McCain and Sarah Palin: Till Death Do Them Part? And If So, How Soon? Is McCain A Lot Sicker Than We Know?

McCain is sicker, both mentally and physically, than people realize, and will not make it through his first term as President. But people miss it when they assume Palin will be President when McCain, for whatever reason cannot continue on. Palin is not an insider and AIPAC and other zionists in the media and the government are loathed to have a born-again christian in charge of the country. Joe Lieberman was and is the man McCain wanted to have as his VP, the man who revived McCain moribund campaign in December of 2007; but the mechanism by which Liberman will wrest the VP slot has yet to be determined.

Joe Lieberman is who the neocons want as President. Not some goyim figurehead puppet like Bush or Cheney.

If Lieberman ever get into the White House the infiltration of the DOD, Department of State alluded to by Sibel Edmonds in her classified testimony to congress, will begin wholesale. Since the DOJ and Homeland Security are current headed by zionist, we would have a Jewish Zionist power cabal running the government of the United States.

We would see here in the United States some of the same policies used in Israel against the Palestinians.

The CHEKA-like organization/cabal Lieberman would form would be reminiscent of the Jewish dominated Trotskyist state police in post-czarist revolutionary Russia, and would systematically begin to disappear, using Harmon's HR 1955, any who oppose them.

I include in these Operation FALCON type round-ups all of those good partriots who mistakenly thought they were patriotically serving the interests of their country when they were spying on their fellow countrymen.