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Iraqi forces withdraw from Tikrit offensive

Iraqi forces have withdrawn from the militant-held northern Iraqi city of Tikrit after a new push to retake the city met heavy resistance, a soldier who fought in the battle said Wednesday.

Government troops and allied Shiite volunteer fighters were forced to retreat just before sunset Tuesday to a base four km south after coming under heavy mortar shelling and sniper fire, the sources said.

The attempt to retake Tikrit, which fell on June 12 to Sunni insurgents led by the militant Islamic State group, began two-and-a-half weeks ago.

No fighting was reported in Tikrit Wednesday morning, according to residents.

Tikrit lies 160 km north of Baghdad. It is a stronghold of loyalists of the late dictator Saddam Hussein and ex-army officers who joined forces with Islamic State to take over large parts of north and west Iraq last month.




Ethan Allen and...

Just more US financed and trained terrorists who are now according to reports using poison gas! The Chinese and Russians had most of the oil deals locked up,plus a new pipeline from Iran into Syria to the Med. The US was locked out. This is another attempt by the US and Israel to get the oil!

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