Enough Happy Talk

A recent article, "Happiness Consultants Won't Stop A Depression" by Chris Hedges really hit home for me.

I live with a man who wants to believe that if you put a "positive" spin on something, that something will magically become truly positive.

This sort of crazy culturally induced wishful, magical, narcissistic, childish, cowardly thinking and intellectual, psychological & spiritual laziness makes me absolutely insane.

Hey ­ it's self-benefiting reciprocity all over again ­ meaning that I won't call you on your lies if you won't call me on mine.

I address this dangerous thinking in my 4 part, 3 12 hour presentation, as well as the causal factors of this death dealing mindset. I'm not kidding. Check it out and please, watch the presentation. I promise you that you won't be sorry ­ or maybe you will, but at least you won't be quite so asleep anymore.

Whom do you think this sort of lying-dog craziness benefits?