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Flashback: A Broken Link

Recent occurrences in Georgia have surprised many people. However, only a blind person could not have seen this coming. The U.S. has co-opted most of the former Soviet Union nations that now surround Russia. Plus, the missile deals with Poland and the Czech Republic have upset the Russians even more.

A little more than two years ago, I wrote the article "The Wrong Side Won (Again). It foretold the current tensions between Russia and the West, primarily the U.S. Not only has Russia had to deal with U.S. duplicity. The same strategy is used against any nation the U.S. wants to interfere with. Also, the same strategy of buying out a stooge government for peanuts is employed. And, finally, the same strategy of denying the stooges help when it is the U.S. time to adhere to its side of the bargain is evident. Just ask the downtrodden Native American tribes of today.