Indian Press: Military Police Shot by Chinese Troops Along Sikkim Border

China apparently seriously escalated the ongoing border conflict between itself and India as reports in the Indian press indicate that two Indian military personnel were shot and wounded after coming under fire from Chinese troops in the Indian-controlled Kerang area of Sikkim.

The injured soldiers were apparently members of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, India’s regional border force patrolling the Line of Actual Control (LAC). They were injured in bullets fired from the Chinese side.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If true, one has to wonder what the folks in Beijing are attempting to accomplish here.

Is it possible that China has decided that if the US starts wars in Iran/Pakistan/Georgia, that it could just smash through Bangladesh to claim a warm water port on the Bay of Bengal?

And as reported here on 21 July 2009:

"The United States and India said yesterday they had agreed on a defence pact that takes a major step towards allowing the sale of sophisticated US arms to the South Asian nation as it modernizes its military."