Judge allows release of HPD shooting video of man who claimed to be a CIA agent

Carnaby called HPD's Zavala back during the chase and told him he thought "that the agency had set him up." Carnaby also called FBI Special Agent Dennis Franks. Zavala and Franks both told him to pull over and obey the police.

Carnaby finally ran out of gas and rolled to a stop on a service road near Buffalo Bayou. Video shot from two patrol cars at the end of the 120 mph chase shows Carnaby exiting the car on the driver's side as an officer bashes in the passenger side window with a baton. Carnaby reaches back into the car for a "shiny object" that turned out to be a cell phone. Thinking Carnaby had a weapon, Sgt. Andrew Washington and officer Cecil Foster fired.

Carnaby was shot once in the back. The autopsy shows the bullet smashed his spine and nicked an artery, causing him to bleed to death.