How Much More Jewish Opinion Do We Need On Cable News?...Isn't It Time For The Ralph Nader Show?

Even when tiny vulnerable Israel is not bombing one of it's neighbors into oblivion, it's not really difficult to detect a certain bias on the part of America's news media. You can tell this bias by that which is not covered. Like the Rosen-Weissman-AIPAC espionage trial over the past few years, for example, or their lack of interest in Ben-Ami Kadish's recent guilty plea for handing over America's nuclear secrets to the Apartheid State (Our tough as nails Zionist Attorney General apparently promised him if he pleaded guilty he wouldn't spend a day in jail). This bias was also apparent in its complete lack of interest in the Mossad movers, who were watching the hijackers prior to 9/11, but who neglected to tell us about them(the video they took of themselves in Liberty Park waiting for the first impact at the World Trade Center is now classified by our Government, but do you think they care?).

On the other hand, if Mel Gibson gets drunk one night and talks stupid, our media is on it like a maggot on doo-doo. Here the media outrage was so great that you would think the Pope himself was caught molesting a choir boy.