Fiat Government By Presidential Proclamation | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Fiat Government By Presidential Proclamation

Democracy is a time-consuming affair because the governed need to be involved in every major decision; this was designed to take place in open hearings throughout the congress, with input being filtered from the pubic through their 'representatives. Not any longer! Since we became a fascist police state, all of that has become passé.

Apparently all that is needed is for the Dictator to give a televised lecture, followed by immediate action from the congress that is totally out-of-sync with the population-then everybody in Washington gets to go home and campaign to get re-elected to the same do-nothing jobs all over again!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We know when Bush is lying; he opens his mouth and he speaks.

This bill, if passed, will demonstrate very clearly to even the most foggy-headed of voters that congress no longer represents the will of their constituents. They are simply assets of the corporations which have acquired them.

At approximately seven to nine thousand dollars per taxpayers (perhaps much more - we still have no idea of the full extent of the damage), this bill will privatize the profits for the very rich, but socialize the debt and deficit the middle class and the poor.

This is not the workings of a truly democratic republic; These are the workings of a fascist state.