McCain Camp Tying Obama To ACORN

The Media are doing a terrible job on this subject. They are not distinguishing between registration fraud and voter fraud. They are blurring the distinctions, and those distinctions are essential.

If someone registers as Elvis Presley or the King of Siam, that's registration fraud. ACORN is forced by law to turn those in. It flags them and turns them in, because they have to by law.

Righties are saying this is voter fraud. Wrong. It's not. It's next to impossible to turn registration fraud into voter fraud, because your polling place won't have The King of Siam on their list. It won't have Elvis Presley. It won't have Mickey Mouse.

99.99999% of the time, registration fraud goes nowhere. But Republicans are using it to mount voter SUPPRESSION drives. If the media don't correct this error, they will be implicitly supporting voter suppression.

We need to push the MSM to correct these errors in definition and explain the immense differences between the two.