Jane Harman's Media Tour Gets Off to a Bad Start | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Jane Harman's Media Tour Gets Off to a Bad Start

Congresswoman Jane Harman took to the airwaves to defend herself against the charge that she conspired with a "suspected Israeli operative" to quash an espionage prosecution against former AIPAC employees. It didn't go so well.

Harman (D-Calif.) went on NPR's All Things Considered and tried to stonewall, refusing to even confirm that the alleged conversations with the Israeli operative—which CQ reported were caught in a NSA wiretap—even took place. "We don't know if there was a phone call," she said, adding that it "may or may not have taken place." The she demanded that Attorney General Eric Holder release full transcripts of any calls that may have been recorded.

But when host Robert Siegal called bullshit on that request—Holder isn't going to release unredacted transcripts of calls wiretapped by the NSA or FBI during an investigation, so Harman gets to look like she wants full disclosure without having to worry about what might be on those tapes—Harman put her foot in her mouth.