Nuke Umbrellas

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, someone "close" to President-elect Obama told them that the Obama-Biden-Hillary administration intends to offer Israel a "nuclear umbrella."

Now, you know what an ordinary umbrella is. And if you can find it and unfurl it in time, if the rain is coming straight down out of the sky, and if you are standing directly under it, it can protect you from getting soaking wet.

Okay, what if it’s extremely windy and the rain is coming at you almost horizontal? Well, don’t bother unfurling your umbrella.

So, what’s a "nuclear umbrella"?

Presumably, it’s something that, if you can find it and unfurl it in time, and if the nukes are coming straight down out of the sky, it can protect you and yours from getting nuked in your jammies.

The Bush-Cheney administration has recently deployed in Israel an early-warning radar system, enhancing Israel’s ability to detect incoming ballistic missiles. And as a Major Non-NATO Ally, Israel has already developed – in cooperation with the United States – and deployed the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile system, specifically designed to intercept and destroy dozens of incoming medium-range missiles, particularly those launched from Iran.

Of course, as best the on-the-ground inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency can determine – after years of intrusive inspections – there is no indication that Iran has ever diverted any of those materials, required by the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to be subject to a comprehensive "Safeguards" Agreement, to a military purpose.