FLASHBACK - America's Last Prisoner of War

Three years ago, a 23-year-old soldier walked off his base in Afghanistan and into the hands of the Taliban. Now he’s a crucial pawn in negotiations to end the war. Will the Pentagon leave a man behind?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was thew article on Bowe Bergdahl written by Michael Hastings 1 year before Michael Hastings died in a suspicious car crash. It was admitted that the FBI was investigating Michael Hastings' reporting at the time he died.


But there's intel agency presence at the PDB to which Obama

michael mazur

could have turned and they would have told him.

Why didn't he ask them ?

For Obama to ask at a PDB and be told a lie would be remembered by the many other people there.

So it means that he didn't ask anyone, and just went off on a frolic of his own.

Any thoughts, anyone ?

michael mazur

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