I Smell a Rat

I smell a rat in the indictment and trial of Ted Stevens, the senator from Alaska. Sarah Palin had fought with him for control of the Alaska Republican Party, and by refusing to endorse him for reelection, she looks like an anti-corruption fighter, the maverick who takes on the powerful in the interests of the common people.

But all of a sudden, the judge in the case has thrown out critical evidence because of prosecutorial misconduct involving the use of evidence it knew was false. There is no way to know what the outcome of the trial will be, but it is starting to look more and more like a political hatchet job to the benefit of Palin. This would not be the first time the Justice Department placed politics above its true responsibilities. In the corrupt world of American politics, Stevens is a sacrificial lamb, a senate seat lost to the GOP so the national ticket will prevail. It looks more and more as though Palin was not a sudden choice, but part of a calculated scheme to give the K Street gang an inside track to a recovery of its interests.