit complicated. I am certainly not against guns. And I think it's a moral crime to leave children basically undefended in gun-free zones. They're sitting ducks. That's where every psycho will go, because he or she thinks nobody can shoot back! My answer is to build a safe between the adjoining class rooms. Every 2 rooms would have 1 safe between them. Build it right into the wall. And build it such that it has a door on both sides, and neither side will open without both keys being inserted -- one on each side. In other words, no single teacher would be able to open it. Inside the safe should be two handguns ready to fire. This way, no teacher would need to leave their rooms to be armed. And since the guns are not in a central location, there's not a problem of the location being the first place the attackers assault.

I don't know if you'd necessarily want to have one between EVERY two rooms. But you'd want them spread out across the whole building, such that capturing one location would NOT necessarily render everyone else disarmed. Perhaps one or two per hallway, depending on the length of the hallway?

I have listened to both sides very carefully in this debate, and I think I bridge the gap between both extremes. The far-right would have guns right there in plain sight on the teacher -- presumably in a side holster or some such. Well hell, some kid could whack him upside his head with something, and now suddenly we have a kid with a gun in the school. And quite frankly, you have that problem with armed cops too. Two or more kids could easily overwhelm and disarm a single armed cop in most high schools.

The Bartender says "Sorry, we don't serve Neutrinos here." A Neutrino walks into a bar.

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