Just in Time for Election: Afghanistan Introduces Sweeping New Censorship

Thursday was supposed to be a busy day for journalists covering Afghanistan. The nation holds its long-delayed presidential vote in the face of an ever worsening security situation and multiple threats from militant groups to launch major attacks, which makes for a potentially explosive day.

But don’t expect to read about it. Taking a page out of the book of neighboring Iran, the Afghan government has decided to insistute massive censorship of what is allowed to be covered during Thursday’s vote, and officials have made it very clear; coverage of the various bombings which are expected will not be tolerated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've just got to love what Karzai's vision of "democracy in Afghanistan" looks like!

As a matter of fact, for thinking people, it looks like.... the absolute antithesis of real democracy!

Of course, to believe that these alleged "elections" are anything else than a setup to keep Karzai in power for another term is sort of like believing that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary.