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Iraq’s Kurds say Maliki ‘has become hysterical and must quit

A spokesman for Iraqi Kurdish president Massud Barzani said Thursday national premier Nuri al-Maliki had “become hysterical” and should step down after he accused the autonomous region of harbouring militants.

Maliki “has become hysterical and has lost his balance,” said the statement, published on the Kurdish regional presidency website in English.

Addressing the premier, it continued: “You must apologise to the Iraqi people and step down. You have destroyed the country and someone who has destroyed the country cannot save the country from crises.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al-Malaki will not step down, and has made that crystal clear.

We are not hearing much about the situation on the ground in Iraq from the presstitutes. However, the cold hard truth is that if Baghdad falls to ISIS/ISIL, the US government will have lost Iraq both militarily (for a second time) and economically.

the US govenment will then have no say as to who gets to buy Iraqi oil, and for what currency, and that second one will be a sucker punch to the US government's economic gut.



They lost it to their own.....

Ethan Allen and...

self created terrorist group. Splitting Iraq into 3 pieces has always been the plan! How short memories are!

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