The Eleven Real Supreme Court Nomination Questions to Watch Now

The Eleven Real Supreme Court Nomination Questions to Watch Now

1. Will Republicans be drawn into a discussion about whether they will consider a filibuster?

2. Does the new White House make any vetting mistakes?

3. Do the Republican Senators, Republican Party, conservative activists, and the right-wing echo chamber get together - quickly, like today - and figure out a strategy they can all stick to in order to frame and win a battle for the future, even if, as is almost certain, Obama's nominee is confirmed?

4. Does the White House get drawn into a discussion of an abortion litmus test for its nominee?

5. Does the White House leak out names as classic trial balloons?

6. Do Sen. Ben Nelson (NE) and Sen. Arlen Specter (PA) hold their tongues or draw lines in the sand?

7. Does Joe Biden see an opportunity for redemption?

8. Does the White House keep left-wing interest groups from making it seem like they have too much influence over the choice - by quietly reassuring them before any public challenges/demands are made?

9. Who does the White House pick as the confirmation sherpa?

10. Who does the White House pick to start crafting the rags-to-riches myth making of the eventual nominee's background?

11. What interval does the president let go by after Souter's announcement before making his choice public?