LET'S START WW3 FOR REAL BEX ALERT - Did a Russian soldier's trigger finger blow MH17 out of the sky. US says separatists would struggle to fire missile alone

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Wow! They are really trying to lay this on Putin any way they can!


An onslaught of blame, to divert from the screaming

michael mazur

simple question of motive, as there was none, either on the part of Russia or the anti Kiev separatists to down an unidentifiable overflying airliner from any of a number of countries who were overflying eastern Ukraine at the time and before.

Leave aside motive for the moment.

If the Malaysian airliner was the target, how would the separatists identify it from 33,000ft below as being MH17 and not some other airline's Boeing 777 by the livery, which can't be seen except from the sides ?

And besides, at that distance, how does one tell one large Boeing from a large Airbus ?

They had no means of doing any of that.

So, let's be ridiculous for a moment, who told the separatists ? The Russians ? Why ?

The inconvenient factor of motive pops up unbid.

Like i started with, the question of MOTIVE is frantically being shouted down by demonising Russia and Putin and Churkin.

Let's now chase down motive.

Since there was no motive for Russia or the separatists to shoot this plane down, then who might ?

It is not a co incidence that Malaysia is being hit twice.

Why ?

MH370 was to tell the Malaysians that no one tries Israel for war crimes, which is what Malaysia did in August last year and in November finding Israel guilty of war crimes in respect of Gaza in 08/09 and Lebanon in 1982.

MH17 was to tell the Malaysians that Israel will now proceed to put Malaysian airlines into receivership - that is, whose going to want to fly with them now?, and have it broken up into pieces and sold off, to break the pride of Malaysia internationally.

This is to tell the world that no one, but no one, tries the Jewish people for anything.

Where is MH370 ? Intact, on the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand, with the search party knowingly chasing fish in the vast expanse and depth of the Indian Ocean.

michael mazur

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